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Happy Earthstrong bro 🎈🎉🎊🎈🎉🎊 #happybirthday #bro we out ere

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La chance j’ai eu de t’avoir toi oui toi qui li ce post grâce a toi, même la vie n’est pas tjr rose 🥀, j’en ai vécu des choses avec toi et tu m’as conseillé interdit et appris des choses sans doute donc merci merci a toi et j’espère que tu seras tjrs la quand j’en aurais besoin inchallah 🖖🏿sur toi cependant si tu te vois pas dans ce que je viens de dire c’est sans doute parce que t’es un faux qui jacte Et que tu me trahira sans doute pour une C**** 🤷🏿‍♂️😊 #lovequotes #love #melanin #friends #bro at Dakar, Senegal

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پرسید دوست رو چون دوستش داری بهش نیاز داری یا که چون بهش نیاز داری دوستش داری؟ گفتم چون دارمش بی نیازم… #bro #qalb #refigh @metin1992 at Rasht, Iran

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Hope you all had a nice Easter/Passover weekend. 🐰 I got to celebrate with my family and I am always so grateful to have them in my life and living close by. 🌟 #easter #holidays #family #love #mom #bro #blessed

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A father's innovative way of not having to hold baby and bottle

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// E A S T E R // Guess the number of times I told the kids to stay away from the ledge? #closethelicoptormom ha ha! Holidays aren’t always the happiest, I’ll be honest. People are missing, and the people present are hyper sensitive and in some cases (thank you candy) just hyper! Moms are always having to be “extra” on these days. And, for some reason we have an idea in our head of how you want the day to go and it really never happens. Today was no different, a few family arguments, a lot of tears and one road rash face on the baby. But, in all of that, we were together and remembered what this day is really about, and for that I am grateful for this life. at Saskatoon Farm

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Kuşlar kısa hayat uçuyor... . . . with my #bro

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🙂We are on our way home! And left way too late! We had a blast this weekend with family though . Pictures and videos coming to my stories soon. ⠀ •⠀ ❤️Johann picked these flowers for me this weekend and thought I’d document it 😉.⠀ •⠀ •⠀ 😍Hope everyone is having a great day⠀ In this gorgeous weather!⠀Happy 🐣 Easter!

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Behind every little sister there’s a big sister with a bat saying ...”you want to say that again” ? 💞 💞 #love #sisters