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#AfterDark by #HarukiMurakami 📺 🏢 This highly artistic novel made me feel like I was watching a David Lynch film complete with soundtrack. Murakami created well-drawn, likeable characters that seemed to exist in a surreal bubble where time slowed and those outside the bubble blurred into oblivion. The nightscape was itself a character in the story. As in Murakami's other novels, music plays an important role in creating an atmospheric progression throughout the story. Some of the characters in the story participate in life in perverse ways. All of the characters have interesting flaws that shape their destinies. Murakami's "point-of-view camera" is an interesting narration technique. 📺 🏢 🔰"You know what I think?" she says. "That people's memories are maybe the fuel they burn to stay alive. Whether those memories have any actual importance or not, it doesn't matter as far as the maintenance of life is concerned. They're all just fuel. Advertising fillers in the newspaper, philosophy books, dirty pictures in a magazine, a bundle of ten-thousand-yen bills: when you feed 'em to the fire, they're all just paper. The fire isn't thinking, 'Oh, this is Kant,' or 'Oh, this is the Yomiuri evening edition,' or 'Nice tits,' while it burns. To the fire, they're nothing but scraps of paper. It's the exact same thing. Important memories, not-so-important memories, totally useless memories: there's no distinction---they're all just fuel."🔥 🔥 🎼 🎷 #JapaneseLit #JapaneseLiterature #Tokyo #translation #booksintranslation #booklife #bookworm #bookish #readersofinstagram #bookstagram #readersofig #literature #bibliophile #reader #shelfie #igreads #currentlyreading #instabook #whatimreading #syfy #scifi #bookrecommendation #bookreview #bookgeek #bookaddict #bookcoverart #bookcoverart #bookcover at Woodward, Oklahoma

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The International Day of Happiness must have been made for Dani - she’s the happiest person she knows. . The My Happy Life series for emerging readers is by Rose Lagercrantz and Eva Eriksson. It’s a Gecko Press favourite!

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Things That Fall From the Sky practically fell out of the sky to me. I got a copy from the LibraryThing Early Reviewer program. Lucky me! : Selja Ahava is a Finnish author. She won the EU Prize for Literature for this book about three people whose lives are changed forever by random events – a block of ice falling out of the sky, winning the lottery, and lightning. : It looks great and it will count as a Finnish book for my European Reading Challenge, which I host on my Rose City Reader blog. I don’t think I’ve read a Finnish book before. : #bookstagrammer #luckyday #seljaahava #librarything at Portland, Oregon

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The Rainbow Fish has been in my #tbr list for years. I might take spotting it at the #lbf19 as a sign to finally read it. Although, I wonder, am I too old to fully appreciate it now? . . . . . . . #therainbowfish #bookstagram #booksofinstagram #libros #childrenbook #nordsüdverlag #buchstagram #livrestagram #buch #livre #marcuspfister #caosparalelos #lbf #LondonBookFair #bookstagrammer #bookstagramuk #kidlit #northsouthbooks #literarytranslation #booksintranslation #translation at The London Book Fair

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What is happiness? And where can you find it? These are questions the little mouse asks herself when she sets out in the charming picture book WE ARE LOOKING FOR A PIECE OF HAPPINESS by Neele & illustrated by Marta Balmaseda. Can you buy it, find it in money, power, time or youth? The little mouse will be confronted with these and many more questions before eventually understanding that happiness is to be with your loved ones. This wonderful picture book is now available in the Danish language @turbine_forlaget under the wonderful Danish title "Alle leder efter lykken"! On this Monday, the biggest „lykke“ is probably some sunshine in between the rain showers and watching the first flowers blooming! 🌻🌷 #arenaverlag #arenapublishing #happiness #neele #martabalmaseda #mouse #mole #picturebook #illustration #danishbooks #philosophical #bookstagram #childrensbookstagram #foreignrights #booksintranslation #lykke #allelederefterlykken #flowers #spring

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#currentlyreading I love Japanese detective books, so I am really excited to see how this one turns out. I'm 25 pages in, and despite the slow burn, I am enjoying the mood setting and getting to know the characters. Have you read anything by Hideo Yokoyama ? #bookstagram #instabook #igbooks #igreads #japaneseliterature #japanesecrime #japanesedetectivefiction #sixfour #hideoyokoyama #booksandfood #bentobox #bentolunch #translatedbooks #booksintranslation #thriller #japanesethriller

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A simple story about a simple life, Robert Seethaler’s book is a perfect respite in an Austrian village. “A Whole Life” tells the life story of Andreas Egger, who arrives in the village as an orphan, grows up on a farm, works to built the first gondolas up the Alps, survives an avalanche, fights in the Second Word War and is imprisoned in Russia, and returns home to witness the gradual modernization of village life.⁣ 🏔 ⁣ One of my favorite things about “A Whole Life” is the way it resists presenting the village and Egger from an outsider’s point of view. The Alps are not described in picturesque language; rather they are just the “snow-capped peaks...starting to glow.” The avalanche is a “snow cloud...coating everything in a fine white layer;” the wind “picking the fog to pieces, shredding it and chasing it apart.” It’s only through Egger’s descriptions of the wonder on the faces of hikers and skiers that we realize just how magnificent these views are. ⁣ 🏔 ⁣ I picked this book up out of curiosity in a used bookstore in Oregon and I’m so glad I did. In a sparse 150 pages “A Whole Life” wraps the whole of life and loss, loneliness and love. It’s the perfect read for a slow weekend in a cabin or amidst the drizzle, when you’re yearning to slow down time and see just a little more. ⁣ 🏔 ⁣ - Kelsey McFaul (@kelsey_mcfaul)

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"It was an ugly war, there was nothing noble about it; no hero on either side worthy of an epic poem...." #Estoril is a joy - a blend of history and colourful invention set in the a grand hotel on the Portuguese Riviera during the Second World War. V strong #GrandBudapestHotel realness, which is no bad thing! The novel reads more as a series of short stories or vignettes with its quirkily-titled chapters and huge cast of characters. But then all the better for showing us the various comings and goings and textures and voices with cheek and aplomb! #booksintranslation #serbianliterature #greatreads

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I was drawn to this book by two things: my recent trip to Assam, and the lovely cover. There is a series of books in translation, in the most delicious covers. I thought this was a novel, it turned out to be a book of short stories. I could not get through the second one but read all the others. The stories acquaint non-Assamese readers with the Assam agitation of the Eighties. #books #indianwriting #indianauthors #arupapatangiakalita #assamesefiction #translatedfiction #assam #readersofinstagram #booksintranslation #ranjitabiswas

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Reading Ellena Ferrente has made me realise what it is to be frank & brutal in writing. . The Lost daughter follows the story of Leda, a middle age divorcee who decides to take a holiday after both her daughters moves out.It gives a true picture of loss of independence in motherhood & how integrity & identity is affected in the process & shatters all the images created in society regarding motherhood & womanhood. .. The unravelling of emotions once the protagonist meet a new family so well structured that u wont be able to look away. The feeling, the emotional turmoil all feels so real & close. Parenthood in its real closest form with all the annoyance & irritations are given here with harrowing details. ... Its a story where motherhood is not glorified but shown as a normal struggle. Leda says she is a unnatural mother & proves it with her story. Her brutal honesty even in the initial abandonment of her daughters actually choked me. Her obsession with the family she meets on vacation is actually obsession with her past & her inability to let go. The lost doll of the family's daughter gets stuck with her & unravels each layer of her past, her resentment & regrets. .  Novel talks about the psychological scars one bear with us as we go on with life. It talks about the coexistence of love & repulsion in a relationship, like the ones shared with own children. . Leda is a unhappy women in search of freedom &  self worth. She is not a likeable character but a very real one. There have been parts where I was disgusted by the protagonist but couldn't look away. She demands our attention & never looks for sympathy just asks for acknowledging what is true. ..Ellena Ferrente is poetic & elegant in her prose which makes this dispassionate, complex story full of depth & totally worthy of attention. #femmemarch #feministbooks #femmemarchfest #bookaddict #bookstagram #booksofinstagram #bookish #bookreview #bookmagic #books📚 #booksbooksbooks #bookdiscovery #bookaholics #booksintranslation #bibliophile #booklife #booklove #ilovereading #ilovebooks #booksislife #igreads #ellenaferrante #thelostdaughter @europaeditions #womanwriters

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“She’d photographed the roses in the vase on the table, neighborhood children, the busy florist, and the park, emptied of visitors, all snapshots, all highlighting her loneliness during my absence. I could tell that the camera had failed to expand her horizons. Instead, her lens had actually exposed the narrow confines of our life." 🌸My Enemy’s Cherry Tree is my first introduction to Wang Ting-Kuo and Taiwanese literature (thank you, Granta Books!) Wang Ting-Kuo began writing when he was eighteen but stopped momentarily when his father-in-law gave him an ultimatum to give up the writing life or his daughter. He eventually returned to writing after starting his own construction firm. 🌸The award-winning My Enemy’s Cherry Tree is the author’s English language debut. This edition is translated in English by Howard Goldblatt and Sylvia Li-Chun Lin and published by Granta Books. It’s the story of a young couple, an unnamed protagonist and Qiuzi, and the trajectory of their relationship. Life seems to be looking up when the protagonist is asked to move to Taipei to oversee a huge construction project, Qiuzi is happy for him but the separation begins to reveal the cracks in the marriage. 🌸A complication occurs when they buy an apple green enamel kettle that leads to Qiuzi winning a camera. The story starts slowly but gradually picks up pace as Ting-Kuo delves into the characters’ internal landscapes against the urban backdrops of Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung and the sleepy beach settlement of Haikou. The fiction has a dreamy quality and is a perfect rainy day/coffee shop read.

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"In this darkly comic novel, a group of women inhabits a world of constant surveillance, where informants lurk in the flower beds and false reports fly. Conspiracies abound in a community that normalizes paranoia and suspicion. Some try to flee...others seek out the refuge of Nest County, where traditional Chinese herbal medicines can reshape or psychologically transport the self. Each life is circumscribed by buried secrets and transcendent delusions." (back cover) #ManBookerInternationalPrizelonglist #Chineseliterature #booksintranslation @yalebooks

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[ #gifted] How often do you read books in translation? I feel extremely lucky that my mother tongue is English, which gives me access to so many writers from different countries whose works are translated into my own language. • One of my long-term reading goals is to read one book from every country, written by an author from that country. And this month, @pageonebooks sent me the perfect book for that project - My Name Is Red, by Turkish author Orhan Pamuk. It’s a novel of historical intrigue and religious mysteries, and I can’t wait to dive in. • @pageonebooks’ one goal is to send you a hand-picked book every month, selected for your personal literary desire. For 10% off your subscription, check out the link in my profile. • What are some of your favorite authors in translation? • Thank you @pageonebooks for the free subscription as part of the ambassador program.

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Oooh that good weather makes for good #fridayreads! @cdhermelin: “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: The Poetry of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood” by Fred Rogers and Luke Flowers @drewsof: “Broken Glass” by Alain Mabanckou, trans. by Helen Stevenson . . . . #somanydamnbooks #books #bookstagram #bookphotography #bookish #amreading #booklover #bibliophile #bookworm #booknerd #booksintranslation #mrrodgersneighborhood #records #wontyoubemyneighbor #abeautifuldayintheneighborhood #fredrogers #lukeflowers #brokenglass #alainmabanckou #softskullpress @softskullpress #getoutsidealready #springhassprung

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OUT NOW: ISSUE 114 Andrew Chan on "Ash Is Purest White" Julia Bryan-Wilson on Frida Kahlo Jessi Jezewska Stevens on "EEG" by Daša Drndić David Deitcher on Sarah Charlesworth (Link in our bio) #fridayreads #ashispurestwhite #jiazhangke #chinesefilms #cinema #movies #zhaotao #filmreviews #filmcriticism #fridakahlo #fridamania #artworldsexism #modernart #artcriticism #artreviews #exhibitionreviews #dasadrndic #fiction #booksintranslation #croatianliterature #literature #bookreviews #sarahcharlesworth #photography #contemporaryart #postmodernart #postmodernism

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Extremely rare work by French scientist Eugene Huzar, who, in 1855, wrote The End of the World Through Science, warning against the ecological dangers of mass deforestation and carbon emissions. “the past is only the future’s mirror, and: what has been will be". #ClimateStrike

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Silas and the Black Mare! ⠀⠀⠀⠀ 📖 I used to be obsessed with a TV show called Silas as a child. It was recorded in France, filmed entirely in German, badly dubbed into English - and based on a Danish YA book! It was about a boy who runs away from an abusive sword swallower, wins a horse in a bet and goes on many adventures 😄⠀⠀⠀⠀ 📚 Does anyone remember either the show or the book series?? I’ve just read about the author Cecil Bødker, who I didn’t realise was a woman and multi-award-winning writer; she was given the Hans Christian Andersen Medal in 1976 for her lasting contribution to literature. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 📚 📚 Title: Silas and the Black Mare Author: Cecil Bødker Publisher: English editions #OUP and #DelacortePress, 1978

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“The I Wonder Bookstore” by Shinsuke Yoshitake 📚 A lovely, meandering children’s book about books, bookstores, and people who love books. I originally spotted this book in China on a trip, and it is officially released in English translated from its original Japanese. #childrensbooks #bookstagram #booksintranslation

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Oh, how I miss my native Bucharest...its streets and architecture, its welcoming people...And I could not be more excited to see THE GIRL THEY LEFT BEHIND hit bookstores there later this year. A #ww2 story about Bucharest, written in English and translated back in Romanian. What could be more fascinating? Coming from @editura_litera in late ‘19! #thegirltheyleftbehind # #ww2 #historicalfiction #readersofinstagram #writersofinstagram #bookstagram #bucharest #romania #books #bookshelf #booksintranslation @atriabooks Photo compliments @danastefanescu_

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Asymptote reviews Ida Jessen’s A CHANGE OF TIME, translated from the Danish by Martin Aitken, out in a couple of weeks, published by the ever remarkable @archipelagobooks “Weaving together diary entries, poems, letters (both opened and unopened) and song, Ida Jessen’s A Change of Time, translated from the Danish by Martin Aitken, is a stirring reflection on death and mourning, loneliness, and female identity in a changing 20th century Denmark.” Review by Rachael Pennington ———————————————————————— #achangeoftime #ennytid #idajessen #martinaitken #interlingualzoo #archipelagobooks #oversættelse #asymptotejournal #review #bookreview #rachaelpennington #booksintranslation #womenintranslation #dklit #danishliterature #nordicliterature #scandinavianliterature #danishliteratureintranslation #loveyourtranslator #newintranslation

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I’m horribly behind on posting pics, so here’s a stack of some of my recent and current reads. HOW TO HIDE AN EMPIRE was fantastic. I’m a big fan of books that refuse to follow the traditional “America is the best, most ethically correct country ever” narrative, and this is definitely one of them. Did you know that the US has hundreds of foreign military bases, while 2nd place goes to Britain with NINE?! Did you know that Puerto Rico independence advocates attempted to assassinate Harry Truman and shot up Congress, and STILL are in true citizen limbo? In short, go read it. The US definitely had an empire, and are embarrassed to admit it. In other reads, SO MANY ISLANDS was a short story anthology covering much of the British Commonwealth and was a quick, interesting read. THE CLUB just came out yesterday (thanks for the ARC!), and I’m currently in the middle of THE KING OF KAHEL. It’s a translation from Gambia about a 19th-century French explorer who wants to build his own African kingdom. So far, it reminds me a lot of TC Boyle’s WATER MUSIC but with less humor. STORY OF MY TEETH is up next...or after I get through my massive library hold stack. #igbooks #bookstagram #amreading #bookworm #shelfie #resolvetoread19 #booksintranslation #shoppingmybookshelf #diversifyyourbookshelf

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“The Big Bad Wolf really gets his comeuppance in this delightful, fresh retelling.” A starred review in Booklist for I Am So Clever by Mario Ramos. . Swipe for a look at the extra story in the corners where the forest animals take turns with the woodcutter’s lost glasses.

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It’s after midnight, and we know it’s past bedtime, but… We’re too excited to sleep because Celestial Bodies by Jokha Alharthi has been longlisted for the International @ManBookerPrizes! 📚 • • In the village of al-Awafi in Oman live three sisters. Mayya marries after a heartbreak. Asma marries from a sense of duty. Khawla rejects all offers while waiting for her beloved, who has emigrated to Canada. Elegantly structured, Celestial Bodies is the story of the history and people of modern Oman told through one family’s losses and loves. • • #jokhaalharthi #celestialbodies #SayyidatalQamar #finestfiction #MBI2019 #manbookerinternational #manbookerinternationalprize #book #books #translation #translatedfiction #lovereading #lovebooks #bookstagram #bookish #bookworm #literarytranslation #literaryfiction #literary #bookcommunity #bookprize #bookrecommendation #readwomen #weneeddiversebooks #totalbooknerd #readaroundtheworld #oman #arabictranslation #booksintranslation

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C C C Canada 🇨🇦 ⠀ 📖⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ French Canada to be precise; this stunning graphic novel, Jane, The Fox, and Me, is a collaboration between Québecan playwright Fanny Britt and award-winning illustrator Isabelle Arsenault. ⠀⠀⠀ 📚 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ Oh, I love this! It’s a New York Times Best Illustrated Book about Hélène, a young girl ostracized by girls who were once her friends. Hélène’s school life is full of whispers and lies, but she has one consolation: Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre. When Hélène’s lost in the pages of this wonderful book, she’s able to ignore the bullies. But when she’s humiliated on a class trip in front of her entire grade, she needs more than Jane to see her through. ⠀⠀⠀ 📚 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ This book doesn’t shy away from the cruelty of bullying, but it assures readers that redemption can be found through connection, whether that’s with a friend, a fictional character or even, amazingly, a fox. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 📚 Keep an eye out for the clever way colour is used to show the vibrancy or otherwise of Hélène’s world! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 📚 📚 Middle grade Title: Jane, The Fox, and Me Author: Fanny Britt Illustrator: @isabelle_arsenault Translators: Christelle Morelli, Susan Ouriou Publisher: @groundwoodbooks, English edition 2013 First published in French in 2012

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Dinosaurs, whales, pirates - exciting topics for children with a lot of humour, fake interviews and facts & figures to make the topics interesting for boys & girls. Our BAFFLED series by Volker Präkelt & Katalina Präkelt with illustrations by Katja Wehner and Derek Roczen provide non-fiction reading fun for kids. Three titles are now available in the Vietnamese language: ZIP ZAP DINO CRAP, DON'T FEEL BLUE, WHALE and PIRATES @thaihabooks #arenapublishing #arenaverlag #volkerpräkelt #katalinapräkelt #katjawehner #derekroczen #baffled #dinosaurs #whale #dolphin #pirates #nonfiction #illustration #childrensbooks #dinocrap #foreignrights #bookstagram #childrensbookstagram #booksintranslation #vietnamesebooks #factsandfigures

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❤❤❤ Daughters of fortune is Historical novel set in Chile & California gold rush. It is said to be the protagonist most close to the author and as per author, it is the young woman search for self knowledge. .... A Chilean girl Eliza Sommers raised by an English siblings falls in love and the journey she undertakes to reach her love is d crux of the story. When we meet Eliza, she's a young girl adopted and taught cooking by their maid. Her innocence and curiosity is depicted beautifully. It's the journey she undertakes that tries to break her and eventually moulds her into the strong confident women she eventually becomes. The relationship she shares with Tao Chien is so soothing and calming. What I loved the most is the growth both of them achieve with both of them. From helping to being acquaintances to being friends for life, nothing seems rushed. ...It has most vivid description of the life around the protagonists. When the story is in Chile, the life the society and its culture is like another character in the novel. The Gold rush and the effects are also very critical in the narrative. ....The novel deals with very crucial topics like obsession, love, Freedom & Feminism. The obsession masquerading as love is one of most developed theme here. As one moves in life, the ideas of freedom and feminism gains so much more importance as love, also the clearer ideas of our desires and decisions and the struggle to reach that point is so well etched. ...Elisa's struggles were said to be author struggles with feminism.The journey of Elisa from an innocent obsessed young girl to a confident woman sure of what she wants and ready to take on life and fight for it is the actual essence i guess of feminism. This makes this an important read also a well engrossing one. #femmemarch #feministbooks #femmemarchfest #isabelallende #daughteroffortune #bookaddict #bookhoarder #bookstagram #bookreview #bookdiscovery #bookmagic #booksbooksbooks #ilovereading #ilovebooks #booksintranslation #igreads #loveallende #betterreadschallenge #2019readingchallenge #bookaholics #bibliophile #bookworm #booklife #booklove #readingislife #marchreads

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We’re partway through March of the Mammoths, the readathon for books over 800 pages. The ones on the far left, I’m working my way through. I’m about 500 pages into Les Mis, adore it so far. But I’m still a much larger fan of Notre Dame. The descriptions in that one are poetry! . Life & Fate is quite hearty so far, with tonnes of description. I’m still working up the courage to get back into The Don. Part 1 was soul crushing. . The next 3 are my must, must read mammoths for 2019. Leo Tolstoy’s short story, Death of Ivan Ilyich was amazing. When getting into Russian authors, I prefer to begin with their short stories. They’re an overlooked way to become familiar with their work, completely different feels from Canadian or American short stories. . I’m so, so tempted to re-read Ulysses this year. I giggled at the beginning pages because I know where this story is going. :P Joyce seems like it’ll be heaps of fun the 2nd time around. . What are some of the longest books on your TBR for this year? Have you read any of these? Are you joining in with the Mammoth Readathon? . #DonflowsHometotheSea #Sholokov #LifeandFate #VasilyGrossman #RussianLiterature #LesMiserables #VictorHugo #FrenchLiterature #Solzhenitsyn #AnnaKarenina #LeoTolstoy #TerraNostra #CarlosFuentes #SpanishLiterature #Ulysses #JamesJoyce #readclassics #amreading #booksintranslation #worldliterature #TranslatedFiction #AmReading #MarchoftheMammoths #Mammoths2019

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My weekend reading included this strange novella—I enjoyed the dark absurdism and psychological weirdness. Now I want to see the new film adaptation! In other news, I’ve already read 55 books this year! That seems cuckoo-crazypants. Here are my top three: MY SISTER, THE SERIAL KILLER THE BETWEEN THE DRIVER’S SEAT What are your favorites from this year so far? . . . . . #ryumurakami #piercing #japanesefiction #japanesehorror #horrornovella #booksintranslation #amreading #horrorbooks #readinghorror #weekendreading

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Fever Dream was my favorite book of 2017. I tell everyone about it. I still think about it often. I was so excited to see Samanta Schweblin had a collection of short stories being published in English. They’ve got the same feeling as Fever Dream, but they’re so much more fleeting. It makes for a disorienting reading experience - I’d expect nothing less.

10 days ago

A must read! Five stars! So short you can read in one sitting if you have the time. I’ve tried posting about this book like 4 times but I can’t. I keep typing and deleting and typing and deleting. There’s so much to say, so much I want to express. A woman named Firdaus tells her life story to a psychiatrist in her prison cell hours from being executed. She’s being executed for having killed a pimp who nearly killed her. I’ll also post a synopsis I copy and pasted from the Barnes and Noble website and I hope you pick it up: “Woman at Point Zero, follows the life of Firdaus, an Egyptian peasant girl, from her childhood of incomprehensible cruelty and neglect to her end in a grimy Cairo prison cell. From her earliest memories, Firdaus suffered at the hands of men—first her abusive father, then her violent, much older husband, to finally her deceitful boyfriend-turned-pimp. After a lifetime of abuse, she at last takes drastic action against the males ruling her life.” . . . . . . #womanatpointzero #nawalelsaadawi #feministbooks #boxwallabook #bookstagram #books #reading #booksintranslation #translatedliterature

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Because celebrating women shouldn't be confined to International Women's Day, I'm making a weekend of it. Hell, I'm making a life of it. And you should too. I was talking to a publisher the other day about translation and translators. I have several favourite translators of Chinese to English and they all have one thing in common: they've translated for Xinran. You all know of my love for Xinran, but I don't speak often enough about how much I admire the women who translate her. The women whose words I consume while living Xinran's stories. Just as Xinran has allowed herself to be a satellite for rural Chinese women with no voice of their own, her translators bounce the communication yet further, into the heart and mind of a young woman, fighting through the last years of secondary education, struggling to decide what she wants from life. Xinran brought me the women of China, Esther Tyldesley, Julia Lovell and Nicky Harman brought me Xinran. #whpsheinspiresme . ❓QOTD❓Who is a woman you admire for their professional achievements? . ❗AOTD❗Aside from these translators, I admire women working behind the scenes in publishing, the agents, the editors, the publicists, the women who work to make a writer's dream come true. #openbookshelf ____ #forgottenvoicesofliterature #booksinstagram #booksintranslation #betweentwobooks #booksonbooks #cratebookshelf #crateshelf #booksandwood #bookstagrammersunite #booksthatmatter #translatedbooks #booksbywomen #womensfiction #femaleauthors #femaleprofessionals #womeninacademia #bookshelfie #xinran #china #chinese #translation #translator #bookshelves #bookshelf #bookstagrammer #bookworm #bibliophile #womenofinstagram at Baden-Württemberg, Germany

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Behrouz Boochani made headlines recently when he won the Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for his book, No Friend But The Mountains. A few things are incredible about this: ⛰ this is one of the first translated works (if not the first?) to win a major Australian literary prize; ⛰the work itself is recognized as “Australian literature” while the author is still a Kurdish-Iranian asylum seeker detained by the Australian Government on Manus Island; ⛰the book was written in Farsi and sent by the author via text messages and PDFs and voice messages, while in the Manus Island detention center; ⛰a cast of people brought this important book into existence and assisted Boochani, and I highly recommend reading the translator’s notes in this to read more about this process. . This is an incredibly moving read, chronicling the journey to Australia and experiences while detained on Manus, both those of Boochani and others around him. Boochani intersperses the bulk of this aspect with poetry that just guts you and offers some lyrical insight into what this experience means for him in real time. . This is an immediate and incredibly important book, and if you can get your hands on this I highly recommend reading it (not available too readily internationally just yet... comment below if you know otherwise please!) . #VPLA2019 #aussielit #booksintranslation #behrouzboochani #farsi #nofriendbutthemountains #jaclynbookreview at Houston, Texas

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In my attempt to thin the bookshelves (not because I want to, but simply because we have no more room) I took this one down and decided to read it before adding to the @oxfamwinchester pile. I do love short books. Books that allow you the luxury and pleasure of reading in one sitting. Books where, like poetry, every word is carefully placed and matters. This book won't be leaving the house just yet as I want to go back and read it again. It wouldn't have created much space anyway... That's my excuse! #books #bookstagram #thinningthebookshelves #booklover #bookcollector #shortbooks #booksintranslation #ninabererova

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Good morning, next week we’ll be in London and we’ve been invited to speak in an interesting panel about translation with Stefan Tobler, publisher of ‘And Other Stories’ (@andotherpics). Come and talk to us, ask us questions, share your impressions!! #londonbookfair #translation #literarytranslation #makebookstravel #booksintranslation #andotherstories #salmaialit #lbf19 #publishing #booktrade #translationrights

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▪️ Judas and Judith. Thank you so much to @theboxwalla for gifting this book. ▪️ In a divided Jerusalem in the winter of 1959/60 Shmuel is dumped by his girlfriend and his parents can no longer fund his university studies on his thesis of Jewish views of Jesus. He takes a live-in job as a companion to the elderly, infirm Mr Wold and whilst living in the secretive, memory-trapped, house he becomes distracted, then infatuated by its other inhabitant, the mysterious Atalia. ▪️ He takes inspiration from his conversations with his elderly friend to continue his writing focusing on the biblical character of Judas, seeing HIM rather than Jesus as the very first Christian, not least because Judas’s betrayal of Jesus must have been part of God’s plan to reveal Jesus’s divinity. ▪️ This reimagining of the ‘traitor’ Judas in Shmuel’s mind is taking formation alongside secrets revealed of Atalia’s dead father who was also considered a traitor as he was the only member of a Zionist committee opposing Ben Gurion’s foundation of the state of Israel in 1948. Instead he argued: ▪️ “Let us live here next to each other and among each other, Jews and Arabs, Christians and Muslims, Druze and Circassians, Greeks and Latins and Armenians, a group of neighbouring communities not divided by barriers.” ▪️ I guess this could be considered a provocative novel, but in my opinion, the graceful manner of its delivery, whilst taking on challenges to the very origins of Christianity and of the creation of the state of Israel can be encountered calmly by the reader — a deeply thoughtful book for me. ▪️ I have a spare copy of this book in a vintage books edition. Let me know below if you want it and I’ll send it to you. ▪️▪️▪️ #sorrylongpost #boxwallabook #amosoz #bookstagram #reader #booksofinstagram #readeveryday #booksintranslation #judas #goodread #instaread #caravaggio #bookmark #judithandholofernes #art

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Greta Go-Lucky is travelling again! This time to Russia thanks to @rechbooks ! In the first volume YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND, Greta tries to make friends with Marie, who moves in next door and keeps being homesick. With a lot of persistance, kindness and witty ideas, Greta convinces Marie to start liking the new place she lives in. A wonderful book about moving house and being new to a village as well as making friends. In the second picture book volume MISS SUPER WELL BEHAVED OR THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PARTY FOR GRANDMA, Greta has to be very well-behaved. It is Grandma's birthday after all! But how come all the adults don't behave at all? Maybe everyone needs to let off some steam after so much good behaviour. The series is written by the certified pedagogue Sandra Grimm and is lovingly illustrated by Elli Bruder. Time to be happy-go-lucky! #gretagolucky #arenaverlag #arenapublishing #sandragrimm #ellibruder #picturebook #friendship #movinghouse #grandma #birthday #booksintranslation #newbooks #bookstagram #childrensbookstagram #childrensbooks #illustration #foreignrights #bestfriend #russianbooks #happygolucky #greta

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Harry Potter in translation! Hello, thanks to the BCLT and @uealdc for an amazing workshop on Translating Harry Potter with Janet Garton, I have been inspired to finally start my #bookstagram in an official capacity. I will post reviews and pretty covers, thus uniting my secluded reviews in Goodreads and my love of book pictures. First post: nine translations of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Top row, from left to right: UK edition (paperback), Norwegian, Portuguese and Japanese. Bottom row: US edition (called 'and the Sorcerer's Stone'), Arabic, German (interesting illustrations, don't you think?), Spanish and French. . . . . #books #librosrecomendados #HarryPotter #JKRowling #harrypotterintranslation #libros #buch #lectores #translation #bookstagram #buchstagram #lesen #livre #livrestagram #germanbookstagram #potterhead #literarytranslation #caosparalelos #translation #fantasybooks #booksintranslation #bookstagramuk #bookstagrammer #caosparalelos #harrypottercollection #booksofinstagram #bookcommunity #readersofinstagram #childrenbook #yabooks at University of East Anglia (UEA)

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‘Coca-Cola!’ is the perfect haiku: at a single glance colours and flavours follow the shape of the words ______________________________ Cosy evening in with this enjoyable and clever work by the Argentinean maestro Luis Sagasti . Sagasti tells a story about the world, drawing together threads of unassociated tales and events to create a kind of conspiracy about what’s around us. There’s something ancient about this tale, like an Egyptian creation myth or a Sanskrit poem . Translated by Fionn Petch as Sagasti’s first work into English 🇦🇷 . Thank you, Jen, for the very thoughtful Christmas present (@pixdawg, please pass my message on!) at Sutton On Trent, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom