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21 hours ago

It's not always clear the direction we want to take a piece of furniture. Sometimes they sit a while in the warehouse before we dream up just the right finish. ⠀ ⠀ We recently started planning our furniture pieces into collections. We had our Spring #makersmarketsp collection and this was one of the last pieces to finish up. To figure this finish out we ended up looking at our whole collection and decided what was missing in the collection. We knew we wanted a more bold blue in the collection and this was the perfect piece for it. ⠀ ⠀ So if you're stuck on a piece see if you can put it into a collection with your other recently finished pieces. What is that collection missing that this piece could bring? ⠀ *⠀ *⠀ *⠀ *⠀ *⠀ #collectionpiece #sherwinwilliams #bluenile #generalfinishes #nutmeg #revivedfurniture #revived #revivedandrefinished #adoredandrestored #thefurniturediaries #furniturestore #paintedfurniture #brasstackswi #sunprairie #sunprairiewi #sunprairiemaker #wisconsinmaker #wisconsinlife #onlyinwisconsin #wisconsinmade #mcmvibes #midcenturymodernfurniture #mcmdresser #mcmpopofcolor

1 day ago

Today’s Instagram deal on GIA certified diamonds : 2.02 carat round brilliant cut D Color VVS2 clarity , triple excellent cut with GIA certificate in stock and available to purchase for only $16,000 total. Check above on the right the same price range offered by bluenile , minimum of $24,000 ( local jewelers $30,000+ ) for the same diamond . Only difference is our earth mined natural diamond has been permanently treated by the Hpht process accepted by GIA standards. 🗣you get the same diamond appearance and saves thousands 🤔 Tag a friend who wants to build a diamond ring by saving $8,000+

3 days ago

What you think of this stunning GIA certified 3.71 carat D color , INTERNALLY FLAWLESS, triple excellent cut round diamond Tag a friend who is in market for wholesale cost on Gia certified diamonds

4 days ago

This was my first trip to Sub-Sahara Africa and it was greater than I could imagine. On the way the blue nile we saw the landscape from the car and i felt I knew it already, because of all the documentaries I was watching. But I didn’t see hunger, I didn’t see pain, I didn’t see poverty (although I know it is existing). But I saw people smiling, I saw kids playing without cellphones, I saw people coming together under a tree to talk about their social life in the village, I saw solidarity and I saw that people cared for each other. Ethiopia is a beautiful country 🇪🇹 with so many diverse people and languages living mainly peacefully together. #ethiopia #ilovemyjob #africa #development #bluenile #bahadara at Bahir Dar

5 days ago

Happy 4 year anniversary love bug xoxoxox I said YES!!!!! #EngagedMay5th2019 #AnniversaryMay7th2015 #Lasvegas #Stratosphere #Fiance #FutureMrs.Nicholson #Myhappilyeverafter #ForeverNicholson #Love #Diamond #Bluenile #Astorcut #NailsbySummer #Everywakingmoment There are not enough words to describe how much I love you Jason. You are the most kindest, giving, romantic, heart warming, calm, patient soul I know. My Gemini: You are my rock. You hold me down and keep me sane. You are my favorite person, my best friend, my lover & my partner. You are amazing and I'm so happy to be engaged to the man I love. Every moment I have with you is cherished. I love you!!!!

6 days ago

☀️ 🇨🇬🇪🇷@finest.cushites🇩🇯🇸🇴🇸🇩 „Tis Abay“ or also known as the Blue Nile Falls are the second largest waterfalls in Africa. They are found in the Amhara region in northern Ethiopia which is also home of the source of the Blue Nile. The political and economic importance of the Nile and its source in ancient and modern times has never changed. Monarchs, generals, travelers, adventurers...generations of humans have tried to find and control the source of the Nile. From the earliest dynasties to the Ptolemaic rulers of ancient Egypt, the Greeks, Romans Portuguese, French, Germans, British and so on.- ☀️ The probably most ancient political conflict regarding the Nile is between Ethiopia and Egypt. In medieval times the Ethiopian Emperors used to pressure the Mamluk Sultanate in Egypt to respect the rights of the Coptic minority otherwise they would „stop the Nile waters from flowing to Egypt“. Centuries later Egypt used its relations to the British Empire to secure its special rights regarding the use of the Nile water. In 1929 and 1959 they signed treaties with the British which excluded all other Nile Nations from using the river for agricultural purposes (except for Sudan).- ☀️ The Egyptian hegemony over the use of the Nile waters is now coming to an end as Ethiopia is expected to complete the „Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam“ by 2022. This dam project which was started in 2011 will have installed capacity to generate 6000 MW electricity to relieve Ethiopia’s acute energy shortage. The dam can store 74 billion cubic metres of water and will be the largest hydropower project in Africa. Egypt has made no secret of its unhappiness about Ethiopia’s plan and former President Mursi was even recorded as he suggested to invade Ethiopia. However the Grand Ethiopian Renaissace Dam will be finished and it will not only benefit Ethiopia but all its neighbours. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - #nile #bluenile #abay #tisabay #ethiopian #ethiopians #ethio #habesha #gojjam #gondar #amhara #ethiopia #eritrea #djibouti #somalia #sudan #pancushite #hornofafrica #eastafrica #africa #northeastafrica #africans #cushitic

6 days ago

River Nile is well known to some as the longest river in the world. Its source starts right from Lake Victoria in Jinja Uganda. . However just as it is the case with rivers around the world, there is always a debate about the true source of the Nile, if one decided to follow the origin of the waters that feed Lake Victoria from which the Nile significantly starts its journey North. . The river is about 6696km long and pours its water to over nine countries although it’s more centered to Uganda as well as Egypt. Countries include Sudan, Burundi, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Zair and Ethiopia. . Leave a comment below👇🏾👇🏾. What sort of activities have you done on River Nile.🙂? at Jinja, Uganda

6 days ago

Comment below if you would you buy the diamond on the left that is GIA certified 7.20 carat F color VVS1 clarity , triple excellent cut for $150,00 total , due to it being permanently color treated by HPHT process ... when a non color treated GIA certified on bluenile costs over $500,000 total ( which means at a jewelry store you are going to pay $600,000)? 💸 💸 💸 Post below the pros and cons of saving $500,000 on the same appearance of an earth mined diamond with everything identical accept for the permanent color treatment recognized by GIA

7 days ago

A little late, but my first trip to New Orleans for Jazzfest was an unbelievable success! Did all the touristy things and enjoyed so many amazing performances. Feeling rejuvenated. Thank you @bdayinsta for putting me up and being such good company!! Also shout out to @waltherjake and @mauiyogabyeleni for good times on Frenchmen St!! • • • • #JazzFest #NOLA #Travel #FoodPorn #Blues #Funk #BourbonStreet #FrenchmenStreet #JohnnysPoBoys #LiveMusic #BlueNile at FrenchQuarter NewOrleans

7 days ago

Today’s Instagram deal on GIA certified diamonds : 1.82 carat round brilliant cut D Color VVS2 clarity , triple excellent cut with GIA certificate in stock and available to purchase for only $12,000 total. Check above on the right the same price range offered by bluenile , minimum of $22,000 ( local jewelers $30,000) for the same diamond . Only difference is our earth mined natural diamond has been permanently treated by the Hpht process accepted by GIA standards. 🗣you get the same diamond appearance for $10,000 🤔 Tag a friend who wants to build a diamond ring by saving $10,000+

8 days ago

This beautiful, GIA certified Tanzanite, Sapphire & Diamond Ring, is currently listed on Ebay auction! Auction starting price is just $1! It”s your real chance to get this beauty for less! To check auction status, go to or click the link at our profile description! at Красная площадь / Red Square

8 days ago

Check out our GIA certified 1.50 carat D VVS1 round brilliant cut diamond on the left $10,000 total Check out similar diamonds available on bluenile to the right , average price $17,000 🗣 no catch 🗣 no games Tag a friend who wants to save $7000-$10,000 today

9 days ago

Check out this picture closely: On the left is our GIA certified 3.71 carat D color and IF ( internally flawless) triple excellent round cut natural diamond. This is the highest possible color, highest possible clarity , and best possible certificate for a diamond to have . On the right is a bluenile price list of 3.65 - 3.90 carat round cut diamonds of the same quality ... the only difference is our diamond has been permanently treated color treated via HPHT process ( high pressure high temperature) . The average bluenile price, which is the lowest offered to the public is $200,000 for the diamond. Our price is $55,000 total. There are absolutely no games being played here, no catches. This is a natural earth mined diamond, with the prestigious GIA certificate . This is both an investment and the best diamond to set into jewelry. 🗣this is not clarity enhanced 🗣this is not cvd junk 🗣this is not moissanite This has the EXACT appearance , texture and quality as the diamonds that cost $200,000 Only difference is it will cost you $55,000. The color treatment is permanent and accepted by GIA , so for any non believers, if GIA gemologists give their approval their is nothing to argue. Diamond is in stock and available for sale . Would you wear this diamond? Comment below and tag someone who wants to save $150,000 on a flawless diamond 💎 Please scroll 👉 to see more details. Please share your opinions below , give us a 👍 or 👎 and tell us why

10 days ago

#amereking vs @bluenilefamily #goodtimes yesterday was with my uncle @bluenilefamily he always use to tell me and still does now he’s the best in #northlondon at football ⚽️ so I had to 1v1 him and give him at least 1 #nutmegs 😂. He Show me a few good oldschool tricks and some good knowledge about the game. On a different note check out my uncle @bluenilefamily fish 🐟 🐠 #foodrestaurant in north London #followmyjourney #lovefootball #leftorright #wing #skills #goals #stayfocused #stayhumble #workhardplayhard #quickfeet #bluenile #80s #2008 at Edmonton, London

10 days ago

We’ve decided to love & annoy (but mostly love) each other for the rest of our lives. Also, Nate’s camera has portrait mode. 🤷‍♀️ #engaged #godohgod #fridakahlo #bluenile 💑🐕💍❤️

11 days ago

I got two very special gifts yesterday for my 30th birthday! Pearl earrings from my husband and an heirloom opal pendant from my grandma. They’ll will be fun to look at as sentimental gifts through the years. #30thbirthday #bluenile #opal #pearlearrings

13 days ago

The goal is to laugh forever with someone you take seriously ❤️ (even though sometimes it’s hard to take this guy seriously 🤪) #katandkev 📸: @peytonmichellephoto

15 days ago

Hold my hand and I’ll go anywhere with you ❤️ #katandkev Still can’t get over our official “engagement” photoshoot 😍 Every single shot is perfect but here are 2 of my faves ☺️ Can’t wait to share more 📸: @peytonmichellephoto