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🌟URBAN ALCHEMY🌟 We are so excited to have this amazing new cleaning range in salon ... Perfect for those new clients who have been using supermarket products or exisiting clients who have been swimming a lot and get mineral build up. Excellent for preparing the hair for the colouring process ... 🌟 Sea Salt Scrub Shampoo; removes silicone & minerals from the hair while keeping the hair hydrated RRP $38.95 ... 🌟 Hydrating & Soothing Condirioner; cares for the hair with its unique “sea spa complex” containing vitamin B RRP $38.95 ... 🌟 In Salon Signature Cleanse; Deep cleansing for optimal results preparing for colouring by removing all silicone and mineral build up. Promotes hair growth and strengthens hair with high Vitamin C content RRP $36.00 at Bombshell Hair Studio

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❤️ so full after (most of) the fam came to visit! Thank you for folding my laundry, washing my dishes, buying so much yummy food, & watching B so I could get a little break. And thanks baby sis for curling my hair every day and making me feel as glam as you 😘 Come back in 8 wks plz & thank you 🙏🏼 at Boston, Massachusetts

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Seamlessly blended and bright ☀️ just in time for spring 💐 at Upland, California

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It's bitchin' | Bring it On

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Jess 🦋 rocking baby bangs, freshened up with a “borderline black” level 3 dark chocolate color at Long Beach, California

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Missing my favorite baby lover today @acro_lion Only 116 more days until @motorcityflyfest You can still save money with our code ANAHATA10 We will be teaching in #detroit in May for a pregame class as we travel the road to #mccf Make sure to go check out our friends @arisetrue as they teach next month #friends #fancy #silly #booty #lift #blondes #hotblondes #blondies #blondesdoitbetter #blondeshavemorefun #fun #festival #festivalseason #festiewithmybestie #bff #besties at Detroit, Michigan

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When I saw you for the first time, my mind wasn’t filled with pretty words. My lips didn’t overflow, with poetry or prose, rather one simple thought; Fuck, here I go. 🖤 . . . . . . . . . . #mood #moodaf #selfie #selfienation #selfiesunday #inkedgirls #tattooedgirls #women #womenwithtattoos #instadaily #instamood #instagood #picoftheday #quotes #quotestoliveby #untamed #sexworker #sexworkiswork #feelings #blondehair #haircut #curlyhair #waveyhair #blondes #blondesdoitbetter #blondehighlights #blondeshavemorefun #greeneyes #hazeleyes #shorthair

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That one time we decided to go wine tasting in effing beautiful Sonoma County!! AND happened to be wearing almost the exact outfit 😂😂😂 #NotPlannedAtAll 😂😂 . . Happiest and most magical birthdays to this Princess Bae @progressive_plurprincess We’ve got so many memories I honestly couldn’t even think which to post... but this one was one of my faves! We did all the things, worked, had wine, and ATE allll the tortilla chips 😅😂😖😖 . You took me under your wing when I was weak. You helped me get to a better place. You give so much to those you love and I truly appreciate you and what you’ve done for me... you too @huntisms 😂 you had to make the post as well hehe. . To many more years around the sun, so many more dance parties, wearing weird and crazy beautiful outfits, and laughing in pjs till we fall asleep!! Xoxo sweet @progressive_plurprincess Love you, @aintthatcool at Chateau Montelena Winery

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I’m a mess of beautiful and ugly chaos 🖤 ☕️I don’t like coffee 👖 I can’t stand wearing jeans 🐓I don’t like Chick-fil-A 🧠 I have pretty bad ADD 👙I would rather be in a bikini than anything else 🌴I am a beach bum living in Texas 🇲🇽 I’ve never been to Mexico 🎾I played tennis from 6th grade and received a scholarship to a junior college for it. ❌I do not have a large intestine at all 📺I’ve never seen a single episode of FRIENDS 🍕If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life it would be pizza 🧹Sweeping is calming to me ⏳I am INCREDIBLY impatient 💭I overthink EVERYTHING 📢I am really really REALLY loud lol 💃🏼I love dancing and do it everywhere without even realizing it 😡I have a quick temper but only those closest to me see it 💪🏼 I am strong but more than that I’m just stubborn 🦏 I have a great support system and a boyfriend who pushes me and loves me unconditionally even tho he’s seen the worst sides of me #RDK Photo by: @rgmphotography Gym: @metroflexftworth Tan by: @justaddbronze

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Got to have a hair date with my bestie today! 🥰 Thanks @anniemal137 for coming in. 💇🏼‍♀️✨ . . I am also loving her bright blondes & golden tones, perfect for Spring time! 🌼 at Casanova & Co Hair Studio

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P L A T I N U M card ✨ • Application took 90 mins using @matrix light master starting with 10 volume and ending with 20 volume developer. Low and slowwwwww always. • • • • • #hairbrained #haircolorist #platinumcard #phillybesthair #phillyhair #phillyhairstylist #philly #blonde #blondes #blondehair #hair #modernsalon #matrix #olaplex #processingporn #haircolor #hairstyles #mondays #framar #cosmoprofbeauty #licensedtocreate #behindthechair #americansalon #fuckinghair #platinumblonde at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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¿A ti te gustaría reconfortar tu cabello?❤️ Déjanos hacértelo en MONDOUVIP. . . MONDOUVIP Colima: Av. Constitución 1979, altos, Residencial Esmeralda. Manzanillo:Av. paseo de las Garzas 49B Salagua. . Ahora ya puedes hacer tú diagnóstico capilar por WhatsApp: 3122100342📞📲. . . Sigue también a: 💁@eliizabeth11 💁 💁@elyyorozco 💁 💁@womanslook 💁 💁@loirasland 💁 . . . . #blondie #blondebalayage #blondehighlights #blondehair #coolblonde #icyblonde #blondes #blondey #blondwoman #blondwomen #blonds #blondbeauty #rubia #rubiosperfectos #rubias #rubios #balayagecolor #balayaged #blondi #cabellorubio #blondy #blonding #wellahair #loira #loiralinda #loiras #loiratop at Mondou VIP

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Because after 11 years of lifting, back squats get boring. 🏋️🏼‍♀️ Leg day: 1️⃣ Deadlifts 5x5 2️⃣ 1 1/2 rep Barbell Hip Thrusts 5x8 3️⃣ 30 Pistol Squats each leg 4️⃣ 50 Skater Squats each leg (Video 1) 5️⃣ 100 Banded Abductions 6️⃣ Ninja Pistol Squats (Video 2)

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We are all dreamers. Some have lost their way. Others found their light in the dark. But we are all capable of extraordinary things. 🤩☮️💛

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Swipe left to see this before and after! Ice blonde looking beautiful and feeling heathy thanks to @kenraprofessional! 👊🏻👊🏻❄️❄️ at Pennsylvania

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No one is coming to rescue you from yourself. Only self love and good decisions will rescue you. 💯❤️

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Can NOT get over the smoldering sexiness of this silver fox 🦊 gaaaahhhhdddd I love doing hair 🖤 @breallen at Boston Seaport

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👗Универсальная классика в виде силуэтного чёрного платья-футляр с v-образным вырезом декольте и стильными погонами (листаем карусель) погоны на каждом платье разные, чтобы сохранить индивидуальность. 🔸ткань-джерси, размеры 40-44. ⠀ 📍Пер. Халтуринский 85, тел. 8938 155 9559 по предварительному звонку at Campania Pizza&Pasta

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🔥💪🔥 He’s on Fire

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