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Kusunoki Masashige. . “The Way of the warrior (bushido) is to be found in dying.” - Yamamoto Tsunetomo. . at Kokyogaien

2 hours ago

Learned a lot in the last few hours about black and white photography. It suddenly came to me that I hardly knew much about what REALLY makes black and white photography unique. So after 3 or four hours of watching YouTube videos, reading articles and flipping through Tony Northrup’s photography book, excellent book btw for those looking to get into the hobby, I’m starting to see some noticeable changes. Especially for how I view my photos and what I want to get out of them, my vision. This photo in particular has tricked me for weeks on end. I tried it in color, then I tried black and white, then back to color, then back to black and white and it’s going to stay at black and white. This is by far one top tier photos I have for longest development process. I’ve worked at least 3 or 4 hours just on this photo alone which is insane compared to how long my other photos have taken me. My plan was to do 3-4 this morning, I ended up with one hahaha. That being said, I hope you enjoy this photo taken from the top of Gifu Castle over looking Gifu city. Huge shoutout to @tonynorthrup and his amazing book for giving me some great pointers. This photo would not have been possible without his great advice 👍 ——————————————————————————— Follow me on Instagram @imagesbymalu for more beautiful scenes I find in my day to day life 🤙 ——————————————————————————— • • • • • • • #imagesbymalu #tonynorthrup #travelholic #travelphotography #travelaroundtheworld #traveladdicted #blackandwhite #blackandwhiteonly #blackandwhite_art #blackandwhitelandscape #blackandwhitephotographyoftheday #blackandwhitephotograph #balance #balanceforbetter #photographyart #travelinghawaiian #ig_shotz #blackandwhitephotographylovers #vignette #blackandwhite_perfection #blackandwhiteisworththefight #blackandwhiteoftheday #goexplore #wanderlust #wander #wanderlove #wanderful_places #travel_drops #travelholic #travel_captures #traveldeeper at Gifu Castle