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2 hours ago

☀️🎉Chilling 🎉☀️. . Come early for class or stay back after class and you too can experience a bit of pergola chill. 🙏 It’s for all of us to enjoy 😊. . Post yoga class chilling and discussing pergola plans (last night). Thank you yogini Claire for test sitting & to yogi Zoran for building it 🎉☀️. . See you on the mat @theartofbalanceyoga . #yoga #yogaoutside #zen #energy #yogagarden #yogis #yoginis #pergola #decking #yogadecking #birdofparadise #frankstonsouth #femaleentrepreneur #yogabusiness #chilling #postyogachill . . . #yinyoga #meditation #shala #yogatribe #melbourne #yogastudiowithaview #boutiqueyogastudio #yogafrankstonsouth #ashtangayoga #hathayoga #vinyasayoga #morningtonpeninsula #mornpen #yogaeverydamnday at The Art of Balance - Yoga & Massage

3 hours ago

no rain, no flowers.

3 hours ago

#chooseyourresolution #birdofparadise Day 1: I resolve to be as I am. Fully. Completely. Unapologetically. So I am not editing..taking a joyful photo for day one would be not the truth. I am doing my best and showing up anyways but I resolve to be as I am, ever changing. And so I am. I am grumpy. I am tired. I am healing. I am in this funky place, full of pent up energy. But still I am And there is nothing to do. Just to be #yoga #firstyogachallenge at Victoria, British Columbia

6 hours ago

I decided to hop in this challenge, inspired by all the beautiful and strong hosts and loving their focus! This time we are taking 7 days to #ChooseYourResolution @chanelofthewild @kim0sabi84 @ashi_nashi @krismgabriel any takers to join?☺ Today is Day 1: Standing Balance, I chose Bird of Paradise (Svarga Dvijasana) . . There wasn't a warm up (other than running around in the snow with my girls 😍❄) so I was really surprised to actually find this much opening, however there's so much more to create here. I've been working on splits more and usually mindful of opening my hamstrings..perhaps I'll never have that beautiful length, because this practice is not about exhausting the self for a certain image, but I'm seeking the space that always seems to be lacking no matter what I do 🤣🤷‍♀️✌💃 . . Our fantastic hosts👏💪: @beahappyamy @cathymadeoyoga @mama_layla_rose . . Our generous sponsors🙏😌: @vayumudra @liforme @knockaround @earthrunners @yourbondhu @sahajanskincare . . #yoga #snowgo #yogainthesnow #NCyoga #828isgreat #birdofparadise #svargadvijasana #standingbalance #aspiretoinspire #yogainspiration #yogainspo #yogamom #yogastrong #strongwomen #yogachallenge #challengeyourself #snowstorm2018 #itsbeginningtolookalotlikechristmas #yogainthemountains #findlength #yogafit #snow #yogaeverywhere #yogaeverydamnday #aimtrue #igyogacommunity #igyoga #yogagram at Candler, North Carolina

7 hours ago

For day 1 of #chooseyourresolution I chose Bird of Paradise, or svarga dvijasana. This pose is challenging for me, since I have tight hips, but I’d love to be able to hold it for multiple breaths! That’s one of my resolutions for this upcoming year. 💥💥💥 NEW CHALLENGE 💥💥 #ChooseYourResolution 🌙 A fun challenge that will inspire you to consider your 2019 goals and document where you stand now. Have you begun thinking about your new goals; where you would like to see yourself a year from now? Maybe your goal is to nail that transition you have seen the yogi elites demonstrate, to flip your grip for the first time in dancer pose, float to chataranga, hang time in pincha, or handstand press. . I think one of the most beautiful things about being on a yoga journey is that the goals will never cease. We are all at different levels in our practice with different goals. Remember to honor your body and your practice and know with time and effort all is coming. ❤🙏🙏 For seven days, let's join together, motivate one another, celebrate each other and share our 2019 goals! Hosts: @beahappyamy @cathymadeoyoga @mama_layla_rose Sponsors: @vayumudra @liforme @knockaround @earthrunners @yourbondhu @sahajanskincare 💫Challenge Rules: -Repost this flyer and tag friends to join -Follow all hosts and sponsors -Post daily with the hashtag #ChooseYourResolution and tag all hosts & sponsors -Make sure your profile is public so we can see all your creative variations . Our goal list for those who prefer to plan ahead: Day 1) Standing balance Day 2) Backbend Day 3) Forward Fold Day 4) Hip Opener Day 5) Arm Balance Day 6) Inversion Day 7) Yogis Choice #chooseyourresolution #birdofparadise #coloradoyoga #imperfectyoga #outdooryoga #yogaeveryday #igyogachallenge #yogachallenge2018 #resolutions #balancepose #standingpose

8 hours ago

Day 1 of #ChooseYourResolution is #standingbalances and I chose #birdofparadise 🦚🕊🦜 ✧ The full expression of this pose is a goal for me because not only does is incorporate strength and balance, but also dem muh effin #hamstrings of mine that never seem to want to budge...what can I say, everything about me is stubborn 🤷🏼‍♀️ ✧ For those non-yogis peepin’ this post, ya see my foot going out to the side there? Yeahhh...that leg is supposed to be straight and my foot should be higher than my head 😬 ✧ This is where I’m at right now, and I’m ok with it 👌 but starting 2019, I’m comin’ for ya, ya damn bird! Paradise, my ass. This is gonna be anything but 😂🤣 ✧ Hosts: @beahappyamy  @cathymadeoyoga  @mama_layla_rose Sponsors: @vayumudra  @liforme  @knockaround  @earthrunners  @yourbondhu  @sahajanskincare Our goal list for those who prefer to plan ahead: Day 1) Standing balance ✔️ Day 2) Backbend  Day 3) Forward Fold Day 4) Hip Opener  Day 5) Arm Balance Day 6) Inversion  Day 7) Yogis Choice

8 hours ago

Found another #birdofparadise beauty 🦜 I’m surprised they are still blooming even in this “cold” AZ weather🌵🤷🏼‍♀️💕 Either way, it is absolutely beautiful!! at La Encantada

9 hours ago

Last year, Christmas/Christmasparty/weddingseason, was all about the gatsby theme...this year it's all about African bird- of-paradise fascinators! It's a fabulous statement accessory and guaranteed timeless look. You can still rock it over Easter and not look weird...🤔 X Available for order O Call/DM/WhatsApp +254705297543 (shop located opposite Yaya center basement entrance on the ring road kilimani side where there's a Jax barber shop) X O #koitoto #designs #fancyheadress #fascinator #birds #birdofparadise #handmade #giftideas #madeinkenya #supportlocalbrands #weddingseason #accessories #wedding #teaparty #headware #recycled #upcycled at Nairobi, Kenya

9 hours ago

🎅🏼 babyyyyy 🎶 Found this little guy at an estate sale over the summer. Was watching Mary Tyler Moore this week and spotted him as part of the holiday decor at her apartment and office!😍 at Akron, Ohio