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The Blue Lagoon was so relaxing and amazing!! Now it's time to go North to check out the cliffs and puffins 😍 at Blue Lagoon Iceland

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💙 Fun facts about me and my little family💙 1. My husband and I met during spring break at a froyo place I worked at. He went in only to  buy a soda... he didn't even buy a froyo 🤔 2. For 7 years we did the long distance relationship thingy. Obviously we didn't have FB, we didn't even have cell phones at that time!! 🤣 We had to use the land line phone to talk or letters sent by regular mail. Whaaaat?!! OMG, this makes me sound old!!😂 3. 11 years later, we finally decided to  have a baby but the Universe sent us two 🤷‍♀️👬 4. We didn't know I was preggo🤰 with twins until I got my first ultrasound at 3 months along. My OBGY initially just heard one heart beat not two 5. The twin that was born smaller is now the bigger of the two 🙆‍♀️ 6. My twins are totally opposite. One is a Meat eating over achiever and the other is a free spirited vegetarian. I got the yin and the yang ☯️ All of you are so cool and supportive and I would love 💙 to know 1 fact about you and or your family. at Heart Bar Campground, California

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If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.

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Do you know what YOU look like as the best version of yourself? How do you get up and ready for your day? What is this YOU like standing in line at the grocery store, meeting with the in-laws, or disagreeing with a lover? Who are you growing into? What’s your NEXT LEVEL? Let’s go on an exploration together. MESSAGE ME FOR PRICE AND ACCESS! #thelifewhisperer #linkinbio #nextlevel #evolve #iam #bestyou #bestme #bestself #blog #blogger #lifecoach #consultant at New York, New York

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The norm...up at 12am, stretch and listen to this overtime calculation breakdown....AGAIN...gym by 2-2:30am...normal day starts....REPEAT (different study topic the next morning)....ya boy gets over two hours of reading and studying in before sunrise! 😂 I utilize these seconds, minutes, and hours, like loose change in the couch cushions...GIMME THOSE‼️It may not be for everyone, but if I EEEEVVVERR say “I wish there was more time in the day” that it’s needed. Use the ones we have now probably...⚖️ Stop using them wishing, procrastinating, or complaining... at Eastlake Beach Club

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#legday workout killed👌💯💪BOOM 👊

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Do you know what YOU look like as the best version of yourself? How do you get up and ready for your day? What is this YOU like standing in line at the grocery store, meeting with the in-laws, or disagreeing with a lover? Who are you growing into? What’s your NEXT LEVEL? Let’s go on an exploration together. MESSAGE ME FOR PRICE AND ACCESS! #thelifewhisperer #linkinbio #nextlevel #evolve #iam #bestyou #bestme #bestself #blog #blogger #lifecoach #consultant at The Assemblage NoMad

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Do you know what YOU look like as the best version of yourself? How do you get up and ready for your day? What is this YOU like standing in line at the grocery store, meeting with the in-laws, or disagreeing with a lover? Who are you growing into? What’s your NEXT LEVEL? Let’s go on an exploration together. MESSAGE ME FOR PRICE AND ACCESS! #thelifewhisperer #linkinbio #nextlevel #evolve #iam #bestyou #bestme #bestself #blog #blogger #lifecoach #consultant at New York, New York

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If you have trouble sleeping, know someone who has trouble sleeping or find yourself consistently feeling tired during the day, then I can’t recommend this book enough for you. It’s one of the best books I’ve read and completely changed the way I approach recovery.😴🏆 • Nick has kindly offered to giveaway 3 signed copies of his book ‘SLEEP’ to celebrate our recent podcast episode. 📚 To enter: • 1. Screenshot episode #012 of Take FL1GHT and add it to your Instagram story 📲 2. Tag Nick @_sportsleepcoach & myself @whittletakefl1ght 👬 3. Rate and Review the podcast on iTunes or in the podcast app on your iPhone ⭐️(ignore if not on🍏) • Names will be pulled out a hat on Wednesday next week. 🎩🐰🍾🍾🤜🏼🤛🏼🚀 at London, United Kingdom

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Sleep science is constantly revealing new insights, but at a fundamental level it is clear that many of us are just not getting enough good sleep. ⠀ .⠀ ‘Bedtime procrastination’ is a relatively new phenomenon and is defined as “failing to go to bed at the intended time, while no external circumstances prevent a person from doing so.” Click the link in our bio for more information.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #functionalself #journey #overallhealth #beauty #nutritional #antiaging #fitfam #healthinnovation #expert #industryleaders #goals #vitality #energy #mind #body #skin #mindfood #lifestylebloggers #healthbloggers #mindbodyconnection #improvement #bestself #balance #naturalbeauty #metabolism at London, United Kingdom

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// NEW ARTICLE // . Soy has been a favourite staple of plant-based eaters for decades. Nutritionally, soy packs a powerful punch: more protein than most other legumes, ample fibre, omega 3 fatty-acids, calcium and iron. Soy contains all 11 of the essential amino acids and supplies health-promoting phytonutrients like isoflavones that reduce cholesterol levels and cancer risk . Yet despite its many applications within the food chain, controversy rages when it comes to soy. So much so, most of us are soy confused! . Luckily I'm here to help and have written a super helpful article with all the latest news relating to soy so you too can be fully aware and up to date . Hit the link in my bio to have a read . . . . . . . . . . . #soy #soya #healthy #nutrition #yogi #healthylife #wellness #blogpost #blog #knowledgeispower #empoweryourself #yoga #yogafood #educateyourself #health #naturopath #info #article #protein #plant-based #vegan #veggie #cancer #healthknowledge #wellbeing #bestself #true #geteducated

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Usually I would have found the left images and sizes of the girls to be more appealing and a ‘body goal’ however @huntermcgrady and @the12ishstyle actually look 10 x more attractive and healthy. This shows how much I have mentally changed, I used to think filling up on coffee and not eating (until I was alone and binged like an unsupervised child) was healthy and normal. This comment is simply personal opinion 💜 I don’t think either is worse than the other, however the comparison is to show how much my thinkings changed. at Sydney, Australia

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Guten Morgen ihr Lieben! Also das mit den schönen Kaffee-Bildern muss ich wohl nochmal üben 🤷🏼‍♀️ Ich dachte mir aber, ich poste euch mal etwas zu meinem #bulletproofcoffee ☕ da ich doch ab und zu Fragen dazu bekomme >>>Was ist drin? • Filterkaffee - bei mir #bio und #fairtrade • ca. 2 EL Butter aus Weidemilch z.B von @kerrygoldde *Werbung (wegen Markennennung) • ca 1 TL natives, kaltgepresstes Kokosöl MCT-Öl ist besser als Kokosöl, aber ich vergesse immer, welches zu besorgen 🙈 >>>Warum trinke ich Bulletproof Coffee? Ich ernähre mich größtenteils #lowcarb und habe dafür einen höheren Anteil an gesunden Fetten in meinen Makros, woraus mein Körper Energie gewinnt. Hierzu gehören die Fette in meinem Kaffee auch 😉 Außerdem ist bei mir unter der Woche #Intervallfasten oder auch #intermittentfasting Alltag. Da in einigen Studien und Berichten der Bulletproof Coffee nicht als Fastenbrechen gilt, habe ich für mich die Erfahrung gemacht, dass ich es damit leichter bis zu meiner ersten Mahlzeit aushalte und generell über den Tag verteilt mehr Energie habe 🙂 Wenn ihr noch Fragen dazu habt, einfach fragen 😉 Habt einen schönen Freitag! 😘 - #happyfriday #friday #freitag #tgif #coffee #coffeelove #ohnekaffeeohnemich #kaffee #bulletproof #lchf #healthyfats #fitfam #fitgirls #fitchick #getfit #getinshape #feelgood #selfmotivation #bestself #fitspo #fitspiration #fitnessjourney #fitstagram #fitnesslifestyle at Bayern, Germany

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Giveaway Contest - Get a Law of Attraction necklace.. New draw every Monday. Let's start manifesting the life of your dreams... Rules: 1. Like & follow me 2. Tag 3 friends on comment section The winners receive a Direct Message on Monday afternoon, after the draw takes place. Good luck to everyone!

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Happy FriYAY, my friends! Uggggg.....current feels. I need to get my cardio game amped up. But, it’s cardio, and I don’t wanna. Also, I need to get my water intake up. I will do the cardio and drink all the water. No bargaining with myself, just do the things. Need to use my German stubbornness for good, not evil. 😝 Anytoot...I’m going to get this workout kicked off then go slay the workday. ✌🏻 Have a fanfriggentastic Friday babes! 😘 XOXO #friyay #friday #fridaymood #fridayvibes #frinally #cardio #ewcardio #gottadoit @thetransformapp #lifetimefitness #lifetimefitnessalpharetta #loveyourlife #gymrat #fitness #ashletes #girlswholift #fitfam #fitlife #amcrew #riseandgrind #beautyinstrength #bestself #determined #myfitnessjourneyhasnofinishline #perfectlyimperfect #strongisthenewskinny #ashleyhorner #ashlete at Life Time Fitness - Alpharetta

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Rest day yesterday has left me feeling freeeeesh - • Slow Descent Squats with @danandrews31 in the background popping out reps like a machine 👽 • Bench • Lats • Tris - Love me a 6am training sesh 👌 'erry day if I could! - "Mark why do you wear your knee sleeves throughout your whole workout?" They smell & need a wash which I'll be doing later today 😂 #kneesleeveproblems - Interested in some Powerlifting Coaching, Personal Training, Intrinsic Biomechanics Screenings or Advice on nutrition? Hit me up in the comments, DMs or 💪🏋 - #gym #gymlife #training #workout #progress #personaltrainer #coach #powerliftingcoach #bestself #vegan #vegetarian #plantbasedwholefoods #plantbasedpowerlifter #goals #youtuber #powerlifting #powerlifter #YouTube #squat #bench #deadlift #SBD #cassellsports #cassell #veganverticaldiet #verticaldiet

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Good morning lovely people and happy Friday from Vienna ☀️❤️ . We arrived in this beautiful city yesterday and are lucky as our hotel has a small gym. So we got a great workout in and will go for our well deserved breakfast soon! We have the luck of having one very versatile machine station but even just with a bench and dumbbells you could get a decent workout. Small gyms are not a problem if you make adjustments in your routine and get a bit creative! 😁 . #workout #fitness #fitchick #girlswholift #lifting #liftheavy #backday #instafit #fitfam #bestself #motivation #inspiration at Falkensteiner Hotel Wien Margareten

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How well can you retract your scapula? If your someone with poor posture probably not very well. Try this brilliant exercise (trap 3 raise) to get your posterior chain functionality back 💪🏻🔥🔥

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I love the pain, I love the suffering and no better way to implement that than 20 rep sets on Squat Press. PR with 7.5 plates as for for 16 controlled reps on my last set followed by a brutal drop set. This shit is all mental #shaboom #aesthetics #armday #armpump #ART #bpiathlete #BPIsports #bestself #biceps #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #bodytransformation #delts #dreamsintoreality #eatclean #educateanddominate #fitfam #flexfriday #gainz #goals #getbig #growing #ilovefood #like4like #likeforlike #motivation #npc #physique #pumpingiron #thepump at Prairie Life Fitness

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[I'm not addicted to coffee, we're just in a committed relationship. - anonymous] . . . ▪️Werbung wegen Nutzung von Zitat und Ortsverlinkung Blablabla ▪️ . . . Good morning and happy Friday. 🤪 The sun is out and it’s going to be a perfect day. Well okay i cannot use much from it as being on work until 9.30pm. Before work i wanted to go to the gym but I still have so sore muscles it doesn’t make sense. So I do chores at home as much as possible without making any sound - night shifts make being home weird. . . Guten Morgen und einen glücklichen Freitag. Die Sonne ist da und es wird ein perfekter Tag. Ok ich kann davon nicht so viel nutzen, weil ich ja arbeiten muss bis 21.30. Vor der Arbeit wollte ich eigentlich trainieren, aber ich hab noch soooooo Muskelkater, also macht’s keinen Sinn. Also wartet die Hausarbeit. Mal sehen, was ich komplett ohne Geräusche erledigen kann. Nachtschichten machen das Daheimsein nicht so einfach. 🤷🏼‍♀️🙈🤪🤗 . . . #coffee_inst #coffeelover #coffee_time #acoffeeaday #ohnekaffeeohnemich #ohnekaffeegehichtot #coffeejunkie #passioncafe #passiontravel #genuss #kaffeegenuss #genießen #happymood #friyayvibes #happyfridayeveryone #enjoycoffee #coffeequotes #coffeebreak #passione_fotografica #best_moments_shots #bestself #tgif_ig #instabloggers at Santa Eularia Des Rui

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If #2018 has taught me anything it's that #doorscloseforareason and they #close behind you so you can walk through the #nextdoor.... I always thought that was just something people would say to get through whatever their #hardtime was. But idk... I #believe it now.... Thank you 2018 for showing me that.... #hindsight2020 #me #hardtimes #overit #moveon #nofear #lessons #behappy #goodvibes #love #betterself #bestself #whatmakesmehappy #smile #instagood #instadaily #selfie #girlswithtattoos #deserveit #sorrysomuch at Brunswick, Ohio

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I should be sleeping right now but I just realized I turn 24 in a week and I'm v weirded out by the whole thing.🙄🙃 PS shouts out to the NINE YEAR old Tiger Cheer shirt. K. #gettinold #butasiandontraisin #soitdontmatter 😏 . . . . . . . . . #leo #leolove #lioness #bestself #summershredding #summer #july #cdaidaho #tbt #girlswithmuscle #girlswholift #asiangirls #cheerleading #dance #npc #npcbikini #bikinicompetitor #bigdansnutrition #preplife #fit #fitfam #fitspo #training #motivation #pnw

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Pucker up its Friday! 💋💋💋💋💋And sometimes ...”after the hurricane comes the rainbow “...🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽💥💥💥🎵🎵🎵by #katieperry #friyay #puckerup #glow #shine #flow and just like that busy, crazy, action packed week and like that’s it’s Friday . Time flies. Enjoy the moment. Get present. 🌈🌈🌈🌈 #present #joy #weekend #workworkwork #friyay #beautifullife #friends #gotyourback #love #inhaleexhale #livehealthy #naturallysweet #unicorngirl #rainbow #eyeswideopen #nakedsoul #gypsyheart @katie_perry_official 🎶🎶🎶 #anniefiscoyoga #bestself #yoga #nyc #puckerupbuttercup #changemaker at New York, New York

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My little baby is having his operation today 😫 he's going to get lots of attention after it. Brave boy! 🐶 he really is my fur baby 💚

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Transitions can be tough. Today I began another school year working with children with speech, language and social disorders. I’m a speech language pathologist and love what I do, but darn if it isn’t tricky seeing another amazing Summer break come to a close. In addition, my kids leave Saturday to spend the rest of their break (we live in a different district, they don’t go back yet) at their dad’s house. ONE MONTH! We will be apart longer than we ever have before! ••• 💗The kids and I had an amazing Summer together, full of adventures and snuggles and laughter. I absolutely love being a mom, especially their mom. We did everything on our list for this Summer, so zero regrets there! Don’t you love checking things off your list? I saved the list on my fridge to remind me of all the fun we had when they’re gone... I’m gonna appreciate that reminder each day they’re away! ••• 💗But seeing Summer come to a close and seeing them off to their dad’s house is hard. It is important for me to remember that they are happy and need this time with their father. They’re excited, smiling and eager to spend time with him. That’s the reality of this situation and allowing myself to be on board with their reality, their feelings, that’s what it’s about. That attitude will keep me in flow, which keeps them in flow, harmoniously living with what the Universe has given us! ••• 🙌🏼 Why struggle with what is? Weren’t we meant to live out these lessons? We can do that in flow with peace and grace, can’t we? Yes. Amen. ••• 💪🏼Transitions are hardest in the days, weeks, moments immediately before they happen. But living in trust, both with myself and in the Universe, I know this plan works toward my higher good. So while I can experience feelings about a situation, my work is to release the feelings that don’t serve my greatest good, then sit back and trust. ••• 🙌🏼And just to insure I survive the month 😉😉 I have set goals toward my fitness, friendships and work. I have taken the time to put pen to paper and draw out a plan so that I utilize my time to the fullest. So when my children see me again, guess what, I’ll be an even better mama than I was when they left me. 💋✌🏼❤️😃 at San Diego, California

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Happy Friday fam 💜☕️ may your workday be short and hassle free #herestohoping

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When was the last time you did something for yourself? - It’s easy to get caught up with the chaos of life. School, work, family and friends, personal goals — there seems to be an endless cycle of task, after task, after task. I don’t blame you. Social media plays a huge role in emphasizing the highlight reel and successes of others. It makes you feel less superior and that you need to be where they are at. - B r e a t h e . Slow down. You need time to do things you love. Read a book, call a friend, play a video game, binge watch Netflix while eating a tub of Halo Top — and don’t feel guilty for doing it. Self care is not a waste of time. It’s important, because YOU are important. - 📷: @mickchevious

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Thursday’s goal was to push myself to 50,000 steps. I’m in 7 Fitbit workweek hustle groups with some very competitive Fitbit friends and I love it as they keep me motivated and on track. I’m leading in 6 of the challenges and 3rd place in the 7th. Like I said last week I’ll take it as I’m going against a hiker and fitness business owner. They are already over 300,000 and 500,000, so yea I’m good so far I’m at 133,000 lol. I have to secure my place one more day tomorrow. Thanks to my Fitbit friends. I appreciate you guys. No gym today just jogged in the morning and again in the evening. I did my own Zumba at home to pull those steps in. Got to 50,000 at 11 and just kept going. 👈🏽swipe 🏃🏽‍♀️👏🏽💪🏽👊🏽😀 #shellalex1 #fitnessgoals #jogging #fitbitsteps #fitnesschallenge #fitnessresults #keto4life #ketohealth #lowcarblifestyle #godsgotme #godfirst #fitness #ketofitness #fitnesslifestyle #healthylifestyle #keto #weightlossjourney #weightlossmotivation #persistance #ketouk #lchf #250kchallenge #ketosuccess #workweekhustle #ketoaf #buildyourbody #bestself #bodybuilding #fitbit @fitbit #fitbitchallenge @jazsstar

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I prefer to walk over run, and it’s been this way for years. There was a time long ago when I thought in order to burn fat, I had to run. Not only is that a myth, it’s becoming even more so the case as I get older. Trying to run off excess caloric consumption has never worked. In fact, it just made my body tired and metabolism more sluggish. “On-point” nutrition with just the right amount and type of training is everything for fatloss and healthy body comp maintenance. Steady state, moderate to brisk pace walking in the morning after breakfast jump starts my metabolism for the day. I can feel it immediately. Just the right amount to not overtax my body and let it know that it’s in a safe place to burn fat for fuel. Then throw resistance training in later on (if appropriate) and that steady burn lasts even longer throughout the day. Everybody is different and responds to training differently. The important thing is to find what works for YOU - not somebody else. I enjoyed a nice walk with perfect morning temps in the PAC NW. Looking forward to many more this trip!

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Another new release today! Our Black Light n Tight Hi-Cut Bra! If you loved our Awaken Bra, you will LOVE this...a little higher cut for more coverage! Supportive bra for all “girls!” #zyia #zyiacolorado #sportsbra #support #uplift #light #community #activity #fit #fitness #fitnessblogger #fitnessmodel #bestsportsbra #happy #bestlife #colorado #model #sportsmodel #activewearmodel #youdoyou #beautiful #takecareofyou #bestself #awaken #girls #whoruntheworld #run #tennis #softball #volleyball

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Friendship isn’t about who you’ve known the longest. It’s about who stepped into your life, said “I’m here for you” and proved it. 👭 . Friendships is about who supports you. Who generously cares about you and what you have to say. Who cries for your sadness. Who hopes for your biggest dreams. Who believes in you and your success. . When I first met this girl, I had no idea that she would turn into one of my best friends and a person I would so deeply care about and learn so much from. . I met her less than 2 years ago when I lived in San Diego. Another friend introduced me to her and her boyfriend one day when we went to the beach and I remember that I liked her immediately. We became friends and also went to Hawaii together, which was an unforgettable experience. . Even though I had to leave San Diego a few months after we met, we always stayed in touch and kept each other updated. At the end of the year, I was able to meet her again in Berlin and the year after I moved to Los Angeles where she visited me for a couple of days at my beautiful Santa Monica home. She got married the same summer & I was able to attend her wedding as one of her bridesmaids. On Monday I finally saw her and her great husband Joe again here in Berlin. • This girl means so much to me because she’s honestly my soul-mate. She understands me no matter what and we’ve helped each other through a lot. She is one of the strongest, most kindest and generous women I’ve ever met & I’m so thankful for every memory we share, for every conversation we've had and every day we’ll spend together in the future. . I absolutely can't wait to move back to CA and see you more often @nici_frei. Thank you for being one of my best friends, I love you! . 👉 Don’t forget, YOU choose your people! Every friend will first be a stranger, it's up to you to build an amazing tribe. ♥️ at Berlin, Germany

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Only give a fuck about what is important to you, about the things that align with your personal values. . More does not always equal better. 🙅‍♀️ Not giving a fuck is not about being indifferent. It just means you’re setting a focus, making priorities and protecting your energy. . Whether you realize it or not, you’re always choosing what to give a fuck about. . If you’re anything like me, you find it difficult to say NO. Maybe because you don’t want to hurt anyone, or because you’re afraid to miss opportunities, maybe because you were told growing up that saying NO means disagreeing which is bad. . But in order to live a happy life, we must learn to say NO to the majority of options we’re presented with on a daily basis. Why? Because only then we will be able to focus on the things that really matter & give them our full attention. . Stop caring so much about things that are largely out of your control, such as what other people think about you & how they treat you or the weather. By focusing on things that are outside of your control, we only end up with more negative emotions. . So what things should we give a fuck about? . The things we can control, e.g. our values. Only you determine which values are important to you, so establish good values that give your life meaning & direction. . A much more interesting question then purely asking yourself what you want out of life is “WHAT KIND OF PAIN AND STRUGGLE DO I WANT?" What you're willing to struggle for is a greater determinant of your happiness. Find the things in your life you feel like it’s WORTH struggling for. Everyone faces problems, there's no way around it so you might as well say fuck YES to the problems you enjoy solving & NO to everything else. . Stand up for what you want, protect your energy, honor your feelings, do what is best for you, get comfortable telling people NO & stop giving reasons for saying no. . You don’t need permission to say no and you don’t have to justify your decisions. . What would happen if you finally started saying YES & giving a fuck about the things you actually wanted?And NO to the things that you don’t? ☄ . . READ: "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck" - it's 💯!

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When you make a commitment, do you stick to it? Or are you someone who doesn’t follow through? . How often did you say that you’re going to make exercising a priority so you can achieve the body of your dreams? That you’re going to stick to a healthy diet? That you’re going to apply for the job you really want? That you’re finally going to ask him/her out? . What kept you from achieving your goal? . Not staying committed and making excuses. Plain and simple. . We’re all guilty of saying we’re going to do something, but then we end up making excuses because we’re afraid of what could happen. We say we want to achieve something, but we’re comfortable with where we are and realize that in order to successfully reach goals requires hard work & commitment and is NOT always comfortable. We then make excuses of why we CAN’T do it, because then we don’t have to do it. We don’t have to step out of our comfort zone. . But if you really want to achieve your goals, you’ve GOT to give up those lame excuses and stay committed to what you said you’re going to do, even if you don’t feel like it. . There will be SO MANY days when you want to give up. Days when you are tired, stressed, busy with other things in life, I’ve been there! But know that you CAN push through, you CAN keep the promise you made to yourself. . Sticking to the commitments you make is the best thing you will ever do! For your mind, your confidence, your health, your body, your emotions, your life quality. Realize that nothing is holding you back from achieving your goals except one thing, YOU. . What is something you can commit to today? 💯☺