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У этой красотки стоит поучиться выдержке и терпению 🔥 ⠀ Первая татуировка и на таком чувствительном месте. Никаких обезболивающих, только терпение и хорошое настроение 🙌🏻 ⠀ . ⠀ . ⠀ . ⠀ . ⠀ . ⠀ #tattoo #tattooed #kiev #kievtattoo #kievtattooartist #flovertattoo #girlswithtattoos #tattooedbabes #inked #inkedgirl #inkedgirls #tattoodo #tattoos #inkedpeople #art #artwork #beauty #beautytattos #beautyandthebeasttattoo #girlstattoo #flower #peonytattoo at Universytet

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⚡️Beauty and the Beast (available) . . 💣DO NOT COPY plz . 상담은 kakao ID wasabitattoo 연락해주세요^^ . . . #tattoo #tattooistwasabi #tattoowasabi #wasabitattoo #designtattoo #linetattoo #colortattoo #koreatattoo #koreatattooist #seoultattoo #illustration #hongdaetattoo #beautyandthebeasttattoo #beautyandthebeast #rosetattoo #서울타투 #타투이스트와사비 #와사비타투 #타투디자인 #디자인타투 #라인타투 #컬러타투 #홍대타투 #합정타투 #상수타투 #일러스트 #미녀와야수 #장미타투 #타투도안 #달타투

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L’activité du jour : Nouveau tatouage ! 🙈 . Quand on commence... on s’arrête plus !! Un gros coup de ♥️ sur un flash, il est maintenant encré sur ma peau 😇 C’était bien trop tentant, et il paraît qu’il faut apprendre à se faire plaisir alors... j’ai pris une leçon aujourd’hui ! 🤷🏻‍♀️ . Photo bientôt (et premier aperçu en storie du jour ➡️👀) . . . . . . . . . #tattoo #tattooedgirl #ink #inkedgirl #beautyandthebeasttattoo #beautyandthebeast #keepcalm #foliedouce #plaisir #tuesdaymood #bordeaux #bordeauxmaville at L'épicerie Tattoo Galerie

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“I want to lose weight but I hate going to the gym... it’s hopeless” eeeepp no it’s not honey 🤓 . If your goals include some major muscle building, then ya the gym would be quite essential.. If your goals include increasing flexibility, then yoga would be ideal. If your goals include becoming a complete badass, then cross fit might be your thing. . BUT BY NO STINKIN MEANS DO YOU HAVE TO DO THESE THINGS TO LOSE WEIGHT! Stop over complicating this. If your goal is to LOSE WEIGHT ☝🏼Calculate your maintenance calories (the amount you need to intake to maintain your current weight) 🤘🏼Subtract ~200 calories from that number and start there for your caloric deficit (amount you need to intake to lose body fat) 🖖🏼Track your meals (I use my fitness pal), track your sleep, rate your daily energy, and reassess in a couple weeks to see if you need to adjust. . If you stay consistent with this and truly practice mindful eating and developing more optimal habits, YOU WILL SEE RESULTS🙌🏼 . If you need guidance on how to set this up shoot me a message 🙋🏻‍♀️ at Anytime Fitness Weatherford

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Why I don’t offer meal plans 👇🏼 If I tell you exactly what to eat everyday for a week.... 🍔 How will that teach you how many calories you should be eating? 🍟 How will that teach you how to count macros? 🍕 What happens when your friends call and ask you to go to pizza place? What will you order if it’s not on your meal plan? 🥞 What if you end up working a double and can’t cook what was written on your plan for dinner? 👏🏼 MEAL PLANS TEACH YOU NONE OF THIS 👏🏼 . My nutrition training teaches you: 🥞How many calories to consume and why you should be eating that amount 🥗How to increase the amount of Whole Foods you’re eating 🌮How to still eat treats and use them to your advantage 🥟What macros are and why we track them 🍱How to eat out without feeling guilty 🍻That you can still drink alcohol 🥪To plan ahead . If this sounds like something you need help understanding, fill out the application in my bio and let’s talk! at Weatherford, Texas

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Did this big beauty and the beast rose to cover a home job tattoo on Saturday. So happy with the end result. Thanks for trusting me to do my own thing! You can still see a little bit of the old tattoo poking out. But when we add belle and beast that will be gone too! . If your interested in getting a tattoo with me feel free to send a message here on instagram or facebook at White Lion Custom Tattoo. You can also come in to the shop at 14 Archibald street Toowoomba or contact us on 0400775585. . . . #whitelioncustomtattoo #WhiteLion #toowoombatattoo #toowoomba #apprenticetattooist #Apprentice #tattoo #tattooed #tattooedgirls #tattooedwomen #tattooedlady #customtattoo #girlytattoo #femininetattoo #instaink #cutetattoo #cutetattoos #disneylove #disneyart #disneytattoo #disneyinsta #Beautyandthebeasttattoo #Beautyandthebeast #rosetattoo #rosetattoos #coveruptattoos #covertattoo at White Lion Custom Tattoo

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Hit the gym everyday of the week. Get mad if I missed a day and would double up or increase cardio. Ate literally whatever I wanted.. like pizza place & wing stop everyday. I basically didn’t know what water was.. you actually drink that stuff? THOUGHT I WAS A BAD BISH BC I WAS SKINNY l o l z . Have you been there or in a similar situation? Running your body down with over exercising and not knowing proper nutrition... thinking you run dis bc you’re “tiny”? Same 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ . I’m here to tell ya feeling healthy and looking like an adult, not a 12 yr old boy, is WAY COOLER THAN BEING SUPER SKINNY OR LETTING BODY IMAGE RUN YA LIFE. . If you’re feeling lost on where to start: How much should I be eating? How often should I be in the gym? Cardio? Stretching? Weights? Water? 🤯🤯🤯 I CAN HELP YOU 🙋🏻‍♀️ #mememepickme I’ve been there. I know what it’s like and I am trained to help you get out of that situation and into a body and lifestyle you love. . Fill out the application in my bio and let’s get to WERK MAMA 💃🏻 . Ps... this is dec 2016 -> march 2018 -> Jan 2019 growth takes time y’all at The Pizza Place

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Lines healed colour fresh, more like this please! So much fun!

4 days ago

Smashed back last night with @bridgelynn 💪🏼 Swipe and save! . 1a Barbell row underhand 2a Lat pull down 3a Single arm db row 4a seated low row wide grip 5a rear delt fly 5b wide grip pull ups 6a cable face pull 6b cable pull down 7a incline bicep curls 8a cable bicep curls to failure 9a back extensions weighted then bodyweight OOOOEEEEEEEE thanks for leading @bridgelynn kicked my booty!!🍑 . Tag me if you try this out! at Fox Fitness

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In 2019 I have promised myself to be proud of what I do and to stop criticizing and putting myself down about tattooing. Thank you all! I’m sooo excited to tattoo all you lovely people 🙏 need one last tightening session but, this is all healed minus some background and touch ups here and there! proudly sponsored by fusion_ink fusionink_pro butterluxe_uk fytcartridges #fusionink #fusiontattooink #tattoo #tattoos #disney #disneytattoo #disneytatts #disneyink #backkpiece #sullenclothing #disneycastle #disneycastletattoo #beautyandthebeast #beautyandthebeasttattoo #up #pixar #tangled #toystory #toystorytattoo #findingdory #eeyore #inkedmag

6 days ago

I always get a little excited when my tattoos show, considering 96% of them are hidden. Thinking that needs to change, I have an itch for ink!

6 days ago

Added the mirror and started on background colour on this beauty and the beast sleeve I’ve been working on today! (Lumiere is healed) hopefully one more session to finish the background and we’ll be done!! Using @saviourtattoosupplies @butterluxe_uk . . . . #ink #inkstagram #tattoo #tattooartist #ladytattooer #dynamicblack #manchestertattoo #unicarts #worldfamousink #ezcartridges #instagood #followme #follow #tattoodesign #freshtattoo #photooftheday #instafollow #beautyandthebeast #beautyandthebeasttattoo

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Finish Chip up from Beauty and the Beast🎨🌺🍵⛱ at TattooLicious

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“HOW ARE YOU LEAN EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR!?!?” 1 - i looked “lean” for years because i was basically starving myself. I never touched veggies and ate milk shakes and chic fil a everyday. I was still in a caloric deficit, but obv very unhealthy . 2 - I didn’t start fueling my body better until about 1 year ago. My good friend at the time was a bodybuilder and he taught me that what I was doing was SO WRONG and introduced me to the world of macros and protein. . 3 - I’m in a phase of rebuilding my metabolism and body recomp. Basically, we’re slowly adding calories into my diet, balancing my macros, increasing my intensity in the gym, and decreasing my cardio. . 4 - so yes, I still look “lean” most days.. But when you compare my body now to a year ago, it looks completely different. I am up about 8 lbs, and up about 5% body fat. My back is wider, butt and quads are bigger, stomach is tighter, delts bigger, face thinner.. Body recomp is an amazing thing 👏🏼 . Keep your head down and work. Stay focused and stay consistent. Changes will come if you make this happen. . Coaches: @megandavis6 @jmihalyfit at Fort Worth, Texas

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Ive wanted a tattoo of my girls for years ...but didnt want there faces as they change all the time as they grow up however ...i have always said how much Bella reminds me of Belle from beauty and the beast and how Alice from alice in wonderland reminds me of Evie.....and rather then their names i used the meanings of their names instead "beautiful life".... i drew it up but because of the placement .... my boss tattooed it for me....i absolutely love it... as do the girls ... its so tiny too... see the penny coin as reference. ...i asked for the eye colour to be added to replocate my daughters eye colour. #bella #belle #belletattoo #beautyandthebeast #beautyandthebeasttattoo #greeneyes #alice #aliceinwonderland #alicetattoo #aliceinwonderlandtattoo #daughters #blueeyes #tattoo #tattoos #beautiful #life #beautifullife #namemeaning at Needlework Tattoo

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Sept 22, 2010 I broke my back during HS cheer practice. . I saw a chiropractor for weeks. She didn’t take x-rays, only adjusted me and put me on a stem machine. . Summer 2011 I went to a new chiro who took x-rays.. found out my mid back and tailbone was broken, spine was twisted and curved, and neck was curved the wrong way. I stayed w him until October. . October 2011 I saw my first surgeon. Had a discogram (shoot fluids into your spine... you’re awake for that... I kicked him v v hard). Determined that my L4L5 disc was degenerated and needed surgery. . June 2012 I had L4L5 fused. My dr. CUT THROUGH MY LEG MUSCLE to get to my spine. I walked with a cane/walker for months. I STILL get foot drop often. . Had lots of steroid injections and nerves burned. . June 2014 I had my spine re-fused with 4 screws. . Sept 2014 I had the screws removed bc they were tearing my muscle. . More injections and burned nerves and procedures i can’t pronounce. . October 2016 I had a trial spinal cord stimulator surgery. My doctor quit practicing 2 days before the implant. IS THAT A MAJOR SIGN OR WHAT #thanksuniverse . December 2016 I got serious in the gym. . January 2018 I started body building. . Every single day for the past 8.5 years I have had level 7-9 chronic pain in my back. This spreads to my arms, neck, hips, and through my left leg. . I don’t take any medication, I didn’t even when I had surgeries other than morphine in the hospital 🤤 . I don’t know when my turning point was when I decided I wouldn’t let it control me anymore. But I’m glad I did. . If you suffer from chronic pain, know it will get better if you let it. But you have to DECIDE to make it better. Believe that you don’t deserve the pain. Learn what eases your pain, learn what makes it worse, and adjust your life to it every day. It will get better and you’re not alone.. “I AM WHAT I CHOOSE TO BECOME” at Nutrition Nation Weatherford

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Did the workout @hannahlifts21 posted yesterday (w a few modifications for my hips/back) and MY QUADS ARE CRYIN 😢 Try this one and tag us in it!! . Ps Hannah I need you to make a video on proper form for the first one bc I’ve never done it before and idk if I did it right 😂 at LA Fitness - FT. WORTH/WEST 7TH STREET