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Урааа🎉 Арсюша очень болел за папу и Папа выиграл🎊😍 Вышел из группы с 1 местом😍🙏🏼 Завтра начинается плей-офф 🤗😍🏐 @krasilnikov.vyacheslav ❤️ . #family #mama #instagirl #girl #bestfamily #love #life #spring #cute #followme #instamama #instagirl #beautiful #beautifulday #happiness #spb #семья #любовь #весна #санктпетербург #счастье #сын #мама #муж #папа #счастливая #люблюжизнь at Saint Petersburg, Russia

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Have you heard of Nature Deficit Disorder? 10 reasons why going outside is important. 1) Relieves Stress 2) Strengthens Immunity 3) Sharpens Focus 4) Helps Develop a Healthier Diet 5) Calms the Mind 6) AIDS in Weight Management 7) Better Short Term Memory 8) Improve Vision 9) Fight Nature Deficit Disorder 10) Increase Longevity Nature Deficit Disorder has been named by Richard Louv a journalist who spent years of his his life observing. “Nature deficit disorder is not a medical diagnosis but a term to describe the human costs of alienation from nature, as suggested by recent research,” he explains of the term he coined in his 2008 book Last Child in the Woods. He also says there is no magic number for how much time should be spent outdoors but “I often share this as a rule of thumb: Some experience in nature is better than none, and more is better than some.” “Make getting outside in a natural area an intentional act—a healthful habit, if you will—that becomes part of your life. It can be as simple as planning regular walks around a local park, taking picnics, or learning how to garden.” Read the entire article about Nature Deficit Disorder to learn more, at Cedar Beach