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9 minutes ago

CocoPlum Beach In Great Exuma, the Bahamas - the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen in my life. This swing was hard AF to get on - @aziztazi90 gave me a boost. But watching him try to get on the swing was hilarious because he fell over backwards into the water a couple times 😂😂😂 at Exuma, The Bahamas

17 minutes ago

This girl right here has been giving me the support and love that I need, and I’m so grateful for her!! She’s got my back (literally and figuratively) and she’s helping me fly through life. I feel like I can grow and keep moving forward without hesitation! Thank you, thank you! ________________ With that being said, I’m going to Kauai for a week (aug 21st - aug 28th) to rejuvenate my mind, body and soul, and @lisafasa is going to hold down the fort at Bliss Therapy while I’m gone! I feel beyond grateful that I get to take a step back to take care of myself and know that my clients are in good hands when they are with her. I will still be connected, so feel free to message/text/call me if you want to schedule an appointment with Lisa or myself (I’m back at the spa on August 29th). Thank you!🌴Peace, love and bliss! ✌🏻 . . . . . . . #support #flagpose #acroyogafun #teamwork #yogagirls #yogisofig #sundayfunday #sundayvibes #sandiego #pacificbeachsandiego #yogaposes #acro #teambliss #partneryoga #strength #growthmindset #yogagirlsdaily #blissful #beachbabe #bossbabe #bossgirls #yogalifestyle #massagetherapist #massagetherapy #sd #sandiegomassage #sandiegobusiness #beachlife🌴 #happiness #balance at Pacific Beach, San Diego

41 minutes ago

I didn’t take Cici’s 10 month pics on the 12th, so these will do, even though I’m certain she’s changed even since then. Little lady has one tooth, is trying to walk, squealing always, words: mama, dada, yum yum, loves to feed herself and likes pretty much all food...but yesterday’s food of choice was all the sand at Cannon Beach 🤣😋 She loves to cuddle and give hugs, I could go on and on 😍😭 #babygirl #10monthsold #babysfirstbeachtrip #beachbabe #mamalovesyouso at Cannon Beach, Oregon

42 minutes ago

Strā away from the zombies who live to work Strā away from the wanna be posers Strā away from the ones who say it can't be done Strā away from the punks who say you're not good enough Strā away from the people who think growing up means growing old Strā away from your everyday life and go live... #flyfishing #bmx #longboarding  #moto  #fmx #golive #oceanlife #freedive #snowboarding #ski #kayak #jeep #beachlife #surfing #skaterchick #climb #scuba #adventure #strachick #jetski #wakeboarding #beachbabe #skateboarding #4x4 #kitesurfing #art #play #danceintherain #livethelifeyoulove #youngatheart

42 minutes ago

sunday smush face smooches 💛

50 minutes ago

Dreamy wrap bracelet 😍 at Florida

52 minutes ago

Stolen from bae’s work insta. ✨ This is truly my best self. Smothered in layers of SPF. Sunkissed. Hair dirty with ocean salt. Covered in bug bites. A little tipsy after happy hour and sunset cocktails. And best of all, modeling a dope Côtes de Provence for the boyfriend. ✨ I’m weirdly looking forward to being back home and getting back to work. Every vacation with T gives me clearer vision. Keep an eye on #vgoestoItaly to track our journey of closing the gap. 💖 at Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort & Villas

53 minutes ago

Give your Heart a Chance to tell you Where you Really Need to Be 💞 #selflove #beachbabe

55 minutes ago

It was my honor and pleasure to dine with my fellow foodies of Utah at @santotacos last week! This place is the bees knees! Very well priced for the quality of food you get. Side Note: IT’S AMAZING QUALITY! • • From the meats, to the juices, cheeses, Salsas, and tortillas. It was all fantastic! They also are compatible with most dietary restrictions! Everyone knows I’m a carnivore but their vegetarian tacos were excellent! The owners are super friendly and love honest feedback from customers! • • If you can only eat one type of Mexican food for the rest of your life, what would it be? I.e. al pastor burrito, chicken taco. Mine hands down would be steak nachos. No questions asked! at Santo Taco

1 hour ago

Cuando como afuera, busco equilibrar mi plato con proteína, grasas, carbohidratos y vegetales, poco o nada de azúcar. . Este sistema me funciona muy bien y es el que le muestro a mi clientas. . En este ejemplo no está "perfecto", porque en el plato hay mucho arroz. Yo tiendo a mantener las porciones de carbohidratos muy moderada y satisfacerme con lo demás. . O sea, por lo general, elijo bien poquito o nada de arroz y elijo otro carbohidratos que no me haga sentir inflada y mantenga mi abdomen lo más plano y liviano posible. . La inflamación extrema no es normal. . Me funciona muy bien este método y nunca me siento restringida. . Mi intención siempre va a ser sentirme bien y mantenerme con energía. Esto va a la mano con mantener un peso saludable y a la vez expando mi consciencia y mi relación con mi cuerpo y con la comida. . Puedes tenerlo todo si cuidas tus pensamientos y tus creencias y sigues lo pasos correctos para ti en el momento. 🙂💕🙏🏼 . Me gusta compartirles mi métodos y ayudarles a que desarrollen los suyos. . Puedes tener todo lo que quieras si te alíneas con ello.👑👙👗💫 at Palmas del Mar, Humacao, PR

1 hour ago