Bantams Photos & Videos

7 hours ago

Soooo, it happened. 💩💩💩 I always see pics of other chicken mamas snuggling their girls and wonder "don't they ever get pooped on?" Not long after that thought, this happened 😂 Thank goodness they're cute & thank goodness it's FRIDAY! at Franklin County, North Carolina

16 hours ago

Meet Pippy le Pui, aka Pippy le Zip after her third crop op 😌 She needs to be a good girl as vet can’t do it again 😪 I love this little bean, she is my snuggle monster who chats on endlessly and only quietens when I am having one of those ‘cry my eyes out’ cuddles, then she lets me be ❤️❤️ Love you Pipster!!! #belleandfleur #bantams #bantamchickens #chickens #chickensofinstagram

20 hours ago

เป็นสัตว์เลี้ยงที่เรารักและผูกพันมากที่สุด ดูแลตั้งแต่เป็นไข่ เชื่องมาก แต่เค้าจากเราไปแล้ว ป่วยตาย #ไก่แจ้ญี่ปุ่น #ไก่แจ้ #bantam #bantams

1 day ago

These lil’ ones are gettin’ big fast. Two of them could go in the outside brooder we have that’s built off the ground with a heat lamp, but we will let them hang out with their adopted siblings until they are all big enough to go in the outside brooder. My frizzle Cochin Bantam in the first pic is looking prettier and more elegant every day. 😍 Generally I think the time that they start getting their grown chicken feathers is kind of an ugly duckling phase. 😂😂 #americanas #americaunas #chicks #babychicks #bantams #cochin #frizzlechicken #frizzlecochin #frizzlecochinbantam

1 day ago

Sweet Jon, he works so hard. He finished our free range chicken coop today. Our current coop with the run will be for bantams, broody hens, babies, and white chickens, and the free range coop will be for everyone else. He also installed nesting boxes since we're finally getting eggs. ❤️🐓🐔🐤🥚

2 days ago

Omlet Eglu houses are just perfect for keeping chickens... they are super easy to clean, come in a range of funky colours, keep your chicken secure with an anti tunnel skirt, and are all round super stars when it comes to keeping chickens... I am super excited to have the new eglu cube and I know my girls are going to love it too 🐣🏠🐔 #omleteglu #omletcube #hen #house #bantams #pekins #jazzybantams

2 days ago

From this... to this... Super super pleased with my new Omlet Eglu Cube even though it may have taken me all day to build 🤷🏼‍♀️ I know my girls are going to be super happy in here 🐔🏠 #omleteglu #eglucube #bantams #pekins #garden #hen #house

3 days ago

Gagh! They’re just so freaking cute! Five down, 9 to go ☺️ And don’t worry, the last one isn’t dead, that’s how I check if they’re boys or girls...that ones definitely a girl 😍 unfortunately I think the pretty stripped one is a boy and the one that hatched yesterday too. I’ll have to put marks on them this arv to keep track. #minifarm #bantams #babybantam #bantamchicks #authorlife #clucky