Bankbranding Photos & Videos

2 months ago

Amber has been a critical member of our team for 10 years. 🙌🏻 Can you believe it?! Everyone loves Amber. 😍 She brings experience from the digital and social sides, but more than that, she adds a great sense of leadership, energy and optimism to FMS. The quintessential FMS representative at conferences, webinars and schools, she is a great asset to our company and definitely makes FMS a better place for us and our clients. #teamfms #bestteam #bankbranding #bankmarketing

2 months ago

Today, we are celebrating Bill, who has been a part of the FMS family for 13 years! His design experience and attention to detail is unparalleled. He is an absolute perfectionist and it shows! That’s why he manages the final production details for our client projects. Design talents aside, Bill is loyal, compassionate, perceptive, caring, and genuine. He is also a compelling storyteller and an unbelievable songwriter. We certainly cherish him. Congrats on 13 years, Bill! Thank you for making us better. #teamfms #bestteam #bankbranding #bankmarketing

2 months ago

Today we celebrate the gift of Clark. And what a gift he is! Clark is our creative director and has been a part of the FMS family for 6 years now! His teammates describe him as a creative genius, a bearded rockstar, altruistic, hip, inventive, sharp, smart, and humble. To know him is to love him. Congrats on 6 years Clark. 🥂 It's impossible to imagine FMS without you! ❤️ #creativedirector #teamfms #bestteam #workhardplayhard #we❤️banks #bankbranding #bankmarketing #beardsofinstagram

3 months ago

This International Women’s Day, we’re so inspired by all the smart women who are leading the way in banking, in marketing, in working and living! And we’re especially thankful to have these aspirational women as part of our FMS family. (not featured, but equally appreciated - Crystal, Lexie and Victoria) #teamfms #bossbabes #internationalwomensday #girlpower #bankmarketing #bankbranding #joy #we❤️banks

3 months ago

Please join us in welcoming our newest team member, Lexie! As our Office Manager and Executive Assistant, Lexie will help ensure that our office stays organized and runs efficiently. We are thrilled to have her as part of the FMS family! ❤️ #teamfms #bankmarketing #bankbranding #newhire

3 months ago

Today, we celebrate the fact that William has been part of our family for 3 years. ❤️ He is responsible for managing the production & workflow here at the agency (and whew, it's a lot of work). William is described by his coworkers as: honest, dedicated, dependable, sharp, organized, diligent, detail-minded, driven, attentive and loyal. We are very thankful to have him on our team. Cheers to 3 years, William! 🥂 #teamfms #bestteam #workhardplayhard #we❤️banks #bankbranding #bankmarketing

4 months ago

Here at FMS, we believe bank marketing should be strategically based, creatively distinctive and fully integrated into the daily touch-points of the customer journey. Molli Carter, our newest Media Coordinator, helps us do just that! From assisting in media plans and vetting vendors, to creating insertion orders and generating performance reports, Molli uses her strong work ethic and wealth of knowledge to help our clients maximize their media dollars. #bankbranding #bankmarketing

4 months ago

Is your bank looking for a few helpful partners and resources this year? Jack Hubbard from St. Meyer & Hubbard is renowned for his leadership and sales training programs for the banking industry and offers us a glimpse into his "cabinet" of "go-to" resources. We're proud to see our very own @amberfarley featured within the marketing section of the article - If you're in need of branding or marketing assistance, please let us know how the team here at #FMS can help. We love what we do! #bankmarketing #bankbranding #leadership

6 months ago

17 // Geometric Logo ‘Metric Bank’ // This concept works to visualise a bank that aims to bring people closer to their money - achieved through the use of simple shapes that combine metrics ‘M’ with the imagery of a folded bank note. #dailylogochallengeday17 #geometriclogo #geometric #mlogo #metriclogo #metricbank #metricbanklogo #banklogo #bankbranding #logo #logodesign #logodesigner #illustration #graphicdesign #graphicdesigner #dailylogochallenge #branding #logoconcept #branding #brandingconcept #logomark #logogoals #logoplace

8 months ago

“Mass means absolutely nothing if you can’t turn it into meaningful conversations.” -Conner Lebas, Social Media Director at the Opera Winfrey Network (OWN) Conner shares two case studies of how OWN actively identifies their audiences’ unarticulated needs, and publishes content that creates meaningful conversations. #socialmedia #SMSsummit #nyc #socialmediamarketing #branding #bankmarketing #bankbranding #we❤️banks

9 months ago

Personal Finance (and money in general) continues to be a TABOO subject to discuss. . Dimitry is CHANGING that ❗️ . Dimitry has worked with folks one-on-one for over 12 years helping with optimizing their personal finances. . His expertise and passion is helping clients in ALL parts of their financial world - like a “Financial Primary Care Physician” . ✅ Approachable - Easy to talk to. ✅ Authentic - Yes he’s actually an expert. ✅ Altruistic - He cares and he’s here to help YOU. . Dimitry has always been able to “walk up and start a conversation with anybody anywhere” ⭐️ . This skillset is hitting the airwaves, hitting the screens, and hitting the streets in EVERY state in the continental US to bring financial education, success strategies, industry insider knowledge, and his own brand of Movational Speaker meets Financial Guru 💙💙💙 . Click the link in @90daymoneypro bio for more info / discuss co-branding opportunities ✅ at Financial District, Boston

1 year ago

FMS is 14 years old! 🥂 We are lucky to be surrounded with such an incredibly smart, talented, ambitious and fun team. We are so grateful to all of our amazing clients who have trusted us to help develop their bank’s brand and marketing strategies. To say we’re blessed is a huge understatement! #teamfms #14yearsold #bankmarketing #bankbranding #weloveourjob at Factory at Franklin