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8 days ago

Eco friendly bamboo toothbrushes will be available on the website soon 🧐 . A bamboo-based toothbrush eliminates unnecessary waste while giving you the same quality of cleaning that a plastic brush can offer. Did you know that a plastic toothbrush can stay within our landfills for many many years, even out living us as humans, with most of the plastic waste ending up in our sea/ocean. Bamboo toothbrushes are biodegradable so they won’t last forever in a landfill like plastic ones. Did you know you can recycle the bristles, then throw the rest of the toothbrush into your compost waste where it will decompose naturally? . Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial. This means that theoretically, you won’t have to worry about bacteria growing in your handle! Cool right? . Little changes will make a difference to your planet more than you realise. Being more eco friendly is becoming very popular & it's this generation that can help make a difference to our planet 🌍♻️🌳🌱🌍♻️🌳🌱🌍♻️🌳🌱🌍 . in bio) . . #bambootoothbrush #bamboo #bambootoothbrushes #bambooproducts #bamboobeauty #biodegradable #recyclable #recyclables #naturelover #decomposition #biodegradabletoothbrush #loveyourplanet #ecofriendly #veganfriendly #crueltyfreebeauty #crueltyfree #bamboobamboo #ecopackaging #lovenature #loveyourplanet #greenworld #saynotoplastic #saveouroceans #saveourplanet

25 days ago

So happy to have taken the @elatecosmetics plunge! Starting out with the brow balm and concealer as that’s what I was out of! Love love love this company out of Victoria (Canada). Vegan, sustainable sourced, natural products is a huge plus but the best part is the packaging! All bamboo (so compostable) AND you can order refills for the compacts that come in seed paper that can be sown directly into your garden. It’s going to take me a good while but the plan is too eventually switch all my products over to this wonderful company 💪🏽❤️🌎✅ at Wellington, Ontario

29 days ago

Bamboo Comfort Lotion // This soothing lotion is formulated with Bambusa Arundinacea Juice to keep your skin the picture of perfect health. The fiber of bambusa arudinacea is rich in cellulose to give skin a smooth, supple look while also removing old dead skin cells.

1 month ago

pH perfection // Bamboo sap has a pH index of 4.45, which is slightly acidic, making it perfectly suited for your skin. (The average pH level of skin is 4.7.)

1 month ago

Antioxidants // The bamboo extract used across our entire bamboo collection contains multi-tasking minerals (like magnesium and calcium) along with an assortment of anti-oxidants to help minimize the look of wrinkles and boost the radiance of skin.

1 month ago

🌍COTTON BUDS🌏 I previously made the change from plastic to paper, now from paper to bamboo! Reason being, the bamboo ones are 100% biodegradable and can go into the green recycling waste ♻ They also only cost me £3.99 for 6 packs of 100!

1 month ago

Blooming bamboo // Let your skin bloom with a boost of bamboo from our newest collection available at @jet! From left to right: 🎍Bamboo Dual Energy Serum, an intensive all-in-one serum to calm breakouts and sensitive skin. 🎍Bamboo Comfort Lotion, a soothing lotion that provides instant hydration in the first steps of your routine. 🎍Bamboo Intensive Nourisher, an intensive ceramide cream that helps protect and regenerate skin. 🎍Bamboo Balancing Serum, a five-in-one serum that balances oil and water levels of skin while calming and strengthening skin.

1 month ago

THE FACE SHOP BAMBOO BEAUTY WEEK - #Competition Time Tell us why you love our Bamboo range in the comments below and tag three friends! One lucky winner will win a complete bamboo range hamper from The Face Shop! #TheFaceShop #TheFaceShopUAE #TheFaceShopisCrueltyFree #Crueltyfreebeauty #CrueltyFreeSkincare #Beauty #KoreanBeauty #Kbeauty #makeup #BambooBeauty #Competition #Winwiththefaceshop أسبوع مستحضرات BAMBOO من "ذا فيس شوب" - حان وقت المنافسة Competition # أخبرينا لمَ تحبّين مجموعة Bamboo في خانة التعليقات أدناه وقومي بتاغ ثلاثة صديقات! ستربح فائزة واحدة محظوظة سلّة مستحضرات bamboo كاملة من "ذا فيس شوب"! #ذافيسشوب #ذافيسشوبالإماراتالعربيةالمتحدة #مستحضراتذافيسشوبغيرمُختبَرةعلىالحيوانات #مستحضراتتجميلغيرمُختبرَةعلىالحيوانات #مستحضراتللعنايةبالبشرةغيرمُختبرَةعلىالحيوانات #جمال #مستحضراتتجميلكورية

2 months ago

THE FACE SHOP BAMBOO BEAUTY WEEK - Nothing better than a refreshing Bamboo Sheet Mask to rejuvenate tired looking skin - Available across all Face Shop stores! #TheFaceShop #TheFaceShopUAE #TheFaceShopisCrueltyFree #Crueltyfreebeauty #CrueltyFreeSkincare #Beauty #KoreanBeauty #Kbeauty #makeup #BambooBeauty أسبوع مستحضرات BAMBOO من "ذا فيس شوب" - ليس هناك أفضل من ماسك Bamboo Sheet Mask المنعش لتجديد مظهر البشرة المتعبة - متوفّر في كافة متاجر "ذا فيس شوب"! . #ذافيسشوب #ذافيسشوبالإماراتالعربيةالمتحدة #مستحضراتذافيسشوبغيرمُختبَرةعلىالحيوانات #مستحضراتتجميلغيرمُختبرَةعلىالحيوانات #مستحضراتللعنايةبالبشرةغيرمُختبرَةعلىالحيوانات #جمال #مستحضراتتجميلكورية #مستحضراتكوري

2 months ago

THE FACE SHOP BAMBOO BEAUTY WEEK - Treat your skin with our Damyang Bamboo soothing gel! Available at a special price of only AED 20 across Face Shop stores in the UAE. #TheFaceShop #TheFaceShopUAE #TheFaceShopisCrueltyFree #Crueltyfreebeauty #CrueltyFreeSkincare #Beauty #KoreanBeauty #Kbeauty #makeup #BambooBeauty أسبوع مستحضرات BAMBOO من "ذا فيس شوب" - دلّلي بشرتك باستخدام جِل Damyang Bamboo المهدِّئ! متوفّر بسعر مميّز بقيمة 20 درهماً إماراتياً فقط لدى متاجر "ذا فيس شوب" في الإمارات العربية المتحدة #ذافيسشوب #ذافيسشوبالإماراتالعربيةالمتحدة #مستحضراتذافيسشوبغيرمُختبَرةعلىالحيوانات #مستحضراتتجميلغيرمُختبرَةعلىالحيوانات #مستحضراتللعنايةبالبشرةغيرمُختبرَةعلىالحيوانات #جمال #مستحضراتتجميلكورية #مستحضراتكوري

2 months ago

Ibuku🌱 Bamboo building Specialist. In all my time in the construction business I have never seen anything built so amazing beautiful.. . This is construction Art . Words can not describe the beauty. . Speechless . . True artisan workmanship . . The video above really doesn't do this build any justice Will do a proper fallow up video . . . #ibuku #bamboo #artisan #bali #build #design #designer #bamboobeauty #construction #buildart #builder #architecture #passion #sustainable #lovebamboo at Bali, Indonesia

2 months ago

New Boutique Announcement: #detroit 🗣 ⁣ ⁣ KreyolEssence Haitian Black Castor Oil is now carried at @greenlikebamboo ⁣located in Detroit. ⁣ It’s all about clean and plant based beauty and we are happy to be a part of #BambooBeauty. Get your #Lwilmaskriti to promote hair growth and thicker longer hair. Also great for those with Eczema, Psorasis, and dry skin. at Detroit, Michigan

2 months ago

I’ve always been in love with bamboo, one of my favorite plants on earth. It’s a plant so full of poetry; mesmerizing to look at. I love it so much that I tattooed its Chinese character on my neck years ago. 😆 Bamboo possesses all the seemingly contrasting qualities I would like to possess as a human: -Strong enough to become scaffolding with the tensile strength that rivals steel yet soft and flexible enough to be woven into the most intricate craft patterns. -It can be a beautiful and regal lone plant rising up to the heavens in solitude; but also breathtaking in a sea of its companions. (Have you ever been in a bamboo forest? It’s a divine experience.) #bamboo #bamboolove #bambooaspirations #bamboobeauty #thisisyoga #bambootattoo #tattoophilosophy #lifegoals

2 months ago

*Incoming* Danish brand @grumsaarhus have launched their 100% plastic free bamboo toothbrushes with @revenvert! Did you know that bamboo grows really fast compared to a tree, which makes it an environmentally friendly alternative to both wooden and plastic materials 🖤