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Haha these happy, energetic turds are why some days it's hard to get other things done. - So I spent the morning with them and now I am all in focus mood for a while before tonight. - Trying to balance my life one step at a time. Yes, sometimes I have to do things I do not want to do at that time, you know those tasks we always find excuses for or other things to do instead to procrastinate it!! Ha. - But finding balance isn't all about doing things you don't want. It is all about about health, family, fun, focus, knowledge, discipline, and jumping over hurdles that may be holding you back from the full life you could be living. So success and balance here I come . . . One hurdle at a time! 😊😍 - It's time I mold my life into how I imagine it! Just like how Jude man molded this playdough into some delicious breakfast waffles haha. - #beingme #designyourlife #designingmylife #nephews #funbutfocused #relax #imagine #impactinglives #healthierme #healthierlifestyle #healthierchoices #healtheirmindset #findingbalance #balanceyourlife #beingboundless

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#selfcarejourney A moment for myself @yogahousearnhem. Morgen geef ik hier halve dag reTREAT voor vrouwen. A dive into Selfcare & Bodywisdom. Vandaag ben ik aan de beurt. Mijn Selfcare is direct de voorbereiding van morgen. When Yin & Yang are in balance, all falls into place.. Zin om mee te doen morgen? Welkom! Je vindt de link in m’n bio. Oh ja... het filmpje wordt versneld afgespeeld. There is no hurry on a Sunday afternoon ;-) #selfcareyourney #selfcare #jademethod #jadeqigong #slowmovement #goslow #yogateacherlife #flowwithlife #lifeforceenergy #feminine #yin #balanceyourenergy #balanceyourlife

2 hours ago

What do you think of cheat days/treat days? You know, days when you allow yourself to eat foods that are not a part of your “healthy diet”? : I personally don’t do them 😄 I feel that I have a pretty good balance in my life and I don’t deprive myself of foods that I enjoy eating everyday. What I do is, figure out healthier ways to eat them instead. : For example, I’ll have a burger if I am feeling like it but I’ll skip the fries and have a salad instead 🤷🏽‍♀️ OR I’ll have half the burger and some fries instead of the entire portion. Makes sense? You don’t need a cheat day if you know how to balance your meal 😊 : I feel that eating food when a sense of deprivation or having the feeling that you are eating something to lose weight or to look better is not going to be sustainable for a long period of time! Do you agree? 👇🏼 : #nodeprivationecessary #balanceyourlife #eatclean #eatorganic #eatlocal #getfit #nutrition #fitmom #healthcoach #holistichealth #cheatmeals #happyweekend #mindandbody #umanaralkar #omwithatwist #everythingom @flynnskye @smfms

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Working on my core strengthening with yoga wheel makes it more challenging and fun! If you are bored in the plank pose try these core - shoulders - hamstrings strengthening drills with the wheel =) . I had actually enough after the first drill...knee to nose, which feels the hardest for me, but I didn't give up and I could do 3 rounds totally. How many rounds can you do? . #yoga #yogawheel #plank #yogi #yogini #yogalife #yogalove #yogainspiration #yogaphotography #yogadrills #strength #corestrength #handstanddrills #yogadaily #yogaaddict #yogapractice #balance #balanceyourlife #yogagirl #slovakgirl #yogaeverydamnday #namaste at Obereisesheim, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

3 hours ago

Finishing week 5 off with Balanced 🙌🏻❤️ It’s been a heck of a week, honestly the last 2 weeks. For so many years, I would give in to my feelings and use them as an excuse to give up on myself .. I’m super proud of myself for not letting all the emotional and negative things going on around me detour me. It’s not easy but it’s ALWAYS worth it. YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!! #strongertogether #fitover45 #ageisjustanumber #progressoverperfection #stretching #balanceyourlife #transformyourmind at Home Sweet Home

3 hours ago

Life is about balance 💁‍♀️ It’s not something you find, it’s something you create 💞 at Aurora, Ontario

3 hours ago

It's ok to eat pizza and have drinks! It's about finding the balance between the two! I try to eat healthy and clean 80%-90% of the time, but then live the 10%-20% how I choose! I did have pizza last night, not just 1 piece but 2! And it was stuffed pan pizza 🤷🏼‍♀️. But it doesnt derail you unless you let it! I chose to eat it, and I enjoyed every bite! Today is a new day, and it's back to healthy/clean eating! If you want more info on the meal plan i follow shoot me a message!!💜 💜

5 hours ago

Getting up at 5 am wasn't exactly my plan on a Saturday morning. But Jacob was up at 4:30 to go potty and he did go back to bed, but then Wyatt woke up at 5 and Jacob decided he needed to be up too. Wyatt did go back to sleep after eating a little and I think I could have wrestled Jacob back to bed, but there were lots of pros to just being up and getting things done. Like the balance workout for the week. And we have our tax appointment #wohoo this morning so I also needed to get ready to go to that. #showeringisalotofwork I hope to get some sleep later, but now I can go on with the day and i know my workout is done and I'm not thinking about it any more. And maybe, just maybe, an early bedtime might be possible tonight #agirlcandream #toddlermom #teethingbaby #imisssleep #whoneedssleep #youcansleepwhenyouredead #iwanttotakeanap #workingmom #balanceyourlife #adultingishard

7 hours ago

The not so fun part of fitness. I put my body through some pretty intense classes and sometimes things happen we don’t plan for. Sometimes we have to take a step back, no matter how hard that may be. Next week PT starts back up and hopefully nips this in the butt because for real, I got work to do! Balance your life... the good, the bad, the ugly. PS to my transformers, you know who you are, I’m still gonna rock week 6 with you! 💯and then jump right in to ROUND 2! #fitlife #transformers #transform20 #week6 #week5complete #balanceyourlife #recoverystartsnow

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Whether we like to believe it or not we are all creators of our lives. We have choices, and we have choices over choices. The key is to become consciously aware of HOW you are creating it. A well balanced third eye chakra is definitely needed to achieve this, or to at least be working towards balance in this area. // To balance the third eye you can use various healing crystals, I like to work with clear quartz and angelite personally, and meditate with a crystal on your forehead between your brows setting the intention to send healing where it’s needed. // A full reiki session restores balance to all chakras so is always recommended when working on any chakra. // The third eye chakra is the energy centre responsible for reality, perception, manifesting, thought, and intuition. Another way to heal is to get out in the sunlight. This helps activate the pineal gland which is closely associated with this chakra. // Chanting OM is also a vibrational match to the third eye, so helps with balancing through a form of sound therapy. // When we are knowledgable about the chakras we can apply positive changes to our lives and restore alignment. When you’re aligned you’re truly working with the universe to be the creator of your life. Who wouldn’t want that?? 👏🏼👏🏼

8 hours ago

Bright saturdays..Perfect space ..Balance and rejunevate your solar plexus followed by anahata energy centers ..personal power, courage and self-esteem with element of fire will lead you to your heart and enrich capacity to love, appreciation of beauty in all things, experiencing deep and meaningful relationships, and experiencing unconditional love and connection with all with the air element . #yogamood solarplexushealing #fireelement #anahatahealing #airelement #yogaoutdoors #yogaongreen #balanceyourchackras #balanceyourlife #goodvibes #weekendvibes #kosisland #kosislandgreece #yogamood #meditationmood #meditationmoodon #gratitude #huzur #hareket #dingin #flow #celebrate #celebratelife #breath #breatheasy # at Mastihari, Kos, Greece

8 hours ago

Cuando deseas algo, cuando tienes un SUEÑO, para que este se haga realidad depende de varias cosas: 1. Que sea algo que sea correspondiente para ti. 2. Que estes en estado de permisión (que no existan miedos, dudas o creencias) que te bloqueen. 3. Que sientas que te mereces eso. 4. Que estes haciendo lo suficiente para lograrlo. 5. Que no te sientas en estado de necesitar eso (la necesidad es escasez). 6. Que puedas agradecer lo que ya tienes y sentir que eso que deseas ya lo sientes creado. Unos punticos que pueden interesar. 🙅🏻‍♀ When you want something, when you have a DREAM, so that it becomes a reality depends on several things: 1. It may be something that is corresponding for you. 2. You are in a state of permission (that there are no fears, doubts or beliefs) that will block you. 3. That you feel that you deserve that. 4. To be sure you are doing enough to achieve it. 5. Do not feel in need of that (necessity is shortage). 6. That you can thank what you already have and feel that what you want you its already created. Some points that may be of interest. 🙅🏻 #equilibratuvida #agradece #balanceyourlife #reikilovers #familyconstellations #youhavethepower #believeinyourself #attractpositive

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When you want naughty and end up combining nice! Winning! Mango Weis bowl @cocoblisscollective 😍

9 hours ago

FACE EXERCISES: FOREHEAD 🧘🏻‍♀️🙄 Did you notice some lines and wrinkles on your forehead? - then start to practice the OWL asana. ————————————- Make a big C shape with your thumb and index fingers. Place your index finger just above and parallel to your eyebrows and thumbs on your cheeks. Start to pull down with the index fingers while trying to raise your eyebrows and making the eyes wide. Hold for 2sec, relax and repeat 4x. Then hold this position for 10 seconds. This will firm up the forehead, reducing lines and wrinkles. Here you work mainly with your frontalis muscle, that runs vertically from the hair line and inserts just above the eyebrows. #facetime #faceyoga #yogainspiration #naturalfacelift #facetraining #meditation #diy #balanceyourlife #naturalbeauty #relaxation #eyes #foreveryoung #keepfit #facefit #faceasana #instagood #namaste #goodvibes #positivevibes #loveyourself #yogagirl

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Well we made it through week five of transform 20 wow how time flies when your having fun...this program is everything I can’t even explain the feeling the change not only physical but mentally I am in such an amazing I was doing this balance workout here at work I was thinking back to the beginning of my journey when I thought this is too hard I am not going make it I just want to give up but today I was reminded I can do hard things..I have that drive to be the best I can be for myself...and I have come such a long way....this balance workout was the best...and again I am getting it in on my night shift 😁😁now time to go home to sleep and repeat..two night shifts down two to go...balance your life🙌🏾🙌🏾just what I needed...

12 hours ago

🌸Прекрасна и слънчева☀️ Събота 🌸 Запази своята постелка за днешната практика от 🕰17ч.,🕰 защото уикенда е времето, в което може да отделим повече време за себе си! 🕉В днешната практика ще наблегнем на балансиращите асани, ☯️за подсилване на цялата мускулатура в тялото, ☯️ще има дихателни техники и ароматерапия. 💐Подари си времето, от което се нуждаеш🌸 ✅Balance Studio - гр.Ботевград✅

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Day 6:BALANCED Today was a lovely slow kind of workout. This was a chance to stretch out the aches and stiffness ready for Monday. @shaunt still added those cheeky transformers but that will help show increased stability over time 🧘‍♀️ . . . #fitgoals2019 #transform20 #balanced #shaunt #beachbodyuk #beachbodyondemand #saturdaysweat #transformyourlife #transform20step #fabletics #fableticseu #tattooedfitness #stretching #balanceyourlife #goodforthesoul #earlyriser #homegym #positivevibes #happyme at Bickleigh, Mid Devon

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2 workshops coming up next weekend! The first is Saturday February 23rd from 1-4pm at Lakewood Community Acupuncture! Join myself and Crystal Jancovic, Licensed Acupuncturist to learn how you can use natural methods such as herbs, acupuncture, and facial Reflexology to balance your hormones and improve your reproductive health (fertility, menopause, menstrual problems, libido, etc). Investment is $30 and All proceeds go to Lakewood Community Acupuncture’s Pay it Forward Program. In addition you will learn so awesome ways to age gracefully without fillers, harsh chemicals, or painful procedures! On Sunday February 24th from 1-4pm join Ann Kaemingk and myself for Denver’s Elite Anti-Aging workshop at Osteostrong in Belmar. You will learn how to look better than you could ever imagine with a simple skincare routine consisting of facial massage and organic, non-toxic skincare ingredients. Being a friend or come alone. You will learn how to give a facial and also receive one! You won’t want to miss either workshop.

23 hours ago

Fresh air, clear head. Centering myself today by fully feeling the fresh snow under my skis. It's busy, there's lines, it took double the time to get here...but those little frustrations pale in comparison to being in the trees, covered in snow and flying. Skiing is my favorite meditation, hobby, sport.....what's yours? #moveyourqi #balanceyourlife #arapahoebasin #skicolorado #grateful at Arapahoe Basin

23 hours ago

Utilising your borrowing capacity for a net positive effect on your financial situation is a great way to speed up your wealth creation strategy. Most people don’t see their ability to get debt as a resource in their financial lives because society has drilled into our minds that all debt is bad and that you should endeavour to get rid of debt as soon as possible and try your best to never get into debt. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Now I’m not a big fan of debt either but when it’s used as a resource, I will happily flip and say that it should be part and parcel of your investment strategy. There are risks involved and it really comes down to how you manage your monthly income and expenses. If you can afford to pay your debts off from your income alone, you can afford to use it to your advantage. If you’re feeling the pinch, getting into too much debt may strangle you and your finances, causing unnecessary damage. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ So why is it potent? It amplifies your returns (and your losses). It’s as simple as that. Now if you can risk mitigate throughout your investment process, you’ll be putting yourself well and truly ahead of the normal investor. If you don’t risk mitigate on the other hand, you could be in for a massive surprise when (not if) you get caught out. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ A quick example of using your borrowing capacity as a resource is acquiring good old residential property. In an ideal world, you (and your partner) should know what your top line borrowing capacity is and work backwards from there. You can reverse engineer a whole range of results by acquiring debt as the vehicle to finances the acquisition of assets. If you’re on high incomes, even better because the banks will lend you a lot of money. You just need to be aware of the risks and minimise the negatives along the way. I’ll make sure to make a video about a working example I’ve planned out for some of my clients. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #balanceiskey #income #amplifyreturns #getfinancefit #wealth #finance #investments #investmentstrategy #plantowin #strategy #planforthefuture #financialadviser #financialplanning #cashflow #gooddebt #balanceyourlife #balanceyourinvestments #buildyourfuture #youarethearchitect #brisbaneigers at Plenitude Wealth

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Sloooowwww doooown! . Do you even notice how fast you are swiping past all these posts? Your brain is flying right now... absorbing images and text. . Take a chill pill... actually I don’t recommend pills. Maybe try something a bit more organic. . If I could go from speeding from red light to read light and stressing the little things to enjoying the drive even in traffic, or having an uninterrupted peace of mind, you can too! . As a coach I prescribe for every hour of productivity you should have a hour of rest.... this is my personal goal and the balance I look to achieve and share with as many people as possible. . Stay tuned for 100days 100k . . . . . . . . . . . . #bksw #ootd #fashion #clothing #mensfashion #mensstyle #clothes #balanceyourlife #buisnessadvice #entreprenure #style #sweatshirt #brooklyn #beorganic #bechill #takeachillpill #wardrobe #slowdown #styling #outfitoftheday #whatiwore #outfitideas #stylegram #urbanwear #streetfashion #citylife #styleoftheday #urbanstyle #backtominimal #yeezyrotation

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Finding the right balance to our busy lives is always tricky. We have to juggle family, work, health, friends, finding our purpose/contribution to this world, and just enjoying our lives. Take a moment, take a deep breath and reevaluate your priorities. Is something taking more time and therefore offsetting others? Have you over-scheduled yourself? . Taking my own advise, I’ve decided to discontinue the Weekly Parenting Ed workshops at St. Stephen’s United Methodist Church in Houston. . I’m still here for private consultations, home environment designs, occasional parent ed workshops and Insta/FB advice. Thank you for all your support! ❤️

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Um deinen Körper wirklich wieder voll aufzubauen dort wo du in haben willst nämlich in Balance. Das Ringana Packs ABC. Einfach eine unglaubliche Erfahrung, aber probiert es doch selbst. Ich kann es nur aus eigener Erfahrung wirklich, wirklich sehr empfehlen. #ringana #empfehlungsmarketing #vegan #arbeitswoche #energie #energy #natur #zeit #networkmarketing #wieichwill #business #boost #brainfood #balance #balanceyourbody #balanceyourlife

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What if I tell you that starting your day with a glass of warm water and freshly squeezed lemon juice can dramatically improve your health, aid in fat loss and improve the quality of your skin?🤷🏽‍♀️ : I love my cup of tea in the morning, but I have that about 30 minutes after having my lemon water. : Here are a few benefits 👉🏼 1️⃣Even though lemon is acidic in nature, it becomes alkaline inside the body. This helps to increase/balance the pH of the body and helps the body to perform metabolic,enzymatic,immunologic and repair mechanisms at their best. 2️⃣Lemon water is loaded with Vitamin C which which is a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants help to neutralize free radicals and boost your immune system. 3️⃣Lemon juice encouranges the liver to produce more bile which helps in better digestion and detoxification. 4️⃣Along with vitamin C, lemons are also a rich source of potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. 5️⃣For me personally, this has helped to reduce acid reflux and improve my overall digestion. : I also like Apple Cider Vinegar or Celery Juice first thing in the morning, but lemon water is such an easy thing that you can introduce it your routine. : What is your drink of choice first thing in the morning? Please share 👇🏼 : #omwithatwist #everythingom #umanaralkar #balanceyourlife #getfit #morningroutine #lemonwater #healthtips #weightlosstips #fitmom #mindandbody #cleaneating #ommealplan #ommindbodychallenge #healthylifestyle #nutrition #healthcoach #holistichealth : Download my clean eating meal plan here -

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Check out the recipe on the blog! Link in bio and go to Blog 😊 at Ogden, Utah

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Alessandro Oliveri, the professional trainer and international presenter, created a #Qubo functional training program. You don’t need any special training background to star working out with Qubo and due to diverse program every session would be different. 🙌 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #qubo3 #qubofitness #balanceyourlife #balancecushion #fitness #fitnessball #fssa #healthbodyconcept #strengthtraining #balancetraining #fitnessmotivation #workharder #womensfitness #bodybuilding #gymtime #fitchallenge #getstrong #fitnessaddict #riminiwellness #mindandbody #balance #circuit #bibione #bibionebeachfitness #russianfitnessfair #russianfitness #mioff #russianfitnessweek #moscow

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Balance is my favorite aspect of yoga ... eating ... + life in general! 😝 . Balance in yoga - the benefits show both physically and mentally. Physically, we strengthen + elongate our muscles, learn the importance of rooting down + find our center of gravity. Mentally, we learn to stay attention focused by disregarding external stimulation. We find our inner balance, our inner calmness. . When one area of your life is imbalanced, odds are it will trickle to other areas of your life. Where can you find more balance in your life today? ⬇️ . . at Choctaw, Oklahoma

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This is Scar, a 14 year old Mara male that was once boss lion. Now, in his retirement, he just likes to hang with his brothers. 📸 Robert Ganz . What are you planning for your retirement? ☀️ 🏌🏽‍♂️🏝. . Contact Us today for help achieving the results you want for your retirement, and check out our latest Facebook post featuring our Winter Campaign ❄️ . . . #retirement #retirementplanning #investments #finance #heretohelp #wegotoworkforyou #GoBelmont #BalanceYourLife at Belmont Health & Wealth

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Always, always, always, love yourself first. The relationship you have with yourself, sets the tone for every relationship you have with others! . . . . #loveyourself💕 #setthetone #selflovefirst #bekindtoyourself #selfkindness #selflovetips #mindfullness #compassionate #investinyou #balanceyourlife #selfcompassion #selfrespect #selfhelptips #lovelife❤️ #lovelifelaugh . . . . Love♥️Balance♥️Kindness ♥️LOVE, Wellness & Everything in Balance♥️ #sherryluxford

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Yay it's friday and yay, this week's episode is quick and easy! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Check out the link in my bio to see my little 3 minute video titled "To Weigh or Not to Weigh???". ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I know, sounds scary, but it's really not!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I go through the reasons you should or should not weigh yourself and (with much research) I've included links to my favorite smart scales!!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Check it out!! And Happy Friday!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #fiveminutefridays #smartscales #iwanttofeelbetter #presstheresetbutton #tweaks #pivots #healthcoachlife #healthylivingtips #saltwaterwellness #wellnessjourney #wellnesstips #balanceyourlife #detoxyourlife #feelbetterlivemore #personaldevelopmentjunkie #listentoyourbody #letfoodbethymedicine #holisticwellnesscoach #changeisgoodforthesoul #raiseyourvibe #bestversionofyou #healthyyou #selfcarematters #wellnesslifestyle #nutritioncoaching #youvegotthis #healthyhappylife #healthadvice #moveforwardalways #itsnevertoolatetochange

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🍩🍦Μα γιατί θέλω γλυκό μετά από το κυρίως γεύμα μου ; "Μετά από τα γεύματά σας, η κύρια λειτουργία του σώματος, που αναλαμβάνει την πλειοψηφία της ενέργειας, είναι η πέψη. Και επειδή η πέψη παίρνει τόση ενέργεια, το σώμα χτυπά μια ενέργεια ακίδα που παίρνει με τη μορφή ζάχαρης. γρήγορη ενέργεια. 💡Βασικοί φυσικοί λόγοι για τους οποίους επιθυμούμε κάτι γλυκό μετά από ένα γεύμα: 🔼 Το γεύμα ήταν πολύ αλμυρό: Κάτι γλυκό μετά είναι ο τρόπος του σώματος να προσπαθεί να δημιουργήσει ισορροπία. 2. 🔼Φάγαμε πολλούς απλούς υδατάνθρακες: Ηγρήγορη αύξηση του σακχάρου προκαλεί την αύξηση της ινσουλίνης. 🔼Μασάμε γρήγορα : Το πεπτικό σύστημα μας χρειάζεται να μασάμε καλά, επειδή τα ένζυμα στο σάλιο ξεκινούν τη διαδικασία της πέψης και το μάσημα είναι το πώς αναμειγνύουμε το φαγητό με το σάλιο. 🔼🍶Είστε αφυδατωμένοι: Μπορεί να χρειαστεί νερό μετά το γεύμα. Αποφύγετε το πόσιμο νερό με το γεύμα, καθώς αυτό μπορεί να σας κάνει να μην αφομοιώνετε το γεύμα επίσης. Όταν δεν χωνεύετε καλά, καταλήγετε να θέλετε κάτι γλυκό. 💪Η δύναμη της συνήθειας Στις περισσότερες περιπτώσεις, η λαχτάρα για γλυκό οφείλεται κυρίως σε ψυχολογικούς λόγους από φυσιολογικούς. Η επιθυμία προκύπτει από μια συνήθεια να τελειώνει το γεύμα σας με ένα γλυκό. ❓Πώς να μειώσετε αυτή την επιθυμία ⛔Μην κόβετε εντελώς τη ζάχαρη. η λαχτάρα μετά από ένα γεύμα είναι φυσική. Δεν υπάρχει λόγος να πάτε σκληροί για τον εαυτό σας.(φυσικά σάκχαρά των φρούτων, μέλι, ξηρούς καρπους, αποξηραμένα φρούτα) 🔸Εξισορρόπηση των γευμάτων σας: Προσθέστε περισσότερα σύνθετα υδατάνθρακες και χαμηλά GI τρόφιμα στα γεύματά σας για να διατηρήσετε τα επίπεδα σακχάρου στο αίμα σας σταθερά 🔸 Η προσθήκη μιας μικρής μερίδας κάτι γλυκό στο πρωινό σας μπορεί να αποτρέψει το γλυκό πόθο αργότερα μέσα στην ημέρα. Αυτό συμβαίνει επειδή όταν ξυπνάτε το πρωί, τα επίπεδα σεροτονίνης σας βρίσκονται στο υψηλότερο επίπεδο και οι πόθου είναι υποτιθέμενα το χαμηλότερο. 🔸 Προσπαθήστε να έχετε ένα πιο ισορροπημένο γεύμα και διατροφικό πλάνο ,ώστε να μπορέσει να επέλθει μια αρμονία στον οργανισμό και να ρυθμιστούν κατάλληλα οι ορμόνες . .

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-DISCONNECT TO RECONNECT- . This has been my mantra this week- - My business has grown so quickly since moving into Springwell Clinic. It’s so exciting & I’m euphoric knowing that this is my calling. I am loving nurturing my loyal & new clients, it has been an amazing journey so far. I am so grateful, it’s unbelievable- - But my phone has gone crazy, I’m constantly on it. My phone and screen time has been taking over my life- - After listening to the #audible book ‘The miracle morning’ some time ago I knew I needed this. But where do I fit it into my ever growing life? Honestly I am rubbish in the morning, I don’t like to be awake before 7am! I tried the miracle morning in the morning, but it made me crabby and I quickly let it drop off!- - This week I fell in with 9-10pm and it works. My phone is on silent and out comes my box containing my journal, my quarry of crystals, my affirmation cards. I sit with these, I sometimes do yoga & meditate, I do what my mind, body & heart need on that day- - I love that box of my treats, my words, my moment to indulge in me- - But still there was a lesson for me. That box is my go-to, but still there was a lesson in store for me that the box couldn’t give me and last night yoga delivered the lesson- - CROW POSE done so well, but very quickly a face plant to the floor. One very cut up sore nose, a bloody lip and I questioned my ego. I went into a bit of shock and felt myself having a mild panic attack as I tried to recover. This injury tipped me over the edge last night and sent me into a mini meltdown. All the underlying stresses that I’ve been trying to control came to the surface and bubbled over and I couldn’t control it. I had to lie down and let everything come out- - I can’t control everything, I need to let things take their course and present themselves in their own time. I need to honour the growth of my business, enjoy the presence of it, love & nurture it, let the other things come together of their own accord. They will, they always do- - So today, I LET GO and give myself PERMISSION to let the things I cannot control, do their thing! The universe has my back and it gave me a little shove last night to remind me x at Marlow, Buckinghamshire

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My office for the day! 👍😊 5 secs commute from bed to my desk via a power yoga and meditation session with @yogawithadriene 🙏🧘‍♀️ Feeling very grateful for my flexible working arrangements . . . . #flexibleworking #workingfromhome #workingfromhomeperks #perksofmyjob #perksofmywork #feelingblessed #mindfulness #yoga #flexibility #yogapractice #flexibility #meditation #balance #balancelife #balanceyourlife #workingdaddy #dadlife #lifeofdad #mindsetiseverything #gratitude #designalifeyoulove at Bickley, Bromley, United Kingdom

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Little mandala paintings 😍💜

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Thank you to all the children who came out and competed today at the Puzzling World Junior Challenge Wanaka! What a spectacular day it was for everyone involved. And thank you to the volunteers, family and friends for all their support and enthusiasm. We absolutely loved it and we hope you all did too! at Lake Wanaka

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:: 엑셀 밴딩 10부 레깅스 ::: ㅤㅤ 하이웨스트는 답답하고, 신축성은 좋은 레깅스를 찾을 때, ㅤㅤㅤ 허리 밴딩과 스트링으로 레깅스가 밀리는 걸 방지하고, 한층 높은 신축성으로 더 자유로운 움직임이 가능해요. ㅤㅤㅤ NBNS92W472 / WOMEN 엑셀 밴딩 10부 레깅스 ㅤㅤㅤ #NEWBALANCE #NBWOMEN

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Action starts tomorrow at 6:45am with the Pro Men and 6:48am with Pro Women for Challenge Wanaka Half! 07:05 is the first of the Age Groupers with the full schedule on the app. See you down there for a fabulous day of racing and fun. Good luck to everyone and stay up to date by following your favourite athletes on the app! Remember you have to click the follow button for the athletes you want to track and turn on notifications on your phone in the settings. 📷 @black_peak_photo • • • • • #triathlon #swimbikerun #triathlete #trilife #triathlontraining #challengefamily #trinz #tri #cycling #swim #newzealand #swimming #tritraining #cyclist #lakewanaka #newzealand #nzmustdo #wanaka #wearetriathlon #CW2019 #balanceyourlife #Swimbikerun #run #Challengewanaka #CW2019

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An early start lets you enjoy different feelings that are often underestimated. The fresh and crisp ocean breeze at 6:30 am. is one of them. Because Flowrking does not have a 9 to 5, why not have an early start? Work + Breeze = Flowrking #flowrking #whynot #balance #worklifebalance #freelancer #workfromanywhere #joy #enjoylife #flowing #lifeworkbalance #happywork #workhappy #workingfromhome #flexibleworking #workanywhere #workhardanywhere #findyourbalance #balanceyourlife #enjoywork #entrepreneurbalance #flexiblework #flexibleworkinghours #flexibleworkplace #flexibleworkhours #workanywhereanytime #joyfulwork #enjoylifemore #enjoyworking

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Ooohh my goodness... It feels absolutely amazing, to be relaxing in my comfy kaftan, and cozy bed right now... 😍 Especially, since I may have eaten, a meat pie & fries for dinner, and some chocolate truffles for dessert... 😋 You know, it was a momentary slip, and I'm only human... 😌 It's going to be just fine though, because I have my Balance... 😉 Which will ensure, that only what's needed will remain, and all the rest will be eliminated... 🙌🙌🙌 • • • #FitnessFriday #Balance #GutHealth #DigestiveSupport #AchieveATonedAndFlatBelly #ImproveNutrientAbsorption #SupportsIntestinalFunction #GetRidOfToxinsAndPollutants #ReduceBloat #ImmuneHealth #OverallHealth #FlatTummy #Supplements #Probiotics #WeightManagement #Goals #Fitness #Health #Wellness #Dedication #Determination #Inspiration #Motivation #ItsAllAboutBalance #BalanceYourLife #BalanceYourHealth #LiveYourBestLife #MindOverMatter #Beautiful #BeautifulDisaster