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1 day ago

🌱Prepping for the 2019 spring veggie garden by bumping up tomato 🍅and pepper transplants into 1 gall pots. Inside my portable greenhouse, I've started seeds of squash, pickles, and cantaloup. I'm about a month out from planting these in the garden, but it all depends on how the weather shakes out. . Like my current #wip lead character says, 'Nothing better than a fresh mato." What are your must grow veggies each year? Or, what do you think taste better homegrown verses bought from the store? . 👩‍🌾👩‍🌾👩‍🌾👩‍🌾👩‍🌾 . . #organicgarden #organicgardener #organicgardening #2019garden #txgardening #hillcountrygarden #tomatoes #peppers #foodindependence #spring2019 #backyardgrocerystore #growyourownfoods #growingtomatoes #blessedandgrateful #healthyeats #seedsofdesire #igauthorlife #creatives #jessiescottauthor #nowbacktowriting #romancewriter #romancewritersofinstagram #homegrown

6 days ago

Give your Valentine the gift 🎁 of gardening!🍅🌱🌶🥬 $279.00 Lowest price ever for a Drip Garden: includes complete Drip Garden system with Amiad Tagline filter/injector, six reusable grow bags, Orbit programmable timer and DripTabs. Link in Bio - enter coupon code: cupid

10 days ago

#farmfactfriday - These guys are heritage breed turkeys (spanish black/bronze) not to be confused with the industrial broad breasted variety you might be used to buying in the grocery store - they are domestic turkeys (not wild) that were almost completely driven from the market by the industrial broad breasted white variety. In the 90’s, the Livestock Conservancy considered heritage turkeys to be the most endangered of all domestic animals, and so there was a major effort launched to restore breeding populations of these turkeys. They have since rebounded significantly, however they are still a tiny majority, an estimated 25,000 raised annually vs the 200,000,000 industrial broad breasted variety and 7,000,000 wild turkeys. . . Some of the major differences between the heritage and broad breasted variety are: Heritage turkeys can naturally mate (the broad breasted cannot), they have a longer life span and a slower growth rate, and are richer in flavor and contain higher fat levels (omega 3 fatty acids) vs their broad breasted competitors. . . Heritage turkeys were bred for their fine flavor, beauty, and thriftyness. They are hardy and self reliant birds and an absolute joy to have around! Talk about eye candy! None of my turkeys have ever been even remotely aggressive to us. And the flavor is 👌 There are many different color variations - we currently have black/bronze, bourbon red, chocolate palm varieties - all of which are still listed on the threatened & watch list at I never imagined I’d be raising turkeys, in fact, birds used to scare me haha, but I have really grown fond of these guys and I think they are an excellent addition to any hobby farm or homestead! #farmsketchfriday @laurenspindleart

19 days ago

Despite the fact that we are HORRENDOUS gardeners😂😂, our Meyer lemon tree continues to bless us with an abundance of AMAZING fruit!😍😍 Anyone need some lemons in their life?? Let me know!! I use them every day in my morning tea☕️ and in my greens/hydration🌱 combo to brighten the flavors just a little bit more, not to mention all the digestive tract and other health benefits that lemons 🍋 give us❤️🤗 Come and grab some! Next on my list...plant an avocado tree and a blood orange tree!😋 #tustin #organic #backyardgrocerystore #health #lemon #healthy #healthyfood #wellness #weightloss #digestion #skinhealth #skin #hair #beauty #upforgrabs at Tustin, California

20 days ago

Store bought vs home grown. . I only feed my chickens cracked corn and some kitchen scraps during the winter. They still lay better looking eggs than those poor factory farmed hens. My goal for this year is to not have to buy commercially produced meat or eggs. I'm gonna need a bigger freezer for this family! #eatlocal #growyourown #hens #farmfresh #nofactoryfarms #foodrevolution #smallfarm #smallfarmsofmichigan #supportyourlocalfarmer #backyardgrocerystore #chaosfarms #makeachange #backyardhomestead #eggs

25 days ago

It was important to design✏️and engineer📐 a self- contained garden that was easy to set up, plant👩🏻‍🌾 and maintain. Since most of the assembly work is done prior to packaging and shipping, Drip Garden💦☀️🍅setup is quick and easy – about 30 minutes.⏱Planting🌱the six grow- bags is a breeze. It takes approximately one hour from start to finish. And since Drip Garden is self- watering💦and self- fertilizing, maintaining a beautiful and productive garden🍅🥒🌶🍆🥬🌿🥦is fun, easy and unlike traditional or raised bed gardens -- requires little time.⏱ Follow @dripgarden for more pics and tips 💦☀️👩🏻‍🌾🍅🌶🌿

25 days ago

Cauliflower is about ready to harvest. These plants have had zero attention since October. at Austin, Texas

26 days ago

Last year we used just one of six grow- bags on our patio Drip Garden® 💦☀️👩🏻‍🌾to raise six varieties of herbs:🌿’Round Midnight Basil, Italian Oregano, Tarragon, Single Italian Parsley, Rosemary and Thyme. We cooked🥣🍾with fresh, tasty herbs from May through October and dried☀️and froze💨more than enough to carry us through winter.☃️From the remaining five grow- bags we harvested loads of tomatoes,🍅peppers,🌶squash, eggplant🍆and cucumbers.🥒 Follow @dripgarden 💦☀️👩🏻‍🌾for more pics and tips😀

27 days ago

If you love 💕 fresh tomatoes 🍅 and peppers 🌶 you need to try this. It’s easy to grow loads of vegetables, herbs, berries and flowers 🥬🥒🍆🌿🥦🌶🍅🍓🌺on a patio, deck, small yard or urban rooftop. Follow @dripgarden for more pics like this. 💦☀️👩🏻‍🌾

1 month ago

Our three year old twin grandbabies💏love to snack on sugary-sweet,🍭🍬fresh picked cherry tomatoes.🍅It’s nice not having to say “you’ve had enough sweet stuff” and letting them eat until their little bellies are tight and full. Follow @dripgarden for more pics like this☀️💦👩🏻‍🌾🍅🍆🌶🥒🥬🌿🥦

1 month ago

…I was determined to plant 🌱 and harvest a productive garden🍅using clay pots, plastic containers, and yes, upside down tomato bags that were all the rage. However, I quickly realized those products didn't line up with my vision; in fact, there was nothing on the market that came close. I wanted a "real" garden 🍅🌶🥬🥒🍆🥦🌿👩🏻‍🌾and wasn't interested in growing a handful of small tomatoes and a few leafy greens in a hydroponic garden; or a handful of plants in one of the large plastic container gardens found on the market. Follow @dripgarden for more pics like this

1 month ago

…While reflecting 💭on my garden failures💥😟, I realized all was not lost. I had learned some very valuable lessons about container gardening.👨🏻‍🌾 After all, I wanted to find what worked and what did not, so that had been accomplished. First, I could not possibly be the only person on the planet 🌎who experienced these problems. I had done due-diligence: researched magazines and books, purchased recommended containers and high-quality plants, placed them in areas that received plenty of sun,☀️watered💦frequently and routinely applied fertilizer – but that was not enough. There had to be a better way…☀️💦🍅🥒🌶🥬🍆🥦 Follow: @dripgarden for more pics like this

2 months ago

The only ‘food’ we have left 🤣 We did not do a very good job protecting our #herbsandspices during a few of the cold snaps we had here in Florida👎So most of them are gone, except for these sad little garlic chives & parsley bits🤦🏻‍♀️ While we don’t get into the whole #newyearsresolution2019 thing we do believe in setting some healthy, achievable #plantgoals 🌱💪 Y’all, please 🙏pray with us we are able to be more intentional with our time in the garden this coming year🤪 • Please share with us some of your fails from 2018 (mostly so we can help each other not feel so bad😆) & what you’re looking forward to doing differently in 2019!! #fromtoiltotreasure ❣️ #livesustainably #sustainableliving #sustainabilitymatters #sustainablygrown #sustainablefood #sustainablefoodsystems

3 months ago

👩‍🌾 Winter came way too early this year for my summer crops. Here you see just a quarter of the 35 pounds of Sweet and Hot Peppers I picked before we were hit with a killing freeze. ❄️ Looks like I'll but cutting and freezing most of the harvest to get me through till next June. Frozen peppers are great for sauteing, but I can't deny the fact that I will miss eating fresh crisp peppers. . On the plus side, my lettuce, spinach, kale, boy choy, cilantro, and radishes love this weather. In following the season, it's now time to take out the dead green beans and plant carrots. 🥕 . 🌶 🌶🌶🌶 🌶 . #txgardening #foodindependence #eatinggood #harvest2018 #organicgardening #backyardgrocerystore #peppers #sweetpeppers #blessedandgrateful #growingpeppers #healthyeating #organicgardener #hillcountrygardening #authorsofig #romancewriter #igauthorlife

4 months ago

The three emotions of apple season brought to you by Jack Skellington. 1. Hell yeah, I'm gonna kick ass this apple season. I'm ready! 2. I'm so happy, look at all of our applesauce and apple butter. 3. When will it be over! it's over. at Aztec, New Mexico

4 months ago

So our apple season has finally come to an end. We rented an apple press from #AnimasValleyGrange to finish it out. It was so much fun, a great workout, and the cider is AMAZING! Thanks to the Grange and @goodfoodcollectiveco. Today, at the studio we have time for tattoos and piercings.

4 months ago

Omani Desert Sweet Potato Blanket: Each year the sweet potato patch gets more and more dense. I have propagated this variety of sweet potato to other tree guilds in full sun and it hangs in there throughout the summer then starts to flourish once the heat breaks. This patch is in a heavily shaded zone and it grows very well throughout the summer months. In the end, there are lots of nice sweet potatoes which are delicious! The Omani Desert sweet potato has light pink skin and white flesh. Once cooked or steamed they are very creamy and deliciously sweet. I am always experimenting with different varieties of plants and trees in my garden to see which ones stand a chance in the Sonoran Desert. I have experimented with 5 other varieties of sweet potato for over three growing seasons and this is the winner that I will continue to grow year after year. Integrate rather than segregate, observe, learn, and discover new things. If you live in Tucson DM me for this plant. I have slips that I have already propagated out into containers for next season!! — - #tucsongarden #foodforest #abundant #permaculture #plantphotography #permaculturegarden #gardeningphoto #foodismedicine #urbangardening #urbanfarming #naturephotos #connecttonature #foodforests #urbanfoodforest #liveabundantly #onewithnature #growyourownfood #eatyourbackyard #backyardgrocerystore #perennialgarden #perennialplants #sweetpotatovine

4 months ago

2018 Carrots...done ✔ There are now plenty of carrot cake loaves in the freezer and we had well over a month's supply. We carrot farmers @wildbill1968. 👨‍🌾👩‍🌾🥕 at Aztec, New Mexico

4 months ago

Harvesting carrots this morning with our @treadlitebroadfork for our littlest love to eat up in a few months. #yum #growyourown #backyardgrocerystore #harvest #babyfood #homemade #treadlitebroadforks Have you ever tried making your own baby food?? Seriously it is SO simple and also so fulfilling knowing exactly what is in the baby food you give your little loves 💕 #babybullet #makeyourownbabyfood #tryit #soeasy #sohealthy #organic #locallygrown #eatlocal #supportalocalfarmer #treadlitefamily #treadlitebroadfork

4 months ago

Gonna need more baskets... #grapeharvest for winter juice detox - fix the system - brighten the eyes - #backyardgrocerystore - smells so sweet - grapes a plenty

5 months ago

Waste not, want not 😜 I save and use the twistys that come wrapped around my "almost package free" produce to hang my home grown herbs to dry for winter enjoyment. It's a balance between hoarder and mindfully saving things. Sometimes I'm winning and sometimes I have to clean out the closets, drawers, basement...

5 months ago

It's been a busy week!!... Cucumbers from the garden ✔ Make pickles for the year ✔ Apricot and peach jam ✔ Make 30L of tomato sauce ✔ Salsa made with ingredients from the garden ✔ Strawberry jam ✔ Phew! Now to deal with the crazy varieties of hot peppers in the backyard! Hot sauce chronicles coming up next! #growyourown #backyardgrocerystore #werejammin #homemade #homemadejam #homemadeoverstorebought #salsa #pickles #tomatoes #tomatosauce #canning #knowwhatsinyourfood @j_schnerch