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2 hours ago

More rolls than a bakery. Enjoying spring.

8 hours ago

Time to take this tired old ass to the gym n work on them #BackRolls 😂😂😂👍 Happy #HumpDay and remember kids it don’t matter how deep ya squat as long as you do - to the best of your ability 👍 ❤️😈🐻

13 hours ago

"🎶Take all your clothes off Take all your clothes off Just close your eyes, take a breath It doesn't matter what other people say Time will fade them away, yeah You're beautiful, your heart is rare When it's not easy I just want you to know I'll be there And even when the night's cold Don't cover up your bright soul Don't hold back, let go be free Take all your clothes off Take all your clothes off Show them who you are Who you really, really, really are Take all your clothes off Take all your clothes off Show them who you are Who you really, really, really are, hey🎶" #clothesoff #gjan #gjanmusic #lyricsedit #lovemeorhateme #doyou #beautifuldisaster #misfits #imperfectlyperfect #loveyourself #bodypositivity #bodypositive #dontbeafraid #letitgobefree #showthem #embraceyourbody #oneofakind #werealloneofakind #backrolls #backrollsandbooty #nonbianary #genderfluid #queer #gay #nobodysperfect at Arizona

17 hours ago

Today I’m tackling my insecurities about my back. I first noticed them growing when I was 10 or 11. I hated them at first sight. But I’m trying to be positive about them now. They are a part of me and are there to remind me that my body is good at surviving. If I lived in the caveman era, my body would be ideal. It stores food easily and I need less food to survive. Maybe it’s a stretch but I’m kinda proud of my rolls. They remind me that I’m a survivor. #becomingemma #plussizefashion #plussize #bbwgirls #backrolls #fatgirl #showerselfie

19 hours ago

It is a challenge to show up in times of uncertainty. When things don't quite make sense yet, or things that don't feel good have happened. This past week or so I have been moving through lots of confusion. Things just haven't made sense in so many ways. I have had a sense that they will make sense SOON, but they didn't (and still don't quite) make sense now. The confusion stems from feeling like I've reached a fork in the road around a few big things in my life. Some decisions need to be made, clarity found, tough conversations had. Normal life things really. Which is why I share now, because this discomfort in uncertainty is pretty universal. It's not easy to feel amazing while things feel 'up in the air'. I've been asking myself the question: How do we continue to show up, be present and keep moving (albeit slowly) when confusion, uncertainty are densely surrounding us? And it took me a few days of asking this question for the answers to come; one answer was "softly, gently, one foot in front of the other" and the other deeper answer came in the form of this poem: Tension Shows me my misalignment I’m outside of myself Confused? I say I am But actually I mean disconnected. As they come back to me All my parts I see more clearly But the fog hasn’t fully lifted. It may not for a little while. I need to be patient Like a goat on a journey up a big hill And find the right path forward Or rather Wait for it to reveal itself With savvy respect for the hill itself With respect for uncertainty. It’s easy to be comfortable When we are certain. But not so easy Amidst the absence of certainty. The answer for me Is to reconnect with my inner Let the outer become clear Because of the inner. --- poem written by me ---- And so, to summarise, the answer is always MORE SELF CONNECTION. How can I connect with myself more deeply? Clear out the noise and clutter? How can I connect with my own intuition? For me that looks like an increase in art play, nature time, meditation, journalling and/or movement to support myself through feelings of uncertainty. It can look similar but different for all of us. <3 Image - @estherlbuttery

2 days ago

how nice is the weather in England atm? 🤤☀️ ⁣ ⁣ off to go train legzz this evening, can’t wait 😛🏋🏾‍♀️ ⁣ at Nottingham, United Kingdom

3 days ago

Take me to the Beach at Rhossili

4 days ago

❄️❄️Cool Sculpting Wrap Therapy to finish tightening/firming the skin after treatment😀👙👙👙👙👙👍🏽 . Book with the Queen of Body Wrapping Today📲❤️ . . . . #backrolls #skintightening #bodywrap #coolsculpting #bodyslimming #waisttraining #ultrasoundlipo #lipocavitation #fajas #inchloss #coolsculpting #browardspa #miamispa #aventura #miamigardens #brickell #hallandale #fortlauderdalehairstylist #southbeach #plasticsurgery #bbl #tummytuck #drmiami #miamiboutique #massages #lymphaticdrainage at Lavish K Beauty Services

4 days ago

Getting my back rolls out for everyone to see Just finished an absolutely killer shoulder session and it's safe to say I'm dying Finished up with these, a slight change from what I usually do 💪 #backrolls #alyssaedwards #gym #shoulders #workout

4 days ago

That feeling when you are wearing a non-breathable shirt and you sweat more than a pig in a slaughter house and so you are constantly awkwardly moving your arms to untuck the shirt from your sweaty back rolls. 🎈 #backrolls

4 days ago

Do you sometimes think that your life would be better if you were prettier, skinnier, curvier etc? Do you think it would be easier and you would be able to achieve more? Think again. No matter what you look like you are going to face problems. And no matter what you look like you can achieve what it is you want to achieve with hard work and perseverance . Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Learn to accept and know yourself and use it to your advantage. Like my girl @tessholliday . . . #tummyrolls #backrolls #bodypositive #bodylove #selflove #selfworth #selfacceptance #loveyourself #lovethyself #actualbodilylove

4 days ago

So @fiercefatfemme has inspired me to be more vulnerable and share the parts of myself that I have a hard time loving. So here it is, me showing COMPLETE vulnerability. My back rolls are beautiful. My cellulite is beautiful. My small ass is beautiful. Moving forward I will no longer look or live in the past. Moving forward the only time I will ever look back is when throwing that ass back 😜 Happy Saturday you all 😘 - - - #selflove #bodypositive #fatpositive #fat #cellulite #celluLIT #gordita #backrolls #lonjas #plussizelife #celebratemysize #celebratemycurves #plussize #bbwgram #effyourbeautystandards #fatgirlflowfam #visiblyplussize #fatandfabulous #fatandfree #smallbootysneedlovetoo #dagorditachronicles #vulnerability #vulnerabilityisstrength at Chicago, Illinois

4 days ago

Take Cher Horowitz, but make it Nancy Downs. . . . #backrolls