Babysfirstchristmas Photos & Videos

2 days ago

“He’s a Christmas Baby!! Keenu was born on the 25th of December so when I brought him home from the hospital, all our family members & people from the gully came home to welcome him in high spirits. Since it was Christmas, everyone came in saying "Santa aaya aapke ghar pe, ghar pe santa aaya!" at Mumbai, Maharashtra

3 days ago

#fbf to the first hat I sold! This adorable hat was perfect for baby’s first Christmas! I have more of this yarn if anyone would like to order one for this coming Christmas! 🎄❤️

7 days ago

For the little girls that love #unicorns !!! On one side you can spot the unicorn and on the other side the prairie wheel pattern! Great baby shower gift idea or christening gift!! . . #AdaQuiltedCreations #babyroom #babyshowergiftideas #babystyle #babysfirstchristmas #christeninggift #newbabygift #newmom #babygirlgift #babydecor #babyshower #nursery #nurserydecor #handmadegifts #cristeninggift #quiltedball #quiltedornament #ornamentgirls #babyornament #unicorn #petroupolicraftfair at Petroúpolis, Greece

9 days ago

Somewhere around 200 miles in, 3rd state, found a wad of 20’s on the roadside, good excuse for a motel room. I apparently took a boat at some point today....dead. . . . #babysfirstchristmas

12 days ago

Today we were talking about the new move to our new house and explaining to Lana how it’ll take Daddy longer to get home on top of his long days at the office. Lana yells “no go-go!” And began bawling. Lana is the most empathetic and was concerned about Derek’s commute and decided she no longer wanted to move to the new house. But after we explained the benefits of the move to her, and reminded her of our swimming pool- she stopped crying and hugged us both. Seconds later, she folded her arms and said “pray”. So we said family prayer together and snuggled our sweet girl as she drifted off to sleep. Lana has an old soul inside of her and she blows us away each day with her tender heart, beauty, and perfection! #journeyofdereandtash #lanaemilyfunk

13 days ago

Lana got her first haircut today at 8 months old! I decided I wanted to trim and even her hair all around to help it grow in evenly from when they shaved it at birth from the treatments she underwent. She did so good and it looks so much fuller and even! #journeyofdereandtash #lanaemilyfunk

15 days ago

baby beluga.

18 days ago

Each year we go to a Phoenix Suns game as a family (tradition), so we could not stop the tradition now that Lana is here! She LOVED the entire experience! She had an entire pizza she ate all by herself, with some puffs, and a pouch of apple sauce. She danced, laughed, got to be passed around among family members and was complimented numerous of times with her fashion style. Tonight couldn’t have been more perfect! 🏀 #journeyofdereandtash #lanaemilyfunk at Talking Stick Resort Arena

20 days ago

Every year when the Easter eggs hit the shelves I'm back to thinking about Christmas...I kid you not!! My office is filled with pastel colours and santa hats....who's with me? 🎅 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #jinglethosebellsandscoffanegg ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #smallbusiness #retail #christmas #imnotevenjoking #planning #planahead #babysfirstchristmas #rubyandfreddies #santahats #smallbusiness #shopsmall #familybusiness #hilarious #mylife #shoplife #bonkers #sproutanyone #madeinbritain #lovemyjob #mumlife #businessmum #tiredmumsclub #dontknowwetherimcomingorgoing #whatmonthisit

1 year ago

"I am 2 months today! I still LOVE looking at Christmas lights and drinking lots and lots of milk! I already sleep through the night 7-11 hours at a time...that makes my mommy and daddy VERY happy! I like to make happy sounds and smile a lot especially after I eat and get all my toots out! I am so excited for my very first Christmas! "-Abner🌲❤️ 📸: jam3040 A.K.A Gramps