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8 minutes ago

Got to see our second little bean today. 💛 Weighing around 11 ounces & everything looks perfect and healthy. ❤️ • I love this ultrasound image, little hand on the side of the face & chin. Looking like he/she is thinking! 🥰 And, nope no gender yet. 🤭 • • • • • #twomorefeet #comingsoon #babynumber2 #BabyRitz2 👶🏻

20 minutes ago

Happy Food Prep Day Thursday!! I usually will prep food in bulk a few times a week. We were getting a little bit low on protein so I grilled chicken, pork, and made some taco meat. Always great staples in our house! #fitpregency #13weekspregnant #2ndtrimester #weightrainigwhileexpecting #babynumber2 #fitnessfood #flexibledieting #macrotrackingmom #busymom #busymomlife #nutrition #wholefoodgoodness #fiber #protein #macros #c620nutrition #c620athlete #fitmom #weighttraining #macros #fitness #nutrition #c620betterlife #yearofendlesspotential #goals #healthyfood #healthymom #nutritioncoach #personaltrainer #consistency #c620powerlifting

40 minutes ago

Cautiously optimistic, part 4 Question of the day, how many embryos do you transfer? We had the option of transferring one or two, and although the idea of having twins was a little nervewrecking we knew that if we transferred two it would also increase our odds of at least having one. Yes, we absolutely knew there was a chance for twins or an embryo splitting and we were willing to take that chance. Plus, our Dr recommended transferring two since I had a history of miscarriages. The fertility process is such a waiting game and for me a "we've been here before" so it went a little something like this... Transfer embryos - wait two weeks Start taking progestrone shots daily and a hormone patch that is switched out every 3 days. 2 weeks later Take a pregnancy test (or 5) yay pregnant (been here before). 2 days later Hcg blood drawl - numbers are high, confirm pregnancy (been here before). 2 days later Hcg blood drawl - numbers double, schedule ultrasound (been here before). 2 weeks later Ultrasound - We hear the heart beat for baby A annnnnd there is a 2nd sac for baby B - Oh boy, twins (been here before). 2 weeks later Second ultrasound - Baby A heartbeat is steady and strong, baby B did not develop any further. The Dr called it vanishing twin which is pretty common. We are released from the fertility clinic to go to our OB. Ok, never been here before... this is exciting. 3 weeks later 1st OB appointment - abnormal ultrasound showing excess fluid, markers for chromosomal abnormality, all information that we have heard before woth @addisonremy We do a NIPT test schedule an appointment with the specialist and.... yup you guessed it wait 2 weeks.

44 minutes ago

So I have 1 pregnancy test left. I plan on using it sometime next week if AF doesn't show by then. Like I said, I haven't had a period since November. This shit sucks. Excuse my language. But it does. I hate not knowing what's going on with my body. I have no clue if I ovulated. I have no clue when my period is due or if it'll come at all. I'm just fed up. Completely fed up. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ #ttc #ttcaftermiscarriage #ttcjourney #tryingforababy #tryingtoconceive #babynumber2 #babydust #endometriosis #pcos #ttcwithpcos #ttcwarrior #ttcishard #ttcafterloss #ttcsisters #ttcsupport #ttcwithendo #miraclebaby #rainbowbaby #prayingforamiracle #2ww #twoweekwait #2weekwait #twolines #prayingfor2lines

47 minutes ago

So this was my first and to date only birth experience. After 22 hours in labor, I got to glimpse my child for literally 1 second before he was wisked away to the NICU. Leaving me alone in the birthing room as everyone, but me, got to take turns going to see him. There was no skin to skin. No nursing. No bonding. It was as cold an experience for both Clayton and myself as anyone could imagine. The next two months, were spent in a NICU. Now I am trying to figure out how I want to handle this next birth experience. Do I want our time at the hospital to be private for us or would we rather privacy once we get home? When does Clayton meet her and where? There are so many things that will always be beyond my control, but I learned years ago to plan for what I can in order to soothe my anxiety. All the while knowing and accepting those plans may change. This is what works for me. Today in musing about my thoughts and what to do, I was told it was stupid. People do things “this” way and if I don’t that’s just stupid. 😳 Let me tell you what is “stupid”...other people putting their wants ahead of a family’s needs. What we decide we need this birth experience to be for us does not cause anyone harm. So let me leave you with this...NO ONE gets to tell you what is the right thing for your family. That decision belongs to you. Other people not getting their way, does not make you disrespectful or inconsiderate. Standing up for yourself does not make you rude or aggressive. Those are lies people tell to make you feel bad or to make themselves feel better. You can be KIND, RESPECTFUL, FIRM and ASSERTIVE all at the same time. If people don’t get that, the problem is them, not you. You get to choose what is right and healthiest for you. It isn’t about what “everybody does”. It’s about what you need. And if others don’t get that, then you don’t need them. Good, kind people will always be patient with you and understand your decisions are for a reason and in no way made with ill intent. And even if they think it is different, they will recognize it is your choice and you have your reasons. And they will respect your choice!!! Don’t be scared to set boundaries ❤️.

58 minutes ago

My body needed some major stretching this morning so yoga it was. And Gray decided to join me too. How cute is he?! 😍😍😍 . And then after that our whole morning was a mess! 😂😂😂 Told Gray we were going to go to the trampoline place for toddler time then get a hair cut and BOTH didn’t workout. One was closed and the haircut was for tomorrow! 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ #momfail . Needless to say we had acouple meltdowns and I don’t blame him! I talked both of them up to not do EITHER!! Would love to hear your mom fail this week!? 😂😂😂 We can laugh about it now right?! 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ . . . . . #ig_motherhood #motherhoodunplugged #honestmotherhood #15weekspregnant #momtogs #teammotherly #pregnancylife #babynumber2 #pregnantandperfect #bestofmom #momcommunity #pregnantandfit #dailymoms #pregnantstyle #pregnantbump #targetmoms #toddlermom #toddlerboymom at West Fargo, North Dakota

1 hour ago

My little Crazy girl 🌺

1 hour ago

37 WEEKS! Full term...we’ve only gone and made it 🙌🏼 we had our last scan today and baby is definitely head down and cooked, weighing approx 6lb 4oz at the minute. They’ve booked me in for an early sweep which is exciting, maybe see you sooner than we thought little one 👶🏼🤗

1 hour ago

When you ask your toddler to be the best big brother and give the baby a kiss...expectation vs reality. Literally flew at me at about 30mph 🙄😂

1 hour ago

Today I finally want to talk about the challenge that had me surrender on my knees.breastfeeding. With Kamo my first born it was amazing. He latched on immediately even though my milk took some time to come in. Thanks to my mom and her "huisraad" my milk came gushing. However I only breastfed for 4 month due to my then work hours and I promised myself next time I will breastfeed for atleast 6 months. Bokang was complete opposite.he did not latch properly and we are currently still struggling. My milk again took forever to come in and he was sucking so hard cause nipples to bleed constantly. Every feed was a complete night mare and the first 20 seconds were complete torture. So many times I just wanted to throw in the towel. But even during the excruciating pain I experienced with a clogged duct never did I stop because that connection is one that can over come serious pain. It's not easy and some have it worse than I did. Just want to shed light on it that children are different and might not always be easy so don't be too hard on yourself when things don't go as planned. Nothing in motherhood hardly goes as planned #motherhood #singlemom #breastfeeding #babynumber2 #southafricanwomen

2 hours ago

Und es hat auch beim zweiten Mal nichts von seinem Zauber verloren ❤️ Wir sind so voller liebe und dein großer Bruder so stolz ❤️ Mit einem Herzen voller liebe ❤️

2 hours ago

"Cut me open. I love my baby so much, that I will do anything to get my baby out of my body alive. Lay me out, cut me open because I love my baby so much." 💙 *CESAREAN MOTHERS ARE BRAVE* #40weekspregnant #babynumber2 #girlmom #2under2 #pregnant #mommyandme #vscomom #vscobaby #momsofinstagram #newborn #motherhood #pregnantstyle #babiesofinstagram #momswithcameras #family #parenthood #thirdtrimester #postpartum #fourthtrimester #2monthsold #baby #momfail #siblinglove #toddler #breastfeeding #babyontheway #mommytobe #giveaway

3 hours ago

In the picture on the left I was roughly 18 weeks pregnant with Vada. On the right, I’m currently 19 weeks pregnant with baby Zaxton! 🤰 • You may not notice a huge difference, other than my belly isn’t quite as big this time around, but I notice a HUGE difference. 👌🏼 • During my pregnancy with Vada, I was so unhealthy, uncomfortable and miserable. I was afraid for the future, battling depression and just going though the motions to get through each day. 😞 • One of my biggest reasons for starting my journey was to have a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy the second time around and I have definitely fulfilled that! Each and every day I wake up grateful for the healthy body that I have. I’m not uncomfortable, embarrassed or depressed. I’m not fearful, but instead I’m excited! 😄 • Think about all of the reasons WHY you want to start your own journey, out all of your excuses aside and reach out to me! Stop saying, “I’ll start Monday!” And start today! • I still have a few spots left in my March Virtual Gym! 💪🏼 Will you finally stop watching, join us, and snag one?! at Plano, Illinois

3 hours ago

Just leaving this here for you 🙌🏻

3 hours ago

L i t t l e . D o l l 💕 . This little one is just over two weeks old now and already its hard to imagine life without her here. She has fitted into this little family so perfectly, even if the older brother pretty much refuses to acknowledge her yet!!😂 . . . . . . #icantgetthemtogether #prettysienna #littledoll #babygirl #daughter #pretty #adorable #love #family #tinytoes #themtoes #twoweeksold #newborn #blessed #instababies #instakids #honestmothering #honestparenting #girlie #babynumber2 #babyspam

3 hours ago

〰️Baby #2 #3 #4 (or more)!〰️ The baby market is CRAZY 🤪 It’s ever-changing and over-saturated. If you’re expecting and it’s been 2 or more years, I promise that many things have changed and even more things have entered the market. You may have a few things you’ve saved but might need a refresh or a swap here or there cuz let’s face it, while used and hand-me-downs are great, it’s also fun to get a couple of the latest and greatest! 💎 If you don’t recognize half the things on the market these days, I can help 🕵🏻‍♀️ Outside of my plans offered on the site, I customize and tailor plans for clients to meet their needs and budgets big and small. Select my Custom Bestie plan to learn more! Link in bio 🔝

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Buffalo panko chicken lettuce wraps! . Super easy and would make perfect leftovers for lunches, which is exactly what we’re doing today! 🤗 . Cut up chicken breast into bite size pieces and marinate in some buffalo sauce for at least 30 minutes. Preheat oven to 375* and toss marinated chicken in panko crumbs. Bake for 25-30 minutes. . While chicken is cooking, get your other toppings ready. We cooked up some quinoa, diced tomatoes, avocado, scallions, and made homemade ranch to drizzle on top. (Blue cheese would be good too!) . Butter lettuce is one of my favs to use for lettuce wraps, but I wasn’t paying $5 for a tiny pack at the store and instead went for the $2.50 romaine big pack! Ha! It works! 🤗 . Enjoy! 🤤🤤 at Charlottesville, Virginia

3 hours ago

If you are a mom, you are a super hero. . . PERIOD!

3 hours ago

33 weeks tomorrow and this belly is getting round 😍 . I am officially at the point where I can’t put on my own shoes and socks, where pretty much everything I wear (expect PJ’s) is uncomfortable, and where this little mans kicks are quite visible from the outside 😂 . And I am soaking it all up ❤️ . Mamas, what are your favorite parts of pregnancy?! I have to say I am loving all these kicks and hiccups 💕 #33weekspregnant #soakingitallup at Charleston, South Carolina

4 hours ago

. . Rosemont • Illinois Stephenson Convention Center . . TBT to one of my speaking engagements: preparing your little ones for siblings - I had the honor of chatting with hundreds of mamas at #mommycon 2015 in Chicago about getting ready for Baby Number 2 without losing your mind. Afterward, we played "Find Mama Kel" while I roamed around the venue (it was enormous!) and the first 10 mamas to find me received adorable teeny tiny baby owl hats - swipe to see! 😍🦉 . . I have many talents and speak on many subjects but this is, without question, one of my favourites! . . . . . . . . . . #chicagogrammers #sharpmamasknowbest #preparingforbaby #babynumber2 #iammysisterskeeper #parentingadvice #parenteducation #parentingishard #momtomom #momshelpingmoms #throwbacktime #parentingcoach #weareinthistogether #realmotherhood #motherhoodintheraw #momminainteasy #thisismotherhood

4 hours ago

Collecting all the baby things and having all the urges to nest (while we transition to move once again) .....oh mauhs #2 coming in June!!! We sold our house, bought an investment property, moved into a temporary apartment and have been on the hunt for an other fixer upper the last couple months. Let's just say somewhere along the lines I forgot to announce that a little human was growing inside me. Thought we should share this bit of news before I one day start flooding your feed with cute new born pictures!! #babynumber2 #genderneutral #genderneutralclothing #nesting #rhodeislandlife #fixerupper #naturalplay #boyorgirl #gogentlynation #zarababy #olivebranchbaby

4 hours ago

I’m laying in bed this morning, feeling my son kick, working from my phone while everyone else is still asleep. And the most overwhelming feeling of gratefulness crept over me. 😭🙌🏻 There were days not long ago I wanted everything I have now. I think sometimes we get so swept up in the busy day to day activities that we forget to stop, to take a breath, and take it all in. I never dreamt sitting in the back of that smoky, desolate strip club changing room that someday I would be a full time 4.0 nursing student, a mom of two, a wife, and a business owner. I wanted it, sure. But I didn’t believe it could ever happen. 😔 And somedays I forget to appreciate everything my life has turned into. Soon my ma, and my sister will be back home with us. Things will be complete. My little family is happy, and full of so so much love. We have our issues like any other family, but at the end of the day, I wouldn’t change not one of them. 💙 So today, take a step back. Put the phone down, and breathe it all in. Play with your kids. Kiss your spouse. Call your mother, your sister, your brother. I want you to burn this moment, these precious fleeting seconds into your brain. So that when you lay on your deathbed, you have something to leave behind. Happy Thursday, friends 😘 #grateful #gratitude #happy #family #son #daughter #latenightwork #babynumber2 #momlife #peace #blessed

4 hours ago

This was one of my maternity photos of little Grayson! But I wanted to post it in celebration that in one week I get to find out if I’m having a boy or girl!! I’m so excited to know. Any guesses?? Here are some of my symptoms so far - first trimester: nausea at night and crazy extreme fatigue! - headaches weekly - Craving carbs and cookies (so many cookies 🍪) - baby’s ❤️ rate in the 150’s So what do you think?? And I’ll tell you next Thursday what we are expecting! #genderreveal #gender #babynumber2 #pregnant #canthardlywait Photo credit: @alisamccormick at Salt River

5 hours ago

Imagine your in-laws are moving in permanently without any preparation or warning and your spouse is informing you this is happening while they are on your doorstep. (Please leave your first reaction in an emoji!) ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I often think this must be how children feel when a new sibling shows up in their home. It's a lot take in, even if you love your in-laws as I do! ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ We were so worried about how our oldest would transition to a new baby in the home. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I mean being an infertility miracle baby leads to a lot of parent attention and obsessions that we knew he'd have to now share. We were definitely worried! ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ We REALLY did our research to prepare and brace him. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I can honestly say everything we did to prepare and continue to do have made all the difference. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I hit publish on a blog post that has been over six months in the making sharing the 16 things we did to help prepare him and continue to do to help with the adjustment. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ And I can honestly say, he had the guest bedroom open and ready for that family member move in thanks to these tips! ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ photo: @chrissyblake_⁣⁣ #newbaby #fwilmotherhoodmoments #adjustingtoanewbaby #bigbrother #newbabytransition #lifewithababyandatoddler #herecomesbabynumbertwo #lifewithlittles #babynumber2 #newsibling #preparingforbaby

5 hours ago

18 Weeks! Pregnancy Update in the Insta Stories. ♥️

6 hours ago

Every year I like to highlight an organization that is very near and dear to my heart. I’ve asked friends, family, and my husband to donate to Every Mother Counts in honor of my birthday today, in hopes to raise awareness to something many people might take for granted. After experiencing what is classified as a traumatic birth, and requiring extra measures to be taken in order to stop what was considered Severe Postpartum Hemorrhaging, my views of childbirth came with a lot of baggage. It was very easy for me to feel negative about the circumstances of my first daughter’s birth, but it was hard to stay on that path since I was alive and had a beautiful baby girl. The experience did shed light onto a problem that many women face around the world.  303,000 women die each year of childbirth and pregnancy complications. 99% of those deaths occur in developing countries. 98% of those deaths are PREVENTABLE. These women should be meeting their babies on their birthdays. These simple measures should not be something people like me are privy to because of our locations. Thank you to @everymomcounts for all your work helping these women and to the NHS and @uclh for helping me. Please visit the EMC link in bio to learn how you too can make a difference. at New York, New York

6 hours ago

. YOU GUYS! I am excited, nervous, happy, anxious...ALL THE FEELINGS! .  I just signed up to be a wellness Coach!! GAHHH! Which means I am going to be working on myself AND helping others work on themselves ….can we say dream job?! Now that I am close to the end of my pregnancy, I have to start thinking about what’s next on my journey back to my pre-pregnancy self. . I am beginning by being an apprentice coach in MY FIRST Fitness Challenge and I can choose THREE LUCKY WOMEN to join with me -- I am so excited. If you are interested in hearing more, definitely reach out, I would love for you to join me! . #babynumber2  #babyonboard #babyontheway  #thirdtrimester #maternitystyle  #fitpregnancy  #pregnancyphoto #pregnancyglow  #pregnancydiary  #bumpie #toddlermom  #girlmom #secondbabyontheway #themommydiary  #rawmotherhood  #bodyafterbaby #storytellingmama #magicofmotherhood #momentsinmotherhood  #girlmomlife #honestmomconfessions  #snoo #32weekspregnant #shakeology