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5 hours ago

Wishing you could get everything we’ve talked about in one pretty package? 🧚🏻‍♀️ wish granted! Grab yourself a Bon Voyage Travel Kit ✈️🚂🚗🛳 and be ready for your vacation or road trip. You’ll have a much better time knowing your traveling chemical free.

8 hours ago

Reasons why being away from home for a year feels like a decade . . . Home is my side of the bed. Home is no wax winters. Home is midnight Netflix binges. Home is late night waffle orders. Home is no bath weekends. Home is laughing away cranky neighbors complaining of loud music at 2am. Home is dust collecting on old books. Home is wardrobe screaming to be organized. Home is sudden bouts of creativity. Home is laziness at all other times. Home is carefully curated travel memories stuck on the sides of the refrigerator. Home is this and so much more. . . . #home #myspace #imisshome #littlethings #comfortsofhome #homesick #awayfromhome

14 hours ago

A "few" guests enjoying Seljalandsfoss waterfall in February - looks more like busy July 🙄😂🤣

18 hours ago

When we started out on this journey our sole purpose was to travel, for 6 whole months! 🌏 . 6 quickly turned into 12, which gradually crept up to 18... With no end in sight, what is our secret to travelling for so long? 🤫 . Well, this experience has evolved, and it isn’t all about travelling for us anymore. These days it sometimes feels as if we barely even do 🛬 . We realised pretty early on that we are not particularly interested in the top 10 sights and haven’t visited 30 countries under the sun ☀️ . Although our visa stamps imply that we are tourists, the way we choose to travel is anything but that 🛵 . We travel slow, and when we love a place we make ourselves at home. Seeking out unique properties and staying for at least a month, usually more 🐌 . Maybe we are missing out, but moving around eats into our budget big time. By staying put we benefit from long-stay discounts, stretching out that shoe string for as long as possible! 💰 . By settling into our surroundings and living a simple life, we suss out the cheapest markets, the scenic back roads, the best food stalls and secret hideouts 🍉 . There is something to be said for living and breathing somewhere on a deeper level. This kind of travel brings you so much closer to a place 💚 . We may be creatures of habit, but we’ve gained a true understanding of the places we have been. Their cultural quirks, local knowledge and ways of life 🤓 . So we are probably not your average traveller, but whatever we are, we know for sure that it feels good to live for longer in a foreign land 🌄 . . . #travellersnottourists #longtermtravel #travellove #creaturesofhabit #ourway #unique_travel #budgettravelers #travelexperts #traveladvisor #travelforlonger #travelwriter #tblog #nomadic #OG #liveabroad #foreigncountry #awayfromhome #travelbloggers #write2travel #nomad #balihome #balilife #interiordesign #homesweethome #adventure #explore #nomadlife #travelphotography #laptoplifestyle #remoteandafloat at Bali, Indonesia

20 hours ago

Feeling so exhausted, decided to head over Vietnam early. Although I got ripped off by creepy taxi driver, all I could think was to just relax in the airport lounge. When check in counter was opened, I was told I didn’t have Vietnam visa. What I thought was a visa was actually just a visa application😱😱 I called the agency no one answered 😰When I almost gave up to go to Vietnam, God blessed me with angels. Biiiiig THANKS to Vietnam Airlines staff🙏🙏 They totally went above and beyond to make sure I could go to Vietnam 🇻🇳 Thai god playing referee on tag of war looked ridiculous yet so comforting. After arriving at Ho Chi Ming Airport, there was another trouble but I just gotta get to used to them😝 #novisa #thankyou #vietnamairlines #angeles #nomoretroubles #vietnam #hochiminhcity #gettingrippedoff #tripmustgoon #roundtheworldtrip #lonelytraveller #awayfromhome #airportlounges at Suvarnabhumi Airport

1 day ago

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1 day ago

Soaking in every single snuggle I can! I have been absolutely blessed to have had a job that allowed me to be home most days with my baby for the last 5 years! I’m only sacrificing 3 weeks away but it feels like a year! I know they’ll be fine without me, and I’m so lucky to have had all that time with them! 🙌🏻 Now onto my dream job! 😍 #dreamjob #nurselife #shiftwork #awayfromhome #anxietyisfierce #confidence #proudofmyself #workhard #lovewhatyoudo #chemotherapy #threeweeks #nervous #scaredbutexcited