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Positioned at the key border crossing between #Lisbon and #Madrid, the Garrison Town of #Elvas remains an impressive #military structure. Elvas was #fortified extensively from the 17th through the 19th centuries and became the largest #bulwarked dry ditch system in the world. The seven-kilometer-long Amoreira #Aqueduct supplied the stronghold with water and the means to withstand lengthy #sieges. The #historic center of Elvas demonstrates that the town developed as three successive walled towns from the 10th to the 14th century. Overall, the #stronghold is a remarkable representation of Portugal’s desire for #autonomy and the similar aspirations of other #European nation #states during the 16th and 17th centuries. ⠀ Image Credit: Google Earth⠀ #GlobalXplorer #XploretheWorld #Culture #Heritage #Archaeology #citizenscience #citizenarchaeology #culturalheritage

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PERFECTIONISM. For us, it’s quite hard to let go. We want to do everything 100% and can get super frustrated or even give up if it doesn’t go as planned. But perfectionism is not a thrive for excellence, it’s just a coping mechanism to shield us from critic, people turning away from us and the withdrawal from love. It’s a shield to protect our vulnerability, which we actually want to accept and worship. Working with autonomous horses is a wonderful lesson in not only accepting that things never go as planned, but also in allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and admit our own feelings. Horses don’t hold a grudge when we do something wrong, but will show you immediately if you are falling into a doing / perfectionism mode again. We just have to listen and observe.⠀ ⠀ Thus, they are the best teachers for getting more in sync with ourselves, but that can indeed be scary sometimes. It’s not always something we want to see. But every day, it gets easier - and holds so many magic moments. Today, I wanted to work with Alfie on haltering again. I was so determined, as Bo‘s trip to the clinic was so fresh in my memory. We just HAD to manage this now, what if gets sick? I thought panicky. Well, he has other plans. Sensing my tension, he would just turn around and leave. Frustration overload! But instead of chasing after him or leaving in frustration, I just sat down on the floor and started breathing and managed slowly to control my expectations and my worries and feeling of rejection. Guess who flopped down to the floor next to me all of a sudden for the first time. BRB crying. Thanks, baby. ❤️ Allow yourself today to be scared and vulnerable, and discover what magic lies beyond the threshold of we stop shielding ourselves all the time. Have you had such an experience lately? // picture by the incredible @anaandrun // #herzenspferd #bond #pferdefotografie #loveyourcrew #horsephotography #horseoftheday #ethicalhorsemanship #ethicalhorsetraining #clickertraining #autonomy #pferdemädchen #pferdegestütztescoaching #pferde #horsesofinstagram #mustang #foal #horsetraining #soulhorse #personalgrowth #coaching #beyourself at Hamburg, Germany

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Here’s a fun way to practice Elements and other movements — build an obstacle course. This is easy to do in your home or outside at a playground. Bonus: Kids LOVE this. GMB Trainer @jenn_pilotti

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“Being part of a ROWE Certified firm has allowed me to work on my health. It has taken a large amount of stress out of my life which has made me more productive and I believe, the entire office more productive. We have even won some awards because of the benefits of working within the ROWE system.” ~ @garabediangroup . . #culture #life #worklifebalance #job #jobs #love #business #leadership #HR #humanresources #lifebalance #working #timemanagement #flexibleworking #realchange #adaptivechange #ROWE #work #careers #work #careers #presenteeism #productivity #accountability #autonomy #results #health #wellbeing #wellness

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⁣Have you always been the strong one? The capable one? The shoulder to cry on who always had it all together?⁣ ⁣ This weekend I realized that I have been carrying burdens that were not my own for a long, long time. I had internalized the fears, worries, traumas & goals of friends and family and made them my own. Not because I was asked to - simply because I could. I was using my mental energy to plot moves — moves that were not mine to make. I had become so used to being the caregiver that it had become a habit - even when it was not needed. Thinking I was being supportive but simply hurting myself and taking their agency away in the process. ⁣ ⁣⁣ I know you want to help - and you can and will - when that help is requested and required. But you are not on this earth to be everyone’s caretaker, cheerleader, and talent agent. You are not hear to shoulder an invisible mental load for the entire planet. No no, divine child: you are here to shine your own light, tell your own story, Dream your own dreams. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Create energetic boundaries that support your autonomy and the autonomy of those you wish so earnestly to help. Even if you could heal them and solve all their problems — and you can’t — it doesn’t mean you should. Because they’re here to do their work... and you are here to do yours. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ You need to free up the weight of your loved ones burdens and in doing so, free yourself. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ #boundaries #autonomy #freedom ⁣⁣ #fullplatefullcup #empaths #selflove #selflovefirst #selfcare #autonomous #family #selfrespect #justbecauseyoucandoesntmeanyoushould

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Process Listening workshop. This is why fellow teachers who did it last week recommend it! Want to join the new group? We are starting next Monday! Limited vacancies because there are lots of practice instances and room for questions. It is truly a workshop! New course starts on 25 February. We will meet everyday until 1 March from 5pm to 6:30pm (GMT -3). It is A 7.5- hour, online workshop on the principles to teach learners *how to* listen and enable their listening development. Research in second language acquisition shows that simply testing comprehension does not train the skill. To register, follow this link #listeningcomprehension #listeningforcomprehension #autonomy #authenticity #strategiccompetence #linguisticautonomy #adultlanguagelearning #secondlanguageacquisition #sla #efl #esl #elf #belf #businessenglishasalinguafranca #communicationcoaching #capacitacionydesarrollo #capacitacionenidiomas

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Asked via Twitter today “what’s the definition of coaching”...I offered that I believe good coaching is being mindful, reflective yet committed to create an atmosphere where athletes can cooperatively explore, communicate and challenge each other to achieve common identified goals through strong interpersonal relationships . What’s your thoughts?? . #coachinglife #coaching #coach #sportcoaching #sports #sportmotivation #instacoach #selfdetermination #sdt #selfdeterminationtheory #positivepsychology #goals #motivation #autonomy #intrinsicmotivation #growthmindset #wellbeing #motivationalquotes #personalgrowth #motivationquotes #psychology #meaningandpurpose #deeperlearning #mindfulness #masterybased #flowstate #mastery #mindset #creativity #instadaily at Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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INFO desk já ativo!!! Liga ou envia SMS para o nro 962217751 ou para o nosso FB!!! Projeto OUTogether - Promoção da Autonomia de Jovens em Acolhimento (co-financiado pela UE) #outogether #autonomy #outogetherproject #infodesk

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Sometimes we have to fight throug some bad days to earn the BEST days of our lives. . Keep pushing darlings!! . . I'm currently living, and fighting to live even more. . TODAY I start my 7 day fast. Which I will share with you all every step of the way. . Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), I flared up with some serious symptoms. I will post pictures and updates on my insta stories, to keep you updated, and to inspire anyone else going through any health challenges. . . TODAY is deep gum surgery. What happened is, like with any autoimmune disease, it's caused by gut rot, or LEAKY GUT. . Mine travelled up my oesophagus, and into my mouth, causing constant bleeding to my gums. This is called periodontitis. . . To add to THAT, I experimented with the drugs they prescribed,paraquilin and ended up with parasites in my head,ear,eye,and around my neck area. Causing legions and crocodile skin. SEE THAT'S WHY I DONT TAKE THEIR SHITTTT!!! . . I've been in hospital, and now I will take control of my HEALING. Hence the fast. We will rid these body invaders, once and for ALL...and I am not sick. I am FUCKING STRONG enough for my body to respond immediately to toxins it don't fucking like, as it's disagreeable with nature. . SO, officially launched DAY 1.. Let the fasting begin...I'm LIVING. I'm WINNING!! . THANKS to everyone who has been supporting me through this. I appreciate you all so MUCH. HAPPY FULL MOON VIRGO.!! The HEALING moon. How convenient! POWERS!! . . #HEAVENSWORLDS #WEARECREATORS ......................................................... #Healthyiswealthy #heal #fast #shamanichealing #forest #nature #drsebi #herb #WINNING #selfsufficient #plantbased #lawsofattraction #lupus #autonomy #mompreneur #minerals #detox #wellbeing #workouts #yoga #blackgirlmagic #healthcoach #teeth #nutrition #leadership #selfsufficient #SelfLove #visions

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#TakeOverTuesday with Dixons Allerton Academy in Bradford, Yorkshire * Ay up’, we are Dixons Allerton Academy, the primary phase of an all through academy in the heart of Yorkshire. Currently, our school is Nursery to Year 5, with our Year 6 provision opening next year. We are so excited to be part of #takeovertuesday and share our setting with like minded practitioners. Here at Dixons Allerton we aim to provide our children with an environment that is rich in a variety of learning opportunities. School should not only be about learning to read and write but about providing children with a wealth of experiences that give all children a chance to be the expert. A special space where their individual skills are nurtured and their talents are discovered. * #primaryprovision #DixonsAllerton #ece #earlyyears #earlyyearsideas #earlyyearsinspiration #earlyyearsteacher #earlyyearspractitioner #earlychildhood #earlyeducation #earlychildhoodeducation #continuousprovision #magicofplay #aweandwonder #environmentas3rdteacher #abcdoes #DAAprimary #responsibility #respect #autonomy at Dixons Allerton Academy

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Building a wishlist with @hafoto for upcoming fieldwork on building Australia’s counterculture: Rural Northern NSW women’s land. Established in the 1970s as part of a transnational feminist movement to create separatist lesbian communities. #wayoutdownunder #designradicals #liberatedterritory #woodbutchery #counterculture #1970s #radicalspace #handmadehouses #lesbianseparatism #thelong1960s #livingalternatives #outlawarea #utopianfeminism #everydayutopias #selfinvention #architecturalhistory #counterculturehistory #autonomy #backtotheland #secondwavefeminism

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Six vacancies left. After a successful first online workshop this last week, the new one is already open. We keep it personalized because there are lots of practice instances and room for questions. It is truly a workshop! New course starts on 25 February. We will meet everyday until 1 March from 5pm to 6:30pm (GMT -3). It is A 7.5- hour, online workshop on the principles to teach learners *how to* listen and enable their listening development. Research in second language acquisition shows that simply testing comprehension does not train the skill. To register, follow this link #businessenglish #workplaceenglish #listeningcomprehension #listeningforcomprehension #autonomy #authenticity #strategiccompetence #linguisticautonomy #adultlanguagelearning #corporatetraining #secondlanguageacquisition #sla #efl #esl #elf #belf #businessenglishasalinguafranca #communicationcoaching #capacitacion #capacitacionydesarrollo #capacitacionenidiomas

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I began #MySecondLocJourney on March 25th 2017. This go round has been COMPLETELY different from my first set of locs. The first go round I had sooooo many rules! Sooo many misconceptions about what it meant to be a woman with locs. So many obligations! I washed and twisted religiously refusing to be viewed as "unkempt and dreadful" I dyed it black because only that color was decent and appropriate for a natural woman! I was a beautiful ass stick in my own mud!!! They were long healthy gorgeous AND CONFINEMENT!! Not to mention the neck aches! This go round I have been freer than I have ever been! I LOVE MY BLUE Locs. I twist them ever so often to reincorporate the new growth and wash when needed not before. You could pretty much say I'm free forming with how little I do. I love my baldie and my locs! I think I'll have it till the day I die. It makes me happy. I plan on being old and going blue Grey yelling at my grandbabies about going to get my Aquamarine hair Dye at Sally's beauty supplies down the road, right NOW! Imagine had I not got to know myself all over again. Smh the misery. NO I AM NOT MY HAIR but I ALSO AM. Swipe 👈🏾 for pics of the day I cut my waist length locs. I never regretted a single day. There is power in letting go💪🏾. I could say so much more but I'll stop here with this statement : "It's MY crown I wear it how I want it! Emphasis on the I's!"- Auto #MySecondLocJourney #Autonomy #GetSome #LocNation #MicroLoc #GirlWithTheBlueHair

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Los vehículos de prueba autónomos de Apple demandan una intervención humana más significativa que el automóvil Waymo de Alphabet o el Cruise de General Motors, una señal de que el fabricante de iPhone puede estar muy atrasado en cuanto a esta tecnología. Los conductores de prueba desactivaron el modo autónomo en los autos de Apple en casi cada milla, según los datos que la compañía reveló en un informe anual al Departamento de Vehículos Motorizados (DMV) de California. Los autos de Waymo circularon 11,017 millas entre desconexiones y el Cruise lo hizo en 5,205 millas. Apple puso sus autos por primera vez en carreteras públicas en la primavera del 2017. La compañía ha estado trabajando en la tecnología desde alrededor de 2015, cuando inició Proyect Titan, que comenzó como un plan para construir un auto eléctrico autónomo para competir con Tesla.

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Most people have an idea in their head of what “good posture” is. However, there is actually a lack of strong evidence indicating any one posture is more causative of pain than another. There IS evidence on the other hand that any posture sustained long enough can lead to pain. In other words, the best posture is one that is changing. I’ve written before about the role training load has on pain and injury. Well, the time under tension associated with sustained postures can be considered a form of training load. Additionally, it is reasonable to assume that certain biomechanically inefficient postures (like extreme forward-head postures for instance) may apply a larger training load in less time on some tissues. In this context, postural re-education focused on encouraging movement variability and more moderate postures likely can reduce pain in patients. is equally important to keep in mind that a patient may be well adapted to habitual postures traditionally considered as “bad” and require no need for modification if they are symptom free. (Pathologizing symptom free postures is a perfect example of the disease-mongering behavior we must steer away from as clinicians.) We have to understand that there is a lack of consensus on what specifically defines good posture. Despite this lack of consensus, evidence also shows most healthcare professionals are biased towards postures characterized as upright with a natural thoracic kyphosis/lumbar lordosis and a retracted head, and associate risk of injury with postures deviating from this arbitrary ideal. Since patient beliefs and perceptions about posture are largely influenced by healthcare providers, the implications of these biases are important to consider: While modifying postural habits in patients may benefit symptoms, encouraging fear-avoidance of some postures and hypervigilance of posture in general can be problematic. Because of this, the best thing to do is to encourage patients to adopt a variety of postures and not overthink things. It’s probably best to not think about posture at all. If something starts to bark at you, just change positions. Simple as that. Ref: (Korakakis et al. 2019)

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Does this look like #work to you? 🤣🤣 • I accidentally snapped this photo during a check-in chat with @mrs.maggie.clemmons ; I was trying to end the call, hit the wrong button, and ended up with this photo... as you can see, we were laughing and having a good time all the way up to the very last second of the call. 🤣❤ • As I mentioned in a post earlier this month, February marks my first full year in #business with Rodan+Fields. Maggie is a college friend AND the person who introduced me to the products and the business and I couldn't be more #grateful... not just because of the extra #income, but because of the incredible #community and the sense of #comradarie that my team exudes. Not to mention all of the other soft benefits like: #autonomy #personalconfidence and a sense of #agency. • R+F Consultants like to say that "you're in business FOR yourself but never BY yourself" and I cannot begin to tell you how true this really is. Maggie has been a terrific #mentor from day one; she really helped me to grow from #wtfamidoing to #confident. And guess what? We're here for YOU! In fact, our whole fabulous #team is!!... • If you've been wondering whether a Rodan+Fields distributorship is the right next step for you, reach out to me. I'd be more than happy to answer your questions. And remember: Information is free... there's never any commitment or pressure involved at any point EVER. 💋❤ • #mondaymentions #bettertogether #changeyourskin #changeyourlife #rodanandfields #ceoofme

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Repost By g.o_r.o.w.e: When everyone in an organization is focused on schedules, the focus is on managing people. In a ROWE, everyone is focused on results, which is managing the work. . . #culture #life #worklifebalance #job #jobs #love #business #leadership #HR #humanresources #lifebalance #working #timemanagement #flexibleworking #realchange #adaptivechange #ROWE #work #careers #work #careers #presenteeism #productivity #accountability #autonomy #results (via #IGSaver @AppKottage)

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👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑 Trying out a new brand of hair color I heard is pretty good. Let's see about this @arcticfoxhaircolor in Aquamarine. Swipe left to see the bottle and stay tuned for the color reveal! 🤗🤗🤗🤗 #PlasticBagQueenSince1984 #WhatsAShowerCap #MindYuhBusiness #TheyWorkBetterAnyway #AndCostMeNADA #PlusRecycleRepurposReuse #Imma80sBaby #BlackGirlsHairGrowToo #LoveYourselfGirlOrNobodyWill #SelfLoveIsSexy #SelfCareIsMandatory #BlackGirlMagic #BlackGirlsDyedHair #ColoredLocs #Autonomy #GetSome

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The last few days were so uplifting and inspiring 😊 . @sandrahartl79, @aspar_ella and @loa_meets_sjoli have all taken the leap of faith and gave their horses a voice. We all listen to our horses as good as we can, no matter if their words are nice or sometimes uncomfortable or hard to accept. Ský for example was so tired after the first day that he very clearly said that he doesn't want to do anything else than cuddling and crunching the second day 🐴😅 And even though we humans had big plans, everyone was understanding and adapting to the horse's needs. . After everyone was on their way home, I scrolled through social media and it really hit me hard seeing horses that are not heard, whose voices are neither acknowledged nor valued by their owners or trainers. They are labelled as naughty, misbehaving and lazy - well, we could have said all those things to Ský that day, too. . But we didn't, because he's none of those things. He's a gentleman, he's strong, he's always motivated, he just used all his energy the day before. We understood, accepted and I even thanked him for his honesty 🙏 . Sometimes I want to stay in my bubble of alternative horse people, other times I think it's not helping to close my eyes to reality. I guess the contrast was just too harsh and I'll be up and running again tomorrow 😅🍀 . #pony #intrinzenstudents #intrinzenmeeting #autonomy #freedom #voice #listentoyourhorse

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🖇 okay is this anatomy thing a trend now?

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Clips from one of our first rides back. At the start I was trying to time her stops so I could prop my phone up on the rail to film😂 she’s such a star, though! Stopped every time to my whistle or cue from my seat. This ride she was quite eager to play around, but I’m planning on mostly riding under saddle until I’m back in shape again. Otherwise I’m worried she’ll form bad experiences riding if I’m bouncing on her bareback. ~ I’m absolutely LOVING my equine massage therapy college course. It’s *so* helpful to understand the horse’s entire anatomical structure (muscular & skeletal). Further study of how muscles work and the correct way a horse’s body is designed to move (making me completely in awe of our Creator) is ideal for training and riding. It’s so fun comparing equine and human structures...this will be helpful for a future career in Occupational Therapy😊

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Repair is in all ways posible. Repairs restitch any tear in the fabric of our lived, felt experience, creating a new, resilient place within our own system. Ruptures and repairs are a normal part of the human experience. We can learn to track this and orient towards the capacity to heal. One way this has shown up for me is in my decision to not seek formal medical care during pregnancy. I’ve gotten really clear on when I would choose institutionalized medical care, why and what I could reasonably expect from that system. It’s allowed me to be truly grateful that I can access technology or medication or even surgery if that’s what I really believe is needed and it’s coming from my own internal experience and process. Not only is this a step towards repairing how women’s bodies are pathologized, it’s also decreased some fears around accessing that care. And I’ll be real, my expectations for compassion and informed consent within that system are very low, which is perhaps a topic for another time. Having an autonomous pregnancy, receiving care from who I choose and when, has been a most welcome restitching in the fabric of my own embodied reproductive experience. Power, not empowerment. Whole woman care, repairs and all. . . . Art by @hellies.goddesses #prenatalcare #womenshealth #autonomy #wisewomantradition #pregnancy #wildpregnancy #freebirth #rewilding #resilience

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¿Quieres enseñar a tus hijos una conducta buena y positiva sin recurrir al castigo? ¿Te interesa generar un espacio positivo, dinámico y alentador en tu salón de clases? ¿Buscas estrategias para ser una persona más productiva pero más relajada a la vez? ¡Este taller es para ti! Introducción a la Disciplina Positiva.Una metodología práctica y vivencial en tan sólo 3 horas. ¡Contáctame! #disciplina #disciplinapositiva #educacion #learning #teaching #aprendizaje #enseñanza #crianza #respeto #amabilidad #firmeza #respect #kindness #firmness #behavior #positivediscipline #medel #encouragement #bebes #children #babies #teens #autonomy #dralucydelagarza #dralucydelag

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Seats are already filling up... Please text me ASAP if you are interested in joining (512-649-5490).

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*BOOK REVIEW* . Hello... So this book called "Autonomy - the quest to build the driverless car" by Lawrence Burns. And I gotta say, the first chapter seriously blew my mind! It has all the proper superhero setting with an impossible challenge, a super team put together by a super genius, a badass leader and by far the most exciting cliffhanger! . . So our protagonist is a guy named Chris Urmson, and well, he's pretty much a genius since birth with an insane love for robotics and this innate desire to take on the most coolest tasks ever! And DARPA clearly made him the happiest man alive. The DARPA's Grand challenge is a turning point for autonomous vehicles. This challenge would have Urmson and his team build an autonomous vehicle which can do 150 miles under 10 hours on the Mojave desert with its inhospitable terrain. . . The entire team pretty much worked to death and by that I mean staying awake to code for 3 days straight, always sleep deprived and drowning in caffeine FOR 2 YEARS. The car was bathed in sensors all over the place - 4 LIDARS, stereo vision processing systems, GPS units and RADARS. Lets not forget the actuators that allows the computer to drive the car. All this data gave the processor to basically..."see" the world. . . The processor used was a quad core Itanium 2 server with 3 gigs of RAM and OMG the infinite number of huge problems they encountered and solved is just amazing, the worst was the car rolling over upside down destroying all computers and engine a week before the event. . . And, finally on the historic day of March 13, 2004, with reporters from all over the world, thousands of specters cheering on and the director of DARPA announcing the start of the event, it all went to shi- well basically the whole thing was a disaster and the promised car which was supposed to travel 150 miles actually broke down and burned, just 7.5 miles from the start. So to save face, the director announced to the media that a SECOND race will be held next year and the prize money?...$2 million. . . #computerscience #coding #programmer #codinglife #python #pythonprogramming #artificialintelligence #autonomy #bookworm #bookstagram #tesla

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¿Quieres enseñar a tus hijos una conducta buena y positiva sin recurrir al castigo? ¿Te interesa generar un espacio positivo, dinámico y alentador en tu salón de clases? ¿Buscas estrategias para ser una persona más productiva pero más relajada a la vez? ¡Este taller es para ti! Introducción a la Disciplina Positiva.Una metodología práctica y vivencial en tan sólo 3 horas. Precio individual $500, 2 personas $850 Incluye diploma ¡Contáctame! Dra. Lucy :) +52 811 169 11 96 #disciplina #disciplinapositiva #educacion #learning #teaching #aprendizaje #enseñanza #crianza #respeto #amabilidad #firmeza #respect #kindness #firmness #behavior #positivediscipline #medel #encouragement #bebes #children #babies #teens #autonomy #dralucydelagarza #dralucydelag

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One of my greatest fears is being trapped by autonomy. I can only feel fulfilled if the love, the life, the jobs I'm surrounded by is consistently challenging my own fear, to be new, or to avoid being stuck in uncomfortable comfort. I don't want to feel comfortable forever. If I'm scared, great, let's take that fear and go for it anyway. If I'm unhappy but too stuck in my routine, forget it, we'll try something new and be happier for it. I took the scenic route from Leyton to the West End yesterday (about 7 miles/ 2.5 hours) instead of the tube. I wasn't trying to prove something. I was just reminding myself that I can take a different path, a different route, and discover something beautiful and I did. The route was wonderful, it was peaceful, it cleared my mind. The tube would not have done the same. Disrupt your autonomy. . . . . #writingcommunity #photooftheday #victoriapark #parklife #autonomy #comfortzone #love #life #positivity #positivequotes #writersofig #thoughtoftheday #liamxavierpoetry at London, United Kingdom

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Nature’s Performance-Enhancing Drug: INtrinsic motivation. — Intrinsic motivation is unique (and precious) as it activates the nervous system in a fabulous balance of *BOTH* higher physical ability AND lower perceived effort. We can actually DO more but FEEL the effort less. And it’s not just a PSYCHOLOGICAL trick — it is our (and our athletes/horses) PHYSIOLOGY that changes. Under the influence of intrinsic motivation we literally become stronger, more focused, with less awareness of time and difficulty. — You all know the best example of intrinsic motivation: the FLOW state. And helping us help our athletes find more of it is the next stage of *my* work. — FLOW states are known as “effortless attention”, which is nearly the opposite of effortFUL attention. The incredible power of FLOW states is the activation of BOTH sympathetic AND parasympathetic branches of the nervous system. That means we get the best of both *fight/flight* AND *rest/digest*. We get all the enhanced stimulation and physical ability — the high-energy activation and excitement of a thrilling black diamond ski run — but combined with the *bliss* of a relaxing massage. Nature is amazing, and FLOW is one of its greatest gifts. It is the closest to a superpower we will ever get. And it’s free. — But it’s ONLY possible from a state of autonomy. “If you MUST play, you CAN’T play.” — The first new theory of motor control/learning to emerge in the past 40 years is known as “OPTIMAL”, and it’s from two of the most brilliant sports/rehab/biomechanics researchers on the planet: Dr.Gabriele Wulf and Dr. Rebecca Lewthwaite. The OPTIMAL theory brings several new areas to motor control/learning science, but ESPECIALLY the recognition of AUTONOMY as a key factor in how we learn AND perform *physically.* (Wulf is also the leading scientist on the “external focus” research— showing us the nervous system self-organizes movement differently — and BETTER— when it is focused on a physical goal in the environment that is NOT the body.) — If you want your athlete or rehab client to *perform* better, help them find moments of FLOW. At the least, don’t BLOCK it. Tomorrow I’ll talk more on *how* 🤸‍♂️

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Metalhealthonline is a Specialist Counselling Service for the metal community 🤘🤘Sessions available Face to Face or via Skype/ FaceTime 🤘🤘 at times that can fit round work / family life and time zones, Metalhealthonline is a flexible service 🤘🤘 This is Morbit, what is essentially a cover band with the vocalist from Watain and including band members from Nifelheim, Dismember Merciless and Entombed playing Morbid classics 🤘🤘 #metalcommunity #mentalhealthawareness #professionalcounselling #counselling #watain #dismember #nifelheim #morbid #morbit #entombed #merciless #dead #mayhem #slayer #professionalcounsellor #qulifiedcounsellor #flexiblecounselling #autonomy #specialistcounselling #blackmetal #deathmetal #grindcore #industrial #mindfullness #anxiety #depression #bereavement #support #talktherapies #reachout

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• Autonomy with other Humans • ⠀ Giving autonomy starts with unconditional trust. But it is not easy to let go of control. ⠀ I remember how Tabaluga's owner had a hard time giving me autonomy when working with his horse. Which is okay, it was his decision. But his expectations not only pressured both me and Tabaluga, but eventually led me to stop working with this horse. ⠀ I don't think he ever understood why I stopped our relationship. I didn't properly understand this myself until I read about the importance of autonomy for intrinsic motivation (Determination Theory). I now know the biggest reason was that I couldn't bear the pressure anymore. The pressure do do what he thought was "right", instead of allowing me to find my own "right" solution. ⠀ Until now I haven't been in the position deciding to allow autonomy very often. Except with horses. It's very interesting to learn about it from that side and being concious about it before being in that situation with other humans. ⠀ I am kind of a perfectionist, so I think I might have a hard time allowing autonomy too. But with horses I more and more learn how those independent living beings can create some great things when giving only a direction or trend and then they search for a solution or outcome themselves. ⠀ The thing is, every brain is wired differently, so anyone can come to a different solution for a different puzzle. One the other wouldn't even have thought of. That's where we get the beauty of diversity. ⠀ The horses already surprised me in many ways I didn't expect on how to solve a puzzle. I am thrilled to see and experience more than my brain knows of *already*. I am ready to be inspired by other beautifully thinking brains, even if that means sometimes they must be able to "fail" with a good laughter 🧠🌌 ⠀ #intrinzen #intrinzenstudents #yinyanghorses #intrinsicmotivation #positivereinforcement #confidence #contentment #health #horses #intrinzeninspired #autonomy #assumptions #fear #acceptance

1 day ago

#Repost @loveoverfearwellness (@get_repost) ・・・ Many people fear accidentally giving birth in their bathroom at home (or their car on the way to the hospital). For others, the goal is to welcome the new addition to their family at home, whether in the bathroom or not. It’s all subjective. What makes one person feel safe may not be true for the next. . . 📷 @feelinghomeagain . . #loveoverfear #loveoverfearwellnessandbirth #birth #homebirth #childbirth #doula #phillydoula #autonomy

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Need an app for offering choices? Providing choices helps build autonomy and can decrease frustration. We’ve recently been introduced to two apps for providing choices, GoTalk Now (Lite) and SoundingBoard. . . What was important to us was the ability to presented 2-4 large choices, a changeable background color for visual impairment, and the ability to choose pics on the spot from a personal photo library. #autonomy #choices #apps #musictherapy #musictherapyinschools #autism #communication

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🍃NISSAN LEAF🍃 ZERO EMISSION‼️ VIENI SUBITO A SCOPRIRE DI PIÙ! 📍via Quirino Majorana 110 📞 0655123211 💌 ❤la NUMERO SETTE ti COCCOLA❤ • • • • #nissan #leaf #intelligent #mobility #perfection #energy #power #elegance #zero #emission #future #technology #automatic #autonomy #staytuned #innovation #photooftheday #carsofinstagram #best #car #staypositive #positivevibes #interesting #amazing #amazingcars #nissannumerosette at Rome, Italy