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#Repost @tiramisupaperie with @get_repost ・・・ Friends we are wrapping up this month of #autismawareness and raising money to help support @autismtn 💙 We have these amazing candles from @fourpointstradingco left! Omg they legit smell like fruit loops-no joke! Like open a box of fruit loops and there you go! It’s amazing! The first time I smelled this candle I about lost myself in the memory of sitting in front of the tv, watching a marathon of cartoons allllllll Saturday morning long-not having a care in the world. God I miss that! If you want one, comment with 🧩 and dm us your email. Candles are $10 plus shipping and we will invoice you through PayPal. Once you paid we will ship yours. There are 24 left... So get yours today and help us fund @autismtn #autism #autismawareness #candle #soywax #fruitloop #community #womenownedbusiness #differentnotless #beafruitloopinabowlofcheerios #autismmom #ittakesavillage #deskaccessories #gifts #homedecor #💙 #autismawarenessmonth #autismparents #papercampalum #papercamp

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I enjoyed volunteering this morning for a special friendship snack at recess at Nic and Eliza’s school. They are celebrating a week of #autism and #inclusion awareness. Glad to have #acceptance as a core value at this school! at Northridge, California

5 minutes ago

Starting our garden for the very first time today!! And I am pretty excited!! This recovering journey is not easy or everyone would do it. But like my quote says, it is so worth it and the end ish. especially because I know Thiago is going to feel much better, physically and mentally. • • I have been a negative Nancy this week 😭 (my poor husband) can anybody relate? • • Today I told myself to look for something positive about this journey. And what I got out of it is, having to make better decisions with what I eat, what I clean with, what I wash my clothes with etc... it breaks my heart that this had to happen for me to make better decisions and do more research when it comes to my own kids. But everything happens for a reason right? 🤔 • • We still have a LONG way to go because this doesn’t happen over night. But we are slowly changing our lifestyle for the better. 💛💚

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“Seeing the World From A Different Angle” If you place your order now📦 Please allow additional 3 - 6 business days for standard shipping. Expedited or Rush shipping may be available depending upon the product(s) the destination country. #autism #autismawareness #graphicdesign #graphicdesigner #graphictees #tshirtvinyl #tshirtdesign #logodesinger #logo #logodesigns #flyerdesign #veteranownedbusiness #veteranowned #boricua #crea #creaculture @proworldinc @nickpowerz_ @iris.rijos at Harker Heights, Texas

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This kid. He has his own speed, his own ways, his own style. He’s challenged so many petty ideals I had before I had kids (can we all just laugh at the fact I was determined my kids would never be the ones screaming in the grocery store...? 😂🤦🏽‍♀️) and I’m so glad for that. I’m daily thankful we can communicate and have full conversations now, something we don’t take for granted after hours upon hours of speech therapy. I just love him.

10 minutes ago

My landlady is toying with me and I’m not sure what to do next. I felt more empowered when my dad was being supportive, he’s pulled his support. I knew it would happen. He’s coming down off a four month mania and trying to make amends to my mom who likes to blame me for everything. I just feel alone and could use some emotional support. Honestly something my parents have never provided and I should have known. So, anyway, landlady has cancelled the plumbers fixing the broken pipes indefinitely and I am to not flush toilet paper indefinitely. AND am to accept that I’m the problem here not the lack of maintenance on her property, even though multiple plumbers have confirmed it’s the pipes and not us, the tenants. And I canceled the boys therapy session tomorrow and their therapist is leaving the practice. Just full of regret today. But, it’s only today. And today I can rest. It’s not perfect but it’s okay. #thefatparade