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3 hours ago

I make lots of new friends to play chase with at the park! I was sad at first because the first doggo I played with wasn’t very nice but then I find friends like this that make everything better!

7 hours ago

"I has a job" the look he gave me when I said let's go when I was leaving for work was priceless, he was so happy to do almost a full day at work with me

15 hours ago

Weekend state of mind. . . Happy Memorial Day weekend! Time to sit back & relax. Are you doing anything fun?! Unfortunately, I says it's supposed to rain all weekend here 😭 . . Bandana 》@traildogco 》DUDE20 》or use the link in my bio》The Summer Lovin' release is this Sunday 5pm CST for bandanas & 7pm CST for tags and accessories.

15 hours ago

We went for a nice walk at album #park, he’s such a love bug with a need for constant attention 💙🐶

16 hours ago

Swipe to see that face when mom gets you your own succy from @florida.cactus 👅🌱

16 hours ago

*Technically* we only meant to get ONE pup. 😂 #notsorryonebit Meet Charley and Tallulah, the newest additions to our little gang. They’ve been part of the family a couple of weeks now and are settling right in. #austrailianshepherd

16 hours ago

Ollie n Kali 🐺 🐺 🎣

16 hours ago

Went to the Vets and handled it like a champ✊🏼

17 hours ago

Busy Memorial weekend Friday. Two puppies, one adolescent, one adult and a senior. In order: Solo returns from structured walk, Willow practices place outside, small wrestling session with Stella & Willow as Smidge watches, Stella sits while the puppy plays, Willow having a cookie vet visit, and finally Grace (our senior) after letting the puppies know how she felt allowed them to be in her personal & social space.

20 hours ago

: This is Livie! She is a 5 month old... maybe Beagle/Australian Shepherd mix? She came from the same shelter as Pepper and Chili in South Texas. She was adopted out as a puppy and returned for “behaviors”. From being in a foster home, we know that she just needs some puppy manners! She’s already caught on to training so fast. After visiting the vet, we found out that she only weighs 25lbs. She is much smaller in person. She had hookworms and was treated for that. Livie is smart, sweet, and active and mellow at the same time. She has already learned how to use a kennel and to potty outside (for the most part). She is extremely picky, so this cutie is eating freeze dried food. Livie is now available for adoption! . For more information, please select one of the contact options in our bio. Interested in adopting? See to fill out an application. To donate, visit! . #mutt #mix #rescue #rescuerow #foster #rescuedog #rescuedogsrock #pup #puppy #paypal #adopt #adoptme #adorable #adoption #adoptable #save #share #sweet #dog #doggy #donate #beagle #aussie #austrailianshepherd

20 hours ago

My mom never knows which pictures to post of me; so here’s 2 😊 at Grant Park, Atlanta

20 hours ago

I’ve maintained my skill all week! Turns out I’m a pretty fast learner if it involves treats!!😋 #aac #caninecommunication

20 hours ago

Whiskey is not even two years old yet, but he has an old soul! He looks like he’s settling in to tell a story about the “good ole days” 😂🐾 at La Crescent, Minnesota

22 hours ago

idk if Flash Back Friday’s are still a thing but who doesn’t love a lil’ lake day glow up ? ps. My human keeps threatening she’s going to get a better tan than me. LOL. smh. rookie. SO HAPPY SUMMER IS FINALLY HERE can I get a YEEEEEHAWWWW 🤠☀️🌈🌼🌸🐾⛵️❣️ 🐠 🐟 🐡 🐙 🐢 🦎 🦀 🐬 #lifeofmav #summeroutfit #summerlovin #lakedays #lakehairdontcare #germanshepherd #dogsoverdudes #austrailianshepherd #dogsofinstagram #petsmart #petsmartgrooming #dogsbeingbasic #cutestpuppies