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8 months ago

Ahhh loofahs! Somehow I managed to get my loofah gourds going despite their initial challenges. I listened to a presentation about growing and harvesting them at the Mother Earth News Fair and they really appreciated what I learned ๐Ÿ‘ I can't wait to give little loofah sponges for the holidays! . One of the biggest things I want to work on next season is trellising! Among other things, I caged the tomatos way too late and I think a proper trellis system will really change the game. Just wait for next year's epic loofah wall. . #homegardening #smallfarm #microfarm #marketgarden #loofah #loofahgourd #growinggourds #asthegardengrows #perseverance #organicgardening

9 months ago

We did a thing! We are giving a go at our first #CSA type box thing, that in true Aisha + Kelsey fashion doesn't really follow CSA typical standards! The weather has been real crappy lately with the wildfires, so our regular outlet of the market has been somewhat hit or miss. The garden hasn't stopped producing though so we need to move vegetables asap. We put an idea out there and like five of our friends swooped it up. Tomorrow we will be delivering $10 produce boxes to some folks. These are box examples. The left one has three $1 add ons so it looks a bit heftier. The one on the right is a standard. We're really excited to see how this sales model is different than the market one and also wanna see if we enjoy it more/less. Thanks for joining us on this learning journey! #queerswhofarm #permaculture #notill #marketgarden #womenwhofarm #enbieswhofarm #oregon #organic #countryqueers #southernoregon #asthegardengrows

10 months ago

In my earth element among the giant squash plants.๐ŸŒฟ While I don't love the heat, my garden certainly does, and for that I am grateful. It's been a weird summer. I'm eager for my favorite season, autumn. I'm trying to take it day by day and appreciate the way nature cycles and flows.๐ŸŒ€ As the garden grows, so too does the gardener. โœจ #summer2018 #asthegardengrows #seasons #changingtimes #lunareclipse #lunaraquarian #natureiscool #giantsquash #garden #smallfarm #grateful

1 year ago

๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜… Hehhhh... We've got a lot of tomatoes. It was kind of the point, but still, wow. They won't be ready for about a month but if anyone in Southern Or. would like some tomato starts soon, let us know! Varieties include red cherry, chocolate cherry, costoluto florentino, pantano romenesco, San marzano, Amish paste, and orlst. We've got salad 'maters, canning 'maters, fresh-eating 'maters, and slice-your-fingers-off 'maters! If you are growing tomaters this year please let us supply your plants! #holytomato #gardenchaos #marketgarden #asthegardengrows #growyourown #startagarden #tomatolovers #organicgardening

1 year ago

We put in some hard work today cutting down cover crop that overwintered in the beds. Turning it into the soil for even more organic matter and fertility. We're practicing limited tilling in these beds (as well as others). They won't be conventionally tilled but rather gently turned with hand tools to disrupt the soil life as little as possible. #gardenlyfe #handtill #asthegardengrows #hardwork #gentlegardening

1 year ago

Healthy soil. ๐Ÿ› We struggled a bit in the first couple of years of having our gardens. Garden beds thrown together in a rush, small vegetables, totally preventable plant deaths. But here we are, a lot of patience later, and things are breaking down and building up. Our beds have delicious soil and we're carving out more and more space to grow delicious food/herbs! #progress #asthegardengrows #growingup #worms #horticulture #covercrop #fieldpeas #oats #vermiculture #womenwhofarm #southernoregon

1 year ago

Feeling extra resistant to working indoors today, when I know our evolving garden is waiting! We've got all kinds of baby herb starts in the greenhouse, leafy greens waiting to pop up from the ground, pictured #4 is our recycled bee/insect hotel! And a lucky little lady bug that appeared to me right after I planted a pretty big dream seed. #isittheweekendyet #greenwitch #enviroqueer #dreamingofhomesteading #asthegardengrows

1 year ago

Happy New Year, y'all! First draw of 2018 from Gabrielle Bernstein's beautiful deck "The Universe Has Your Back." What will you plant this year? What will you bring to fruition? #asthegardengrows #plantseeds #cultivate

2 years ago

Love is definitely in the air and another GFoods romance!!Happily Ever After to our Newlyweds!!Congratulations to our beautiful bride @alicjaf and her very handsome groom @matgrabo!! These 2 were a pair before working together here @gardenfoodsmkt yes of course they will be added in "As The Garden Grows" book of love and romance!! And yes, the book is getting thicker with every passing year!!! #asthegardengrows #april28 at Garden Foods

5 years ago

As the garden grows... Lettuce seems to grow pretty well. #asthegardengrows