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3 days ago

Good morning ☀️How is your morning going? I just poured my morning smoothie right past my mouth and split it all down my chest. Not even kidding 😕 at Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

4 days ago

Born in Lithuania to an Orthodox Jewish family in 1898, Ben Shahn immigrated with his parents to New York in 1906. Shahn studied at the National Academy of Design in New York and traveled throughout Europe during the 1920s. In 1933, he assisted Diego Rivera for the painting of his “Man at the Crossroads” fresco in Rockefeller Center. Shahn was a member of the Social Realist movement, and his expressive paintings, drawing and prints were inexorably tied to his pursuit of social justice and his lifelong political activism. On offer November 16-18: Ben Shahn (Lithuanian/New York, 1898-1969), "One Must be able to Forget Them" and “One Must Feel How the Birds Fly,” 1968, 2 lithographs, each signed in plate lower right, from Rilke Portfolio: For the Sake of a Single Verse, sheets 22 1/2 in. x 17 1/2 in., framed alike. (2 pcs.); "Many Men" and "The Light, White, Sleeping Woman in Childbed,” 1968, 2 lithographs, each signed in plate lower right, from Rilke Portfolio: For the Sake of a Single Verse, each with individual folio as backing, sheets 22 1/2 in. x 17 1/2 in., framed alike. (2 pcs.) at Neal Auction Company

5 days ago

So I like to share This piece with you guys made by @monikachichi it’s nice to step back from my coaching and just be a student I gotta remember myself that I’m always a student first oh and @nikabolcic Your energy power and will and vision for dance is just amazing I’m happy to share the floor with you while traveling... Monika thank you for this lovely piece I love this artwork even though the progress is holding you back I’m still excited for what the future is going to bring for you and for the people you get to share your art with till next time see you soon 🇩🇪 D💎R #lessenlearnedinlife #travel #workshop #coaching #loveheals #artispowerful #energyiseverywhere #darebels

7 days ago

🌀🎨♒ WhatsApp: +00923215699961 Email: Visit Facebook Pages; ღஜღ Boundless Love ღஜღ 🔺💲🔺 #Kalakar🌀🎶 🎨ArtistSeherMohammad ♒ @Modaline ArtisTree By-Seher Mohammad®™ #artist #art #artistsoninstagram #artisan #artstudio #art_promotion #artistic_nation #artiste #artistselfie #artist_features #artist_share #artistpower #artist_photography #artispowerful #artistlife #artcollectors #artbuyers #artbusiness #pakistaniartcollector #artistsehermohammad #artstatement #sehermohammad_artistree💎 #ArtistArTruth🔔 #artistsehermohammad#MODalineArtistree 🌈 #SeherMastuReaTeaArtiStree🌀 at ArtisTree

10 days ago

Lovely day at @royalacademyarts looking at all kinds of art & architecture with my art historian friend @mosespe1 The highlight of our day was chatting to @bobandrobertasmith and getting our books signed. Thanks @bobandrobertasmith for taking the time to chat to two dotty, art loving ladies from Reading yesterday #bobandrobertasmith #art #contemporaryart #signwriting #artispowerful #thesecrettoagoodlife #type #lettering #message #powerfulmessage #royalacademyofarts #booksigning #Reading #reading #artlovers

12 days ago

#PeopleMakeThePlace Sweetwater student, Kathy Gardner has been working on this piece during her time in the adult oil painting class this fall. After this weekends horrific anti-Semitic attacks in our home city, she was pausing to reflect and found new meaning in her work. She heard Rabbi Jeffrey Myers speaking about his hope stating “We will rebuild because we are the Tree of Life. You can cut off some branches, but the tree will continue to grow, and we will be back.” Just as trees have strong roots and shed their leaves each season, they come back with a renewed spirit. The congregation, Jewish community, and our city will do the same. She finished it today and is gifting it to the congregation at the Tree of Life Synagogue. 🌳 Thank you Kathy for showing the transformative power of the arts, and how small acts of kindness can make a difference. #rebuild #strongerthanhate #pittsburghstrong #community at Sweetwater Center for the Arts

13 days ago

"Come To Love", in memory of @magsinvt / @maggiesbrightside, 2018.⠀ ⠀ Last Wednesday, during my painting session, I was moved to create in response to my sadness and grief for the loss of my friend, 50 or so years too soon. Generally, as my students will know, I am pretty callous when it comes to my paintings - "Its *just* paint on canvas," I'll say. That response is meant to get folks to loosen up and let go. ⠀ ⠀ But this painting was different. This piece came *through* me in a way that not many have. Perhaps it was Maggie herself, sending some serious love and energy through the color and the brush, or at least the pink salt lamp she gave me last year.⠀ ⠀ Regardless, I decided then and there that I wanted to share this piece at her Life Celebration, and that I wanted others to be able to leave their mark on it as well. Folks who came to celebrate Maggie were given a chance to help me create her "crown" with their fingerprint. ⠀ ⠀ What I did not expect, and which left me breathless and in tears as I drove home, was how SPIRITUAL this mark making became for so many. the act of *touching* and leaving the print was a chance to touch her, one more time. It was a moment of "Hi," and "Bye" and "I love you so much," all in one. ⠀ ⠀ These moments reminded me that Art is powerful and moving, and this moment was simply that. This piece will be my gift to the family, and eventually, prints will be made to benefit @maggiesbrightside. ⠀ ⠀ #maggiesbrightside #magsinvt #emilymitchellstudio #cometolove #artispowerful #madeinvt #vtart #vtartist #acrylicpaint #letgo #love #makeyourmark

20 days ago

I spent all of Monday completely disappointed with where I was in this painting and trying to come up with a way to fix it. Once again I had to force myself to let go, pick up a brush with no plan and just paint. I had a teacher once tell me that "paintings will paint themselves if you just start" and I never understood what that meant until more recently. I've always wanted complete control over my art. I never started any projects without an end product in sight. My control issues were made worse during a devastatingly abusive relationship and my creating turned into mania. I had a compulsive need to create. I felt like a crazy person running around trying to find ANYTHING to make. I would scroll Pinterest for hours to find the easiest crafts according to my personal style so I could finish it quickly and satisfy my crazy. But creating within the walls I'd built just felt like chaos, never freedom. I didn't associate art with emotion until after I'd completed therapy, went back to church, began healing my mind and fell deeply in love with the most gentle, strong and understanding man I know. I no longer cared about judgment of others regarding my work, or at least it didn't carry a lot of weight. I started following any artist whose art made me feel something. I realized they're mostly abstract, "messy" paintings. Full of colors, rough lines, happy accidents, smudges and quick brushstrokes. The beginning of this painting in my previous post left me empty, trapped, timid, distracted and ultimately disappointed. When I put my brush down last night after this painting was complete I was overwhelmed with excitement, joy, and FREEDOM. I may have ran/jumped down the hall. 😂 I've never claimed to be normal. As I stare at the canvas in my living room I almost cried because every time I do I feel that freedom.

20 days ago

We have just 10 hours to make our target for our film  #OhMyFriend! We still need as much support as we can get to make this film happen, every contribution will really make a difference to us! Thank you so very much to these incredible people who have sponsored us so far! 💚💚💚 Read about our story here: #/ #supportindiefilm  #supportart  #artispowerful  #thepowerofstorytelling #femalefilmcrew  #femalefilmmakers  #filming  #filmmaking  #welshcrew  #Wales #welshfilm

26 days ago

@angrystrongo inspired this drawing by one of my first grade boys today. Last week this student asked me to draw him the little alien character in a poster I have displayed in my classroom by @angrystrongo. I drew it for him and he was so excited to take it home. Today he had some extra time to draw in his sketchbook and he was so excited to show me his own drawing of the same little alien character. This little guy struggled so much last year and I am over the moon that Randy’s art sparked something in him. If you swipe to see the original work - his observational drawing was spot on for a first grader! Thank you to @angrystrongo for gifting me this little poster. If you haven’t checked out his work and his wife @ashcanworks work you should!! They create amazing art for your art room. Can’t wait to see what they create next!!! #artteachersofinstagram #elementaryartteacher #iteachart #amazingillustrators #artispowerful

28 days ago

A trio I am playing with. I have taken to working on the floor when I can. It gives me a different perspective, is good for my body and means I don’t take over my dining room with all my painting escapades! 💫 What do you think of these so far? I will add some more colours later. I was planning to do a white background but the other colours made their way to the canvas without me thinking about. Exactly how I like to create to be honest. I can have a plan in my head sometimes but it RARELY goes to plan. There is a great sense of freedom of going with the flow 👌 at Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

30 days ago

Check out artwork by @clarissacallesen, “Unbalanced Trails” 2018, depicting scarred trees at @museumnwart as part of the Surge exhibition about #climatechange and its impact on Northwest coastal communities. The show runs through January 6, 2019. . . . . . . #igers_washingtonstate #recycledtextiles #fiberart #installationart #ecodyeing #softsculpture #artispowerful #savethetrees #savetheearth #savetheenvironment #climatechangeisreal #skagitvalley #artinstallations #artmuseums #laconnerwa #skagitcounty #inskagit at Museum of Northwest Art

1 month ago

🖤"Any form of Art is a form of Power; It has Impact, it can affect Change - It not only Moves Us, it makes us Move" - Ossie Davis💜 - 🖤Augusta received rain, wind, and power outage (our house was affected) with Hurricane Michael. - 💜Night Flyer Yang is scheduled with a clearer forecast tonight, but as always, your safety comes 1st! - 🖤The multi-talented @alley.bei 🎸loved her Night Flying lesson with her beautiful variation in our ankle wrapped pose. - 💗 Wishing everyone safety during Hurricane Michael!! - #art #artform #form #power #artispowerful #impact #arthasimpact #artchangeslives #artmoves #artmovesus #ossiedavis #ossiedavisquote #augusta #augustaga #augustageorgia #nightflyeryang #safetyfirst #multitalented #alleybei #nightflying #flyingatnight #anklewrap #hurricanemichael #hurricane #aeriallove #aerialhammock #aerialhammockclass #aerialyogafun #aerialeveryday #homedowntownyoga at HOME downtown

1 month ago

Here’s something I recently shared in my newsletter. If you want to get inspiration for your creative soul on a regular basis... go to this link and sign up! I’d love to have you in the circle where I share more about empowering your creativity and clearing the blocks that are getting in your way. 💚 Here are 10 amazing things that happen when you make a commitment to your dreams, your creativity and exploring your soul gifts: 💜 1. You activate the power of your soul and the support of the universe that’s conspiring in your favor. 2. You start surrounding yourself with the mindset and materials that stoke up your vision and keep your inspiration fueled. 3. You TAKE ACTION and start building up your “chops” this means you actually DO your creative work. You do it like a pro. You make a special time and place to do it because it’s a priority… none of this happens until you commit though. 4. You start meeting people who share your passions and you learn about the power and possibility of co-creation. 5. You take back your power over time because you’re deciding to keep the commitment you made to yourself and your passion becomes a priority. 6. You start opening yourself up to support and learning new things and those opportunities start appearing. 7. You build up a body of work and learn amazing things about yourself along the way- you’re not wondering what you COULD create, you’re seeing what you DID create. 8. You stretch and grow because every time you keep your commitment and show up for yourself you learn a deeper level of self-trust. 9. You find support to help you get past the fears that have been holding you back…because your dream means too much to you and you want to keep going. 10. You start experiencing a deep sense of satisfaction, well-earned pride and CONFIDENCE in yourself. You discover that you’re strong and supported and that your dreams are possible. at The Berkshires

1 month ago

A spoon I carved a couple of years ago because I love trying new things. I do think it’s important to do different things and not get complacent in our lives. The process of whittling this by hand was a long one but one I enjoyed very much. I enjoy most things that keep me away from the computer, lol. The image to the right shows several hours back from this result. I wish I had an image of the beginning for contrast which was literally a block of wood. And yes I had blisters by the end! Anyone else done this? at Brisbane, Queensland, Australia