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All the pretty things that we could be. ✨

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‹La pareja perfecta no es la que nunca tiene problemas, sino la que a pesar de ellos se queda junta superándolos›

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Meet Natalie, a badass katana wielding girl who also happens to be endowed with the power of telekinesis. I'm gonna work out a proper bio a bit later😓 You'll probably be seeing a lot of her though.😛😛 Good to be back drawing though.. a combination of school and exams shot my creativity😫😫

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Real / rare

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I’m doing art requests. This is just showing how I draw, lol. I’ll do as many as i feel like. Once i close the art requests, im going to draw them all then draw the other requests for round two ;0 REQUEST EVEN IF FULL BECOZ I WILL DRAW UR REQUEST ONCE IM DONE WITH THE FIRST ONES HAHAH So yee... pls notice me ;w; #artrequest #art #drawing #artrequestopen #requestart 1) @_muffin_cat 2) @animegod_____ 3) idk if theres anymore ppl who will request)

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facula ·

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I saw the mountain