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11 months ago

I am having this for lunchπŸ˜‹. Where? Arryana’s Cuisine located at Sameer Business Park Food court. As usual it was fully parked and the food really good. I ordered Beef plain with Chapati and they were kind enough to include some mixed veggies. The chapati was amazing! It was soft,not oily and very tasty. Only issue was the meat,it was a bit hard for me. Why didn’t I complain? Yeah right, try getting the attention of a waiter or waitress AFTER they have served you at a food court πŸ˜’. I am not done with this restaurant, need to try their Pilau πŸ€—. #Arryana #lunch #swahilifood #mombasaroad at Nairobi, Kenya

3 years ago

#ARRYANAβ™‘β™‘β™‘ My Sweet Heart ..

4 years ago

I'm not all the way there but the progress I've made is undeniable. I will continue to work to become the best me I can be so when my two daughters grow up they can define what a man is and how a man should treat woman through my actions and character. I love you to! #arryana #emilly