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Modified schedule for Memorial Day @barrysbootcamp I’m teaching Arms & Abs in FiDi at 7am & 8.15am I’m sure you’re like, ugghhh I could sleep in BUT if you get your workout done early, I promise you’ll feel so energized, accomplished and you’ll have so much more time to hang out with friends & fam and enjoy the rest of the day. So sign up, let’s get those endorphins flowing early tomorrow am! 💪🏽 See you in the Red Room! . . . #trishpfitness #barrysbootcamp #barrysbayarea #memorialdayworkout #fitfam #fitnessmotivation #neverskipamonday #getitdone #endorphins #strongissexy #nikewomen #armsandabs #morningworkout #beststarttotheday #makeshithappen #aspiretoinspire #sffidi #bayareafitness #sanfrancisco #sffitness #fitnessinstructor #redroomvibes #femalefitness #badasswomen at San Francisco, California

2 days ago

Saturday sweat sesh 💦 featuring my favorite arms and abs moves!. 🚴🏼‍♀️45mins spin. 💪🏼3x10 biceps curls with lunges. 💪🏼3x12 overhead shoulder press w/ squats. 💪🏼3x12 incline flys and chest press. 💪🏼3x10 standing shoulder abduction. (Side raises I think they’re also called). 👙2x25 bosu v-up w/medicine ball. 👙2x35 bosu Roman twists w/medicine ball. 👙elbow plank with feet on bosu (4x go until I start shaking then count to 5). 👙side plank hip dips 2x15 w/feet on bosu. #lifttipoftheday I love incorporating whole body moves when working arms because it includes some core work and burns more calories. Don’t let your elbows drop below midline during chest press unless you want to come see me for a SLAP repair. 👊🏼 #workoutroutine #fitnessmotivation #fitchick #workouttwerkout #saturdaysweatsesh #memorialdayweekend #armsandabs #fueledbyarbonne #arbonnenutrition

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Endless reps might seem like a fast-track to strength gains, but there’s a far more economical way to train. At the #linkinbio, @performanceground gives you a stripped-back six-move circuit, focusing on quality reps and total-body strength. Plus, it builds a bigger chest, so what's not to like?

3 days ago

Just finished at the gym. I feel like a dog that's been hit by a bulldozer and it looks like my left eye is trying to make a break for it. That's enough for today. #gymgeek #exhausted #armsandabs

3 days ago

• so far i have applied to 50 jobs • i am still applying to 50 more as trying (and failure) is the key to success. haven't heard back from many but perhaps people are on vacation or busy. i am on round 2 of bbg 1.0 and did week 3 arms + abs day today. it was a total sweat fest and my arms and abs are my biggest weakness. i remember feeling my arms were like noodles in week 2. BUT after 15 weeks of bbg i have definitely seen an improvement in my arms and abs and how much further i can push myself. #positivethoughts #quote #motivation #motivationquote #quoteoftheday #fitness #bbg #kaylaitsines #armsandabs #bbground2 #sweatapp #patienceisavirtue #onedayatatime

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Woke up at 5:30am feeling wide awake 😳 So got in a 30 min arms, abs and ankle strengthening workout while Elsie still snoozed upstairs. Now off to work I go after dropping munchkin at nursery. Woohoo it’s Friday!! My aim is to drink two of these litre bottles of water a day as that’s always been the key to me losing any bloat after overindulging on holiday.

4 days ago

Pics from yesterday 😆! I just finished my arms and abs workout and my core is definitely on fire 🔥 😂!! It was a good workout!! I also was totally matching my saddle pads with this tank I have on in the pics!! And I love my @ariatinternational hat!! Now, stretching and riding two horses. Then, chores! • • • • • • • • • #pwr #power #powerprogram #kelseywells #kelseywellspwr #pwrprogram #underarmour #strength #muscle #goingtobuildmuscle #fit #fitness #fitequestrian #equestrian #weightlifting #thursdaymorning #morning #workout #sweat #sweatapp #sweatcommunity #2019 #may #thursday #thursdays #legday #arms #armsandabs #abs #vegetarian

5 days ago

Last day to workout before cruise. I am moving further and further from my goal weight, which sucks because I’ve came so far to stop now. All these vacations and beach days are really stopping my progress. I need to learn to live my best life without sugar, alcohol and carbs 😳 Cruising tomorrow with my oldest, who’s never cruised so we will be in all the food lines eating all the goodies, but I do plan to workout at least twice. I am aware I can’t workout enough to makeup for eating too much food, so I need to stop my bull 💩 and get it together. #weightloss #tummytuckjourney #breastaugmentation #stillworkingonit #fitover40 #armsandabs

6 days ago

Last week kicked my ass. I took a trip and packed workout clothes with every intention of keeping up with week 1 of bbg and then... I got sick immediately. So week 1 AGAIN. I'm still recovering so I did arms and abs which had less jumping than legs. And I worked out at home instead of spreading my germs at the gym so these old text books were my weights 💪 . . . . #bbg #bbgweek1 #bbgweek1again #bbggirls #kaylasarmy #kaylaitsines #keepmoving #bbgcommunity #armsandabs #homeworkout #sickday #recovering #activerecovery #weights #textbookweights

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Week 1, @sweat BBG with @kayla_itsines Arms and Abs Off to train later this evening 💪🏼 Hope you all had a positive day...but if not there’s always tomorrow! Update: Today I struggled with exercises I used to be able to do so easily 😓 e.g ab bikes and push ups. It just shows me how much muscle I’ve lost but it’s also making me feel determined to get stronger again 💪🏼 at Royal Tunbridge Wells

6 days ago

I don’t come to the gym looking all pretty, and I sure as hell don’t come out looking all pretty.... I come to work hard, get healthy, get in shape, sweat, release stress, calm my anxiety, feel better about myself, and literally work out all insecurities.I walk out of there feeling physically weak but mentally and emotionally powerful! I leave the “weights” behind...AIN’T NOTHING STOPPING ME! #26HoursIntoMy36HourFast #ArmsAndAbs #LaFitness #MyTrainerIsPrettyAwesome #LiftingMom #Mom #Wife #BoyMom #Nurse #HospiceNurse #FueledByArbonne #SuperFreakinWoman #JigglingAintFun at LA Fitness

6 days ago

🚨 NEW VIDEO ALERT🚨 20-min ABS & ARMS 🚨 ⠀ New on the app is a 20-min follow-along ABS & ARMS video! Below are a few moves from the workout. Grab a pair of dumbbells and ‘le’ go! ⠀ FEATURED MOVES: - SKIPS - SQUAT + SINGLE ARM PRESS - HIP RAISE + PULL-OVER - HIP DIPS - TRICEPS EXTENSION + CRUNCH - BUTTERFLY SIT-UP - BENT OVER QUICK ROWS ⠀ 💦 💦 at New York, New York

6 days ago

Few bits from fridays arms and abs session on Friday with @mannellouise Resistance band curl/extensions 4x12warm up DB decline curls 4x20 @12.5kg Preacher curls 4x12@37.5kg Cable overhead extensions 4x12 @28.5kg Single arm cable kickbacks 3x12 @14.5kg Superset Cable curls 4x12 @ 21.5kg Cable rope touchdowns 4x12@ 22.5kg Hanging knee 2 leg raises 3x10 Decline Russian twists 3x20@8kg Fitball crunches 3x15 Steady workout nice variation of hypertrophy training #fitfam #gymlife #physique #physiquecompetitor #personaltrainer #gymfam #ukup #hyperyrophytraining #armsandabs #arms

6 days ago

Never miss a Monday! The new week is actually a great time to recommit to yourself. Exercising on Mondays sets the tone for your week and is a great motivator to get you to exercise the rest of the week! Today we focused on arms and abs. Deets are below 👇 Stretching Kayak Hold 22 secs x2 Bridge Pause 10x2 Leg Lifts 10x2 Crunch Clap 12 (this one is tough!) Alternate Heel Touch 20 DB Bicep Curls 12x2 One Arm Tricep Extension 12x2 Squat Oblique Raise 16x2 Hammer Curls 12x2 Bent Over Rows 12x2 Cardio 20 Minutes . Swipe to see proper alignment for bent over rows! . . 📸 @beac03 #celebratingtinyvictories #chuzefitness #chuze #chuzefamily #gymworkout #armworkout #armworkoutsforwomen #fitnessfun #fitnessfam #weightlifting #weightliftingwomen #girlswholift #momswholift #strengthtraining #strengthdefinesyou #cardioworkout #armsandabs #mondayworkout #nevermissamonday #mondaymotivation #strongnotskinny #progressnotperfection #neverregretaworkout

7 days ago

SUMMER ☀️🌳🏋🏻‍♀️ Grateful to run at 11mph this week! Grateful for my body, for my ability to move, for my motivation to push-on. Grateful for my health & wellness community, my fitness peers & teachers, my clients. Grateful for 7am workouts, 12:30pm workouts, 5pm workouts. Grateful the sun is out, the trees are green, the air is warm!! at Barry’s Bootcamp Upper West Side

8 days ago

25 minute Arms and Abs using a Bar. • Biceps-1 minute full extension. 30 seconds each half range from top to middle, and bottom to middle x2 * upper arm stays still. Pelvis still and neural. • Arms extensions 1 minute- keep collarbone broad and shoulder blades pulled together through full movement. • Shoulder Press- 1 minute full range, 1 minute pulse zone. X2 - keep upper traps down by engaging shoulder blades together. Neutral, still pelvis. • Triceps/Abs- Engaged Core, Lying Triceps extensions. - 1 minute full Range, 1 minute pulse zone - x2 *keep upper arms still, hinge from elbows. Core fired. • Abs- straight arm extensions. Abs engage down to initiate arms pulling up - 1 minute. Crunch with reach - 1 minute - X2 #armsandabs #coreworkout #instafit #getresults #femmphysique • I was using a 15 lb bar•

8 days ago

Catching up on fitness posts! This was the week before last 😅 BBG1 Week 2 ✅. . Got off to a good start for the first half of the week, and enjoyed a lovely run on Bank Holiday Monday 🏃‍♀️ but then... chicken pox struck again 🐓, this time to the 6 month old baby. She got it BAD and so sleep and exercise went out the window. 🤦‍♀️💤. . It all then went a bit fuzzy so I’m not quite sure how or when but I did somehow manage to squeeze in all 3 resistance workouts, a #barrysbootcamp workout with @popsugarfitness and a run 🤷‍♀️💪. . I seem to remember I had to let my standards slip somewhat for the #fullbodyworkout as I kept having to take the baby for a walk between 7 minute #circuits (a very welcome break mind!) and I think my push ups and commandos were from the knees right from the start as I was sooooo tired that it was much more about just doing it than getting pumped up for a challenging grind. This way I got to enjoy it, felt motivated, and felt so much better, happier, healthier and more in control having fit something in for myself whilst looking after the poxy baby 👶. . Also loving my breakfasts at the moment. Rather fixated on @kokodairyfree coconut yoghurt with granola, blueberries, some bananas and a dollop of almond butter. Sooo good! The other one is a delicious chocolate #smoothiebowl, chocolate #veganprotein powder by @missfitsnutrition. Looking forward to enjoying more of these! 😋 . . #catchingup #bbgprogress #bbg #kaylasarmy #bbg1 #kaylaitsines #resistanceworkputs #homeworkouts #popsugarfitness #legsday #armsandabs #running #hiit #weights #breakfast #yoghurtandgranola #metime #somethingforme #justdoit #getitdone #exercisemakesmehappy at Kingston upon Thames

8 days ago

If you don't feel up to going to the gym this morning but still want to move there are still things you can do! Training from home can be just as effective. Have a go at this quick home upper body and core workout. Repeat as many times as you can. Having a 1 minute rest in between each round. Tricep press x 12 reps Squat hold with air punches x 30 seconds Press ups x 12 reps Walking plank x 30 seconds Wearing Top @sweatybetty Leggings @fabletics @fableticseu #ArmsAndAbs #HomeWorkout #Exercise #HealthAndFitness #Training #PT #PersonalTraining #CoreDefined #JustMove #Exercise #Gym #SweatyBetty

9 days ago

Welcome to your bonus workout for 5/18 with @coach_kylemoran from 💪🏽 with some arms and abs action! Superset 1 3-5 rounds, 1 min rest between rounds 🔺Chair dips x 12 🔺Shoulder touch x 12 Superset 2 3-5 rounds, 1 min rest between rounds 🔺Pushups x 12 🔺Deadbug x 12 Finisher! 1-3 rounds, no rest 🔺Flutter kicks x 15 🔺Curls x 10 🔺Sit-ups x 15 🔺Narrow pushups x 10 Remember you can always modify your pushups to knees! #cyclebarindy #coreworkout #strengthworkout #bonusworkout #summerbody #cyclelife #armsandabs #cyclebar

10 days ago

Welcome Friday... thank goodness, right? I find it funny when I speed a video up. I’m moving so darn slow in reality, you could cue the cricket 🦗 sound 🤣! I almost always incorporate supine arms and abs into my classes, and I’m continually striving to create different variations. Legs are open to a diamond: one arm goes through the legs, the other is angled at a 2 or 11 o’clock depending upon the side. Stay stable in those hips. Imagine your hipbones are bolted down to the carriage to prevent any shifting. Keep the head up, if so desired. Finish with some pulses through the legs. No head banging please!! It’s small and controlled pulses. Working on one heavy and one light spring. Have a good weekend all 😍