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Hey, it’s me... turning Planet Fitness into Planet Desb 🌏👽✌🏽 #lunkalarm swipe and bookmark for a Planet Fitness upper body lift - quick and efficient for those who call this gym your “home”!! ⤵️🏠 Besides the inability to perform some SoLiD compound movements - PF is a place where you can always get the job done! ✅ 👉🏽 add in some tempo and extra reps if you can’t find a weight “heavy enough” for you since they cut off at this gym! LETS GOOOOO!! 🌸 superset FRONT RAISE TO LATERAL RAISE: staying seated with chest up and out, keep these strict. 4x16 total CURL TO OH PRESS: as always, don’t skip out on range of motion (I used a hammer grip) 4x12 🌸 single movement SA LAT PULL DOWN: draw elbow in over the body and close while sitting sideways. 3x12 each 🌸 superset MACHINE BICEP CURL: don’t jerk this around, keep it all controlled and pause for a smidge at the top 3x12 MACHINE TRICEP PUSH DOWN: using some tempo, eccentric phase is 2-3 seconds and a quick concentric phase to push out. 3x15 🌸 finish SA CABLE CURL: keep feet together and close, relax arm down all the way each time. 4x10 each *add more or take away to fit your needs and wants, these are just ideas I like to share 😊* • With so much traveling lately I’ve had my fair share of “different gyms” - what’s your favorite gym to visit!? 🧐🧐 my personal fave has been the @katyhearngym or @goldsgym in Venice☀️🌴 💕 Outfit: @caffeineandkilos top / @lululemon leggings 🍍✨ #teambodybuildingcom #workoutoftheday #workoutvideos #roadtopro #ifbbpro #armday #workoutvideo #workoutqueen #upperbodyworkout #thursdayvibes #planetfitness #planetfitnessworkout #judgementfreezone #thatsalie at Planet Fitness

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Today is #ArmsDay 💃💪 RepostBy BEST ARM EXERCISES by @jmaxfitness - If you want to get big arms, then you need to focus on getting stronger in compound exercises (most of your effort should be here). - Some of the best compound exercises are close grip bench press, close grip chin-ups, rows, and overhead presses. If you can aim to add 30lbs to all of these big compound upper body lifts in the next year, then I can guarantee your arms will get bigger without ever isolating them. - With that being said, isolating them can help them get even bigger. I love incline dumbbell curls, lying triceps extensions (after getting a good tricep pump), and triceps cable pressdowns. If you can aim to add 15lbs to your lying triceps extensions and incline dumbbell curls in a year, then your arms will get bigger. All of this is for the 6-12 rep range. - Now, I ask you this, do you want Theon Greyjoy arms, or do you want The Mountain arms? That's what I thought. Start using these exercises and aim to get stronger on all of them and your arms will grow. - If someone you know would be interested in this, then send them here. - #bigarms #jmaxfitness #flexfriday #bigbiceps #bigtriceps #armday #armdayeveryday #armday💪 #armworkout #armworkouts #armpump #closegripbench #closegripchinup #chinup #inclinecurls #bicepcurls #bicepscurls #tricepsextension #bicepsexercise #tricepsexercise #armstraining #armtraining #curlsforthegirls #trisfortheguys #bisandtris #bloodflowrestriction #bfr #workoutroutines

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Concentration machine cable curls. This is a terrific way to target, isolate, and apply direct tension to the biceps 💪🏻💪🏼 ⬆️⬆️⬆️Check Out My YOUTUBE Channel,New Content Everyday, (Link Is In My Bio) ⬆️⬆️⬆️ #gymgeek #armworkout #ukmuscle #armworkouts #cablecurls #armsday #armdayeveryday #musclework #muscletraining #armstraining #bodybuildinggeek #biceptraining #alwaysworking #gymtips #exercisetipsoftheday #fitnessmodeluk #fitnessmodellondon #fitnessmanual #shreddedaesthetics #sexybods #sweattime #noexcuses #outworkeveryone

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Pros and cons of bulking: Pros - feel stronger and able to consume alot of calories . Cons - abs slowly disappearing hence I dnt have alot of shirtless pics lately..haha😋 . Current weight 89kg 💪

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FORM > TRAIN HARD _ _ Okay, I lied. There is something that supersedes training hard when comes optimally building muscle and losing fat... _ _ YOUR FORM! _ _ The bench dip is one of the best accessory exercises to build your triceps size (ladies if you want those toned arms you need build muscle). _ _ Trouble is, many people force the reps with bad form and end up with shoulder pain or severe injury. _ _ The key to a good dip is focusing on your shoulder blade position. _ _ To avoid your arm (humerus) smacking into the front of your shoulder, you want to keep the shoulders blades down and squeezed together (depressed / retracted). _ _ This allows the traps (upper shoulder muscles) to relax and get more activation in your triceps! _ _ Comment below with a 💪🏽 if this was helpful! _ _ 🤔New to exercising? I’ve been there - and man do I wish I had someone to help years ago when I first started. _ _ 🙌🏽Lucky for you, I’m available to help you remotely from anywhere in the world. Send me a DM to get on your own Premium Training Program delivered right to your phone 📲 at New York, New York

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BUILD BIGGER ARMS BY @musclemonsters _ The keys to building bigger arms are not much different than most other muscle groups. _ 1. Train your arms 2-3x per week and aim to perform 10-20 sets weekly (for biceps and triceps). _ 2. Heavy compound lifts should be the meat of your workouts. Start off with heavy chin ups or close grip bench press and then move on to the smaller isolation lifts for more volume. _ 3. Use the muscles. Avoid swinging and jerking and focus on controlled pushing and pulling. _ 4. Progressive Overload: When it comes to building muscle—biceps or otherwise—there is one thing for certain: it’s not going to happen unless you get progressively stronger. I don’t care how dialed in your nutrition is or how consistently you’re hitting the weight room, if you’re not stimulating growth through new stress, you’re not going to build muscle tissue. _ 5. Prioritize: if your goal is to build bigger biceps, why are you training shoulders first or leaving your arm work for the end? _ #armworkout #bigarms #gains #buildmuscle #musclebuilding #gymmeme #gymeme #gymfail #fit #fitness #fitspo #bodybuilding #workout #workoutmotivation #fitnesstips #workoutmode #workoutdone #workoutoftheday #workoutplan #fitnessphysique #fitnessguru #gains #buildingmuscle #bodybuilderfollow #bodybuilderproblems #everydayisarmday #armday #armdayeveryday #musclegrowth

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💬«Here is my prescription to heal all wounds. Watch the film 'Funny Girl' at least five times, eat at least 45 chocolate bars, and hang out with all those friends you blew off to hang out with your ex. I truly believe that, through a combination of Nutella, old pals and Barbra Streisand, we can achieve happiness and, very probably, world peace.» - Beth Ditto ⠀ FOLLOW 👉@gymstar_Patrick👈 FOLLOW 👉@gymstar_Patrick👈 ⠀ 🥇SAFE & LEGAL Somatropin HGH Alternative Supplements ⠀ QUALITY MUSCLE GAINS & FAST FAT LOSS🔥 ⠀ BEST FOR: - SIZE - LEAN MASS - RECOVERY ⠀ Check Bio For Details! ⠀ 👉@gymstar_Patrick👈 👉@gymstar_Patrick👈 . . . #squatbenchdeadlift #fitmodel #beastmodeon #flagnorfail #strengthathlete #leggs #armdayeveryday #powerbodybuilding #pumpchasers #pushday #gymaddicts

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💬«Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one.» - Hans Selye ⠀ FOLLOW 👉@leanmuscle_helen👈 FOLLOW 👉@leanmuscle_helen👈 ⠀ 🥇SAFE & LEGAL Clenbuterol Alternative ⠀ ✔ POWERFUL Fat Burning ✔ INCREASE Muscle to Fat Ratio ✔ PRESERVE Lean Muscle Mass ✔ RIPPED Physique ✔ IMPROVED Performance ✔ ENHANCED Stamina & Endurance ⠀ Check Bio For Details! ⠀ 👉@leanmuscle_helen👈 👉@leanmuscle_helen👈 ⠀ - RAPID RESULTS Within 30 Days - Every 3rd Item FREE - FREE Worldwide Delivery . . . #shouldersworkout #ainmuscle #benchpressing #makinggains #gymnation #armdayeveryday #beastmodeactivated #precontest

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"Stay Beefy San Diego" -Ron Brogundy 📸-@j_sail

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💬«The reason we wouldn't make a seven-inch tablet isn't because we don't want to hit a price point, it's because we don't think you can make a great tablet with a seven-inch screen.» - Steve Jobs ⠀ FOLLOW 👉@musclegrowth_Lisa👈 FOLLOW 👉@musclegrowth_Lisa👈 ⠀ ⚠️PURE POWER AND MONSTER MUSCLE GAINS! ◼️ 🔻 👉@musclegrowth_Lisa👈 👉@musclegrowth_Lisa👈 . . . #bodybuilders #bikinicompetitor #ripped #leanbulk #teamphysiq #goldenaesthetics #traininsane #pumpingiron #womenwithmuscle #armdayeveryday #wff #gymsesh

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💬«The driver of a racing car is a component. When I first began, I used to grip the steering wheel firmly, and I changed gear so hard that I damaged my hand.» - Juan Manuel Fangio ⠀ FOLLOW 👉@burnfatfast_IAN👈 FOLLOW 👉@burnfatfast_IAN👈 ⠀ CUTTING STACK🥇 🔻Strip body fat and retain lean muscle definition! . 👉@burnfatfast_IAN👈 . . . #legstraining #fitnessmodels #bikinicompetitor #summershredding #leanlife #armdayeveryday #workoutvideos #upperbodyday #gymbro

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If you know me, than you know where I’ve been, and what I’m going through. A lot of people ask me why I continue to wake up and grind like I haven’t missed a beat? It’s simple, I stared the Angel of Death in the eyes 13 years ago, and I was brought back to earth because I had unfinished business. Everything I’ve experienced since that day has been a bonus. Good or bad. Now get to work because it’s #armdayeveryday in the #glorioushouseofgains #thanksforlooking at Aggieland

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[Werbung] @maximilian_fly Mit Adiletten und Socken in die Uni laufen. Warum ❓. Weil ich einfach Bock drauf habe. Mich können 100 Menschen dafür auslachen, ich mache es einfach. Und ob die Leute das gut finden oder nicht ist mir relativ egal, denn ich fühle mich wohl😊. Und so ist das auch mit der Kleidung. Zieht das an was euch gefällt und wo ihr euch wohl fühlt 👍. Wenn man ständig auf andere hört, zerstört man nur sein eigenes Leben. Es gibt Regeln an die man sich halten sollte, aber manche Sachen sind euch selbst überlassen und ihr entscheidet wie ihr es handelt❗️Lasst andere Leute ruhig reden, denn wenn sie über euch reden habt ihr alles erreicht was ihr erreichen wolltet. Ihr seid Gesprächsthema Nr.1 😂. Übrigens wer glückliche Socken will schaut mal bei @happysocks vorbei. Ich liebe diese Socken einfach ❤️ • • @maximilian_fly • • #happysocks #happynessiseverything #happinesseverywhere #happinessquotes #adilette #adiletten #maximilian #fitnesspic #fitnessgermany #fitfamde #fitfamgermany #armdayeveryday #favoritesocks #fashionpictures #fashionkilla #fashionshoesstyle at Happy Socks

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One of my goals this year is to improve my double bicep pose and obtain the best symmetry possible. I have put a few tips at the bottom of this post so you can try and get bigger and better biceps 💪🏽 What muscles are you focusing on this year? Let me know ⬇️ . . . Tip 1➡️ Focus on on the compound exercises(3 or more joints) that use the bicep muscle, i.e pull exercises like the pull ups and row variations and then focus on isolating the bicep once you have finished these exercises. . . . Tip 2➡️ Be really focused when training the biceps (some people call this the mind to muscle connections). The more you repeat an exercise, the more the body will get used to it and become more effective at carrying out the exercise. . . . Tip 3➡️ Protein intake needs to be on point. I would recommend at least 2g of protein for every kilogram of body weight each day. This helps the body repair and will allow you to progress with your training. If you don’t get enough protein you may lose a little muscle 😬 . . . Tip 4➡️ Use a mix of heavy bicep curls and light weight bicep curls to shock the system. Keep the body guessing but remember to have a plan in place where you can log and monitor progressions. I normally like to write my self up a progressive overload program for 3 weeks then have a de-load week on week 4. . . . If that helps let me know in the comment box below as well ⬇️ . . . #xaviermathias #xmfitnesscoach #xmfitness #xmfitnesssquad #xmfitnessmerch #bodybuilding #bodybuildingnation #gym #workout #gains #muscle #train #motivation #fitness #armday #armworkout #pump #posing #fitnessmodel #fit #summer #photography #influencer #healthy #diet #fat #birmingham #grind #nutrition at London, United Kingdom

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Wednesday, or the hump of the week  The absolute BEST day of the week, the day of maximum hope that maybe, you might make it out of this week alive. A particularly good hump day can last you the rest of the week, and by Doomday morning (Monday) you survive by anticipating hump day. Nothing goes wrong on hump day Hump day has nothing to do with sex. Unless one wants it to. I like to declare the existence of hump day just to see people's faces. Usually being conservative and all - Urban Dictionary . . . #betteraskrille #3dmj #denovonutrition #iifym #bodybuilder #naturalbodybuilder #inbf #wnbf #cpa #cbbf #npc #everydayisarmday #armday #fitness #gym #armdayeveryday #bodybuilding #armdaypump #armdayiseveryday #biceps #workout #armdaybaby #arms #armdaygains #armdayallday #motivation #armdayeverday #triceps #armdaydone #gainz at Grande Prairie, Alberta

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I don't care what your motivation is. Whether you want to be more dominant in sports, impress your significant other, pull more chicks or dudes, feel healthier or be that jacked music festival consistent and work your ass off!! If it were easy, EVERYONE would be doing it. 💪 at Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC)

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What worked for you a year ago might not work today. If you have been in a same routine with your strength training, it’s time to switch it up. You can’t expect a different result from doing the same workouts for years. . . 1️⃣Skull crushers 10 reps 2️⃣Close grip bench 10 reps 3️⃣Bench dips 10-15 reps . ✅35lb freetoo resistance band . 5 Rounds, 1 minute rest . . . #armday #armdayeveryday #triceps #giantsets at Gold's Gym

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⭕️TRICEP PUSHDOWN by @pheasyque: Proper execution + muscles involved ⭕️ - SWIPE LEFT TO SEE MORE! - ⭕️TRICEP PUSHDOWN⭕️ - ✅✅✅ On the left: standing upright with a small inclination forward of the torso. The upper half of the arms stay attached to the torso and perpendicular to the ground, at this point only the lower half of the arms move. Elbows might come a little forward, but as long as it’s not too much, that’s fine aswell. - ❌❌❌On the right the classic gym bro who goes for the whole stack without even knowing how to properly perform the exercise. Because the load is too heavy, his shoulders spike up and internally rotate during each rep because the scapulas cannot be locked down & back as they should. Besides close to zero tricep gains, this can definitely cause troubles like shoulder impingement in the long run, so make sure not to do that. - 🔥🔥🔥TAG somebody who needs to do this exercise correctly and comment what exercise you want to see next! - #dailyundulatingperiodization #DUP #dupworkout #thedupmethod #backsquat #deadlift #benchpress #squatbooty #squatchallenge #squatlife #squatday #squatguide #deadlifting #deadliftday #deadliftparty #deadliftordie #benching #benchday #benchpressing #powerlift #powerlifters #powerliftinglife #powerliftingmotivation #bigtriceps #armdayeveryday #stronger #stronglife #cstoneman

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I will be fat?:( Let's talk on Snap 👻 🔥👻CHECK IN BIO👻🎁

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7 Reasons You’re Not Gaining Muscle Excellent post by @musclemonsters -  1. Not Eating Enough -  It doesn’t matter how hard you train…if you’re not providing your body the necessary nutrients to support growth, you’ll never gain muscle. -  2. Not Enough Protein -  Although we don’t need as much protein as we once believed, it’s still crucial that we eat enough to ensure we’re synthesizing more protein than we’re burning. -  3. Low T -  If you’re eating enough and yet you have a low libido, you’re holding onto more body fat than usual, and you’re not gaining muscle like you should be, then your testosterone levels are likely to blame. -  4. Not Getting Stronger -  The main pathway by which we build muscle is progressive overload. Unless we’re providing our muscles a new stimulus, they’re never have to adapt and grow. -  5. Under Recovery - If you’re doing more work than you can recover from, you’ll never give your body the chance to grow. -  6. Too Much Cardio -  Trying to keep your abs during a lean mass phase could be the reason you’re not gaining muscle. Too much physical activity could be ruining your ability to achieve the positive energy balance necessary for growth. -  7. Inconsistency -  If your training program requires you to be in the gym 4x per week, but you’re constantly skipping sessions, don’t expect to maximize your results in the next 12 weeks. -  #buildmuscle  #musclemass  #fitness #musclemonsters  #progressiveoverload #hypertrophy

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