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Next comic page is here 🎉 Altough I'm already sick I really wanted to finish it 😅 So Glint is using her power. The brand is blue so you can imagine that something is different about Kralkatorriks champion. How will Tiamaltis reacts to this? 🤔 . . #digitalart #digital #digitalpainting #digitaldrawing #pictureoftheday #artoftheday #personalart #personalwork #instaart #illustration #artwork #dailyart #concept #photoshop #dragon #dragons #oc #characterdesign #guildwars2 #gw2 #guildwars #gw #arenanet #fanfiction #comic #story #tiamaltis #livingworld #glint #conceptart #glint

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~Glowless~ A Sylvari wakened in the noon cycle when he should’ve wakened at night; without a glow, with a lack of character and empathy. He never understood why he was different, why he was excluded by the others. He was seeking help, but no one was able to help him, saying that he was fine the way he was, but they'd still avoid him. Even the Pale Tree couldn’t help, she had no idea why he had wakened too early. He left the Grove soon, he did not have a Wyld Hunt, so he wandered through the land, looking for someone to help him. 1 year after he had wakened, he found himself with the Nightmare Court. Their promises lured him into the believe that they’d help him if he served them. The months passed, he did as he was told, but still – the reason why he joined in the first place always was in the back of his head. He did a lot of bad things, but he left eventually. His journey continued, but now he was also on the run from the Court (because he made bad decisions when he decided to leave), they wanted him back, badly, so his only change to escape was the jungle. There he found peace. No Sylvari would follow him in the unknown depths of Maguuma. He lived and survived two years, until he unexpectedly found what he was looking for all his life. As he was exploring a deep cave in the jungle’s underground he came across a stream of ley energy – back then it wasn’t known as such. Being hit by ley energy filled him with life, his lack of emotions and empathy, his weak connection to the pale tree, it all became stronger, and with it his red glow finally came to surface. The ley energy gave him the energy he needed to catch up the time he had wakened too early. With now him being fully developed he returned, but he went to Kryta instead of the Grove and Sylvari-lands, fully aware that the Nightmare Court was still looking for him and the other Sylvari would not help him. He became an outcast and lived among the humans, living from bounties and other task that he could fulfill. • • Chareems background story! • #gw2 #GuildWars2 #gw2screenshot #gw2fashion #fashionwars2 #gaming #gamingscreenshot #mmorpg #arenanet #gw2mesmer #gw2mirage #gw2mezaladgang

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Zao has reached 💯 Instagram followers and wants to thank you all for the support by doing a giveaway for this milestone🥰🥰🥰 - - -Rules to enter giveaway: •Must be a Guild Wars 2 player •Like this post •Follow her page •Follow the Twitch link in her bio to give her some more of your wonderful support by following her Twitch! •Comment 🔥 when you’ve completed the above steps - -Winner will be announced (and messaged for in-game name) Sunday, March 31st@ 2pm EST. Winner will receive a Self-Style Hair Kit because we all know that fashion wars is the real end game here 😉😉😉 #gw2 #arenanet #100followers #giveaway #fashionwars #mmorpg #pcgamers #gw2girls #screenshotedit

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I don't have the space to upload them all but here are my Guild Wars 2 characters. So here's a bit about me and my GW life if anyone is interested. -I got into the playing Guild Wars over a decade ago because I knew my best friend played and the laptop he gave me had the soundtrack on it and I fell in love with that. -I wanted to impress him but actually I'm not very good at the game. I'm really amazing at map exploration and finding strange/pretty places and he did like that so we went on several adventures to said places. -Guild Wars 2 closed beta happened and I got to see places I recognized in game which I promptly geeked out over. -Open beta came and I was now able to start up a blog, Project Tyria, that compared locations in Guild Wars with their Guild Wars 2 counterparts. -Not long after I joined in moderating a forum on Chronicles of Tyria and started writing GW2 fanfiction on there. While the forums are no longer a thing on the site, I did become one of the writers on the CoT page. The site is an Arenanet/Guild Wars 2 partner which is just something I'm so amazed with. -50% of my game time is spent in WvW. For a while I used to play an elementalist who focused on killing siege. Now I play a tempest healer. I use to command but had to stop due to health issues. I still like reading the map to strategize and predict what will happen. -The other half of my game time is spent in PvE. While I'm mostly map completing on all of my characters, I always listen in chat for people asking for help and tend to be able respond. I adore helping others; I don't know how many times I've been through the griffon collection to help others but it's incredible and I'm always willing to help the next person who needs it. #guildwars #guildwars2 #gw2 #guildwars2fashion #guildwars2style #guildwars2players #guildwars2screenshot #guildwars2girls #arenanet #character #videogame #mmo #game #characters

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Heute hab ich was erreicht was mich einfach unnormal Stolz macht 🤭🙈 . Jetzt kann ich noch mehr den Menschen in Not helfen💪🏼❤ ! Es war alles nicht leicht aber das ist es auf jeden Fall wert , und damit hab ich heute auch denen die nicht an mich geglaubt haben bewiesen das aus diesem Jungen doch noch was wird -😋❤ tja habt falsch gedacht, 😏🤭 ich lass mich davon doch nicht unterkriegen pfff 😏😴💪🏼 . Ich gehe meinen Weg schon mein ganzes Leben lang und egal wie viele Steine man mir in den Weg legt,ich schaffe es trotzdem 😌😘 !!Nun kann ich meine Leidenschaft weiter ausbauen🙈 !Ich bin so stolz mich einen Feuerwehrmann nennen zu dürfen !!!!Ausserdem ist es wichtig anderen Menschen in Not zu helfen🤭☺ . Jeder von uns erwartet Hilfe, warum sollten wir dann nicht auch helfen.🤭❤ #feuerwehr #feuerwehrmann #firefighter #germany #nordsee #husum #streamer #streaming #twitch #twitchsquads #twitchstreamer #arenanet #guildwars2 #malestreamer #malemodel #fashion #menschenretten #menschenhelfen at Husum, Germany