Architainment Photos & Videos

5 days ago

#Architainment Lighting: Architainment aims to transform #architectural, #retail, and themed #environments through lighting. #Philips Architainment lamps offer excellent colors, a strong beam and long life for amazing creativity and flexibility in architectural lighting. The high color temperature makes them suitable for architainment applications. Philips Architainment lamps can bring any structure into the limelight and give it the charisma it deserves Learn more by clicking the link in the bio or 📸photo credit:@philipsentlight at Bulbtronics

11 days ago

We’re also going to share some snapshots of places in NOLA doing some great space design! Hopefully we’ll have more projects of our own to share here soon. This beautiful mural encourages people to #JourneyEast. Great experiences can spur economic development by drawing people to places they haven’t ventured to yet! at Dong Phuong Bakery & Restaurant