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3 days ago

It's Here!! We are excited to announce the 2019 annual STAY Summer Institute July 18th-21st at Hungry Mother Lutheran Retreat Center in Marion, VA! Tuition is sliding scale $35-150 with full scholarships and travel assistance available to those who need it! We hope you can join us for what promises to be a weekend full of fun, friendship, collective learning and growth. The STAY Summer Institute (SSI) is STAY's largest gathering and is designed by youth for youth. This event is an autonomous space for 14-30 year old's from Central Appalachia (includes Eastern Kentucky, East Tennessee, West Virginia, Southwest Virginia, and Western North Carolina). Register at -registration will close Monday, July 8th. PLEASE SHARE! #STAYSummerInstitute #STAYProject #appalachianlovestory

6 days ago

Wedding season kicked off with these two incredible beings saying I do and it was all kinds of beautiful and fun and rainy wonderful! @elliepyles and @derekwilt94 thank you so much for inviting me to witness and capture your day! Also, y’all kick butt at looking incredible in front of my lens! #brideandgroomunderawillowtree #rainymaywedding #outdoorweddinginspiration . . . Venue: @stonebridgeeventsllc HAMU: @makeupbytwarner Florals: @victorian.creations Dress: @true_elegance1313 at StoneBridge Events

11 days ago

Hi, there! It's been a minute. I am wrapping up a commission while working on some watercolor paintings for a new series of work that I am excited to start sharing with you! Painting is usually a solitary experience for me, so sharing my progress is a new and intimidating venture. - I love this early stage of drawing out an idea when I can start to see it coming together. 🙌 There is nothing more satisfying and full of possibility.

17 days ago

Did y'all hear that STAY is now offering financial support to members who are organizing projects/events in their communities? We are able to offer up to $200 to support members’ projects that align with our mission and core beliefs. Specifically, we are hoping to support projects/events that further STAY’s work of providing space for young Appalachians to gather, learn with/from, create, and work together. To learn more and to request support, visit the link in the bio! #appalachianlovestory #appalachia

18 days ago

Kentucky's Harlan County, perhaps best known for its mining history, is also home to an enchanting old-growth forest preserve with several hiking trails. . Read the story and plan your trip! Check out . Photo 1: The peaceful top of Pine Mountain offers panoramic views. Photo by Scott Goebel . Photo 2: Students from the University of Maryland reach the top of Knobby Rock during a hike with the author on an Alternative Spring Break trip to Harlan County, Ky., this spring. Photo by Dave Cooper . #hiking #nature #appalachia #kentucky #oldgrowth #oldgrowthforest #coal #history #adventure #southeast #explore #mountainlife #eky #harlancounty #appalachian_explorers #appalachianlovestory at Blanton Forest State Nature Preserve

21 days ago

Our community lost someone amazing beyond words this week. She was my second mom, my friend, my chocolate dessert provider, my cup of tea maker, and my champion for how to look at the bright aide when mothering gets oh so difficult. I’ve mostly been in the mode of what can I do to help my friend (her daughter) and family and now that the traditional services are over I know there comes a quieter, longer, and lonelier process of grief. But as I did when she was alive, I will continue to think of her often and live her advice when I feel sad or frustrated. . . This picture reminds me of her attitude. Positive. Full of action. Always holding your hand when you needed it. And appreciating the simplicity of nature from what’s above, below, and all around. #creativeportrait #jumpingwithjoy #optoutside

22 days ago

Hi! I'm a Kentucky artist who works primarily in watercolor, graphite & ink. I am also an arts educator with over a decade of experience facilitating community arts classes, workshops and private lessons. I am excited to be building a digital home for this labor of love and I look forward to sharing my work, along with some glimpses into my daily practice here on the 'gram. This piece is one of my first and favorite #botanicalpaintings to date. It was inspired by and modeled after #PierreJoesephRedoute. #botanicals #watercolor #KentuckyProud #appalachianlovestory #sharethelex

28 days ago

CRAZY OPINION HERE ———- I’m going to go out on a (flower-covered) limb here and say that redbud blossoms are prettier than cherry blossoms................. .................... also these two are awesome times 10. I’m eagerly awaiting the wedding because I’ll be cracking up at Jim all day! #funnygroom #redbudblooms at Maryland

2 months ago

I’m not sure what’s more romantic and fun than enjoying a sunrise on a sandy beach with your lover and best friend, but what I can tell you is that these two cool cats were in the water minutes later. That, my friend, is a memory in the making for sure! #sunriseengagementsession #beachvibes #adventureforever at Planet Earth

3 months ago

My "man crush" this (and every) Monday! This man...he's a wonder to me. He loves me perfectly. He deals with my temper and my tears, my weak house cleaning game, my emotional roller coaster, my weird food cravings, my crazy projects, my anxiety, and all my culinary endeavors. He tells me everyday how beautiful and special and loved I am, how much He appreciates me. He never fails to call me on my bullshit, support me when I'm falling to pieces, or know exactly when it's time to pour the vodka. I am so lucky to call this man mine! #loveofmylife #mcm #luckygirl #helovesmycrazy #findyouanirishboy #hotgrandpa #husband #youcanthavehim #agoodmanishardtofind #appalachianlovestory #hehasmyheart #hegetsme #4thtimesthecharm #oldpic #slowdance #myhappilyeverafter at Franklin, North Carolina

3 months ago

Who here is guilty of writing out a whole caption and then right before posting, thinking “nope, scratch that”, deleting it all and writing something entirely new?! ✏️ Cause that’s me at least once each week! #engagementkisses #blanketsandkisses #shesaidyes at Maryland

3 months ago

the sun came out long enough to remember what it feels like to come up for air —the rain’ll be here by morning though and god damn if i ain’t still underwater... #flakphotorecs at New Market, Tennessee

3 months ago

Yesterdays hike was super nice. It felt like we were on top of the world. #appalachianlovestory

3 months ago

1. ValentineSTAY 🌹 2. Steering Committee planning out the year.💫 3. Black Sheep Bakery talking to us about their harm reduction centered business model and feeding us delicious chicken and dumplings 🤤 It was an amazing #AppalachianLoveWeek y’all, thank you to @appalshop for letting us use the space and thanks to our entire STAY Project family for being part of our #appalachianlovestory 💖 at Whitesburg, Kentucky

3 months ago

I left on Friday with feelings of anxiety, of self doubt. Today I sit at home with a newfound confidence and hope for my future. I am so excited to see where we go next. #appalachianlovestory at Whitesburg, Kentucky

3 months ago

You know how there are those certain people you meet that you think “hmm.. if everybody acted a bit more like them, the world would be a better place”? Well, that’s this dude for sure! @dave happiest of birthdays to you, you wonderful, kind, amazing human! #4thofjulywedding #ceremonyexit #eastcoastwedding

3 months ago

Tonight y'all!!! 7pm @ the Boone Motor Building 91 Madison Ave, Whitesburg KY! We are so excited to close out this amazing Appalachian Love Week with y'all! Sign-up for the Open Mic will be at the door. *reminder that is an all ages space, so please do not bring alcohol or drugs into this space.* #appalachianloveweek #appalachianlovestory

3 months ago

Today’s hike was a lot of fun, it absolutely took my breath away when I got to the top of the mountain! Once I took it all in I took some pictures! 🌾 #appalachianlovestory

3 months ago

my #appalachianlovestory is fog rising from hollers on cool, dew covered mornings. my love story is trilliums blooming in the springtime. my love story is walking with loved ones in the woods up and down the winding paths of the mountains. my love story is radical; it’s gentle and tough, empathetic and courageous. no home is perfect—and this one certainly ain’t an exception—but I love that this is mine. I love that I have and can continue to build community across the region that envisions, together, this place beyond the limits of extraction and exploitation, white supremacy, cis-het patriarchy, and systems of oppression; a community that acknowledges and names that we are telling our love stories on stolen land; a community that sees that we must protect this place, care for this place, and hold it, and us, with love and justice at the core. if you are able, please donate to @stayproject and support the work to make our communities places we can and want to STAY!

3 months ago

School pickup photo #53 No filter

3 months ago

Happy Valentines Day y'all! Envisioning and building an inclusive and sustainable future for Appalachia is a labor of love — intentional, purposeful, transformative love. It is long haul-work. Help us sustain this labor of love and make the STAY Project your Valentine by becoming a sustaining donor. #AppalachianLoveStory #AppalachianLoveWeek

3 months ago

#appalachianlovestory i always thought the hardest part abt coming back to stay here was gonna b making a life i could feel whole in. but the older i get, the more i see how much can and has existed. i have returned to a struggle i had put to the side- the loss of ppl. how precious each one of us feels in a place dealin with so much. push and pulls r so real, and our ppl deserve happiness wherever they land. so part of lovin this region is learning that to love can also mean to let go. and trusting in what the creeks and hills and plants know, they will always b here healing themselves slowly but surely.

3 months ago

Here's my #AppalachianLoveStory ! Appalachia is the love of my life. Our music, our food, our culture, our people; all of this is mine- is me. This region shapes me, grounds me, and continually shows me who I am, where I come from, and where I can go. But it wasn't always this way. Like many of my friends and mentors, I have a complicated relationship with Appalachia. Growing up, I resented it. I hated where I'm from so much that I would lie and say New York. I wanted to be an actress, and I wanted to live in a big city- somewhere full of diversity, opportunities, and resources that I did not have access to in Eastern KY. I saw no possibility of my community ever being “fixed.” I didn't want to put in the work to start breaking down stigma, sexism, homophobia, racism, and miseducation in Appalachia- so, I resolved to leave as soon as possible. Flash forward a few years. In the Fall of 2017, I discovered mountain music. Thanks to artists like Josh Nolan and the Local Honeys, my eyes were opened to the beauty of music made in this region. I picked up a banjo for the first time, and I fell in love. I had found the call of my people; the sound of five strings vibrating against a drumhead- high, lonesome voices echoing. I became deeply aware of my heritage for the first time in my life; my eyes open to the immense beauty of the mountains, my ears taking in the sounds of Roscoe Holcomb, and Flatt and Scruggs, and any Appalachian records I could find. In the last year and a half, my whole life has changed. I am now deeply proud of my heritage, and I resolve to spend my whole life nurturing and protecting these mountains and all the beauty they hold. Above all, I resolve to STAY. This is my home. Falling in love with Appalachia has helped me to love myself and those around me, and it has helped me to love the life I'm living. There is something about these mountains; something eternal. Something holy in the way they lift your eyes and your heart, ever reminding you that there is something beyond what the eye can see. When I die, I hope my soul rests in the mountains. Let my body lay in the same earth that is my muse. Appalachia will always be enough for me. 💛

3 months ago

#RepostPlus @stayproject - - - - - - It's Appalachian Love week y'all! Appalachian Love Week is the STAY Project's annual fundraiser and storytelling week —it is a celebration of the beautiful and complex lives we lead here and an opportunity for us to ask for the support we need to be to keep building an Appalachian youth movement. During Appalachian Love week we ask y'all to make the STAY Project their Valentine with these two asks: 1. That our members, the young people in Appalachia share their #AppalachianLoveStory with us on social media 2. That those that are able to give, make a donation to support our work. (Donation Link in Bio) We will closeout #AppalachianLoveWeek with the ValentineSTAY Open Mic & Punk Show at the Boone Youth Drop-In Center in Whitesburg, KY

3 months ago

This week we are also asking those who are able to give to support our #AppalachianLoveStory by making a donation or becoming a sustaining giver. 100% of our fundraising is conducted by Appalachian youth for Appalachian youth, here are a few ways we put your donation to work. (donation link in bio)