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32 minutes ago

Give it away, Give it away, Give it away now ! 🌶

58 minutes ago

#latergram Hobart, you were truly magical! Can’t wait to go back and explore more of Tassie. These are just a few little snippets from what was a perfect getaway-oh and another @chilipeppers vid thrown in there because...well 😍😍😍 #hobart #exploreaustralia

1 hour ago

🌶Oh good brother just when I thought that I had seen it all. My eyes popped out, my dick got hard and I dropped my jaw. 🌶 • • • In other words, the chili’s were amazing live ! at Qudos Bank Arena

4 hours ago

this photo is so scary

4 hours ago

90s throwback day at school and i matched 2 of my junior year teachers ✳️

4 hours ago

young frusciante talking about jimi hendrix

5 hours ago

"I think John's just more comfortable with the spirit world than most people. He doesn't question it so much. Somewhere along the way he realized that that exists, and he's okay with it. He's not a Doubting Thomas; he's not that cynical. He's got a very childlike quality. Although he has a very adultlike, scientific intelligence, his spirit is very sensitive and childlike. Which is a really good combination. I think we're all equally as connected to that spirit realm. We're just not as aware of that connection as John is. Maybe the way he describes it is a little challenging for some people. I think he kind of enjoys the fact that his way of verbalizing that connection is gonna throw some people off." Kiedis about John💕

7 hours ago

“I’ve resolved so many issues of my childhood from writing- page after page, when I was all revved up about them. By writing about them and reading them back to myself, somehow in that process I accomplished a lot of the same things that could potentially be accomplished by going to a therapist every week for years. I found it within myself to forgive people that I’d always resented, I’d always felt like a victim because of, and through writing them down I was able to see the balance of it all, and to not blame that person for their own actions but to realize that the way they treat people is the result of the way people treated them.”

14 hours ago

A 7 meses te segurei pela primeira vez em meus braços, te falei eu te amo pela primeira vez ! Chorei como nunca por ter vc! Vc é a melhor parte de mim é o tesouro mais valioso é meu príncipe é meu mundo azul! Como o tempo passa rápido parece que foi ontem que vc me deu seu primeiro sorriso que me fez carinho, que me olhou com esses olhos lindos! Eu te amo meu amor! #bomdia🌞 #anthony #anthonykiedis #bebelindo #bebegordinho #bebegostoso #bebegostosura #bebecabeludo #bebebagunçeiro #levado #bagunceiro #cabeludo #mae #maecoruja #maedoanthony #maenaovivesem #maeprotege #maecuida #maeamamuito #7meses #thony

15 hours ago

What a great night, last night, singing and dancing to the Red Hot Chili Peppers!! 🤩🤘 I've been a fan of their music right from the start, ever since I first heard them on the radio. #awesomeband at Qudos Bank Arena