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the cutest couple out there don’t fight me #annieleblanc

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Chapter 13 ♡ ~ Hayden’s POV: Annie and I got into a car crash.. it happened so fast hey yet so slow. I only injured my arm but Annie was worse. I called the ambulance and they came quickly. They rushed Annie to the hospital I called her family and they came rushing into the hospital.. ~ Hayley’s POV *Annies little sister*: My mom got a call from this Hayden guy that my sister Annie got into a car crash.. we rushed to the hospital once we got into the Annie’s room the doctor was there.. ~ D =Doctor Ha=Hayley Am =Annie’s mom Ad =Annie’s dad ~ Is she okay? ~Am Yes no injuries but.. ~D But what? ~Ad She’s in coma.. ~D ~ Hayley’s POV: I couldn’t believe what I just heard.. Annie helps me through everything I talk to her everyday she’s my best friend.. now she’s in coma.. this can’t be real. I felt my eye water as I sit down on a hospital chair.. ~ *6 MONTHS LATER* ~ Annie’s POV: Today is another day on not being able to move or see just hear.. My family has visited me everyday and talk to me I miss them so much. Asher also comes everyday. I feel so bad for kissing Hayden on that day of the car crash when ever Asher comes he sings to me, tells me how much he misses me and so does Jayden. But not Kenzie or Hayden I haven’t heard from them. ~ Hayley’s POV: I came to visit Annie as I do everyday I was singing our favorite song ‘your hands’ to her I was holding her hand then I felt her squeeze my hand.. I let go then she started moving.. ~ *opens eyes* Hayley.. ~A Annie! *hugs her* Doctor!! ~Ha *comes in* She woke up! ~D Yes *smiles* ~Ha I have missed you so much Hayley ~A I have missed you *smiles* ~Ha ~ Annie’s POV: Today was the best day ever! I woke up from coma and I saw my family, Jayden and Asher but not Kenzie or Hayden. ~ Hey Jay where’s Kenzie? ~A Oh um she’s visiting her family is Pittsburgh.. ~J Oh okay? ~A ~ Jayden’s POV: It’s a long story.. ~ Thanks for reading 💕

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idk what to do w this acc anymore

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aaahh love that for them 💛🖤

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so this was posted like 12 hours ago and annie is still there so either annie is going back to la tonight or tomorrow morning or she is going to hawaii with them (i really hope it is the second one) 💛🖤

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empire coloring: me ac: audios.editingg

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ugh the cutest couple ever 🖤

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aaahhhh they are so freaking cute and they look so happy awh 🥰🖤

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omg they're so cuteeee 😭❤

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nooo i’ll miss the iconic Jo and Cathy duo #annieleblanc