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Even with the bad lightning . . . #SHECUTE

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What is my greatest writing great? The end game of it all. Publishing. I never know what direction to go or if my work is good enough. Back in December I had a few covers made for my work intending to self-publish at some point. But I've been holding those back from the world still. Swipe to see sneak peek black & white photos of parts of the covers in question. 😬🙃 #authorschallenge2019 #authorsofinsta #writingcommunity #writtenword #writersofinstagram #writing #authorsofinstagram #amwriting #amediting

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Repost @untwineme.usa #Featured #UntwineMeUSA poet: @_l.cicero Use the hashtag #UntwineMeUSA 🇺🇸 to get featured. Writers, poets, photographers, artists, musicians and all creative walks of life have a chance to be featured. Curated by @robertjw4688 #untwineme #untwinemeusa #America #USA  #igersusa #writersofinstagram #prose #poetry #poet #writing #amwriting #poetryofinstagram #instapoet #spilledink  #writersofig #poetsofig #inkedwords #writercommunity #poetsofinstagram #writingcommunity  #poetrycommunity

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"When confronted with a paradox you cannot explain, congratulate yourself and move onto the next portion of the exam" . . . New poem up by Veronica Hashaby. Make sure to check it out!

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I got to perform at Loose Chicks tonight! For the first time in front of an audience, I read pieces from a new solo show I've been working on. Grateful for the push to keep working on this play. Many thanks to @miles.roberta and to @emeraldcitycoffee (our venue where I snapped this bathroom "graffiti" photo). Onward. #discovery #discovery7 #soloplay #onewomanshow #onepersonshow #onepersonplay #soloshow #soloperformance #soloperformer #soloperforming #coffeeshops #bathroomgraffiti #chicagotheatre #chicagoplaywright #amwriting #livelit #readingseries #chicagoactor

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(Read my previous post if you’re confused). I wonder, if the tour had started at the end in Frida’s studio where her wheelchair is still standing and the desk, the work area and materials are as she left them)... if it had started at the place where her dying (and consequently, living) seemed most palpable and then concluded in the galleries bearing a shallow collection of Frida and co’s paintings + photographs (by Frida and of Frida), would the blue house have felt different to me? As an aside, after I fell down a Frida Wikipedia hole (yes ladies, I check the sources, we all know anyone can edit the Wikipedia article), a thought struck me: the whole concept of La Casa Azul as a living museum of Frida’s life + the exorbitant ticket prices (three times more expensive than any other museum and clearly geared towards English language tourism) kinda goes against everything Frida stood for. I mean, she was pretty openly anti-imperialist, at times communist, at times socialist. Then this made me think: is it more important to honor a person’s wishes (even in death) or to preserve the past in any way one can? Would you want your house preserved and on display and monetized by the government? Still... I really enjoyed the house and appreciated its preservation. I could’ve done without the mass amount of tourists, but the fantasy of being alone in a somehow perfectly preserved famous painter’s house that no one has discovered and figured out how to make money off of seems impossible. More importantly, however: by being able to go to Casa Azul, tourists or no, 1-hr line wait or no (yes, I’m not joking, we stood in line for an hour), I learned something. I was made privy to a profound human experience. I was moved. That, I believe, counts for everything. at La Casa Azul de Frida Kalho

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I hope it’s not too annoying to read this, but I had a little breakthrough this morning 👆🏻

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Happy Cover Reveal Day to my good friend, @authorbethanyatazadeh! • This cover is truly stunning! I beta read for this book and it was certainly a fun read. I can't wait to see the finished version. • You can pre-order this beautiful book today before it's release on August 20th! • **Synopsis** How can she protect her kingdom, if she can’t protect herself? Arie eagerly anticipates becoming Queen of her humble kingdom. Even when a Jinni’s Gift manifests before her 18th birthday, she fights to hide the forbidden ability. But when a neighboring king attempts to marry her and steal her kingdom, discovery feels imminent. Just one slip could cost her throne. And her life. A Jinni hunter and his crew of thieves are her only hope for removing this Gift. And she must remove it before it’s exposed. Or die trying. The Stolen Kingdom is a loose “Aladdin” retelling. Set in a world that humans share with Mermaids, Dragons, and the elusive Jinni, this isn’t the fairytale you remember… • • • • #coverreveal #arc #bookreview #authorsofinstagram #authorsofig #writersofinstagram #writersofig #authortube #authortuber #authorsofyoutube #writingcoach #writingtips #amwriting #amediting #amreading #bookstagram #booktube #tbr #currentread #yafiction #yafantasy #romance #mybookfeatures #thestolenkingdom #bethanyatazadeh #betaread

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Uncanny Crew has disbanded, and with it dies VermiLion Publishings as well. From the ashes of the two comes VermiLion Entertainment, which focuses on not just books and comics, but music, videos, podcasts, and more! We hope you'll stick around and see what we have to offer in this next generation of VermiLion's future. Speaking of which... @KingAlexanderB has a new cringy comic called Quest for the Crown, you can read the series weekly at @KABs.Quest if you're interested. . Likewise, Keycitian GodsCast will return after we get our internet back, as will all of KingAlexanderB's youtube videos, and possibly some music. . Again, thank you all so much for sticking with us, we hope you'll continue to stick with us and build a community of positivity 🙏 . . . . . . #writersofinstagram #writerscommunity #writerslife #writerlife #writerofinstagram #writersoninstagram #writerscorner #authorsofinstagram #authorsofig #authorsofinsta #writinglife #writercommunity #writerssociety #writersuniverse #forwriters #writerssupportingwriters #amwriting #writingcommunity #writinginspiration #writingcommunityofig #writersconnection #writersclub #writersnetwork #writersunite #communityofwriters #writersociety #writersgram

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One of my early writing fears was that people wouldn’t like what I write. Over time, I realized that many people won’t like what I write because people have different interests. That’s why there is a variety of genres to choose from within literature. Some people will like what I write and some won’t, and that’s okay. It’s natural to having writing fears. However, instead of letting fear control your writing, write about the fear. You might be surprised at the masterpiece that was hidden within the fear. 🌟 . . . 𝓜𝓪𝔂 𝓐𝓾𝓽𝓱𝓸𝓻’𝓼 𝓒𝓱𝓪𝓵𝓵𝓮𝓷𝓰𝓮 𝓓𝓪𝔂 24: 𝓦𝓻𝓲𝓽𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓕𝓮𝓪𝓻𝓼 #authorschallenge2019 #fears #amwritingfiction #writerslifeforme #writingcommunityofinstagram #writingcommunity #writingproject #writingabook #writersworld #authorsofinstagram #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writersofinsta #writinglove #writingtime #supportingauthors #authorssupportingauthors #writerslife #authorslife #amwriting #write #writer #writing #book #books #blog #blogger #blogging #healthyhabits #positivevibes

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Chapter five will begin either tonight or tomorrow morning. Making progress. Maybe. Idk. 🤷 Either Way I'm writing. I'm working. Things are happening. Woot! #author #writer #amwriting at Barnes & Noble

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An unexpected savior. An incredible miracle. A choice that can rip a soul to shreds. After she finds at she is incapable of carrying children, Alexis Jackson - a child psychologist - loses her faith in God. Her husband may be a pastor, but not even he can reconcile her heart break and the hopelessness she feels as a result. Caroline Woods is eighteen, living on the streets and trying to keep her and her dog, Pongo, alive. A woman finds them on the street one night and offers them a bed for the evening. Caroline can’t refuse, especially since she knows Pongo is cold. The next morning, Amanda Wills decides to partner Caroline up with her friend Alexis, who desperately wants a child of her own. The two hit it off and it isn’t long before Alexis welcomes Caroline to her family with open arms. Has God answered their prayers and given both Alexis and Caroline the one thing they want most? Will Caroline’s disbelief of God cause them to push her away? “Never Ending Love” now available on all platforms!

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It's all coming together 👌🔏📚

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💭You’re like a dope verse over a tight beat. For real... I mean it!! ;)- at Jersey City, New Jersey

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I'm shook

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“Heroes don’t often feel like heroes. Most of the time, they don’t know they’re helping anyone at all. But sometimes, unfortunately, they feel like they’re the enemy. Maybe they’re too busy saving other people to save themselves.” 📚 I’m so excited to announce that my new novel “Blue Falcon, Black Site” will be out soon! This story has been close to my heart for almost ten years, and to finally give it to the rest of the world is a dream come true! Coming soon!!! 📚 #writersofinstagram #writerscommunity #writing #writingcommunity #author #authorsofinstagram #authorlife #amwriting #read #reading #reader #readers #books #bookstagram #selfpublished #mystery #scifi #thrillermovie #thrillerbooks #suspensethriller #fantasy #novelwriting #novel #novels #fiction #fictionbooks #fictionwriter #fictionwriting #fictionwriters #fictionwritersofinstagram

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I had to revamp because my books had to shift to #KDP from Create Space. . If you have Kindle Unlimited then you can read 28 Days of ME for free or 4.99 or you could always order your own copy on Amazon. 😁😁😁 . . @fierykadence . . . #blackauthors #writers #writing #romance #urbanfiction #blackgirlswrite #authorsoninstagram #amwriting #newbook #artinprogress #blackblogger #blackartist #femaleartist #resinartist #blogger #vlogger #author #crafter #dispatcher #photographer #entrepreneur #momlife #writingabook #progress #kindlebooks #kindleunlimited #amazonbooks #bookstoread #kindleunlimitedbooks at Portsmouth, Virginia

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Day 24: do people in your book marry for love or other reasons? Well before I begin, happy Pansexual Visibility Day, fellow pans! Follow your hearts! ✨ All right, now for the topic at hand! It depends on the planet and culture. Most people marry for love (though the term “marriage” doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone, since that’s an earthly concept). The two secondary protagonists come from a theocracy that practices a form of eugenics. They are permitted to find their own partner but must receive permission from the religious council if they wish to procreate. The council is in charge of creating the most powerful offspring possible, and they pair up citizens with that intention. Parents can stay together but don’t raise their progeny. That’s the job of the theocracy. ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ #womenwritingfiction #wwfchallenge2019 #may #writerslife #authorsofinstagram #author #writer #amwriting #scifi #writersofig #writersofinstagram #writingcommunity #writerscommunity #writers #writingscifi #spaceopera #yascifi #wip #nerd

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WHY DON'T YOU PAINT ME SOMETHING? I've loved colouring and painting since I was 5. I would tell my papa to draw me something and I would colour in it. I would colour blue oranges, and pink brinjals. I would colour things in the colour I wanted them to be. My papa would always tell me how good it looks. He would draw me more things to colour into. He would buy me crayons, oil pastels, watercolor cakes and colour pencils. I had a habit of breaking the crayon into two pieces before using them. When asked the reason to do so, I would simply say, "They work better that way." I made my mumma try that and she agreed. I still don't know why did that happen and how I found that out. My papa called me a scientist then. I would laugh. My mumma bought me colouring books. She taught me how to draw my own objects and colour them correctly- the oranges orange and the brinjals purple. She used to paint. The walls of my home are her art gallery. She loved painting sceneries- mountains and beaches. She would critique my technique and tell me to be patient. I liked drawing people and faces. She made me join a painting class. That was the first time I painted on a canvas. I felt like an artist. I loved painting skies, especially clouds. I liked painting. I painted when I would feel low. From painting with my parents, I shifted to painting alone. Doors locked. That's just how it was from that time. I needed silence. I remember this particular painting that I made. My mumma told me that I've become better at it than her. I felt nice but I disagreed. I've ruined so many paintings just by being impatient. I remember when I came back home after a long time. My mumma missed me and so did I. We've always been bad at telling each other how we feel. She told me, "why don't you paint me something?" to which I offered, "why don't we paint together." I drew the woman in the painting and she drew the cliffs. It isn't the best painting in our home but it is the most precious one. #writersofinstagram #writerscommunity #writeaway #writer #blogger #bloggersofinstagram #amwriting #instawriter #insta #indiewriter #instastories #writeaway #artistsofinstagram #art #painting

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To the boy I loved Couldn’t come out, couldn’t stay Surrounded by four walls I grew up in No one else I knew but my father and friend The reflections of the sun an alien feeling to me. Longed to go out, yearned for freedom Surely death was better than this caged freedom Limited only to midnight walks Music my solace and connection to the outside world. I yearned to feel it But feeling was death itself! I met you I fell in love You made my days blue And my nights gay Suddenly it didn’t matter That I never got to feel the sun For you were the sun who lighted up my world. Read more on: #WritingCommunity, #ZenPens, #thezenpens, #amwriting, #poetry, #poetsofinstagram,

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Feeling incredibly grateful lately. A couple of months ago, I was speaking with a fellow artist friend at a party. While discussing the benefits of creative community, it suddenly occurred to me how amazingly lucky I am. Friends send me everything from submission call-outs to open-mics, tutoring gigs, mentorship program applications, job postings, writer resources...the list goes on. When I think about this, I am humbled. Thinking about the people in my life--some of whom I only know online-- who support my creative endeavors makes my eyes well up. When I'm about to fall, someone's always there to catch me. It is truly a blessing in my life. This conversation made me realize the importance of giving back. If I see a public event, workshop, scholarship, or award a creative friend might be eligible for, I forward the information straight away. There are many opportunities out there, but given that we're busy living our lives, it's inevitable that we will miss opportunities we would have loved to participate in or apply for. If you stumble across something that makes you think of a creative friend, send it their way! Even if they don't feel like applying to whatever you've sent them, they will appreciate your thoughtfulness. And even when the artist shares the same discipline as yourself, don't intentionally NOT send them a link to a cool new lit mag or writer's retreat scholarship. We need to support each other on our respective creative journeys. Goodness knows it's hard enough as it is. Xxx Photo by the lovely @breerockbrand * * * #nanowrimo #napowrimo #amwriting #writersofig #writingfantasy #writingpoetry #instapoet #poetsofig #poetsofinstagram #creative #creativecommunity #writersofinstagram #poetryisnotdead #writersofmontreal #montreal #writerslife #writingcommunity #writer #poetrt #wordporn #art #artistsofinstagram #artistsofig #quoteoftheday #canada #canalit #creatives #inspiration #truth #love at Jardin Botanique de Montreal

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Have you seen the new Aladdin movie? I’m dying to see it, but we got some really bad health news in my family and I probably won’t be able to see it while it’s in theaters, so tell me if you’ve seen it and if you enjoyed it or not, or tell me why you’re excited to see it if you haven’t yet. Ps, my Aladdin retelling with a steampunk twist is now out! Check out Lions and Lamps for all the fun!

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Me inside of Frida Kahlo’s house a month or so ago. Yes, I had to do the tourist thing and pose in front of the famous blue walls. What a journey, traveling through what is really, truly a preserved moment of history (or in the very least, a good damn imitation of it). Entering into the gardens, one is first led through some halls featuring some of Frida’s paintings. The collection is small and honestly pitiful. That’s ok; you’re not coming to La Casa Azul to see Frida’s paintings, you’re there to see Frida herself. Frida was born in this blue house; due to health problems, she spent most of adolescence confined to this blue house; after her divorce with Riviera, she painted some of her most famous works in this blue house; as her health collapsed, she remained until she died in this blue house. Indeed, a whole life was lived in this blue house and as one progresses further in the tour, past the hall of Frida’s photographs (and photographs of Frida), into her day and night bedrooms, into her studio, one sees it and cannot help but marvel at it. Especially in this day and age of apartments and renting and parents selling childhood homes. at Museo Frida Kahlo

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Funny things (amazing things) happen when I recommit to writing. This time, I was browsing Barnes and Noble magazines, when I upon a beautiful journal called Ernest, with a languorous mission to be a connoisseur of the unexplored. I look on the cover, and realize that they highlight the splendor of Snowdonia, which I had the wondrous opportunity to gaze upon every day for a year. Parts of my novel are set in North Wales, Snowdonia being one of the places my main character gets to experience for the first time. Long story short, I never see Wales highlighted during my meanderings around the city, so to discover this gorgeous journal, just after I recommitted myself (for the 14 millionth time) to writing my novel, I count that as something. I wrote a page today, and remembered how powerful it feels to see your own words written down. They didn’t come by force, or staring hopelessly on to the blank page, but just for the uncritical joy of exploring. #amwriting @ernestjournal #Snowdonia #Wales #novelwriting

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Spoke to the 2nd graders at my son’s school about being an author and entrepreneur earlier today. Ah-mazing! They asked some great questions and motivated me to grind a little harder. They were floored when I told them that I technically published my first book when I was in 2nd grade! My intent was to inspire at least one student to write whatever comes to mind. #author #authorsofinstagram #authorlife #events #mompreneur #entrepreneur #authorpreneur #inspiration #classroomspeaker #writer #blackauthor #blackfemaleauthor #blackwomenwhowrite #amwriting #dreamchaser #bookwriter #authorsofig

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One of my old biggest fears was that I was going to regret missing out on life. It sounds silly, but I worried I wasn't doing enough now so that one day I could reflect and say, "Yes, I had a happy life." . Then someone said, "If you can only live one moment at a time, you might as well make it the present." . It changed the way I thought about everything. I realized I was worried about a future I could still change. And I was missing the point of my worries. It was in the present that I wanted to be happy. . Happiness isn't something to find. It is something to realize. And when I did that, I knew I'd look back one day and say, "Yes, I had a happy life." . . #WritemindedKJ #writer #writerswrite #madewords #amwriting #amediting #writerscorner #writingcommunity #creativewriting #writersociety #authorsofinstagram #writerslife #writingtips #writingadvice #wordgasm #writtenwords #writingquotes #inspiration #writinginspiration #writenow #storytelling #ilovewriting #firstdraft #wordcount #writersblock #bookish #getwriting #wordsmith #novelwriting #livelife