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Can't believe how many #getfunkofied portraits pics stored over the years, but here a few samples. Get your portrait done as a @originalfunko #pop style . :) at @amazingcomiccon this weekend. There's even going to be a special Funko Friday event and also check out the #hawaiicollectorsexpo as well to add more fun(ko) with fellow fans. @fromthehearthawaii When you get a portrait commission you get a clear protective sleeve and my own little "official" sticker seal. @thesfdungeon @beachblanketsf #alzheimerssucks at Amazing Comic Con

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Here is another picture from when I started skateboarding and as for the anklet that I'm wearing it reads "Opa" which is German for "Grandpa" I made this anklet after the first few days that I started skateboarding. It is in loving memory of my Opa who has not only taught me alot as I was growing up but also inspired me, too, and who unfortunately lost his battle to Alzheimer's Disease just a few years ago. I wear this anklet every single time that I go skateboarding and I swear that it is my good luck charm.⁣ ⁣ I know that my Opa is always watching over me and I really hope that I make him proud. ⁣ 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜⁣ ⁣ #SkaterGirl #VansSk8HiProSneakers #VansGirl#Flashback #adrenalineskateshop #Vans #VansSkate #skateboarding #spitfirewheels #SkaterGirl #Novice #Awesome #Daring #bonesredsbearings #Crazy30yearOld #Sk8 #Unique #Uniqueness #BadAss #BadAssGirl #MyVeryFirstSkateboard #MyCreativeSide #iLoveSkateboarding #MyWildSide #ENDALZ #MyOPAisMYinspiration #InLovingMemory #Rip #iLoveYouOpa #AlzheimersSucks

5 hours ago

The hardest thing to watch somebody you love, forget they love you. Still grateful for each great day with you 💗 #alzheimerssucks

5 hours ago

I brought Mom along for sandwiches in the park today. I worked while she lounged in the hammock. If you can't tell by the look on her face, I'd say she enjoyed the grub, the winter sunshine, and the kids playing around us. Not too bad for a Sunday afternoon. at California

6 hours ago

We have missed our Mernie for years. But today the loss is real. Marilyn Hopkins Wilkerson left us too early. Please hold the family in your thoughts. #alzheimerssucks

7 hours ago

Is there an Alzheimer’s big brother program in L.A.?? or some type of companion program?? My dad has Alzheimer’s and my mom still works part time and she needs support and my dad needs to get out of the house a bit. My dad stays home a lot, plays games on the computer, reads and sleeps when my mom is busy working and taking care of life responsibilities. The reality is they don’t have a lot of good friends at this stage of life who my mom could call and say, “ hey Frank would love to hits some ball with you for an hour or two or go for a quick meal or coffee.” And the friends they do have are busy with their own lives and or haven’t offered. Maybe they are uncomfortable? My dad is hilarious and still with it but he can forget his thought and repeat himself in a conversation. For all intents and purposes he doesn’t drive so he has lost his independence and autonomy which has caused decline due to depression. He is up on all current events and is well read. He loves baseball and has owned a small business his whole life. He loves hitting balls at the driving range, movies, playing pool, and he could benefit from going on walks. He’s not at the point of needing a caregiver or to an adult day center and it would at this point not be received well. He “just” needs a companion who enjoys his company and could join him in activities 1-3 times a week and will be an extra set of eyes and ears to keep him engaged and safe. Like a 50-70 retired or semi retired person who is interested in volunteering as a companion. Does this exist? I’ve started to research but all I see are support groups or in home caregivers. Please share any ideas or personal experiences or volunteer groups you know of. - - - #alzheimers #bigbrother #volunteer #volunteering #alzheimersawareness #alzheimer #babyboomer #dementia #alzheimerssucks #nonprofit #alzheimersocks nonprofitorganizations #empathy #support #aging #memoryloss #compassion #community #communityservice #alzheimerssupport #ittakesavillage #idea #goodidea

7 hours ago

I cherish that moment, the whispers, smiles, talking nonsense and about anything and everything all at the same time...Surreal that it has been 1 year. I miss you Mom and I will remember for you 🐘 #AlzheimersSucks

9 hours ago

Last night we took my mom out to see a movie and dinner. She loves quesadillas. Her appetite and taste buds have changed so much and refuses to eat many things. So off to Sharky's. I got this scrumptious mixed greens salad with tomato, roasted peppers and pepitas. We're all happy! #healthystorry #eatrealfood #sharkys #salad #satisfied #delicious #organic #vegetables #eatingout #healthy #alzheimerssucks #dementia #familytime #dinnerandamovie #tomato #roastedpeppers #pepitas #happyfamily

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"Now there's evidence that exercise produces another hormone that may improve memory and protect against Alzheimer's disease, according to a study co-led by Ottavio Arancio, MD, Ph.D., a researcher at Columbia University's Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons and Taub Institute for Research on Alzheimer's Disease and the Aging Brain." The study was published in Nature Medicine. Rethink Exercise! Exercise is Medicine! #Alzheimer #rethinkexercise #AlzheimersAssociation #alzheimerawareness #AlzheimersStinks #alzheimerstreatments #alzheimerassociation #alzheimerswalk #alzheimersfight #alzheimersandflossing #healthyliving #alzheimerschat #alzheimerssupport #Alzheimersawarenessmonth #alzheimercode #alzheimersawareness #alzheimersinspiration #alzheimersresearch #exercise #alzheimerssoc #exerciseismedicine #Alzheimers #alzheimerspatients #alzheimerssucks #alzheimersresearchuk #alzheimerscommunity #exercisescience #Alzheimersdisease #alzheimersdementia #Alzheimersuck at Physicians Fitness

10 hours ago

You’re always remembered, loved and cherished more than I can say..You’ve missed out on a lot, but I know you’re up there making sure we’re all protected, loved and that we survive..If I can be a quarter of the woman you were, I’d be honored, grateful and thankful..Thank you for loving me and being my #1 supporter, hoping I make you proud..I miss you extra this time of year for so many reasons but I know you’re busy keeping Grandpa on his toes..I’ll love you forever and a day, Happy Birthday Grandma ♥️🙏🏼

11 hours ago

I met a beautiful woman at Michaels today. She has been with her husband 45 years and he is now living in an Alzheimer’s ward. While she feels so alone, she has the most gorgeous and positive light within her. I am blessed to have met you. I hope I was able to brighten your day as you brightened mine. #blessed #thankful #thoughtshift #alzheimerssucks at Michaels Stores

12 hours ago

I have decided to run 10K in September to help raise money for @alzheimerssoc, a disease that can be heard but not seen. I’d really appreciate if you would donate, link in bio. As I am literally one of the worst runners I am going to document my progress here 🤦🏼‍♀️

12 hours ago

This year I'm FINALLY getting a team together for the #walktoendalzheimers at the #detroitzoo August 24! Fundraisers are coming, but feel free to donate to my team in the meantime or share the link! My page link in the bio too! We still need team members,follow the link below to join . It feels great to finally be doing something to help #endalz #inhonor of my #father #alzheimers #alzheimersawareness #alz #alzheimerssucks #alzheimersassociation #alzheimersprevention #detroit #detroitwalktoendalzheimers at Westland, Michigan

12 hours ago

My mother lost her battle with Alzheimer’s On February 15th, 2019. I knew this day was coming I thought I still had time to see her once last time. As the years have passed since she was first diagnosed I have slowly mourned her. She lost her ability to do simple tasks and forgot who her family was. She was even violent. This disease is cruel although she was alive in her body I knew she was no longer there. I know that she is now free. Thank you mom for teaching me how to be a strong woman. #alzheimerssucks #alzheimersawareness #alzheimers #missingyou

14 hours ago

Today’s Alzheimer story comes from @armenthelender: “Losing a family member can be difficult at any time, but it’s especially hard when it’s one who you were really close to growing up. This past October, our family lost my paternal grandfather, Panos Manokian, to Alzheimer’s. He had been diagnosed about 8 years ago and as each year passed, it got progressively worse. It is very difficult seeing a family member who you looked up to and have countless memories with unable to remember who you are. My personality with my nieces and nephew is a mirror image on how he was with us growing up. He was fun, loving, and always knew how to make you smile. Even though he didn’t know who I was when I went to see him, he would always say, “I know you’re one of us,” while pointing to himself and my grandmother. I hope Josh’s fundraiser can bring more awareness to just how much Alzheimer’s can affect a loved one and their family. “ . . . . . . #AlzheimersSucks #NotForgotten #EndAlz #EndAlzhemiers #FindACure #CaregiverSupport #AlzheimersCommunity #AlzheimersAwareness #AlzheimersFight #AlzheimersStories

20 hours ago

Looking for date ideas? 👫 Impress your crush by listing off various places you can go in Hokkien or Cantonese! 🗣 Being able to speak multiple languages is really impressive, you know 😉 #dialogue4dementia

1 day ago

I was lucky enough to win a gift card for @hilarydruxmanjewelry last spring but wasn’t sure what I wanted to use it for. These last several weeks (and more really) have been tugging on the heart strings, me digging into what really matters and a huge desire to make a difference. . ✨ I recently discovered this jewelry store has several pieces where proceeds go to charity. Bonus. @abjarnarson_1403 and I finally got to the store today and we’re so impressed by the variety. I could not get over how many charitable organizations they support. . ✨ In the end, we bought three pieces. She picked a flower supporting Alzheimer’s which is what my Grandad passed away from just 1.5 years ago. We picked an angel with a pendant for CancerCare for Emily which represents too many family members going through or recovering from cancer. And @ccmbfoundation has been a key support for all. And finally, I bought a piece that supports the @neveralonefnd. My sister-in-law recently passed from cancer and she, my brother and I many times discussed the need for an advocate and support when going through the cancer journey. What do people do who have no one to help them? Do they just fall through the cracks? This foundation ensures that no one fights cancer alone. . ✨ We will wear these with pride. Beautiful pieces of course, but so much more than jewellery. These necklaces represent so much of what we and our family have gone through in the last few years and continue to go through. I’m always impressed by customer service and quality, but this jeweller really hit it out of the park by their support of these and many other charities. How wonderful is that??!! I highly recommend supporting them and these charities or whichever ones speak to you. . ✨ #fucancer #neveralone #charitabledonation #strongfamily #necklace #proceedstocharity #alzheimers #alzheimerssucks #breastcancersucks at Winnipeg, Manitoba

1 day ago

Sometimes memories sneak out of my eyes and roll down my cheeks. #alzheimerssucks

1 day ago

Mom is always so happy and grateful to come home. She said it felt like a vacation....she did not remember last weekends party celebrating Lindsay’s pregnancy so I showed her all the photos again.... she only recalled the picture of the slice of cake 😂 Then she asked about my Dad, his illness with the brain tumor, if he had a lot of pain and his death. She does not recall any of this. The conversation continued with, was mom with pap when he died? I said your parents died in Holland when we were living here.... this conversation took a little while to untangle... the threads of her thoughts were getting tangled and she said she was very confused.... in her words...”is this what happens when you lose your mind?” I straightened it out the best I could, we sat to watch a Hallmark movie and Re-celebrated a grandchild on the way with a celebratory taste of Mom’s moonshine with whip cream on top 😍 I also got to go flower shopping and in Mom’s words “had the most outstanding dinner”. She had 2 helpings and 3 of the meat that was as soft as butter 🤣 For dessert.... more of her eggnog 😉 So grateful to still have these moments as we just do not know ..... what happens next....? #alzheimerssucks #memories #caregivers

1 day ago

Today Hurston is at rest. He has his memories back and will watch over all who loved him and he loved dearly. We love you Hurston, Papa, Dad. Alzheimer’s robbed him of his memories in life, we held them for him. We will continue to share his stories, laugh and love and support each other. #alzheimerssucks #wewillmissyou #preciousmoments Services will be in Frederick, OK on Thursday 2/21/19 at 10AM at the Methodist Church. In lieu of flowers please give in memory of Hurston Akin to the Oklahoma chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association to help the fight to #endalz at Edmond, Oklahoma

1 day ago

Petitgrain might help support an overall wellness plan for elderly individuals. Try adding 10-20 drops in a 10ml roller bottle with FCO and roll on back of neck 3x a day. Diffuse 4-6 drops intermittently throughout the day (our Lumo diffuser is perfect for this).⁣ Do you have an elderly relative that could benefit from this? ⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ #essentialoilsforthewin #dementiaawareness #mentalillness #talkingegg #essentialoils #dementia #elderly #mentalillnessawareness #elderlycare #mentalhealthsupport #essentialoilsrock #essentialoil #mentalhealthadvocate #grandparents #alzheimerssucks #mentalhealthawareness #alzheimers #alzheimersawareness #mentalhealthrecovery #dementiasucks #essentialoilswork

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Mini vegetable quiche with jack cheese, Keto toast w/ avocado and Keto coffee. While enjoying God’s Holy & inspired Word! Be blessed and know you are loved! #ketolife #jesuslovesyou #alzheimerssucks

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I am here, mami! Copyright 2018 Leticia Gutiérrez Guzmán Dedicated to my mom, who was suffering from Sundown dementia and Alzheimer. Mother’s Day 2018 Mami, Do you see me now? As I walk by your side, hoping and praying that you won’t fall. You can’t stand or walk alone, mami, please listen to me. Mami, as I speak into your ear, it is me, do you know who I am. Yes that’s me! I will hold your hand, oh yes, I am warm. Please give me some sign that you are just fine. Mami I was here yesterday and yes I’m here today. I do come, not from far away. There are no mountains in my way. I will be here tomorrow, again. Yes mami, I’m not traveling alone, it’s not a distance from home. I did not fly in and my meal I did eat. You ask if I’m married; yes I am married you see. You know him too. Mami, Do you remember me today, it is me! Yes “papi” is ok. I will let him know that you want to see him soon and that you send your love. Mami did you eat well today? Oh you had a feast and many did attend. Who did the cooking for you today? You did? That is grand, I am not hungry but thanks, the maids can have a break. Mami, do you remember me? Of course I do, who you think I am? I’m your mother and won’t ever forget. Hello, are you Leti? Has she arrived. Mami, Im here! Please don’t go... #alzheimersawareness #alzheimerssucks #caregiver #poetrycommunity #caregiversupport @write.from.thesoul

1 day ago

“..he’s thinking back to when he was to younger, when he had a healthy a mother... And he’s not really sure about life. Or how any of this could be right.”💔😭 This song breaks my heart and makes ugly cry.. but I’m so glad someone gave these kids a record deal with song. It’s about a mom with cancer, but I relate it to my mom with Alzheimer’s. It all sucks. #wethree #HeavensNotTooFarAway #endalz #alzheimerssucks

2 days ago

Some days you just wish you could bring your dad one of his favorite cookies! 💕 #alzheimerssucks

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Here's also thanking our lovely event sponsors @hook_coffee, @thesingaporeandream, @visualmass and @snackycrisps! 😋 Be sure to visit their pages and check out their products 😉 and if you're one of the participants in our contest, stay tuned to find out whether you managed to snag yourself some great goodies 🎉

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Did you see Auntie Meiling's house at NTU Sky Deck? 🏠 Today is the last day to join our contest! If you haven't already, upload a photo of yourself with Auntie Meiling's key and write one fact about dementia you'd share with a loved one 💑 Don't forget to follow and tag us, and use the hashtag #waybackhomesg in your entry as well. Make sure your account isn't private so that we can track it! 👍 We also want to take this chance to thank our wonderful partners @nycsg,, @kindnesssg, and Forget Us Not for all their support, without which this event would not have been possible 👏 #forgetusnotsg at North Spine @ NTU

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How healthy do you think using our cellphones 24/7 is for your brain and social life? 🌞

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Finally getting to do this personal fundraising for the @endalzhawaii Aloha Chapter. It's the 11x17 exclusive print featuring #pineappleman , #triceratops , and #alohapepe . Mahalo @amazingcomiccon and #Hawaiiancomicbookalliance . And now the print inspired my newest #indiecomic #oneshotcomic to debut next week This says #firstprinting on the cover. 50 copies. I'm going to have that statement removed in future printings. I'm thankful when fellow Comic friends pick up copies and art to support, but I hope this attracts people who are affected in some way by #dementia and #Alzheimer's whether they have family members or can relate to caregiving. Please spread the word. The b/w action comic has parallels to Alzheimer's and awareness. Plus, its full of #eastereggs and Pepe the #Chihuahua actually fighting dirty. Lol. #pepesheroes #alzheimerssucks . #cancersucks #parkinsonsucks #lupusucks #cgc #endalz #Alzheimersassociation at Amazing Comic Con

2 days ago

This is my Grandma Patty!! She was diagnosed with MCI around 10 years ago, WAY before I was born. A few years later, early onset Alzheimer's began taking over. She was so excited when my mom was pregnant with me!! And after I was born, she even remembered my name a few times!! She doesn't know who we are anymore, but she seems content and is being well taken care of. My big brother tells me she was a really awesome grandma.❤ Raglan: @starsailyrboutique Cuff: @_cuffbaby Jeans: @childrensplace Hair: @bloomiebloom #alzheimers #alzheimersawareness #alzheimerssucks #alzheimersdisease #thisisalzheimers #cuffbaby #iwearcuffs #socool #hairbybloom #alegendwasborn #legendwilliamdelaney #raglans #raglansale #istoleherheart #starsailyrboutique #cuteclothes #adorableandaffordable at Mission Viejo, California

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Please join Lou Verrelli and I for an amazing night of Billy Joel music to benefit Alzheimer’s research in memory of my Mom, Cindy, and Lou’s Father-in-Law, Paul, and all others affected by this agonizing disease. We’ll also be celebrating Billy’s 70th birthday!! We’ve got a great lineup planned featuring The Buddies - Mike Mizwinski, Mike Kennedy, Anders Alfelt, and Matt Ensminger. #loverembers #billyjoel #billyjoeltribute #endalz #alzheimersawareness #alzheimerssucks #alzheimersassociation #bjvsalz #piano #pianoman #soncanyouplaymeamemory #thisisthetimetoremember at The Ardmore Music Hall

2 days ago

RIP Dad. 1940 - 2019 . Until I see you again.

3 days ago

"There's a place for us. Somewhere, a place for us. Peace and quiet and open air. Wait for us, somewhere." That song was my Gram's favorite. Every Christmas Eve, I remember I would stand in my living room - right after church, wearing my PJs - and bellow out those notes to that song along with "Babs" (Barbara Streisand); or even at every Pirate game, where I sang the National Anthem, my gram would come down to the dugout, lean into my ear, and rev me up to sing - I honestly think she babbled words of nonsense - nonetheless, she always calmed me with a laugh. And though she had been gone now for quite a while, battling Alzheimer's for over sixteen years, her love of music (and care from my Grandfather) kept her going up until October 2017 when she left this world. So...If I had one more moment to thank you Gram, I would thank you for always listening to me sing - be it at church, on stage,in my parents' living room, or out on that diamond - as well as being my #1 fan. Who could ask for anything more? You will always be remembered and held dear to my heart! Sending up love❤️, hugs😘, and sweet notes🎶 of tranquility ~ Jessie #alzheimers what a heartwrenching and terrible disease. I had seen its progression while my gram battled this silent killer. I had watched my mom cry as she slowly lost her mother. DAY 10. Meaningful image. Me? Meaningful memories. ❤ #thewilloftime #amwriting #timetravel #writers #writersconnection #writerscommunity #writersdesk #authorsofig #awritechristmas #awriterwonderland #2019booklovers #authorschallenge2019 #indieauthors #authorsofinstagram #writersofinatagram #authorlife #alzheimerssucks