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Hacer carretera, parar porque algo te llama la atención y salir del coche a fotografiarlo. Así es él. Y yo lo fotografío desde el coche 🌿🌸 (La foto no es de hoy, pero como estoy a más de 400km de él, pues me acuerdo de estos pequeños momentos).

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Please take a moment and read if you can... What a beautiful picture of an almond tree, taken by @holacostablanca - thank you for allowing me to repost it! 🚩🚩🚩🙏🙏🙏 Help is needed for one of this tree's siblings: . At the @hfmt_hamburg , there is an amazing garden with such an almond tree, bringing us joy all year round, but especially in spring time with its lush blossoms. Isn't is a miracle how such a mediterranean tree made its home here in the North, as a radiant guest from places we like to visit for vacations? BUT: It is meant to be felled by the end of this February, as I have learned just two days ago. We need all knowledge and powers for a quick rescue action! This means digging the tree out and planting it elsewhere. We need hands to do it (soon!), materials for it, and most of all, gardening wisdom as these trees are indeed vulnerable creatures. I cannot bear the idea such wonderful tree might die brutally - please help if you can! We cannot be musicians if we have no respect for life. . . . #callforhelp #almondtree #mandelbaum #hfmthamburg #humanityneedsnature #nabu #naturschutz #emergency #helpneeded #nature #natureandmusic #respectforlife #natureprotection #ig_hamburg #igershamburg #instanature #instatree #instahelp #rescueaction #treelove #natureislife #rettetdiebäume #rescuethistree #natureinthecity #hamburgmeineperle #bittehelft

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Bones vistes!

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Just had an amazing walk and on my way back I was overwhelmed by this stunning view on our Finca Bilou. As if the Almond blossom embrace our Finca💖. zojuist lekker gewandeld en op de terugweg werd ik overvallen door dit mooie uitzicht op onze Finca Bilou. Alsof de Amandel bloesem onze Finca omhelst 💖 #Fincabilou #niceview #outdoorlife #almond #almondtree #blossom #vidarural #escapadarural #holidayescape #enjoylife #collectmoments #sunshine #spain #hikking #cycling #vakantiehuisonderdezon

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¬ #placetothink #placetostay #natura ¬ ¬ ¬ «Ci vorrebbe una panchina sotto il mandorlo, un preludio di Chopin e qualcosa da non dimenticare.»

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For Girl Scout cookie season, @almondtreeweddings is hosting a new promotion called “Pitch Cookies to Pam.” . The owner, Pam who is a former Girl Scout, is willing to buy five boxes of cookies from each Girl Scout that comes into the boutique and gives her a five minute sales pitch. The goal is to educate and mentor the next generation of strong female leaders and entrepreneurs by not just showing support with money, but by teaching vital work and business skills. Think of it as a local Shark Tank episode for Girl Scouts. . The Girls will sign up to come in, present the cookies to Pam, she will then buy five boxes and donate majority of the cookies sold to St. Vincent de Paul Food Bank. . It’s a win-win! Thanks @yourphxcw for sharing this great story! . #clientlove #prlife #almondtree #wedding #girlscouts #arizona #highstreetaz at Almond Tree Wedding Boutique

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Tropical almond tree is my favorite, because it has four different kinds of crown for each season. I first learnt that in my literature textbook, in elementary school. . Cây bàng là loài cây mình yêu nhất vì mỗi mùa tán cây lại có vẻ đẹp riêng. Mình để ý tới sự đa dạng này lần đầu qua một bài văn trong sách dạy tiếng Việt bậc tiểu học. . . #treesofinstagram #trees #cây #cỏcây #câycối #foliage #almondtree #câybàng #bàng

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Ya, ya paro. . . . . (Hasta el año que viene, claro.) 🌸💗 . at Ibi, Spain