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1 day ago

Well whatever was wrong with kian for couple hours yesterday afternoon didn’t last. He went to bed earlier than normal and came in with me when I went to bed just in case, he lasted till midnight before we both decided he was better off in his own bed!!! Woke this morning full of beans and asking to take selfies with his camera!!! #poorlyboy #allbetternow #bedsharingisnotforus #hewasjustafooter #whyhehashosownbed

1 day ago

✨Special Offer until March 31st✨ . Top 10 oils, a diffuser & a community of resources to get you started + BONUS Deep Blue Rub and 5 ml oil 💙 . Actually used the Deep Blue Rub and Oil on my husband this morning because he almost fell down the stairs and pulled his neck 🤦🏻‍♀️ lol #AllBetterNow . If you are ready, grab my hand and I’ll take you on this ride with me!! Comment below or DM me 😘

3 days ago

This little one was sick on Friday, but she is back to her normal cute little self. Yesterday and today have been great! My kids have taken advantage of the warmer weather and sunshine to play outside and with friends. I've been able to go through clothes & crafts to get rid of stuff, and do training for my nutrition certification... Today has also included getting laundry done...soon I will do meal prep for the week. . #momlife #mylittleprincess #momof3kids #momofmixedkids #workingmomlife #weightlossjourney #typicalsunday #playoutside #warmerweather #weekendwarrior #thankyouJesus #allbetternow

4 days ago

Hullo! My name is Dash and I would love to be 'dopted. If you 'dopted me you could play with me and see my smile allllll the time! I came to CARMA with a broken leg but its all better now. You won't even see that there was a booboo soon. #adoptmenow #dashisadoodle #goodboy #lookatthatsmile #adoptable #carma_oc_rescue #carmadogs #carmakid #medicalrescuedogs #medicalrescue #dogsofinstagram #rescuesofinstagram #allbetternow #sweetboy #gooddog at Compassionate Animal Rescue for Medical Aid

5 days ago

Congratulations to Pepper from @norcalbullybreedrescue who went home with her forever family, Saul and Greg, today!!! We would also like to thank her foster mom (first year veterinary student Meg) for taking such good care of her while she recovered! #ucdfractureprogram #brokenleg #fracturerepair #surgery #allbetternow #foundmyforeverhome #lovemyforeverhome #foreverfamily #foreverhome #congratulations #happyfamily #dogsofinstagram #rescuedogsofinstagram #fosterpup #fosterssavelives #adoptdontshop #rescueismyfavoritebreed

5 days ago

Even though Oliver got a 100% on his spelling test (proud mama), he still had a rough day today and was crying when I picked him up from the boys and girls club. When we got home I got creative and set up a tray on the bathtub so he could have snacks (pretzels,Swedish fish, ring pop💍& hot cocoa on the side) while relaxing in a chamomille/lavender bubble bath- of course while doing one of his fave things READING 🛁 📚 ☕ 🍫 It's important to remember that our kids have rough days too and they deserve to come home and relax & pamper just as much as we do. No matter our age or size we all struggle with emotions and having to learn to overcome new supportive & always love and care for our kiddos..they are the future!🌱🖤 he couldn't stop telling me how much he loves me and how happy he was with what he called the BEST BATH EVER🤗 . #miamor #handsome #nothingiwouldntdoforyou #inhiselement #relax #parentingwin #allbetternow #mamaknowsbest #vegan #vegankids

5 days ago

The sun is shining, I got my hair cut and colored in preparation for spring break and #hpmkt AND I get to share a shot of our client’s newly renovated morning room. This Friday is shaping up nicely! This fireplace wall was in need of a facelift. We raised the existing unit so that it would be more visible behind the new furniture arrangement. Then we built out the surround to cover the depth of the existing footers. To accentuate the ceiling and beams, we took wide paneled shiplap all the way up. We are so pleased to have been a part of this transformation! Mad props to our contractor for a beautiful execution too! design @jtwdesignllc photography @alexis__courtney #shiplap #fireplace #morningroom #fireplacereno #beforeandafter #tranformations #paneling #reclaimedmantle #newprojecta #allbetternow #teameffort #pears #fschumacher #designplan #happyhome #homedecor #ilovemyjob #houseandhome #bghhome #fullservicedesign #Ivydesigner #maketimefordesign #jtwdesign at Midlothian, Virginia

8 days ago

From yesterday’s trip to the #ER to get my #appendix removed. Fun times! #tfw you get seated next to the woman who wants to run down every time she’s ever been to the #hospital and swears she has pneumonia but won’t wear the mask she demanded. #🙄 all in all it was a successful trip to the hospital that only took a mere 12 hours. Left feeling much better than when I arrived. What more could you ask for? #hospital #sick #surgery #allbetternow

8 days ago

Last day in the hospital. Last procedure. I can finally say that I am fixed :) it's been a long 3 years but this chapter is closed now. It is now time to start a new beginning. Thank you to my heavenly father that is so merciful. Thank you to my saint of a mother and that wonderful man in my life that keeps me sane and always has a shoulder for me to lean on. Thank you for all the prayers from my family & friends. I am truly blessed. 💗💪 #surgerysucks #staphsucks #allbetternow #strongwoman #blessed at UAMS - University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

11 days ago

So true today. This morning I let something silly get to me so it took me a while to get my workout done. This afternoon I added in a quick run - it’s been too long. It felt so good to be out on the road again (who am I even?!). A friend wasn’t able to join me but she invited me to run to her house and she’d take me home afterwards. No hesitation on my part, deal made. My body made the decision, it knew just what my mind needed today. #friendswhogetyou #runnershigh #runouttheblues #dontsweatthesmallstuff #allbetternow

12 days ago

Isla getting to celebrate her birthday at school! She was so excited especially since she had to miss on her actual birthday because she had influenza. #allbetternow #letspartylikeitsmybirthday

12 days ago

Today is the anniversary of #allbetternow out in the world. In characteristic bad luck, I deleted my last post announcing this, but in uncharacteristically good luck, today is also #internationalwomensday and #braininjuryawarenessmonth so today’s what it’s all about! My favorite part of the ALL BETTER NOW journey has been speaking to so many different groups about so many different aspects of my story. I’ve presented at conferences for others with brain injuries. I’ve spoken to groups of other sexual abuse survivors. I’ve taught about telling your story to students writing personal essays, to other potential memoirists, to self-proclaimed “ordinary people” who want to record their personal history. I’ve connected with so many people; heard so many stories. Lately I’ve been especially loving my school visits, ranging from classes of fifth graders to university students. I still have some days open for more visits this spring, so if you’re an educator and are interested in putting something together, I’d love to hear from you. I never thought I’d be lucky enough to share my story in this way, but the last three years have followed the old writer maxim:, “surprising, yet inevitable.” Thank you to everyone who has supported me, and ALL BETTER NOW, in our surprising, inevitable adventure.

13 days ago

After being sick for what seemed like a month, I’m back to getting better... one day at a time! And hopefully with the weather warming up, I’ll be back to being my old self again. Thanks to antibiotics, vitamins, cough syrups, cough drops and of course, the always trusty Vick’s vaporub! 🤗👌🏼💪🏼💊 #theflugotme #allbetternow at Stonebridge Ranch, McKinney