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Alright up till midnight doing water changes again but it was worth it and much needed. Swipe over for a before vid where you can see everyone hanging out.

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My little poops 💩

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TABLES IN PREPARATION 🙌🏼🙌🏼 Ku-Busy nawe yiba-Busy. I choose the life of working nabantu baseKasi than to make myself better than them. I choose to uplift them to use their skills & talent rather than watching them doing crime & drugs and complain about the problems instead of solving them. Let's all work together, that's all we need to do to solve the problems we face in our communities, if we make ourselves better than other people we're creating more problems & we still gonna complain about the government not helping us. Come Jam with us from Monday to Friday for a chilled Braai meat 🍖🌭, Saturdays good music & fun🍻, Sundays open mic sessions only for local artists & poets🎙. • • • #albino #youthdevelopmnent #youthagenda #tutor #happysocks #capetown #author #coach #tgim #model #photographer #businessman #entreprenuer #bible #hope #holycross #entreprenuerlife #happy #entreprenuerlifestyle #motivation #success #successful #traveller #business #investor #investing #marketing #leadership #youthmatter at Cape Town Tourism - Khayelitsha

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Inmate Diary 220219; After being given a bland breakfast of rabbit, chicken, and lamb, we were taken outside in groups of 3 to play in the snow. The appeals filed with the courts must've finally gone through and caused this unexpected yard time. The Warden was even required to dry us off before we went back into the Ferretentiary. We made certain to talk about our yard time to the guard cats. Once we were all back in the walls of the institution, the Warden went for a nap. He must've forgotten we are cold weather animals and as soon as he was out, "Operation: Winter Zoomies" was a go. The girls went about finding all our clean bedding and dragging it all over the Ferretentiary, while us boys pushed over books and knocked fruit off the kitchen counter. It went well until the Warden was awoken by Gadget pushing a spare cage ramp off the top of our cell block. The Warden was forced to take care of our messes, while I, the Wild White Weasel, laid claim to his bed. If the Warden wants to finish his nap, he'll have to do so around me. Today was a good day to be an inmate. -Ifrit, inmate IF-R17. #ferretentiary #petsofinstagram #ferretsofinstagram #albino

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The lighting was weird in this pic, but she looks SUPER cute!

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my entree for an art contest it’s really rushed and i lowkey hate it but that’s how it is sometimes

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🔴GIVEAWAY!🔴 . Hi everyone, I'm doing a giveaway ! You can win a digital drawing of your original character or a portrait of you/ a loved one by following these steps : . 1. Like this post ❤ 2. Follow my account ✔ 3. Share your favorite drawing of mine in your story and tag me @rizmette ! You must leave it for the full 24h. 🕛 . 1 to 4 winners will be picked randomly depending of how many of you participate, you have until march 8th ! Swipe right to see different exemples of what i draw ! Also comment to let me know if you would prefer a sketch or a more refined drawing ! _________________________________ #giveaway #portrait #characterdesign #digitalpainting #digitalart #digitalillustration #illustration #doodle #sketch #art #oc #contest #originalcharacter #drawing #instaart #digital #instaartist #albino #cute #win #portraitdrawing #white #red

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Don’t post enough of my reptiles haha. My first ever snake. Had him since he was 6weeks old— he’s now 7years old. He’s never bit, nor struck at me in his life, he isn’t your typical shitey, bitey garter snake. On this occasion— I shall toot my own horn... he’s been raised well😂 such a sweet natured, beautiful snake. My wee popcorn😍❤️ might start posting more of my wee collection🤔 #snakes #snakesofinstagram #gartersnake #albino #albinosnake #reptiles #reptilesofinstagram #shouldpostmore

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