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11 days ago

One fun thing to do when you’re traveling is to find something a little out of the way or on the odd side of the spectrum. It breaks up the monotony of going to the places everyone else is going and it makes the place and the trip especially yours. . . This past weekend, @jazmelody went to Rocky Point in Warwick, Rhode Island and gained such an experience. This #freakfridayfind was an amusement park from the 1840s to the mid-1990s. Today, it’s a beautiful state park with a little beach and an awesome walkway. There are even still some structures from the amusement park (like this suspension swing) and plaques all around the park for you to take in the history of this little place and the history it’s seen. . . What have been some of your favorite off-the-beaten-path travel finds? . . . . #travel #travelgram #traveladdict #traveladvisor #rhodeisland #rockypoint #warwick #akingsdaughtertravel #amusementparks #stateparks at Rocky Point State Park

13 days ago

Happy first full week of May! Summer is so close I can taste it (and for some of you, it may have already started). Summer is the perfect time to get out on your next travel adventure. This summer, we'll be going to Tennessee, Utah, and Alaska. It's going to be a jam-packed one, but it's going to be one for the books. ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ What are your travel plans for the summer?⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #travel #summertravel #beach #travelgram #traveladvisor #akingsdaughtertravel #traveladdict #nashville #tennessee #utah #alaska #wheretonextwednesday

14 days ago

Looking to do Boston on a budget? The Freedom Trail is definitely a choice you won’t regret. It’s a 2.5 mile line of red bricks that you can follow to find several historical landmarks and museums. Almost all of these are free and will open your eyes to the rich history that the city holds. If nothing else, it’s a great choice for your first day there to stretch your legs after a long plane ride to the city. . . . . . . #travel #travelgram #traveladvisor #akingsdaughtertravel #boston #massachusetts #freedomtrail #ushistory #traveltips

2 months ago

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page."⠀ .⠀ .⠀ Traveling opens your eyes to more than just pretty places. It does this magical thing of showing you stories that you never would have known before. It can be taking a road trip throughout the states or flying to the other side of the world, but there's always a new tale to be heard from the different people and different places you encounter. And I just think that's a #magicalmonday worthy kind of thing.⠀ ⠀ #travel #travelgram #traveladvisor #akingsdaughtertravel #giantscauseway #ireland #saintaugstine #quote at The Giant's Causeway

2 months ago

This passed weekend’s weather was fab-u-lous. Not too hot. Not too cold. Just right. Like Goldie’s perfect porridge, but less gross. This is the face of someone hoping it’ll stick around, but who knows deep down it won’t. . It’s my favorite weather to hike in and it’s the perfect weather to get me acclimated to any new place I’m traveling to. So, I’ll still keep my fingers crossed for it. 🤞🏼 . . . . . #travel #travelweather #traveladvisor #akingsdaughtertravel #hiking #florida #floridahikes #duttonisland at Dutton Island Preserve

2 months ago

Word on the Water is a bookshop done right—cute, community-building, and a little quirky. Located in Granary Square along the Regents Canal in London, this gem started over a decade ago traveling around London because of docking regulations that prevented it from having a home. After lots of book lovers came together and fought for the shop’s right to have a permanent port, authorities finally gave in and recognized the shop for the fantastic place that it is. In the summertime, you can attend several performances hosted by the shop in Granary Square and in the winter, you can count on it to keep you warm as you read by the fire of its wood burning stove. It’s such a great stop if you ever find yourself in London. . . . . . #wordonthewater #london #freakyfriday #roadsideattractions #travel #travelgram #traveladvisor #akingsdaughtertravel #books #bookshops #bookstagram #london #england #usedbookstore at Word On The Water - The London Bookbarge

2 months ago

I stumbled across this guy today as I was looking into tourism in Egypt. The picture is dated as being taken somewhere between 1870 and 1875, but Egypt has only recently started becoming a new favorite place to visit. With it being so rich in history and becoming more tourist-friendly, it's no wonder more and more people are getting interested in going there to see it all for themselves. Plus, it's got a little something for everyone--from beaches to mountains to city life. I think I might just have to add this one to my #travelbucketlist 💁 ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #throwbackthursday #vintagetravel #travel #travelgram #traveladvisor #bucketlist #akingsdaughtertravel #egypt #sphinx #giza #cairo #history #worldhistory

2 months ago

What are you starting this week that you’ve been talking about for too long? Maybe a new workout program? Maybe you wanna finally make your way to Hawaii? Maybe you want to stop comparing yourself to other people’s instagrammed lives? Whatever goal you’ve been talking about doing, now is as good a time as ever to stop talking so much and start doing some more😉💃🏻💪🏼 . . . . #travel #traveladvisor #magicalmondays #disney #disneyworld #disneyland #waltdisney #inspiration #mondaymotivation #akingsdaughtertravel

2 months ago

You learn a lot of things when you're traveling. Like that one time @jazmelody and I were driving to the Grand Canyon and learned that "The Joshua Tree" is more than just the name of a U2 album. There's even an entire national park in California dedicated to them. Who knew? 🤦🏻🤷🏻😂⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ (Don't worry. Since becoming a travel advisor, I've learned a lot more about these things so I can help you in your travel adventures😉)⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #travel #traveladvisor #liveandlearn #akingsdaughtertravel #landlockedsaturdays #nevada #joshuatreenationalpark #thejoshuatree #music #travelinspo #travelgram #arizona #grandcanyon #joshuatree #u2 at Grand Canyon West

3 months ago

I'm a big fan of doing some quirky things when I travel, and one of the coolest quirkiest things I've ever done is The Neon Museum tour in Las Vegas. When you think about it, it's just a junk yard with signs. But these signs have seen so much of history that you can't help but sit back in awe, thinking about all the people and events that took place in the lifetime of these pieces of art. Each of these signs has such a rich history. Plus, I've heard that they've added even more since I was last there in 2015. So, maybe I'll just have to make a trip back to see what other parts of history I can soak up. If nothing else, the museum offers some fun picture opportunities like this "Sassy" sign that I still love four years later.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #travel #traveladvisor #throwbackthursday #tbt #akingsdaughtertravel #neonmuseum #lasvegas #nevada #vivalasvegas #doitforthegram at The Neon Museum

3 months ago

If you're making your way through North Dakota anytime soon, you might want to check out the Enchanted Highway. Starting at exit 72 on I-94 and going for 32 miles, this roadside attraction features seven sculptures made entirely of scrap metal. In 1989, fearing that his small town of Regent, ND was going to fall into extinction, Gary Greff decided to take things into his own hands. Without any experience in art or welding, Greff went about building the world's largest metal sculptures in order to attract tourists and bring money into his hometown. Gary continues to add on to this roadside attraction even today. And while these birds may bring back memories of that one scene in "A Bug's Life," I promise you'll be perfectly safe crossing paths with them😉 . . 📸 : Amusing Planet . . . . . #travel #traveladvisor #roadsideattractions #freakyfindsfridays #akingsdaughtertravel #northdakota #enchantedhighway #thingstosee at Enchanted Highway Gift Shop

3 months ago

It's the travel tip that no one says and everyone regrets when they forget--PACK EXTRA UNDERWEAR. You will never regret the choice to pack some extra unmentionables. You might be sweatier than planned during your travels; a sudden rainstorm might soak you to the bone; you might decide to prolong your trip a bit; an impromptu jump in a lake or dive in the hotel swimming pool might be in store. The possibilities are endless for the reasons behind why you'll need extra pantaloons during your trip. You can get by on only a few outfits, but you'll never be able to get by on only a few underthings. And please don't try to prove me wrong on this one.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #traveltiptuesday #travel #traveladvisor #extraunderwear #packingtips #akingsdaughtertravel

3 months ago

We decided to have an adventure and rent a car to drive from Asheville to Charlotte on our last day in North Carolina. It ended up raining the entire time and our drive on Blue Ridge Parkway gave us a Misty Mountains experience that we didn’t sign up for. . Note: No dwarves were harmed in the making of this adventure. . . . . #thehobbit #mistymountains #blueridgeparkway #mist #travel #traveladvisor #asheville #northcarolina #akingsdaughtertravel #motherdaughterbonding at Blue Ridge Parkway

3 months ago

One thing I think a lot of us forget to add to our packing list (myself included) is some patience. You're inevitably going to get lost, lose track of time, or forget your neck pillow. Instead of making it something that will ruin your trip, think of all of that as an added bonus to your travel adventures. Laugh at the ridiculous situations you find yourself in and know that another neck pillow is waiting for you at the airport. Travel is about escaping the stress, not adding to it. So, just take a breath, lend your adventure some patience, and you'll end up with a better story than you would have had otherwise.⠀ .⠀ And if you really think you'll be impatient when the going gets tough/crazy, maybe pencil in some cushion in your trip to get frustrated and impatient with figuring out public transport, where the nearest bathrooms are, or where the heck that bookshop is that you swear you saw on Pinterest.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #travel #traveladvisor #traveltiptuesday #akingsdaughtertravel

8 months ago

Meanwhile, back at the hotel, we chilled on the balcony for a bit watching all the activity below and action above. A bird flew by and dropped its treasured treat of bread at Jazmin’s feet, two girls took their dog for a ride on a paddle board, received an awesome new bullet journal and boo pillow for my birthday from @jazmelody and got lei’d on our way to the Aloha Festival 🌺❤️😍 #aloha #hiltonhawaiinvillage #harborview #oceanview #travelgram #funtimeswiththekids #operationhawaii50 #akingsdaughtertravel at Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort

9 months ago

I think I was around 8 years old the first time I traveled by plane. My family was going to Las Vegas to see my maternal grandmother and Mom’s siblings and their families. Having never seen snow at that point in my life, my dad had a difficult time convincing me the clouds weren’t snow! I hadn’t remembered that until now. I must have really drove him crazy on that flight! #virtuosoweek #virtuosotravel #lasvegas2018 #akingsdaughtertravel #wheredoyouwantotgonext #travelagentsrocks

9 months ago

I’m so excited to be heading to Las Vegas for Virtuoso Travel Week! It’s like a “fashion” week for the travel industry. I’ll be meeting with cruise line reps, tour companies, hotel and resort reps, etc from all over the world. Building genuine relationships with these folks allows me to bring great value for my travel clients. So what’s on your bucket list??? Follow me on my A Kings Daughter Travel Facebook page 😁 #virtuosotravel #akingsdaughtertravel #vtw2018 #dontwaituntilitstoolate #lasvegas2018 #travelagentsrock at Jacksonville International Airport