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28 days ago

A week ago we were in Vegas at the 1st national of the year. First video is 1st lap of the weekend and 2nd video is last lap of the weekend. And that’s exactly how most race weekends go. Highs and Lows and everything in between. But the pics that follow are why we do it. The team, the friends and the BMX family. Looking forward to another year with the @alphabicycleproducts family and making memories that will last a lifetime. AJ made all his cruiser mains going 5-4-4 and class main on Sunday shown here. Next stop....Louisville!! Big thanks to @alphabicycleproducts for all the support as well as @tangentproducts @boxcomponents @flyracingusa @onyxracing @veetireco @bbqislandinc #bmx #lasvegas #usabmx #race #family #friends #ajthebullet at South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa

1 month ago

Repost from last night. Didn’t know pics were all white!! Supercross has Anaheim (A1) and BMX has Las Vegas (LV1). The start of the season. The highs, the lows, the hard work and dedication, the breaks good and bad, the camaraderie, friends from all over the country and of course the 1st @pappasitos Margarita of the year. #tradition #usabmx #houston #lasvegas #margarita #pappasitos #alphabicycleproducts #bmx #family #ajthebullet #race #southwestairlines #monsterenergy at South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa

6 months ago

Weeekend recap start to finish. Blah, blah, blah. Margarita, pappasitos, Southwest. Houston-Buffalo-Canada, bmx race. Did so-so, if you’re in the sport you understand. It’s that time of year where you “need” certain finishes or it’s like pissing in the wind. Regardless, we had a great time north of the border this weekend with our Alpha family. The last pic is how I feel 2 weeks in to this stretch on a Sunday night. Sitting in the airport in Baltimore. Oh yeah, 1st day of school tomorrow!! #usabmx #alphabicycleproducts #ajthebullet #canada #pappasitos #margarita #southwestairlines #getmehome #bmx at BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI)

6 months ago

Woke up to a “flight cancelled” text this morning. No worries. I know @southwestair always takes care of us in situations like this. Called and they got us on a flight leaving 15 min later and arriving 30 min earlier. That’s why we fly SWA! And of course @pappasitos margarita. Don’t leave home without it. Next stop Detroit Rock City! 1st stop of a 4 week stretch of racing. Let the fun begin. #ajthebullet #bmx #usabmx #toledo #houston #southwestairlines #pappasitos #margarita #hardworkpaysoff #fatherandson #tradition at William P. Hobby Airport

7 months ago

8am Breakfast... 9:30-11:30 QB camp to start getting ready for upcoming season. 12-1:30 Lunch with big sis and her friend. 2-4 Helping out @gwsurf at the @pearlandbmx Novice clinic for beginner riders 4-5 Head to office with dad to meet a client real quick 5:30-8 Back to track for a little fun and racing. Just a day in the life of this kid. Sitting down is not our strong suit!! Rest day tomorrow. Well...after QB Camp in the morning!! 😜 The younger you can teach them that hard work and giving back is what it’s all about the better. It then becomes 2nd nature and helps make the whole world a better place. Raise em hard and raise em right! Time spent with your kids is always valuable and meaningful. Make it count. #hardworkpaysoff #balance #work #fun #giveback #rinse #repeat #prouddad #ajthebullet #alphabicycleproducts #ryanspiration at House of Hernandezzzss

8 months ago

We left for the airport Friday night at 7:30 pm in Baku. After a 3 hour flight from Baku to Doha, a quick 3 hour nap at hotel in Doha and then a 15 hour flight to Miami we made back to US soil. 1st pic is when we arrived at our hotel in South Beach at 6:30 tonight. I mean what else would we do but decompress and catch up on our phone!? These are some pics from our voyage home. From AJ running in to new friends from South Africa at Baku airport to me getting FB messages from parents from Australia trying to find AJ’s family so their son could stay in touch. It was such an amazing experience racing aside. The city of Baku was great as were the people. The depth of talented riders was crazy even though the rider count wasn’t near what it was last year in the US. It was truly a “worldly” worlds. Looking forward to the short flight home to Texas and being home. #homesweethome #usa #2018bmxworldchampionships #welltraveled #ajthebullet #miami #southbeach #texas #fatherandson #prouddad at Nautilus, a SIXTY Hotel

10 months ago

10 days left to buy tickets!! I only have about 80 left. If you have already bought your tix, THANK YOU YOUR SUPPORT!! Your tickets are dropping in the mail tomorrow. If not, get in on the action!! Great prizes supporting great riders representing the USA!! As a lot of you know AJ is headed to Baku, Azerbaijan half way around the world to represent Team USA in the BMX World Championships later this year. His Factory team @alphabicycleproducts had some awesome prizes donated by @bbqislandinc to help raise money to assist with cost of the trip. I have attached pics of all the prizes you can win. Tickets are $10 each or 6 for $50. You can pay via PayPal to ryan@2daypostcards.com or give me the money. Shoot me a message with phone number and address and I’ll mail your tickets to you. USA!USA!USA! #usabmx #baku #bmxworlds2018 #ajthebullet #bbq #bbqisland #alphabicycleproducts at Baku, Azerbaijan

10 months ago

It was a fun weekend of racing despite Mother Nature trying to play spoiler. Big thanks to @pearlandbmx for putting on a great SQR weekend. Track was great and race ran smooth as a baby’s butt! AJ took his @alphabicycleproducts bikes to a 2nd in cruiser today and 1st in class. Our 11-12 group is a fast and talented bunch. It’s always fun to mix it up with those kids. #ajthebullet #alphabicycleproducts #pearland #texas #sqr #supportlocal #racing #bmx #usabmx @veetireco @flyracingusa @boxbmx @onyxracing @alphabicycleproducts @pearlandbmx at Pearland BMX

11 months ago

As a lot of you know AJ is headed to Baku, Azerbaijan half way around the world to represent Team USA in the BMX World Championships later this year. His Factory team @alphabicycleproducts had some awesome prizes donated by @bbqislandinc to help raise money to assist with cost of the trip. I have attached pics of all the prizes you can win. Tickets are $10 each or 6 for $50. You can pay via PayPal or give me the money. Shoot me a message if you’d like a shot at these prices and want to help out some great people ride for this great country! USA!USA!USA! #usabmx #baku #bmxworlds2018 #ajthebullet #bbq #bbqisland #alphabicycleproducts at Baku, Azerbaijan

11 months ago

This 1st pic was last night, his last night as an 11 yr old. We were doing gates and his goal was to break his record to the 30’ line of 1.82 seconds. He had only got that time once before. But as with anything he sets his mind to, he did it. Even called the gate he was going to do it on and did it back to back setting a new PR of 1.81 sec. That’s just the kind of kid he is. If you’ve ever met him, you know how kind, funny, smart, hard working and what a good kid he is. Luckily, I get to see all of this on a daily basis. I hope today is a great day but I’m sure just like most of your days are, it will be because you make them that way! Happy 12th Birthday “Lil JJ”. #happybirthday #ajthebullet #prouddad #12 at House of Hernandezzsss

11 months ago

Coming from Texas I’m used to getting all 4 seasons in one week, but in one day!?? From 60 and sunny to 45 and 40-50mph gusts with occasional flurries and “sandstorms” in one day! Albuquerque, we salute you and your sick affair with Mother Nature! Regardless, it was a great time this weekend and another weekend with a win. Our Alpha team rode solid all weekend and represented well. AJ and “On the money” Michael Villanueva owned the 11 cruiser class this weekend going 1-2 both days. Wins out west come a little tougher. The SE racing boys, JR Flores and Andrew Trejo, kept it tough all weekend as well as Connor Eaton. Great racing from great kids. Next up, next weekend Rock Hill,SC! Big thanks to @alphabicycleproducts for all the support of AJ as well as @tangentproducts @boxcomponents @flyracingusa @onyxracing @veetireco @cyberhorse_sportswear @bad_ace #usabmx #albuquerque #ajthebullet #bmx #prouddad #hardworkpaysoff #bmxisfamily #beers at Duke City BMX

1 year ago

2018 USABMX Bluegrass Nationals are over and I couldn’t be prouder of AJ. He made all his mains except one(crash) and came away with a 1,3 and 4. Highlighted by a win in cruiser today. He won a lot of laps this weekend and rebounded big time from Vegas race a few weeks ago. Had a great time hanging out with our Alpha East coast family and looking forward to the next race in a few weeks! Big thanks to @alphabicycleproducts for all the support of AJ as well as @tangentproducts @boxcomponents @flyracingusa @onyxracing @veetireco @cyberhorse_sportswear @bad_ace #usabmx #bluegrass #ajthebullet #bmx #prouddad #hardworkpaysoff at Kentucky Exposition Center

1 year ago

We never miss this race each year. The annual New Years Day race at Desoto BMX. Due to the sub freezing temps on 01/01 it was moved to today. AJ took his @alphabicycleproducts bikes to the top in class and cruiser today. Not bad for his 1st time on the track since Grands and 1st time on his new bikes. Looking for many more of these in 2018. Thanks to the people that support AJ @alphabicycleproducts @boxcomponents @onyxracing @veetireco @flyracingusa @cyberhorse_sportswear @bad_ace #newyearsday2018 #bmx #usabmx #ajthebullet #hardworkpaysoff #proud #roadtrip at Metroplex Bmx Racing

1 year ago

Well it just wasn’t meant to be this year. Had some tough racks toward the end and gave it his all. Got taken out by another rider going for it. Which is racing and can’t blame anybody. Then in class was in qualifying position and came unclipped down back straight. Ran a great lap and I couldn’t be more proud. Sometimes things just aren’t in your favor. Still finished with a NAG 14 plate. A lot of fast kids out there. Bet your ass he’ll be looking to better that next year! #bmx #grands2017 #ajthebullet #heartbreak #usabmx at Tulsa Expo Center

2 years ago

Its taken me a few days to decompress from this past weeks race so I want to start by saying "Thank You" for all of the birthday wishes I received last Sunday. My birthday was the last thing on my mind while at the Worlds race. I also want to thank all of the people that followed and checked on AJ's racing while we were there. Really cool of you guys. As far as the race goes, we didn't get the results we hoped for but AJ rode hard and just ran in to a buzz saw of an 1/8th main. I have attached this race to this post. He had outside gate 8 (sucks) and they were taking top 4 to move on to next round and he took 5th. The 4 kids that beat him went 1-1-2-2 in next round and all made the semis. 2 of the 4 made the main, taking 1st and 3rd in the main. Congrats Ronnie Kim for defending his world title!! We also got watch one of AJ's BMX brothers and Doublecross team mates Cane Wood capture the World title in the 9 Challenge group and Cannon Wood earn the the World 6 in 12 under cruiser. Our other Doublecross rider Adam Scott picked up World plates in class and cruiser as well as Korie Gilbert in women's cruiser and Sean Day in 10 Ch Boys. Amazing job! What we did take from this race was an understanding of the magnitude of the World Championships and what it takes, mentally and physically, to succeed here. EVERY LAP MATTERS. It is a really tough race, as it should be. We are glad we got to learn this lesson at the biggest and best Worlds in history right here in the USA! As you can see by the final medal count attached this is the best competition in the world right here at home. I am really proud of AJ for making the team and for his continued progress in this sport. We had a lot of fun hanging out this past week with all of our BMX family from all over the country. The races were really fun to watch with every lap having that "main" intensity. AJ exchanged jerseys with a buddy he met from Great Britain and met kids from all over the world that share his love for BMX. We are already looking forward for a chance to take what he's learned from this race and represent Team USA again! #ajthebullet #teamusa #prouddad #bmxworlds2017 #hardworkpaysoff at House of Hernandezzzss

2 years ago

What a bittersweet memory for Facebook to remind me of today. Exactly 6 years ago to this day AJ earned his 1st trophy as a 5yr old riding his bike. Today, we picked up his jersey and plates to represent the USA and a chance to be the #1 11yr old in the world. He has worked so hard since he was little because he loves riding so much. It is truly a blessing and honor to be here with him to get to watch him. The best thing about all of this is him saying "dad, I feel more confident about this race than any other I've ever raced". I am so proud to call this kid my son. Your mother and I are so proud. Go kill it next week. Thank you to all of the people that have helped him along the way. #ajthebullet #bmx #bmxworlds2017 #prouddad #memories #hardworkpaysoff #usa #bmxlife #dedication #11yrsold #doublecrossbikes #rebelruncamp #houston #pearlandbmx #texas #usabmx at Rock Hill BMX Supercross Track

2 years ago

I've got my #dangshades my #pappasitos rita and my right hand man. Headed to Rock Hill to watch AJ race for team USA for the World Championship. He's put in the work and feels as good as he ever has. I can't wait to watch him do what he loves. And I get to do what I love watching him....do what he loves. Well, you get it. And yes that is Napolean behind us. #bmxworlds #bmxlife #memories #fatherandson #ajthebullet #usa #southwestairlines #houston #texas #beetlejuice #ijustthrewthatoneinthere #doublecrossbikes

2 years ago

Well it's official. AJ is now faster than me (for now 😏). Had a blast at @pearlandbmx today for Olympic Day/ Open House. AJ helped out teaching the beginner riders in the clinic from 1-3. Then did his thing and won 11x tonight. For the grand finale he politely handed me my ass on the track during the annual Father's Day father/son race! Although with Worlds next month for him, I chose not to blow him up in 1st turn!! Was fun to be back on track after 3 surgeries in last 8 months. #fatherandson #fathersday #bmx #ajthebullet #memories #pearland #texas #helmethead at Pearland BMX

2 years ago

Well elementary is almost a wrap and I couldn't be happier, more proud or ask for anymore than what this kid has accomplished in school thus far. He has been in dual language (half English, half Spanish) since kindergarten, gifted and talented since 1st grade, skipped a grade of math and took 6th grade this year and possibly straight to 8th next year, never received anything less than an E in conduct over the last 6 years and most importantly and impressively never got any grade below 91 through all his years of elementary. He achieved this all while missing around 15-20 days a year to attend races and become one of the fastest bmxer's in the country, see the whole USA and occasionally being sick here and there. 😉 Always having a smile on his face, doing his homework daily without being asked, and simply being a damn good kid. I admit I'm a little tough on him at times but it's all because I know his potential. Picked up the Presidential Award for academic excellence (signed by Trump 😜) for all 6 years cumulatively today as well as Outstanding academic achievement for the year, perfect conduct and Advanced Performance on the STAAR test. About the only thing he didn't get was perfect attendance. But I wouldn't trade the times we've had on those absences for anything!!! Can't wait to see what's in store for him. #prouddad #ajthebullet #ajtheqb #ajthewhateverhewantstobe #hardworkpaysoff #adioselementary #bilingual #fatherandson #luckytobehisdad #family #bmx #smart #notsoperfectattendance #sacrifice at San Jacinto Elementary

2 years ago

I just want to take a second to wish this guy a Happy 11th Birthday. I couldn't ask for more out of a kid than he gives me. I'm sure you all know he rides his bike pretty fast but he is also one of the kindest, smartest, most caring kids there is. He continues to impress me daily. His eagerness to learn, help out and reach his goals is truly impressive. He's pretty damn funny too! That being said thank you for the first 11 son, it truly is an honor and blessing to get to be your Dad. I love you son. #mybestfriendis11 #HappyBirthday #11yrs #Proud #Fatherhood #AJtheBullet #AjtheQB #Ajthewhateverhewantstobe at House of Hernandezzsss

2 years ago

29 riders in class and 18 in cruiser. For him to finish on top of both today was not only a humbling accomplishment but also a feat that he (and I) have wanted to do since the day we started. There's only a hand few of riders across this country that do this. There are so many factors that go into not only making the main but then winning it which make it very difficult to do so. Granted there are some that do it quite often but I am just so proud as a "race dad" to say my son did it today. For a few years now I've thought and believed that he could. I'm so happy for him that he finally proved me right. Big thank you to his sponsors for the support and believing in him as well. #ajthebullet #bmx #usabmx #prouddad #10x #hardworkpaysoff #cajunnationals @doublecrossbikes @ballisticbmx @danscompinstagram @flyracingusa @onyxracing @ajxhernandezz at Ike Hamilton Expo Center

2 years ago

Well one thing is for sure, rain and Phoenix don't get along well together. Thanks to USA BMX for making the call to cancel the race today. We, as parents, customers, competitors appreciate it more than you know. Regardless we came with a few goals. To qualify for the worlds in July and put up a few good scores on Saturday and Sunday. Had some bad luck and came unclipped in semis for class worlds qualifier but still qualified for 12 and under cruiser, taking 4th in the main. As far as Saturday went, made mains on both bikes and around the track in slop and rain. So couldn't ask for much more than that. Still had fun with our extended bmx family as usual. Good seeing everyone and get home safe...and dry. Thanks to our hosts with mosts the Mathis family and thank you to AJs sponsors #doublecrossbikes #onyx race products #flyracing #danscompinstagram #riderzready #usabmx #prouddad #bmx #ajthebullet #hardworkpaysoff #ucibmxworldchampionships2017 #mudder at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

2 years ago

The curse of winning every lap until the mains has struck again! AJ rode awesome all day but just couldn't find the top spot in the mains. Congrats to The Beast @tythebeastbeadle for the wins today in class and cruiser. Thanks to AJs sponsors @doublecrossbikes @onyxracing @flyracingusa @danscompinstagram for believing in him and supporting his racing. Ready to rock again tomorrow. #ajthebullet #dedication #prouddad #bmx #tulsa #soonernationals #hardworkpaysoff at Ford Truck Arena

2 years ago

2017 Bluegrass Nationals is in the books. AJ made all 6 mains and took his Doublecross bikes to the podium in 5 of those. Finishes of 2-2-3-3-3-5. Great weekend having 40 riders in his class! What makes me more proud of the results is the courage he showed to get back out there and mix it up again exactly 3 weeks to the day of knocking himself out in a crash while training. Hasn't been on a track since then until this weekend. He got stronger each and every lap. Big thanks to his sponsors #doublecrossbikes #onyxracingproducts #flyracing #danscomp #ajthebullet #usabmx #prouddad #hardworkpaysoff #bmx at Kentucky Exposition Center

2 years ago

AJ had a little extra #strength today on his @doublecrossbikes cruiser today. He took it to the top spot on the podium at the Sunshine State Nats @okeeheeleebmx Proud of his racing this weekend. Landing on the podium 3 out of 4 mains. Finishing with a 1-2-3-7 this weekend. Thanks to his sponsors @doublecrossbikes @onyxracing @danscompinstagram @flyracingusa #ajthebullet #bmx #usabmx #sunshinestate #proudpapa #texas #florida #bmxlife #hardworkpaysoff #race #strengthfor91 @ajthebullet @swilloughby91_ at Okeeheelee BMX

2 years ago

We had a slow start to the weekend yesterday (2nd and 3rd) but finished with a 2nd today in cruiser and a win today in the 10x class. Very proud of this kid's resilience. He shook it off and finished strong. Thanks to his sponsors @doublecrossbikes @danscompinstagram @onyxracing @flyracingusa #woodbrosracing Also special thanks to our team owner Stef and her Ballistic crew for making us feel right at home while here in Canada! #canada🇨🇦 #ajthebullet #bmx #bmxlife #summer16 #ftw #proud #fatherandson #livinthedream #tooblessedtobestressed #hardworkpaysoff #kamloops at Kamloops, British Columbia

3 years ago

What a fantastic ending to this weekend. With some hard riding from gate 8 and a little bit of luck he was able to pull off the 2nd in class today. Also took 2nd in cruiser. Finishing off the weekend with finishes of 2-2-2-2-3-6. Not too shabby!! Thank you to our sponsors @doublecrossbikes @onyxracing @danscompinstagram @flyracingusa for all of your support! #livelifeinorange #woodbrosracing #ajthebullet #prouddad #10x #starsandstripesnational #hardworkpaysoff #gotlucky #bmx #bmxlife #4thofjulyweekend #2016

3 years ago

This is that "Been up since 3:00 am to catch a 5:55am flight while on a 2 hour layover in Atlanta en route to DC and not getting the traditional margarita before we left because we flew Delta out of IAH" look. You know, just another race. The things we do for our kids. (We all know it's for me too..😉) #atlanta #washingtondc #starsnstripesnationals #ajthebullet #fatherandson #usabmx #bmx #independencedayweekend #2016 #tiredeyes @ajthebullet at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

3 years ago

What a great ending to a great weekend filled with family, friends, racing and a little football. AJ had QB coach this morning at 8:30, then straight to track to race main from gold cup qualifier that got rained out a few weeks ago and then full state race qualifier. Didn't lose a lap all day and took 1st in class and cruiser for a Gold Cup main and then backed it up with wins in 10x and cruiser for state race. I am officially tired but it's all worth it. I'm sure he's a little tired too!! His attitude and worth ethic never cease to amaze me. #ajthebullet #ajtheqb #bmxlife #football #hardworkpaysoff #tooblessedtobestressed #weekend #dadlife #dkgoldcup #prouddad @dedicateddads @ajthebullet at Pearland BMX

3 years ago

TGIF!! It's been a long, tough week for this kid. What started out as a toothache while were out of town last weekend quickly escalated to his right side of his face being a little swollen by Monday morning. His mom took him to the dentist Monday morning and scheduled a tooth extraction for Thursday after the antibiotics helped with the swelling. But by Monday night it had gotten worse and then woke up Tuesday morning and it was top left. Dentist called oral surgeon and he had to have emergency oral surgery to pull tooth(baby) and insert a tube to drain infection. They couldn't knock him out to remove the tooth and the local anesthesia didn't work 100% due to the infection. He was a trooper through it all and never complained the whole time. Well except about how he looked.😉 Glad his mom was able to nurse him back to health all week while she took off work. With a little inspiration from the video at bottom his class sent him and the drain being removed yesterday by Dr he was ready to go back to school today. We're just hoping the meds kill whatever infection it was because the tooth wasn't that bad after it was removed. Regardless it had to be pulled to put the drain in. We're just glad he's feeling better and his swelling has gone way down from where it was. On the road to recovery!!! #ajthebullet #dr #dentist #mom #dad #thankful #grateful #memories at House of Hernandezzsss