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6 days ago

"I would suggest that even forming a standard of beauty & expecting everyone to live up to that standard, does a disservice. By doing that we are creating an unrealistic & superficial hierarchy of beauty. It is also very problematic because it marginalizes people, it alienates women, it dismisses women & makes them invisible, it makes entire communities of people who do not fit the construct invisible. The construct tells girls like me or women like me, your skin is too dark, your nose is too wide, your hair is too curly. It tells them that your shape is too round. If you have a lighter complexion, you are criticized for not being dark enough, if you are dark you are criticized for being too dark...there is no middle ground" quote from Margaret Lazarus #ailalillenas #socialconstruct #socialmediaoverload #marginalized #alienation #empoweringwomen #bethechange