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Last night Stefan was eating and purring! Everything was going well until this afternoon. He was trying to cool off even though it's quite cold outside right now so we knew his body temp was off. ------ We rushed him back to the hospital just in case, even though he seemed alright otherwise. We are lucky we took him - the doctor said there was fluid again. Our poor guy... ------ We discussed the next step, and we opted for surgery. They will remove the sack that we all believe is causing the problem. If the fluid keeps coming in even after the sack is gone, then the sack was never a problem. ------- No one can quite pinpoint why this is happening - no signs of cancer or infection. The doctors are keeping an eye on him tonight and his surgery is set for tomorrow. -------- We love you so much Stefan please hang in there! #CmonStefan

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#Repost @erindogovich (@get_repost) ・・・ DIAMOND💖 **** TO BE KILLED - 3/21/2019 **** RESCUE ONLY Who is the girl with the beautiful face, doe eyes, butterfly ears, & sideways heart marking above her right eye? Diamond is delightful to look at, though these days her big brown eyes are filled with sadness & loneliness. Just over a year old, she belonged to a home with a five year old child which she cherished. Super smart, adept in several commands, crate trained and described by her prior home as friendly & independent. Though she was not introduced to dogs until arriving at the ACC, she was tolerant to both #dogs . Losing her home wasn't hard enough, now the shelter is faulting her for being frightened. She crouches, her eyes are either forlorn or wide eyed with fear. She is voiceless and at the mercy of a #doglover who can offer her a chance. Clearly her prior home didn't believe in the promise of forever together, or whether she lives or dies. #Diamond is a gem, perfectly healthy, very young, & very smart. She needs one chance, & she needs it now #foster or #adopt her. DIAMOND@BROOKLYN ACC Diamond #57284 I am a female gray dog #Brooklyn ACC The shelter thinks I am about 1 years 6 months old, 47 lbs Came into shelter as owner surrender Mar. 17, 2019 Reason Stated: NO TIME for animal Diamond is rescue only AT RISK due to behavioral concerns observed both at her previous home & in shelter. Diamond's previous owner reports fearful behavior in line with what has been observed @ ACC. Diamond has escalated to growling at handlers upon approach as well lip raising; because she has tolerated only minimal handling at this time, we feel Diamond best set up to succeed with an experienced rescue partner. Force-free, reward based training only is advised when introducing or exposing Diamond to new and unfamiliar situations. Diamond is otherwise healthy. My medical notes are... Weight: 47.6 lbs Vet Notes 17/03/2019 DVM Intake Estimated age: 1 year Microchip noted on Intake? No #iheartdogs #ILoveDogs #cutedogs #pups #furbabies

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Our Boho Chic Collection is Now Live 🌿✌🏼you can get these patterns in hair bows, men’s bow ties and scrunchies to match your pup. Which one of the Trio is your Fave? Comment below for a chance to win a 25% off code to our shop 😉♥️ . . . Don’t forget about our Model Search! We are looking for adorable Pets that can sport our accessories and look great! #petbowties #petaccessories #dogmom #dogdad #catmom #furbaby #giftsforpets #giftsfordogs #etsyseller #etsyshop #etsystore #🐾 #etsyshopper #dogbandanas #handmadeaccessories #dogsofinstagram #dogaccessories #dogsofcentralflorida #adopt #bowties #bohofordogs #bohoaccessories #rescuedandloved #pets #handcrafted

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And I had a fear of missing out!🐾🐈😻

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소망이 임시보호 일기❣️ - 난리난 소망이ㅋㅋ제대로 된 사진이 많이 없는 것 같아 아쉽다ㅠㅜ 가서 아기 리트리버도 만나고 겁이 많아서 무서워했지만 냄새도 맡고 잘 뛰어 놀았다☺️❣️ - #입양해주세요 #입양 #사지말고입양하세요 #사랑해소망아 #소망이 #임시보호 #임시보호일기 #유기견입양 #adopt #adoptdog #dogstagram #adoptme #강아지 #애견 #댕댕이 #멍멍이 #🐶

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Meet King Miles! ❤️ “Hello, I’d like to introduce you to King Miles. His Instagram account name is @KingMiles2018. I’ve included some before and after photos, that I believe show his transformation. King Miles was adopted at the Apple Valley Animal Shelter last summer. Though we knew King Miles was sick, we did not know just how sick he really was. He was diagnosed with multiple infections. Respiratory, digestive, ears, and skin. He also had parasites. He had stopped grooming himself. His hair was literally falling off with every touch. King Miles was lethargic and terrified. It was heart breaking and gut wrenching. Honestly, I didn’t know if he was going to recover. While the lab tests proved to be promising, his symptoms were distressing. After several months of weekly vet visits, daily meds and TLC he is doing much better. His ears however, are scarred from the infections. They also require regular cleaning to prevent further complications. His ears make King Miles a one of a kind handsome fellow. At least in the eyes of his family and some of the friends he has met on IG. The vitality King Miles exhibits now, makes our hearts smile. His energy seems to grow by leaps and bounds, the further we get away from his original health issues. The days are filled with enrichment activities, to meet the demands of his curiosity and vibrancy. It is so heart warming to watch King Miles play, and reach his potential. Especially when reflecting back, to when he was adopted 6.5 months ago. He certainly has come a long way and returns the love tenfold.”

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Dog Update 🐶: Stormy, now named Banjo, is loving life with his new family in Massachusetts... . “Banjo has adjusted to living with us so well and it feels like we’ve had him forever. He’s our little shadow and protector and is such a lover and snuggler. We’re beyond happy we found him and found you guys! He’s such a happy and carefree guy and is very popular at the dog park. Thanks for bringing this life changing boy into our lives! He says thanks, too!” ❤️

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We desperately need volunteers for our bottle drive this Saturday, March 23. We’re looking for volunteer drivers and volunteers to canvass door-to-door collecting empties. If you’re able to help send us a PM. If you have bottles to donate please drop them off at 2276 Tenth Line RD. between 11 AM and 3 PM. If you cannot drop off please send us a msg to schedule a pick up.

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Thought I'd post up this little fella too!! ** FULL REF ADOPT** Painted Kitsune - $20 All payments are done through Paypal in USD Currency. The full resolution of the character sheet can also be emailed to you upon payment completion! Once bought, character design belongs 100% to you! #dutchangeldragon #dutchie #dragon #furryart #furryfandom #adopt #adoptable #furryadopts #furryadoptables #moneyadopt #paypaladopts #dragonadopt #cute #fluffy #fursonaadopt #characteradopts #characterdesigner #oc #originalcharacter #ocadopt #cheapadopt #cheapocadopt #cheap #charactersale #fox #kitsune #foxfursona #customdesign #furryadopt

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Meet Louie. This sweet senior boy was recently surrendered to a NC shelter by his family who was moving and decided not to take him along. This is so heartbreaking to see, and the shelter is especially scary for older, small dogs. Louie was terrified and cowering in his kennel, frightened by all the noises, but once he was let out to engage with the staff he perked up and his social side emerged. He enjoyed meeting new people at the shelter and made friends with a Bulldog, and is quite the spry little senior pup. One of our rescue friends from the community saw the shelter’s plea to help Louie and asked if we could take him in. Of course we can! Our SC team was able to find a local foster that same day, and thanks to great teamwork, Louie is already settling into his new foster home. The good news is that Louie appears to be in great shape and was cared for in his prior home. He is in need of a dental, so we plan to have him vetted and all dental work done before he makes the trip to N. VA to start his new life. More to come on this sweet boy as he settles into his foster home. We hope to find a nurturing, committed family for Louie so he can live out his golden years knowing the love of family. Available for adopting in DC/MD/VA. #adopt #rescue #seniorpup #goldenyears #worthydog

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#Repost @the_underdogs_tail This is beyond frustrating! People please do not volunteer to foster if you can’t commit for the time you promised. Rescues rely on you heavily and when you can’t follow through then the rescue is forced to board the dog which means additional funding is needed, funding that can be spent saving another dog! 😩😩😩 Can anyone foster Barrett? Please contact @ the_wallflowers_shine_project ASAP serious inquiries only please 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Posted • @ the_wallflowers_shine_project And here we go...again...After not even one day with his foster family they want him picked up tomorrow. Barrett did not get along with their 2 dogs right away and even though we thought we had explained everything when they first offered to help, he again, gets no more extensions. Barrett will have to be in boarding for 10 days until he can go on transport to our rescue on the 30th. Boarding and transport costs are $575 which we would've much rather spent on saving another dog's life. If anyone would like to step up and temporarily foster him for us, or hey, even adopt this love, let us know. We recommend no other dogs at this point or a person who understands that some dogs need some time before they can be best friends with one another. Thank you! #tempfosterneeded #adoptdontshop #adopt #dogs

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소망이 임시보호 일기❣️ - 넓은 공원으로 산책을 갔다 금순이는 잘 못걸어도 너무 좋아했고 소망이는 신나서 엄청 엄청 뛰어 다녔다ㅋㅋㅋ행복해보였다♡ 또 가자~❤️ - #입양해주세요 #입양 #사지말고입양하세요 #사랑해소망아 #소망이 #임시보호 #임시보호일기 #유기견입양 #adopt #adoptdog #dogstagram #adoptme #강아지 #애견 #댕댕이 #멍멍이 #🐶

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Brando is still looking for his forever home. Apply today @roadogs ! We are considering applications from all neighboring states of Idaho! He is a grown ass dog! He is not gonna dig up your yard, he won’t pee on your favorite rug or eat your best shoes! He knows how to act! None of that puppy jibberish!!! #roadogs #rescuedog #adopt #adoptthecropped #ambully #bulldog #dogsofinstagram #dontbullymybreed #availableforadoption #adoptable #neuterediscuter #grownassdog #spayandneuteryoureffingpets

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Update on Gretel...She is back with her foster family to recuperate after surgery to remove a tumor from her leg. She is doing well and resting. We are awaiting the results from the biopsy of the lymph nodes, with the hope that the cancer has not spread. Everglades Angels goes to great lengths to care for all of our dogs and we don't give up on them. With that said, bills are adding up and we can only continue to save them with your help and support. Please help us, help them! Donate for Gretel's care using the donate button or our PayPal link. Gretel and all of our other Angel Dogs thank you! Please donate using link in bio🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 #adopt #adoptdontshop #adoption #adoptables #rescuedog #rescue #rescuedogsofinstagram #rescuedogs #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #rescuedogsrock #shelter #saveme #dog #dogs #dogsofinstagram #dogstagram #dogsofinstaworld #lovedogs #lovedog #woof #woofwoof #bark #instadog #instadogs #westpalmbeach #broward #everglades #fosters #whorescuedwho #dogoftheday

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Hi, my name is Boots 🐶 I am a handsome man but i am missing a couple of things in life; one would be my leg, but don't worry that's not slowing me down much and the second would be a family of my own who I can be around and share my love with! ❤ If you'd like to welcome me in to your family please come and visit me at RSPCA Bundaberg! @rspca_qld at Bundaberg, Queensland

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"Sisters, can't live with them, can't kill them, mom says I can't! " 💖Bella (note from lady hooman, wait til the end where she runs into my phone 😂) - - - Be the person your pet thinks you are! Venmo@janessabaar _______________________________ #adopt #rescue #rescued #dogsofinstagram #planetdog #mixedbreedsofinstagram #doglove #animallovers #lovedogs #doglover #pets #petsagram #dogstagram #dogslife #dogoftheday #dogoftheday #mydog #mansbestfriend #starving #sickdogs #donate at Roatán, Islas De La Bahia, Honduras

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#repost from @jdb8100 #reposta #reposta_app @reposta_app ii HOW COULD THIS DEFEATED FACE NOT BREAK YOUR HEART ii SHE NEEDS US TO DO WHAT WE DO BEST SAVE HER #repost from @urgentdogsofmiami #reposta #reposta_app @reposta_app This little girl Suzie #a1695268 broke our hearts yesterday. She is petrified, malnourished, and has been severely neglected. With some TLC she will be the worlds most loving dog. I took her out yesterday and within 10 minutes her tail was slightly untucked, as she was trying to trust me, but I can imagine itas very difficult. Sheas not walking properly, as the pads have probably been burned from walking around in the Miami heat for so long. Someone come be this little girlas angel. She deserves it. She becomes available tomorrow 3/15. Letas not let her sit in the shelter longer than she needs to. : @evankardon / @eddie_does_things Share for pledges/ foster: adopter / rescue. Miami Dade Animal Services is located at 3599 NW 79th Ave in Doral, FL. MDAS is open Mon-Fri 10am-6:30pm & Sat-Sun 10am-4pm. ai(305)884-1101 #MDAS #adoptdontshop #shelterdog #shelterpet #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #fosteringsaveslives #foster #urgentdogsofmiami #codered #urgentdogs #miamipets #miamidadedogs #miamishelter #miamilife #adopt #urgent #adoptarescue #florida #shelterdogsrock #mansbestfriend #cute #instagramdogs #dogsofinstagram #petsofinstagram #puppiesofinstagram

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🆘 3/20 URGENT TONIGHT! LAST PLEA FOR NORMAN who is scheduled to be euthanized tomorrow morning! This poor boy was attacked by another dog even though he is obviously dog friendly. We need an offer TONIGHT! Please offer below!! 🆘 Rescues - Norman has $550 in pledges! Poor Norman has some wounds on his neck and muzzle from an apparent dog attack that occurred in the shelter. His wounds have been cleaned and treated. He is obviously dog friendly - see how he is getting along with all of his kennelmates. Norman is urgent tonight! - We know this is a huge ask, but we just have to try! Norman is 6 years old and heartworm positive (PLEDGES NEEDED TO HELP HIM SECURE A RESCUE)! Can anyone please consider fostering Norman? Reach out to us for more information on fostering please! Norman #A528926 Harris County Animal Shelter 612 Canino Road, Houston, TX Open Monday- Friday 1-5:30 PM Saturday & Sunday 11 AM - 3:30 PM #rescueismyfavoritebreed #beapartofthesolution #adoptdontshop #dogsofinstagram #rescuedogsofinstagram #rescuedog #houston #shelterdogs #fosterdog #rescuedogs #dogrescue #animalsofinstagram #fosteringsaveslives #petsarefamily #shelterdog #fosterdogs #adopt #adoptme #dogrescues #urgentdogs #shelterdogsrock #dogrescuer #shelteranimals #adoptables #doglovers #sos #foster #shelterdogsofinstagram #pitbull at Harris County Animal Shelter

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LOS ANGELES, CA: Put your best paw forward and join us in just 3 days for a very special senior-dogs-only adoption event! You can't miss this chance to meet a whole bunch of adorable, adoptable senior dogs who are all hoping to find forever homes! Co-hosted with @fosterdogs, this special event is going to be one for the books. Have a resident pup at home? Bring him or her along for an on-site meet & greet! Porky, in photo, is 9 years old. After Porky's former owner passed away, he became quite neglected before he was finally rescued Despite his loss and hardship, Porky is very loving and can put a smile on anyone's face! Porky does require some medication for a luxating patella/dry socket condition he has, so an adopter must be willing to ensure Porky gets the meds he needs. Porky is in great need of a forever home and he hopes to find his special someone this Saturday! Porky is up for adoption with @vetfriendsfoundation. (Swipe for more pictures of @vetfriendsfoundation’s adoptable senior dogs attending!) 🇺🇸 Not the right time to adopt? We still encourage you to swing by to talk to us and learn more! WHEN: Saturday, March 23rd from 12-4PM WHERE: @platform_la (in the courtyard), 8850 Washington Blvd, #CulverCity, CA ❤️ #seniordog #adoption #adopt #adoptdontshop at Los Angeles, California

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They said I wouldn’t want to eat for a while. Riiight I forgot they hadn’t met me yet 😂

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Roll to adopt! Here's how this works! You pay 200 points, or $2 and I will use a number generator and which ever number it lands on you win! You have the option for another roll for an extra 100 points or $1! 1- excited green dragon-open 2- yellow explorer pony-open 3- gentle blue snail-open 4-cuddly pink pompin(closed species)-open 5-glowing purple miplee (closed species)-open Comment down bellow if you'd like to roll! Blueberry~💎 #adopt #adopts #adoptable #adoptables #ocadopt #ocadopts #ocadoptables #ocadoptable #characteradopt #characteradopts #ota #otaadopts #mlpadopt #mlpadoptables #mlpadoptable #mlpota #pta #ptaadopt #btaadopt #btw

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Roll to adopt! Here's how this works! You pay 200 points, or $2 and I will use a number generator and which ever number it lands on you win! You have the option for another roll for an extra 100 points or $1! 1- excited green dragon-open 2- yellow explorer pony-open 3- gentle blue snail-open 4-cuddly pink pompin(closed species)-open 5-glowing purple miplee (closed species)-open Comment down bellow if you'd like to roll! #adopt #adopts #adoptable #adoptables #ocadopt #ocadopts #ocadoptables #ocadoptable #characteradopt #characteradopts #ota #otaadopts #mlpadopt #mlpadoptables #mlpadoptable #mlpota #pta #ptaadopt #btaadopt #btw

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Y como somos fans de las bolitas negritas, hoy le dimos la bienvenida a este paaaarrr divinooo 😍! Ellos son #Petit y #Nano, unos bebés (Niño y Niña) de dos Meses aprox. Serán pequeños, están en excelente estado de salud y están contando los minutos para flechar a familias maravillosas ❤️✨🤸🏼‍♀️🙊. Fueron rescatados Gracias a @nataly.gamboa.escobar y ahora están a cargo nuestro 😍😍😍. Solicita tu formulario de adopción 🙌🏻💌 #pet #pets #adopt #dog #dogs #puppy

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@Regrann from @savingcarsonshelterdogs - 💜 ✳️LEROY_PAX ✳️ID: #A5262318 ↩️Click _______________________________________________ ⭕️HIDDEN in QUARANTINE⭕️💖🚨🚨🐶NEEDS a FOSTER and RESCUE NOW!!🐶🚨 He’s beautiful but still very confused and upset so they put him in the back of the Shelter in Quarantine and he will need help fast to make it out. He still isn’t sure who to trust yet 💔but each day he gets better and better… Please SHARE, he needs a FOSTER and RESCUE to save him. Thanks!💖 💖⚡️BEWARE! BAD RESCUE WARNING about Urgent dogs of LA ⚡️ SHARINGMODE ⚡️RESCUE_MODE ⚡️RESCUESNEEDYOU⚡️JONNY PRESTON please check @urgentfraudsofla _______________________________________________ 🔹German Shepherd 🔹 AGE:4 years 🔹 Male 🔹 ARRIVED:3/14 🔹 AVAILABLE ON: 3/18 🔹 Carson Shelter - 310-523-9566 🔹 M-TH 12pm-7pm, F-SU- 10am-5pm 🔹216 W Victoria St. Gardena, CA 90248 _______________________________________________ 💗💗 WANNA FOSTER? If you’re in LA, OC, San Bernadino or Riverside County and would like to apply to foster a Carson pup, please visit to complete the online foster application. Thanks! 💚💚 💚Repost 💙Foster 💖Adopt 🔺We’re NOT associated with Carson Shelter🔺🔺🔺 #adopt #germanshepherd #adoption #foster #fosteringsaveslives #fostertoadopt #carsonshelter #savingcarsonshelterdogs #germanshepherds #adoptdontshop #rescuedogsofinstagram

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Reese, Gamora, Heidi, and Alberto are all thinking the first day of Spring could have been warmer, but they sure were having a fine time at the Funny Farm today! Check out all our dogs at #SavingGraceNC #adopt #rescuedogsnc

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@Regrann from @savingcarsonshelterdogs - 💜🚨RO🚨 ✳️OBY ✳️ID: #A5208091 ↩️Click _______________________________________________ ⭕️HIDDEN in QUARANTINE⭕️🚨RESCUE ONLY🚨💖🚨🚨🐶NEEDS a FOSTER and RESCUE NOW!!🐶🚨 🚨 The Shelter wants him OUT NOW!!🚨🚨 Rescue assistance request for Oby We are reaching out for rescue assistance for Oby Oby will be rescue only for high arousal and offensive behavior with other dogs.💖💖💖💖 Sweet OBY was adopted as a puppy, given NO Training or Socialization with other dogs and Returned to the Palmdale Shelter 2 years later with a broken heart on Christmas Eve… . They transferred him to Carson in hopes of finding a great home that he deserves, he is amazing! Please SHARE for his life, he’s didn’t do well with other dogs on his Assessment, he is RESCUE ONLY and needs a FOSTER and RESCUE to save him now, he is NOT DOING WELL! Thanks! 💖 💖⚡️BEWARE! BAD RESCUE WARNING about Urgent dogs of LA ⚡️ SHARINGMODE ⚡️RESCUE_MODE ⚡️RESCUESNEEDYOU⚡️JONNY PRESTON please check @urgentfraudsofla _______________________________________________ 🔹Pit Bull 🔹 AGE:2 years 🔹 Male (N) 🔹 ARRIVED:1/4 🔹 AVAILABLE ON: 1/8 🔹 Carson Shelter - 310-523-9566 🔹 M-TH 12pm-7pm, F-SU- 10am-5pm 🔹216 W Victoria St. Gardena, CA 90248 _______________________________________________ 💗💗 WANNA FOSTER? If you’re in LA, OC, San Bernadino or Riverside County and would like to apply to foster a Carson pup, please visit to complete the online foster application. Thanks! 💚💚 💚Repost 💙Foster 💖Adopt 🔺We’re NOT associated with Carson Shelter🔺🔺 #adopt #adoptdontshop #adoption #foster #fosteringsaveslives #fostertoadopt #carsonshelter #savingcarsonshelterdogs #blackdogsrule #pitbullsofinstagram #germanshepherd

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Sleepy Golden babes🌸🌸 All ota no ab but if you offer more than $10 i will add in a fullbody of them. - 1.⭕️ 2.⭕️ 3.⭕️ - -what i accept -art -money(paypal) -closed species --I LOVE-- -customs by mutuals - @/soapy.tea designs -@/mvs_e designs -@/s_trawberrymilk designs -@/awkfuart designs - @/crustacaen designs -@/chompchoo designs -@/tel0din designs -@/fishiibowl designs -@/_renakii designs - tags>> #cheapadopts #furryadopt #freeadoptables #ponyadopts #adopt #adopts #adoptable #adoptables #ota #openota #bta #openbta #pta #openpta #cuteadopt #cuteadopts #kawaiiadopts #kawaiiadopt