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27 minutes ago

Canyoneering Natural Anchors • • Who doesn’t appreciate a good joke? Fellow canyoneers will appreciate this shirt with a bit on inside humor. And if they don’t get it, well, now you know who not to run your next canyon with. • We will give a free T-shirt away when we hit 500 followers so: 1. Follow @thewanderingfoolsmerch 2. Tag a friend 3. Comment on your favorite T-shirt. • #humor #coolshirts #awesomeshirt #outdoorstyle #abseil #abseiling #actionphotography #adventurethatislife #awesomeearth #canyon #canyoneering #canyoning #extremesports #instagood #letsgosomewhere #lifeofadventure #liveunscripted #outdoors #outdoorlife #planetwanderlust #photooftheday #rappel #rappelling #anchors #deadmananchor #cairn #rockanchors #naturalanchors at Mount Baldy, California

1 hour ago

Braves lose a heartbreaker tonight as we came up short in the 9th. Gausman really didn’t do that bad but struggled enough to hurt us early. The bullpen struggled again with multiple walks which resulted in a few runs. Josh Donaldson with SO close to a Go-Ahead HR in the 9th as the Reds fielder caught it at the wall. Both PH Culberson and Joyce both came in with hits to help us out but it just wasn’t enough. Soroka will take the mound tomorrow, on to the next. GO BRAVES #chopon - Follow @bravestoday for more! ⚾️

2 hours ago

@yeolwoodrowlordey aka Jacob Wooden-weather he’s hanging with his girl @sageerickson here or abroad or shooting on tour around the world Jacob f-ing rips‼️ I’ve personally watched him launch air after air longer and higher than I’ve ever witnessed in person- and he stomped several- all of my titanium would be sticking out of my flesh if I did that shit😬 Mad respect for the way this chap surfs and films. Check him out at @woodrowmedia you won’t be sorry ⚡️ currently in Australia 🕺🏻 - here he is on a beautiful wave in Ventura. #nikonimages #california #actionphotography #travel #flykngimages #dhdsurfboards #surf #surfer #surfing #style #filmer #nikon @nikonusa #nikonnofilter #photography at Ventura, California

3 hours ago

Donaldson’s high ball and Ozzie flying around the bags started the Braves 6th inning rally. Freddie hit a line drive down the 3rd base line to score Donaldson. Later in the inning Markakis hit a sacrifice fly to score Freddie. Braves now lead 4-3. GO BRAVES! #chopon via @braves Twitter - - Follow @bravestoday for more! ⚾️

5 hours ago

We’ve been taking photos for friends—as long as we can remember, professionally—going on eight years. We absolutely love the opportunities we have to create images for businesses big and small. Our passion is photography and we couldn’t feel more fulfilled with the way we see it changing the way you market and document your events ✨ #dowhatyoulove

8 days ago

Düsseldorf night ✨