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2 months ago

“By the racers (horses), panting; and the producers of sparks (hooves), when striking; stirring up (clouds of) dust; arriving in the center collectively; Indeed mankind, to their Lord, is ungrateful. And indeed they are a witness to that. And indeed, they are in intensely in love of (pursuit and collection of) wealth. Do they not know that when the contents of their graves are scattered; and the knowledge from within their souls are brought forth; Their Lord, indeed, is fully aquainted with them on that Day.” #surahaladiyat #chapteronthechargers #horse #quran — God says that horses are more greatful to their human owneres, then humans are to God. #subhanallah #grateful #gratitude #smoketrails #chasingempyrean at Pomona, California

2 months ago

#taketwo. Last semester, no fault of my own, i lost all the #blackandwhitephotography film of the #incense #shoot i did. I was/am disappointed by what happened. I couldnt even develop prints to see if what i had tried worked, far feom learning what i could try differently. I havent gone back to trying it again for several months now. Dont even remember what i should be doing because i failed to write it down! But i’m back. Took notes. Trying it. #behımdthescene #makıngofaphotoshoot #dıyphotostudıo at Pomona, California

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Russia - Siberia, Lake Baikal at Russia