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11 months ago

You would not believe how many attempts it took to get this shot right 🤦🏽‍♂️

1 year ago

I was watching the last #spawnpoint episode on #abcme this morning :) it was Bajo's final episode :o I enjoy watching #goodgamespawnpoint since it was programmed on #abc3 in 2010 :) but I won't b watching it anymore because Hex left the #goodgame family with Nichboy after the 10th anniversary season b4 they star on screenplay & it's Bajo's turn :( Steven O'Donnell aka Bajo did a gr8 job working with the #australianbroadcastingcorporation 4 11 yrs :) he worked on other shows like the #abc 3 smack downs #tripforbiscuits #mygreatbigadventure & #whovians :) I hope he doesn't drink what's inside the noob cup :/ Ps Darren is an infinite NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOB ;) #ggtv #abctv #abc2 #goodgametv #goodgameabctv #ggsp #goodgamepocket #ggpocket #goodgamesp #ggspawnpoint #abccomedy #abcnews #abcradio #abclisten #triplej #spawnpointscoop

2 years ago

Steven O’Donnell - “Trip for Biscuits”

2 years ago

Mansoor Noor - “Trip for Biscuits”

2 years ago

Charlotte Nicdao - “Trip for Biscuits”

2 years ago

Charlotte Nicdao - ”Trip for Biscuits”

2 years ago

DAY 9 of 365 It's You Game Bro's first birthday! Not going to lie, it's been a roller coaster of a day. Started off awesome by having @mcvpacific write a article about our year of podcasting, had a nice easy day at work and then BAM! I bang the back of my head on a pole while at work and I lose my eye sight on and off for 6 hours! Now before you ask, yes I'm ok, it turns out all the stuff that your eyes need to function are in the back of your head and I won't lie, I was in a great amount of pain. I was in hospital for most of the day and there was a moment I was left alone in the room and I just lost it! I broke down and cried, I work hard at work and I had worked so hard all year on YGB and we are on the day for the 52 episode with @bajopants! So I look at the weirdly stained ceiling and say to myself "God.... look, give me my eye sight back please, I have bragged all year saying I'll make 52 episode no matter what! And I intend to do it!" Well safe to say I got my eye sight back and made the episode, but I have a insane headache but I powered through thanks to the support of @mrmattymouse and everyone in the chat. I will never stop don't doing YGB because apart from my lovely wife and friends, YGB is something I care about more than my eye sight...... well maybe not that much.... BUT I DO LOVE IT! #positivevibes #health #hospital #twitch #bajo #goodgame #tripforbiscuits #ABCME #Powerthrough

2 years ago

The awesome #spawnpoint co host Steven O'Donnell aka Bajo stars in #tripforbiscuits (the visual effects r awesome) from the #abcme app (yes I'm watched it on me) & the gorgeous former #goodgame co host Stephanie Bendixsen aka Hex stars in #howtobeafanwithhex from #abcivew on #abc2 :) #abctv #iview #screenaustralia #ggtv #filmvictoria #goodgamespawnpoint #ggsp #robotpartner #goodgametv #abc #goodgameabctv #howtobeafan #australianbroadcastingcorporation #controllersoutforgoodgame #chargingmylaser

2 years ago

Aliens ✅ Action ✅ Lols ✅ Catch #TripForBiscuits on your TV tonight at 7.20pm!

2 years ago

ONE MORE SLEEP! Don't miss #TripForBiscuits tomorrow at 7.20pm 👽 🔍 🎉

2 years ago

Love aliens and action? Catch #TripForBiscuits weekdays at 7.20pm! 👽⚡️🔍

2 years ago

Violet is taking over @abcme 's Snapchat tomorrow!! Follow @abcmetv on Snapchat to see her do WHO KNOWS WHAT?!! She's a preeettyyyyy unpredictable human (human?). You can stream all the eps now on @abciview #tripforbiscuits

2 years ago

So last year I was lucky enough to be a part of this awesome show! Trip For Biscuits is hilarious and if you enjoy a good giggle head to ABC iView or download the ABC ME app and you can watch all 18 eps! Lola's a bit of a legend, you should check her out! Also, aliens are involved and who doesn't love that?! 👽 🌺 #tripforbiscuits #lola

2 years ago

Another day, another photo of me trying to find meaning and purpose in my Instagram feed. You'd think after about 10 of these photos were surreptitiously taken of me on the set of Trip For Biscuits I'd be a little more aware of my surroundings (and maybe even lay of the phone a little), but nope - here's another that someone caught. Despite how it looks, I actually had the best fun of my LIFE filming this show - the proof is in that link in my bio. Go on. Click it. #tripforbiscuits #anactressworks

2 years ago

Another in a series of poignant photographs taken of me on my phone. In this pic, taken of me working hard on the set of Trip For Biscuits, I'm wearing a necklace made of beautifully painted pasta. I loved the idea that Violet would fill her endless time trapped in the SEPI office meticulously expressing herself through kitschy craft. The costume designer and wardrobe department was SO wonderful in executing this - you can see how amazing the necklace looks up close in episode 7 "Mostly Armless" in which I am attacked by a tiny duckling. Link to the whole show in my bio!! #anactressworks #tripforbiscuits

2 years ago

The second in my photographic series AN ACTRESS WORKS. Pictured here is me on the set of #tripforbiscuits - once again having a scroll. I'm posing* next to a Missing Mitzy poster, and if you don't know what that means you need to click on the link in my bio to find all the eps of Trip For Biscuits available to stream on @abciview . The finished product is guaranteed to be more exciting than whatever was happening the afternoon this photo was taken. #anactressworks *when I say posing, I mean I was literally just minding my own business on my phone and somebody took a photo of me from a distance without my knowledge

2 years ago

I had a lot of fun working on #TripForBiscuits . But a lot of an actor's job on a TV show is to hurry up and wait. SOMEONE (probably you @bajopants ) thought it'd be funny to start taking creepy photos of me sitting around on set on my phone, without me knowing. Look, you guys, I'm a millennial - leave me alone. The result was that our BTS Facebook page is totally saturated with photos like this one, taken in every costume, by every person from every department, of me, on my phone. Here is the first in a photo series I like to call: "AN ACTRESS WORKS" #anactressworks (PS you can watch every episode now on iView, link in my bio!)

2 years ago

Follow Bajo and his misfit crew as they try to carry out their bizarre missions. Every #TripForBiscuits episode ready to watch on the ABC ME app! 👽

2 years ago

Me waking up to the news that TRIP FOR BISCUITS is out TODAY on ABC iView and ABC me. Link is in my bio #TripForBiscuits

2 years ago

When you need the best extra-terrestrial private investigators, but they’re busy, you get these guys. #TripForBiscuits 🎉

2 years ago

2 days to go until you can watch every episode of #TripForBiscuits on the ABC ME app!

2 years ago

Meet Dan. He's easily agitated and really tight with money. A lot like me. You can catch him and the whole TRIP FOR BISCUITS gang on ABC iView starting March 3rd #TripForBiscuits @abciview @abcme