PerksOfUtah Photos & Videos

8 months ago

Saturdays in Utah consist of finding water and cooler weather ASAP. @parkcitysup to the rescue! (I pretended the moss was seaweed and the shore was Baby Beach 😉) #perksofutah #getoutside

9 months ago

Little secret🤫... going to the Temple on a Saturday evening makes for a quick family baptism trip.👊🏻. The girls spied on beautiful brides and Joshua flirted with the sister missionaries. (And abi would rather poke her eyes out than take more pictures) #familytime #perksofutah at LDS Temples- Salt Lake City

2 years ago

This is a seasonal river behind my cousins' house. (One of the #perksofUtah is that my kids go to school with their second cousins! Fills my heart with joy.) It was hilarious to watch Bonnie hike her princess dress up to her armpits to wade back n' forth.

2 years ago

Today's Utah Adventure: Rented city bikes and trekked up to the Capitol. We're now thinking we should not have done this the day after a long run (her) and gym (him) #sosore #perksofUtah #letseat at Utah State Capitol

2 years ago

Who in their right mind would ever get a Christmas tree in the middle of this snow?! These guys. #PerksofUtah #instastory

2 years ago

Daily Walk. Sunny Skies (and a nice, crisp 47 degrees). Found a Bridge! #PerksofUtah Day 20

2 years ago

No magical snow to stay yet, but at least there are twinkling lights! ✨@mostcallmetim is always my #PerksofUtah Day 19

2 years ago

#PerksofUtah Day 8: When we wake up at 4am every morning, this is bound to happen at 5:15pm. The perk is he gets home at 3 every day! 😊😴

2 years ago

#PerksofUtah Day 7: Meet the friendliest horse in our neighborhood - he runs up so quickly now when I greet him. This is not to be confused with the animal greeting I received on a different block by the defensive dog who barked at my heels to get me off his side of the street to protect his 3 horses, which I didn’t even stop to see.  Good thing the old Argentine trick “reach down and pretend you’re about to chuck a rock at it’s head” works here #FUERA!

2 years ago

#perksofUtah Day 6: When your car has been leaking oil since you got here last week and your husband finds you a great family-owned auto shop 10 minutes away. They fixed what the last guy at home messed up for free! #KIAsorento #thanksDenny

2 years ago

#perksofUtah Day 3: Talking with Miller relatives tonight about our big move and knowing this is where we're meant to be feels great. Life is full of surprises, and I'm so lucky I get to share all these adventures with this guy. One major change for us has been a less hectic schedule- relieving us from a huge weight we were carrying for the last year and a half. Now we're facing new, exciting challenges and goals! Not everyday is perfect, but I'm choosing to find the daily perks and have faith in the unknown, recognizing what makes me happy and grateful and to make the most of the present, cuz we've only got today. #adventureswithTim #hefellasleepthisway #imstuckandthelightisstillon #goodnight

2 years ago

#perksofutah Day 2: Spent the day with @millershauna2 checking out the nearby neighborhoods (nearbyhoods?) , got a tour of Tim's office, and ended the day with Indian food and games with some old friends and this cute baby. @rach12meyer @spencer12meyer

4 years ago


4 years ago

We had such a pretty view from the ski lifts yesterday! The sun was shining, the snow was sparkling, and the clouds were just starting to roll away after dumping some fresh snow for us. The perks of living in Utah can be really good sometimes!

4 years ago

Another beautiful view of sun-soaked mountains from my run today.