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Day 42 of 42 179.2 lbs 22.2% fat 56.9% water 25.0 bmi @gravitytransformation Taking a moment here to celebrate a personal accomplishment. Six weeks ago, I set out to lose 20 pounds in 42 days for the #gravitytransformation challenge, and what can say... MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! ... Ended up losing 20.5 pounds and 4.4% body fat, and I’m stoked to say I’m literally in the best shape of my life (lowest weight and body fat percentage ever). ... The truth: I was far from perfect when it came to the recommended program, both in diet and exercise. But after doing the math going in, I realized losing 3.4 pounds a week on average was a pretty lofty goal. So I got educated, and stayed prepared, planning ahead for events, and making up for missed workouts without exception. A few holiday feasts and nights out drinking could have been disastrous. But in the end, it wasn’t perfection that got me there; it was consistency. ... I’m also extremely lucky to have the ultimate motivation for getting in shape: my girls. The wife and kids are always just full of energy, and for awhile, they were just running circles around me while I grabbed another soda because I was out of breath trying to keep up. I knew they deserved a better version of me. So I envisioned that dude and aimed at him like a bullseye. And by the way, “Day 42” me ain’t even close to what he looks like. ... Shouts out to anyone here that ever encouraged and supported me from the beginning, only knowing I was some guy that needed a lift. Faith in humankind restored. I’ll do my best to pay it forward in any way I can. @huntrose1 @muscleandtheory @robbietransforms @esimulation @fashion_al10 @bennys_betterment @heavyset2heavysets @fitnessproductshq @simonecanella_pt @thagoliath @optimised.self @dixfitness @ttang85 @susanniebergallfitness @thefitengineer_ @paulberrytraining @erfan_moradi @monikamakanjuola .... #6weekchallenge #omad #fathack #progressiveoverload #timerestrictedeating #intermittentfasting #fitat40 #fitover40 #dadbodtobeachbod #weightlosssupport #donttalkaboutitbeaboutit #humilityandgratitude #getyourmindright #consistencyoverperfection #fucksciatica #noexcuses #thegreatest

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Highly highly highly recommend this for white creatives in Milwaukee. We took it last year and...yeah. The @ywca only offers this in-depth training a few times a year and the next session is just about to start. It covers the history and current state of systemic racism in our country and city and how you can take action to help change it. When you hear people say "do the work" this is what they mean -- investing real time (and yes, even money) into self education and self reflection. Our industry is long way from actually reflecting the diversity and inclusion it likes to talk so much about. If you're looking for ways to be of genuine help, this is an EXCELLENT place to start. Tell your boss, your co-workers. Go as a team. Ask your agency to sponsor you. Remind them: No one can fix a problem they can't comfortably, intelligently articulate. • Milwaukee classes start next week. They're every other Wednesday afternoon Jan 30—April 10 at the YWCA on MLK Drive. Register at • • #putyourmoneywhereyourmouthis #donttalkaboutitbeaboutit #informedadvocacy #changetheratio #advertising #milwaukeecreatives #milwaukeeadvertising

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(THIS👏🏼SHIT👏🏼IS👏🏼REAL👏🏼) @carole.spears found this old post on my @robert_aaron_rud IG account from a little less than 5 years ago... (MANIFESTATION) yoking our dreams with reality and the 7 moving principals of life! #1) BREATHE every breath we take is ultimately one physical step closer to our life’s purpose #2) YIELD except where you are at this time in this space between heaven and earth #3) RADIATE out your thoughts and actions to better understand there effects on the world around #4) CENTER your thoughts and actions around your end goal(be obsessed) #5) SUPPORT fearless support the dreamers , who support your dreams #6) ALIGN your goals with your Heavenly Father and your Mother Earth to see clearly how and why(no matter what we are asking the universe to provide)we must give more the we receive #7) ENGAGE surround yourself and engage with like-minded people(you can’t get well in the same environment that got you sick) . Practice all 7 and MANIFEST a Magical Alignment between your dreams and reality! With this in perspective, Your next breath really could be the first step toward a huge change in your life! . . . Feel free to tag or even better send a private message to a like minded friend or someone who’s dream you support or someone who has supported your crazy dreams #donttalkaboutitbeaboutit #manifest #onelove #onelife #dreamers #morningmotivation #morningroutine #sunrise #california #yogainspiration #yogajourney at Top Secret Location

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I’ve tried the “working in silence” approach. Didn’t really care for it much. 🤷🏻‍♂️ So....I’m going to keep vocalizing my goals to myself whenever possible and I apologize in advance to anyone who’s training around me cuz you’re gonna hear it too. Usually in the form of loud grunts and profanity. 😂 but one way or another, I’m convincing myself I’m ready to push myself harder than I ever have before. #growingseason #outworkeveryone #hardestworkerintheroom #gruntstyle #tattooedmuscle #bodybuilding #classicphysique #gains #howbaddoyouwantit #goandgetit #thegrinddontstop #shoulderday #whoaintworking #donttalkaboutitbeaboutit at AnimalHouse Gym

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Eating whole foods really does some great stuff for the body!! Wanna know more?! Join my free group! I have meal plans and preps and mini challenges! I can help you break down your goals to attainable mini goals! The key is, I CAN help and I WANT TO HELP YOU!!! And it’s all in a free group 💁🏻‍♀️ #dontbescaredhomie #dontbescurred . . . . . . . . . . #dontbescared #letmehelpyou #completeyourgoals #doittoday #whyareyouwaiting #whatareyouwaitingfor #stopwatchandstartdoing #boymomproblems #toddlermomlife #donttalkaboutitbeaboutit #goaldiggers #teammylazydidntwin #postpartumbody #twoyearoldmom at Dallas, Texas

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High fives all around!🤚🏽TEAM NIGHT IS TONIGHT 🚀 Bring a TEAM!! . TONIGHT is TEAM NIGHT! 🏆 BRING as many people from your school for your team as you can! The more people on your team the better chances you have of winning. The more people on your team the bigger the grand prize (huge Dutch Bros gift card 🥤). . What competitions are teams having? CARBONATION CARNAGE 🧞‍♂️ BLIND EGG 🧚🏻‍♀️ BALLOON STOMP 🎈 BIBLE BASH 🧙🏻‍♂️BATTLE SHOTS 😱 . It’s going to be unreal! . #games #youth #battle #team #win #epic #vibes #movement #atmosphere #party #newlife #epicgames #madeformore #growthmindset #levelup #donttalkaboutitbeaboutit #bethechange #discipleship #raiseupthenext #riseup at Gresham High School

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This was my “day one” picture of this killer, new program. I haven’t really had a swimsuit on in ages (so it seems) and I was cold just thinking about putting it on....BUT I need some new ones because @beachlovinblonde and I are going on a 🛳 to the Bahamas in 60 days!!!! Using this Caribbean cruise as the motivation to kill this program and see how I transform! I’m already feeling mentally and physically stronger! Can’t wait to get certified to TEACH this class live this summer!!!!!! • • It’s almost swimsuit season y’all!! Spring break trips, warm weather weekend getaways, lake season, float trips, weddings, and vacations.... oh my!!! #summerbodiesaremadeinthewinter 👙🌴☀️Link is in my bio to get in my next group for next month!! 💞👯‍♀️ at St. Louis

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COACH ANDY is the dude. For real. . He went from super invested dad just checking out his son’s youth group, to super high level, unstoppable Team Leader at @weareriseyouth who challenges the status quo—believing that our youth and leaders are capable of far more than they ever imagined. As though it wasn’t enough that he is a dad, husband, coach, serves at Rise, and is a huge asset to his company—he’s now taking US to the next level. . Why? @andrew_hill808 is one of those guys who sees more value in people than they would have seen in themselves. He recognizes deeply that each person is made in the image of God. For that reason he has pushed all of us (leaders, students, and student leaders) farther and harder than we thought we were able in our pursuit of Jesus. . #madeformore #growthmindset #levelup #donttalkaboutitbeaboutit #bethechange #discipleship #raiseupthenext #riseup at Sam Barlow High School

2 days ago

It’s simple. If it’s important to you, you’ll make time.... if not, you’ll make excuses. I got tired of making excuses two years ago.... so glad I didn’t waste all of that time and instead have been making time to make MYSELF a priority! at St. Louis

2 days ago

Poignant questions- He had every damn thing that status quo demands of us to be so that we can be heard and be respected but because in his being he dared believed that black people were humans , he had to die He wore the suit well He had his phd He had the faith But his faith questioned empire His faith asked for the Imago Dei to be a universal truth and not a well fabricated lie for a few He would be an outlier today He would have taken a knee He would have been against that damn wall He would be against militarism and the prison industrial complex Had he been Kenyan-The letter from Birmingham jail would be about our churches He would ask us why we are in Somalia He would preach against the political elite The tyranny of the 1% would irk him He would preach against it He would not have survived here too! #Repost @ijessewilliams (@get_repost) ・・・ One of several attempts on his life. You didn’t love him ‘til you killed him. In a suit. With degrees. And nonviolence. Political formality & untold patience. Oh, and Christianity. #HappyMLKday though #DontTalkAboutItBeAboutIt

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Be confident. Be strong. Be yourself. Surround yourself with people that lift you up, motivate you, care about you, and understand you. Find your pillars of strength's and lean on them as needed. If you find yourself in the other side of the wall be true and honest. Be there for someone that needs some perking up. Be honest and open minded. We've all been there before. 💋💋Mrs.Rusty👑President💋💋 #bestrong #supportyourlocalgirlgang #girlgang #legitaf #betrue #rgv #beyourself #weaboutthat #beaboutit #bossbabes #sisterhoodgoals #surroundyourselfwithgoodpeople #missiontexas #buzzardseatbugs #ganggang #bopomovement #motivation #pillarsofstrength #beconfident #sisterhood #love #powerfulwomenofsouthtexas #bopo #donttalkaboutitbeaboutit

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Building this business wasn’t easy for me , many people will down talk you and degrade you. Not everyone understands how foundations get started@nor see the end potential you see. You can’t just throw money at a profession and hope for the best , you have to invest in your craft and build a skill . Not everyone has a skill to benefit from , not everyone puts in the work they say ... #DONTTALKABOUTITBEABOUTIT 💯👊🏾

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Buy Black,latin A study by Nielsen—a global information and measurement company that gathers data on what people watch, buy and listen to—found that the Black community has a current buying power of $2.2 trillion. Much of that money, however, is spent outside of our communities. It is important to connect consumers with Black-Latin owned businesses so our money stays in Black Latin communities and promotes our economic stability. If your buying a product from corporate America for a retail price. Why ask a small business owner for a discount price for the same product 🤔🤔 If someone supports you 💯 return the favor. We grow together we glow (shine ) together #buyblack #blackhistorymonth #martinlutherkingjr dream was Exactly that #donttalkaboutitbeaboutit #loveyourself #miami #ftlauderdale #southflorida #bryansamuelfootwear #intrigue #fasionnova #hammondsbakery #havanajewelers #modernmediahd #nails #hair #makeupbyindia #realtors #mortgagebroker #contractors #photoupboot #interiordesign #killermike #Jamaicana #haiti #dominicanrepublic #puertorico #bahamas if your a Minority your black too get your mind right

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Soooo. This happened tonight 😊. Great times with great people. I ❤️ this place! innout / 2 triple singles and fries for ya boi 💁🏽‍♂️😈. Told ya id find a new late night in n out run partner... #donttalkaboutitbeaboutit

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One of several attempts on his life. You didn’t love him ‘til you killed him. In a suit. With degrees. And nonviolence. Political formality & untold patience. Oh, and Christianity. #DontTalkAboutItBeAboutIt

2 days ago

Christmas came two days late for my family and I. Today we purchased our first home! We’ve been working towards this day for a while now. Thankfully all of our hard work has paid off. Purchasing a home to raise our daughter in is the best feeling in the world. Shout out to our lender nando_duzit and our realtor sanchezlafore throughout the home buying process. 🙏🏼🏠👨‍👩‍👧 #firsttimehomeowners #donttalkaboutitbeaboutit #family #sold

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AUCTION is live! We have over 30 pieces of equipment for sale! Bidding is open now and last bids will be accepted through Wednesday, Jan 30th (🎉 We are having a party that night so head over to celebrate with some food and music by @angelthedj and place your last bids! 🎉) . Winners will be contacted on Thursday, Jan 31st. (Last day of MTC ‘Ele’ele!!) Pickup items on Friday and Saturday, Feb 1st/2nd. Payment due at time of pickup. . Place bids by signing the sheet attached to the item you want! Most have a starting price of $250 ($10 bid increments) unless otherwise noted. Several pieces are less if need repairs/parts. . Check the sheet at the front office to see a complete list of included items. Please feel free to contact if you’re looking for something specific + check out pictures on the Auction story highlights. . (Note... we will not be selling any plates, bars, free weights, dumbbells, etc. in this auction. We will reassess after we are open in Waimea. Stay tuned in February if any of that equipment will be for sale. . Now is your chance to grab some equipment you’ve been eyeing for your home gym, at a price that wouldn’t even cover shipping if you buy something off island! Start placing your bids! 🤗🏋🏽‍♂️🏋🏽‍♀️👊 . #auction #silentauction #equipmentforsale #gymequipmentsale #mtc #makanatrainingcenter #donttalkaboutitbeaboutit at Makana Training Center