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2 days ago

When people come to an event, they come as consumers. They come ready to receive what you've planned. But they want to leave as contributors. They want to leave having added to the event.⠀ #DesigningEventExperiences #BenStapleyVideos

6 days ago

Everyone has expectations of what your event will be like. And in large part those expectations should be meet. But you need to go beyond meeting expectation and exceeding them for the event to have lasting power.⠀ #DesigningEventExperiences #BenStapleyVideos

9 days ago

One of fastest ways to derail the event planning process is by having the wrong people at the table. The right people will be hard workers and team players.⠀ #DesigningEventExperiences #BenStapleyVideos

20 days ago

When people use their phones to capture a moment in a service, it's usually a sign that something special is happening - that a moment is successful - that a moment has connected with their hearts.⠀ #DesigningEventExperiences #BenStapleyVideos

27 days ago

Instead of beginning with what or how, begin with why. Why are we doing this event, this service, this conference. Once you have a clear why, you then have the chance for a clear what and how.⠀ #DesigningEventExperiences #BenStapleyVideos

1 month ago

Hopefully the intern did a great job and you want to hire them. But if you don't have an opening and you can't hire them, then the next best thing is to write them a solid reference letter.⠀ #BenStapleyVideos #IncreasedInternshipImpact

2 months ago

The experience interns receive should be practical and have transferable implications. In other words, they should not be getting coffee or making photocopies. ⠀ #BenStapleyVideos #IncreasedInternshipImpact

2 months ago

Every staff member, even the lowly intern, is your greatest resource. And they should be maximized to the benefit of the organization and fulfillment of the employee. #BenStapleyVideos #IncreasedInternshipImpact

3 months ago

Remember that ministry work is a marathon. Not a sprint. So figure of how your gonna incrementally maximizing your message this week, this quarter and this year.⠀ #BenStapleyVideos #MaximizingServiceContent

3 months ago

You want to get a volunteer team in place first to distribute this content. If you start posting all this content yourself then you will achieve short-term gains (posted content) at the expense of long-term consequences (burnout).⠀ #BenStapleyVideos #MaximizingServiceContent

3 months ago

There are tons of different ways to get your whole service online. Figure out which way is best for your church based upon ministry philosophy and budget and DO IT!⠀ #BenStapleyVideos #MaximizingServiceContent

3 months ago

Almost half of the sermon prep content ends not being used. This content could be utilized to promote the upcoming message in an email or Facebook live.⠀ #BenStapleyVideos #MaximizingServiceContent

4 months ago

Maximizing your service gets the content out of your sanctuary. It helps to share the experience with new guests, with people outside of your four walls.⠀ #BenStapleyVideos #MaximizingServiceContent