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__________________________________________________________________ La Killer Race en su 7ma edición !!!! #killerrace7 #mqextrema7 #motivarte #killerracer #argentina gracias nuevamente @motiquedada y @killerracearg por la invitación excelente evento !! #motiquedada #carretas #12k #8k #4k #fotografia #adrenalina #canon 🇦🇷 🇦🇷 #argentina_ig #argentina360 #argentinaig #fatalframes #teamcanon #suramerica #todoesfotos #photography #canon #photography #worldcaptures #streetphotography #city #urban #capture #photowall #allshot 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️️〰️️〰️️ Apóyanos con un me gusta y síguenos 👍 Cuentas Amigas: @airsoftmk @mountainve @streetargentina @recordingnews 〰️〰️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️〰️️ at Buenos Aires, Argentina

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#AvengersEndgame with this projector package equals the right kind of party 🎦 🍿 🤜

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82” 8k???!!! You’re killing me tech gods! Do I need it? No. Do I want it?? Yes!! I would have to get a bigger place but I’m seriously considering it. #8k #bigasstv #samsung #biggerisbetter

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A recent install featuring Origin Acoustics LSB64 bollard speakers. Full range, high-impact, outdoor sound that looks amazing. Follow along for more details on this install. at Lucas, Texas

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Couldn’t be more into every detail of this place.

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This is a wireless video setup thanks to @alangordonent and @teradek. Teradek is a leader in the wireless video space. While you’re filming your crew can see exactly what you’re seeing with practically ZERO latency! And did I mention the average distance is a football field. They’ve also teamed up with @smallhd Who have some of, if not the best and brightest field monitors out there. They have some amazing products and if you’re in the San Diego area check out @voiceandvideosales and rent or buy some yourself to see!

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Between the 3:30am call time, birds singing their songs, aliens and endless planes we made a film! @lisalynndempsey is a boss director and my co-stars are freakin rockstars. The stars were so bright they lingered as the sun rose 💫🌟 at Studio City, California

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Who's hooking up with this 👆 beauty today?? ?😉 She's actually alot more beautiful in person?? 😁(video isn't doing justice at all) _______________ HAIR alone (12"/14" mixed lengths)--- #34k Virgin hair CLOSURE(12")--- #8k As a wig--- #45k Guarantee: 5years minimum ______________ Other lengths/mixed lengths also available Please send a DM to order

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It feels like 4K only just became commonplace, but Samsung's already selling an 8K TV to consumers. @WhitsonGordon put it through its paces to see if it's a worthwhile upgrade. Check the link in our bio for the full review. #TVs #HomeTheater #8K #TV #Samsung

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🌵🌵Cưng muốn xỉu luôn nè 🌵🌵 🍍 Kẹp tăm cầu vồng: #7k / 10 que 🍍 Kẹp tam giác: #8k / cái 🍍 Set kẹp 6 bé: #25k /set 😘😘😘😘😘

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