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they out here looking like this.... im shaking

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duke thread !

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Ich wollt' seit langer Zeit gehen Aber hab' immer nur Kreise gedreht War immer bei dir wie in Ketten gelegt Kam nicht von dir los, kam einfach nicht hoch Aber damit ist Schluss, es bricht 'ne neue Zeit an ~@timur_bartels, @44gringo - Alles Erlaubt Beschreibt genau das was man denkt und fühlt ❤️👌 #alleserlaubt #timur #gringo #music #song #emotionen ------------ #louistomlinson #SunriseAve #5sos #liampayne #niallhoran #harrystyles #charlieputh #twoofus #Youngblood #heartbreakcentury #firsttime #slowhands #signofthetimes #callaway #timur

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مايكل عبر الانستقرام اليوم❤ ٢١.٤.٢٠١٩ Michael via instagram today❤ 21.4.2019 #michael #5sos

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guys I need help: should I keep posting with the white borders and texts OR should I post videos and pics without it. I’m so indecisive pls help a girl out😁

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AW,,also happy easter🥀🖤

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Still one of my favorite interviews

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Teníamos muchas ganas de enseñároslo, y por fin, aquí está: ¡nuestro segundo Videoclip Oficial "Angel"! Gracias a nuestros actores por todo el tiempo y trabajo que han hecho en este vídeo 😊 ¡Esperemos que vayáis corriendo a verlo y que os guste mucho! LINK EN LA BIO Con cariño, Jera 💙 . . - Starring: @srtaartista & @joao.mns - Directed and filmed by @joanna_tolman & @juliolasvignes97 - Edited by: @joanna_tolman . . We were so excited for showing you this, and finally, here it is: our second Official Music Video "Angel"! Thanks to our actors for their time and all their work in this video 😊 Hope you go to watch it and love it. LINK IN BIO Love, Jera 💙 . . #video #musicvideo #Jera #music #band #newmusic #poprock #pop #Angel #photography #live #song #EP #Sunken #5SOS #TheChainsmokers #TwentyOnePilots #ImagineDragons

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so, I’m aware this is shit but I promise the next one should be good :•) I’m justtiredtjisisresllybafimsorry love you and iM sorry I haven’t been replying well to dms at all, it’s not because I don’t wanna talk to you I swear. Does this even make sense I don’t think so but I dhdjdh

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。.:*✧ Thread✧*:.。 • Luke as Stitch;

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i can’t wait to fly to berlin tomorrow 😊💘

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I have no words 😂 xoxo #5sos

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happy easter xx #repost

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"If you want to feel rich just count the things you have that money can't buy" ♡ Happy Easter butterflies! How are you? How has Easter been going for you? How has today been? I hope you're doing well. I hope you're having a lovely Easter. I hope your day has been going great. Hopefully you are happy and healthy. Hopefully you feel loved and good enough. You are loved and good enough!❤🦋 I'm doing great. I've been having a good Easter and today has been going good. I studied most of the time actually while listening to music. I can't study without listening to music or I will just be distracted... I've also finished reading The Longest Ride and wow... what a beautiful book! I definitely recommend it :)❤😍😭 ♡ Reminder: since the temperature is going to rise again, I wanna speak about something very important and that is body hair. As we all know, girls are "supposed" to have no hair on our body. So when one girl doesn't shave or havent shaved anything, we will definitely hear about that. In my opinion it's complete bullshit. Why can't girls have a body hair when it grows there? Why do we have to look flawless and smooth? So what we've got hairs on our legs or armpits or wherever? It is natural! Everyone has body hair and just because females are known for shaving it doesnt mean you have to point out the girls who don't. If you are one of those girls feeling insecure about your body hair, please remember that it is natural. Males and females grow hair on our bodies. Don't be ashamed by it. Do what feels good for yourself. You're not anything less with whatever you choose. You're still beautiful❤🦋 ♡ Qotd: favorite thing about music? Aotd: how it connects people. How it makes me feel understood and loved. How it makes me feel free and forget the things I worry about most❤ ♡ >>Answer #qotd or comment 《🌹》 to be tagged in my next theme!<< ♡ >>Comment 《💫》 to be added on my taglist!<< ♡ I love you so incredibly much, Joëlle ❤ >>Butterflies who are on my taglist💫: @_mrsfuckinghood_ @afifawidyac @if_i_can_dream5sos @imagine._5sos @imnotcalum @lukeisahugedontstop @maddierae_carl @morex5sos @nienkexmgc @sondos_khaled2003 @valentine_hood @xlovelyashton << ♡

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[ repost ] hottest man alive i think something was wrong w the original post? lmao oops idk ac idk | cc mine | dt tagged + everyone else